Thursday, March 31, 2011

English Defence League's Tommy Robinson on American Radio

Great show. If you don't have the time to listen to the entire show in one go.... do it in 10 minute slots... but do it, and also send it on to others. The more people educated about islam and shariah laws, the better equipped they will be to defend themselves against this ideology and the soft jihad that is now a part of our everyday life .... whether you are at the workplace, walking, travelling, eating, drinking or just breathing the same air as moslems.... the soft jihad is there and getting less soft with each passing minute.

It's so good to hear the brave and passionate leader of the EDL... he is the reason I gave up posting on the series of     Faster, Faster, England  at this blog.  Now, I  know for a certainity that the EDL will  save England from going to the every means possible.

Listen also to Marc Chamberlain, in the same show, about his experiences in the UAE and other moslem countries where he has lived a big chunk of his life.

More here

Great Discovery .... 70 Lead Codices found dating back to 1st century

The codices have not yet been authenticated and the possibility of a hoax cannot be ruled out.  However, if they are proven to be authentic, then this will be a great  boost to Christianity and might even prove to be the greatest discovery of all times... for Christianity.
British archaeologists are seeking to authenticate what could be a landmark discovery in the documentation of early Christianity: a trove of 70 lead codices that appear to date from the 1st century CE, which may include key clues to the last days of Jesus' life. As UK Daily Mail reporter Fiona Macrae writes, some researchers are suggesting this could be the most significant find in Christian archeology since the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947.

The codices turned up five years ago in a remote cave in eastern Jordan—a region where early Christian believers may have fled after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE. The codices are made up of wirebound individual pages, each roughly the size of a credit card. They contain a number of images and textual allusions to the Messiah, as well as some possible references to the crucifixion and resurrection. Some of the codices were sealed, prompting yet more breathless speculation that they could include the sealed book, shown only to the Messiah, mentioned in the Book of Revelation. One of the few sentences translated thus far from the texts, according to the BBC, reads, "I shall walk uprightly"--a phrase that also appears in Revelation. "While it could be simply a sentiment common in Judaism," BBC writer Robert Pigott notes, "it could here be designed to refer to the resurrection."............

The map is of the Roman world in the 1st century under Augustus Caesar. To look at more maps go here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look who's talking sense.... at long last !!!

Our oil companies in Canada should start doing their thing now even more vigorously. YAY !!

U.S. President Barack Obama called Wednesday for a one-third reduction in overseas American oil imports by 2025 in a speech in which he described Canada as one of several energy partners of his country...........

Ten best reasons why Libya should be left alone ... let the moslems handle their own messes ...

without the usual suspects rushing to the aid of "innocent civilians".  STFU morons ... and spend that money on the needs of your own civilians. The more moslems doing each other in, the better for us non-moslems.

These reasons are from James Delingpole's blog in TheTelegraph:

1. We cannot afford it.......

2. The Arabs won’t thank us for it...........

3. We are fighting for Al Qaeda. ............

4. According to this video from the Cato institute,.........

5. It’s the French’s colonial war, not ours............

6. President Obama’s heart obviously isn’t in it and given that US provides the bulk of our military muscle, this doesn’t augur well for a happy outcome..................

7. What kind of message does it send out to the Middle East generally? ................

8. Britain, France and the US now run a drastically increased risk of a Lockerbie-style revenge atrocity. .................

9. If this goes on much longer, Britain’s beloved former minister Lord Mandelson may run a severe risk of never landing a coveted shooting invitation again with his chum Saif Gaddafi, nor will the London School of Economics be able to go ahead with any plans ............

10. If, according to President Obama, Libya was a “looming humanitarian disaster” that would have “stained our conscience”, how come similar rules don’t apply to his biofuels policy which may be responsible for as many as 200,000 Third World deaths per year?..........

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That Birth Certificate thingy

I doubt Obama would have the guts to hoodwink the entire country. My take is that either his daddy's name is different on the BC or his religion is shown as Islam. Donald Trump becomes a member of the Birther Club.... fun times !!

....Potential 2012 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump is doubling down on his call for President Barack Obama to produce a birth certificate, saying “facts are emerging” that have raised a “real question” as to whether Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as president. The president has spent “millions of dollars” in legal fees to “trying to get away from this issue,” Trump said.

The billionaire’s remarks came Monday morning in an exclusive interview with "Fox & Friends" co-hosts on Fox News.

Trump said that, when he initially raised the issue last week on ABC’s "The View," he believed Obama was born in the United States and should simply produce the birth certificate to clear up any questions.

As recently as Thursday, Trump told Newsmax in an exclusive interview: “I assume that Obama was born in the United States. I assume he was probably born in Hawaii.”   But following his controversial remarks on "The View," Trump said Monday, new information has emerged to give him serious doubts where Obama was born..............

Good move, Israel

I hope we can learn from you. 

....The Citizenship Law enables courts to revoke citizenship – in addition to issuing prison sentences – against people who are convicted of treason, serious treason, aiding the enemy in a time of war or having committed an act of terror against the state.....

News Release from TPS

Five men are being sought for the sexual assault and robbery of a teenage girl. The assault happened in the early hours of Saturday morning when the teen was walking in the Bayview Ave/Sheppard Ave E area.

Please read the description of the suspects and notify the TPS numbers given if you have any information.

Can members of terrorist groups claim refugee status ?

Canada's future is bleak ... it can't be anything but... not with these kind of fake refugees making their way here and being granted asylum by our bleeding hearts.

1) One of the Tamil migrants from the MV Sun Sea performed in an elaborate video production promoting the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the Immigration and Refugee Board was told Friday.

The dramatization — available on YouTube and apparently shown to some of the cargo ship's passengers before it set sail for Canada last year — depicts members of the Tigers' elite suicide squad going on a mission to rescue hundreds of other LTTE fighters from the Sri Lankan army.....

2) ....The government has alleged the woman joined the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 2007, trained with them and was given a cyanide capsule at the end of her training.

Chan said the woman had not been co-operative in interviews and had repeatedly denied her involvement with the Tigers, even though other family members provided information about her recruitment. She also said the woman could still be under the influence of the people who smuggled her into Canada.....

3) ...The Canada Border Services Agency alleges that the woman, a mother with two children, had in her possession a necklace with a pendant — or thali — that is given only to members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on their wedding day.....

And, what are the bets  that there must be loads of such stories  amongst the refugee seekers from Sri Lanka ?    Canada will not remain peaceful, not with the kind of  conflict-loving people  that are being granted citizenship to this great country.   What a shame !!!

via: CIR

Monday, March 28, 2011

In other news ...... besides the unwanted election in Canada

Russia: ...Seventeen armed fighters and three Russian security force members ....have been killed in fighting in the restive North Caucusus region of Ingushetia, according to Russian officials

Yemen: Yemen arms looters meet fiery death; 110 killed when an explosion blows up a bullet factory in the southern Yemeni town of Jaar.

In Syria: Syria’s army was out in force Sunday .in a port city scarred by unrest aimed at symbols of the government, which is struggling to put down an unprecedented nationwide outbreak of protest and dissent

President Bashar Assad’s regime has responded by both fatally shooting protesters, and promising reform, and a lawmaker told The Associated Press on Sunday that he expected Assad to soon announce that he was lifting a nearly 50-year state of emergency. The timing remained unclear.....

Libya: NATO is taking command of the Libya war. . But the real strategy for victory over Moammar Gadhafi is found on the airwaves above Libya: communications frequencies telling his commanders to simply give up fighting. If that sounds like hope masquerading as a plan, then you’re receiving the message loud and clear

Flying over Libya is the Commando Solo, the Air Force’s special operations aircraft. It’s capable of hijacking radio and TV frequencies to disrupt enemy communications and broadcast the messaging that the U.S. wants. Last week, it informed Libyan naval officers that if they left port to challenge the American, French and Italian ships floating nearby, they’d be destroyed.

Kuwait: Pretending they have no trouble brewing in their own country while all this is going on. Youth groups in Kuwait are planning to hold demonstrations . calling for the resignation of the prime minister, and for greater political freedoms. A group called the Fifth Fence has urged followers on the social networking site Twitter to take to the streets on Tuesday as parliament holds its first session in six weeks

Taqiyyah masters that they all are, Kuwait says that Bahrain's largest opposition party has agreed to have them as a mediator. Bahrain's largest Shi'ite opposition group Wefaq has accepted Kuwait as a mediator with Bahrain's government to end a political crisis gripping the tiny kingdom, a member of Wefaq said on Sunday.


Bahrain: Bahrain's foreign minister said on Monday it was "completely untrue" that Kuwait would mediate resolve Bahrain's political crisis. The island kingdom's leading Shi'ite opposition group Wefaq said on Sunday it would accept an offer by Kuwait's Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah to mediate between Bahrain's Sunni Muslim al-Khalifa ruling family and Shi'ite opposition groups

Qatar: In Libya's skies, Qatar is punching .....above its weight. From an air base in Crete, the tiny Persian Gulf nation has started its biggest, farthest combat deployment including a third of its fighter-jet fleet — and given the first Arab face to the Western-led coalition hoping to protect Libyan civilians from Moammar Gadhafi's firepower

Lebanon: The Lebanese Army launched a dragnet for seven Estonians who were kidnapped in the central Bekaa Valley Wednesday. The state-run National News Agency (NNA) reported that the army and the Internal Security Forces raided several places in the mountainous areas of the village of Kfar-Zabad and nearby areas, where media reports say that the abducted Estonians were taken.

Jordan: Violence in weekend’s demonstrations ...........which left one dead and 120 wounded, viewed as watershed moment in the kingdom's history

UAE: Ah... wasn't the UAE supposed to provide 24 warplanes? Can never trust these guys to keep their word.  It sure was a good thing that the Harper govt. did not do that  Emirates Airlines deal with these yahoos like Iggy and Bob Rae were so hot for. The United Arab Emirates, a key US ally, on Thursday.said it has committed six F-16 and six Mirage fighters to help enforce the no-fly zone over Libya, despite reservations linked to unrest in Bahrain. "UAE participation in the patrols will commence in the coming days," Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan announced, quoted by state news agency WAM late

Here is a  real cool  map from the WashingtonPost which shows all the countries in the Middle East and Africa in the throes of revolution. Click on the country and you get the latest news pertaining to the situation there.

Look out Ontario Liberals .... this will be your fate too come May 2

Labor party in Australia's New South Wales gets wiped out.

.....In what commentators correctly predicted would be "the political equivalent of a slasher movie", New South Wales Labor suffered the biggest swing against any political party in Australian electoral history.

The party, which has presided over a string of ministerial scandals so numerous and so absurd that it had been likened to a series of Big Brother, came close to being wiped out entirely, with several high-profile ministers losing their seats.....

If the madness emitting from the Liberal Party of Canada is not enough for you ...

watch this video.  I wonder if Iggy and Bob Rae have made their bookings to fly  to Iran in time for the great event. 

The Coming is Near

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The Liberal party of Canada = circus of clowns

Important and Urgent Update .... The clowns are far more dangerous than we thought. Leader of the Liberals holding meetings with radical islamists ?? WTF is going on ?????

Can this party get any more laughable ?! Man-oh-man !! Liberal MPs get on talk shows and unwittingly admit that the Harper govt policies are the policies that keep us afloat.

So.... we have to ask the question why these numbnuts collapsed the Conservative govt and forced us into an unwanted election which will cost us 300 Million+ and not counting the thousands of volunteers hours that will be spent on this exercise until May 2. Here I was sitting quietly and working on my rants and now I have to go volunteer and knock on people's doors all because the opposition parties got a bug up their butts.

Alberta Aardvark has the goods on how one of the Liberal party loudmouths blurted out the truth.... for once.

Canadian in name .... Kuwait and Bahrain in game

Why are these people granted Canadian citizenship if they prefer to live in the countries they hail from and the countries they will call "home" to their dying day ? Canada will never be home to these moslems.... NEVER !!! The very fact that they want to import their set of rules and regulations aka Shariah Law should tell our dhimmified politicians that the moslem invasion of Canada via our stupidly slack immigration rules is destroying the country for those of us who call Canada "our home, our house, our country".

Any bets that the missing man went to Bahrain to participate in the protests going on there?   There's a strong indication that those protests are instigated and funded by Iran. 

....The family of a missing Ottawa man is terrified for his safety
and is begging the Canadian government to intervene after he vanished last Sunday.

"He was either arrested or kidnapped from the Bahrain airport," a distraught Sadeq Al Raas, 26, said about his brother, Naser Al Raas, 28.

A Canadian citizen living in Kuwait, Naser Al Raas flew to Bahrain on March 6 to visit his five sisters.....

And pray tell ... why are these moslems screaming for Canada to interfere in the affairs of Bahrain ... like they are demanding in the vid below in their protest march in Montreal.   Our Immigration Dept better pay heed to this utter nonsense going on with these people. It is about time that Jason Kenney changed the Immigration Booklet once again, because  we desperately need  a new clause  to be inserted therein.

That clause should read something like this:

"Once you become a citizen of Canada, you will consider Canada to be your home. Canada will not be responsible, in any word, deed or shape, for the hellhole you have migrated from and the wars and battles going on in those hellholes and Canada will not tolerate you jamming our streets and deafening the ears of Canadians with foolish demands and requests to oust the govts of the hellholes you have come from.  If you insist on doing so, you will be deported to the hellholes whence you can perform your jihadist duties to your heart's content... just don't do it in Canada."

h/t: MF

Canada Fights Human Trafficking

Lots happening at CFHT these days.  They are very serious about keeping Canada safe from the degenerates who make money from human slavery.

1) CFHT has another volunteer event happening in Mississauga, Ontario, on April 16. Great opportunity for those who have their eyes set on a career in "Law and Order" or "Social Services". Should be a good opportunity for retirees too.

Here's more info and you can email:           for further details.

2) The First "Traffick Jam" will be held on April 23, 2011.

Traffick Jam This is not what you think it is.

They are seeking out participants across the country. The beauty of this walkathon is that you can participate wherever you are! You can join others at their hot spots across the country, walk in your own group, or walk solo!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

There's something about the Japanese... something good

Ten things the rest of the world can learn from the Japanese when disaster strikes:

1. THE CALM: Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated

2. THE DIGNITY: Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a rough word or a crude gesture.

3. THE ABILITY: The incredible architects, for instance. Buildings swayed but didn't fall.

4. THE GRACE: People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something.

5. THE ORDER: No looting in shops. No honking and no overtaking on the roads. Just understanding.

6. THE SACRIFICE: Fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors. How will they ever be repaid?

7. THE TENDERNESS: Restaurants cut prices. An unguarded ATM is left alone. The strong cared for the weak.

8. THE TRAINING: The old and the children, everyone knew exactly what to do. And they did just that.

9. THE MEDIA: They showed magnificent restraint in the bulletins. No silly reporters. Only calm reportage.

10. THE CONSCIENCE: When the power went off in a store, people put things back on the shelves and left quietly!

h/t: JoeP

And, Ezra Levant says: ....It was human development, industry, capitalism, electricity — and in Japan’s case, safe nuclear power — that has made the difference between their more modest death toll and the 230,000 who died in Indonesia’s earthquake and tsunami in 2004, or the 220,000 who died last year in Haiti. Haiti’s earthquake was less than 1% as powerful; it was their lack of industrial development that made it so deadly....

Worth reading on a Sunday evening

I found this fascinating article at Blazing Cat Fur blog where I tend to always find interesting stuff.

Worth your time.... it's pretty long.... but like I said, it's fascinating.

...EVAN SAYET: I call myself a 9/13 Republican. I grew up a liberal New York Jew; you don't get much more liberal than that--although it was lower-case "l," not what's considered Liberal today. I graduated from high school knowing only one thing about politics: that Democrats are good and Republicans are evil.

I tell a story. It's not a true story, but it helps crys­tallize my thinking that brought me to become a conservative. I say: Imagine being in a restaurant with an old friend, and you're catching up, and suddenly he blurts out, "I hate my wife." You chuckle to yourself because he says it every time you're together, and you know he doesn't hate his wife; they've been together for 35 years. He loves his daughters, and they're just like her. No, he doesn't hate his wife.

So you're having dinner, and you look out the window and spot his wife, and she's being beaten up right outside the restaurant. You grab your friend and say, "Come on, let's help her. Let's help your wife," and he says, "Nah, I'm sure she deserves it." At that moment, it dawns on you: He really does hate his wife.

That's what 9/11 was to me. For years and years I'd hear my friends from the Left say how evil and horrible and racist and imperialistic and oppressive America is, and I'd chuckle to myself and think, "Oh, they always say that; they love America." Then on 9/11, we were beaten up, and when I grabbed them by the collar, and I said, "Come on, let's help her. Let's help America," and they said, "Nah, she deserves it."

That's what 9/11 was to me. For years and years I'd hear my friends from the Left say how evil and horrible and racist and imperialistic and oppressive America is, and I'd chuckle to myself and think, "Oh, they always say that; they love America." Then on 9/11, we were beaten up, and when I grabbed them by the collar, and I said, "Come on, let's help her. Let's help America," and they said, "Nah, she deserves it.".............

The taqiyyah of the Arab League make suckers of the sheeple

Salim Mansur and Michael Coren... both nail the Libya conflict for what it is, and both are right in every sense of the word.

Salim Mansur: The Libyan mission Operation Odyssey Dawn, under UN authority, is a dog’s breakfast and nothing good is going to come out of it.

The conniving elite of the Arab League has snookered an ever-ready coalition of western powers to do its bidding. And the western powers (Britain, France, the U.S. and Canada dutifully in tow), with their sights protectively fixed on oil-rich desert patches of the Middle East and North Africa, needed little urging to respond.

This operation, as repeatedly broadcast by coalition leaders, is to save Libyan lives.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague, for instance, announced in Parliament:
“Our message to the Gadhafi regime is that the international community will not stand by and watch them kill civilians, a view this House overwhelmingly endorsed this week. To his forces we say that if they continue to take part in Gadhafi’s war against his own people, they will continue to face the military force of the coalition, and if they commit crimes against Libyan people they will be held to account.”..............

Michael Coren: When my grandfather went off to war in Libya, he was there for a good reason. He hadn’t volunteered but had been conscripted, yet he never had any doubts as to the righteousness of his task.

Guys under the age of 25 had been taken by the army more than a year earlier. Dave was 30 and had three children. But Britain needed the soldiers. First Egypt and later Sicily and Italy, but it was in Libya that he did most of his shooting.

He didn’t want to die and he didn’t want to kill, but he was prepared to do both to drown the monster of Nazism. There are some things, he later told his grandson, worth giving your all for. Some things worth the ultimate sacrifice. Can we really say this about the internal squabbles of a rancid and deranged dictator and his people?

Frankly, I would weep to see one Canadian die for the sake of modern Libya. There, it has been said. Libya is not worth one Canadian life............

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Saturday, March 26, 2011


and more hmmmmmm

....Meanwhile, the investigation into what cause the fire continued.

MIA’s fuel farm holds eight million gallons of fuel, feeding 14 underground pumps that send 2,000 gallons of fuel each hour to trucks near terminals to refuel airplanes.

The system is supplied by Everglades Pipeline, which runs in a 35-mile arc west from Port Everglades through Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Miramar and Hialeah before reaching the airport. It transmits about 55,000 barrels of jet fuel each day. Officials said the Everglades Pipeline showed no damage from the fire.

Since Thursday, American Airlines – which handles the most traffic at the airport - has been forced to cancel more than 400 flights in order to avoid major delays.........

The strengthening of Al-Qaeda .... thanks to the arming of rebels in Libya

Whatever weaponry is handed over by NATO to the rebels in Libya is falling/will fall into Al Qaeda hands. Recently, I either read or saw a clip where a reporter in the field mentioned that he has seen brand new surface-to-air missiles and brand new AK-something guns in the rebel's hands. To make his point as to the newness of the weaponry, he said that the rebels were rubbing earth over the weapons to reduce the shine. So.... folks, can we conclude that, besides the weaponry mentioned in the news below, NATO has also managed to smuggle brand new killing toys to the rebels?   You bet...we can !!!!

AL-QAEDA'S offshoot in North Africa has snatched surface-to-air missiles from an arsenal in Libya during the civil strife there, Chad's President says.

Idriss Deby Itno did not say how many surface-to-air missiles were stolen, but told the African weekly Jeune Afrique that he was "100 per cent sure" of his assertion.

"The Islamists of al-Qaeda took advantage of the pillaging of arsenals in the rebel zone to acquire arms, including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries in Tenere," a desert region of the Sahara that stretches from northeast Niger to western Chad, Deby said in the interview.

"This is very serious. AQIM is becoming a genuine army, the best equipped in the region," he said..........
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Libyan story about the madman's troops raping a woman in Tripoli

I am sure many people are asking the question why the Libyan madman was not assassinated when he was jauntily prancing around Italy and where not, with a retinue of Pamela Anderson-like nurses-cum-prostitutes and blissfully passing around Korans and jewels to hordes of bimbos sitting at his feet and listening to his rambling  rubbish. Why go to the big expense of war against the madman when a sniper's bullet would have done it for less than 0.000001% of what everybody is now spending on the revolution.

A distraught Libyan woman stormed into a Tripoli hotel Saturday to tell foreign reporters that government troops raped her, setting off a brawl when hotel staff and government minders tried to detained her.

Iman al-Obeidi was tackled by waitresses and government minders as she sat telling her story to journalists after she rushed into the restaurant at the Rixos hotel where a number of foreign journalists were eating breakfast.

She claimed loudly that troops had detained her a checkpoint, tied her up, abused her, then led her away to be gang raped.....

Embarassing, embarassing, embarassing .... Canada fighting alongwith Al Qaeda in Libya ?

It's pretty easy to identiy jihadists ...  their vocabulary is made up of just  two little words. Another sure sign are the kind of bending exercises they perform. 

What was a matter of sharp perception to those of us who are blessed with common sense plus the right kind of   intelligence, has now been admitted by the Libyan rebel commander Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi. He admitted  that "jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime."

Nice, eh?!
What else could go wrong.

A few years from now when Libya becomes the Al Qaeda nation, and they always wanted one for themselves,  we will all know exactly which nations enable the birth of a country full of jihadist murderers.

Egypt gone to Muslim Bros and Libya about to be handed over to Al Qaeda.   Beautiful !!!  

Jihadists don't need nuclear weapons .... not when they have numbskull Western governments acting more effectively on their behalf.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Should Syria survive the revolution ?

Ed West's blog at TheTelegraph conveys the hope that the Syrian uprising should not succeed, although we all know how Assad is an enabler of terrorist groups and how Iran sends their weapons to Syria from where they are then passed into the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah.   He gives his reasons ... and they go to strengthen the confusion we are all feeling during these uncertain times. Those moslem nations have complicated everybody's lives, including their own. Religion is extremely poisonous, when you take more than a spoonful of it.

...But whatever our sympathy for reformers, should we be so eager for regime change? Perhaps we should be sceptical. Because if the Assad family go, there’s a fair chance that the language spoken by Jesus Christ will go too. Syria is a predominantly Sunni Muslim country but it also has significant Shia and Christian minorities. The Assads themselves are Alawites, a Shia sect of Islam dismissed by hardline Sunnis as “little Christians”, who celebrate Easter and Christmas and use bread and wine in their religious services. Whatever else they’ve done, the Assads have managed to keep the country, a mix of Sunni, Shia, Druze, Alawite and Christian, free of conflict. After what happened in Iraq, especially to that country’s poor Christian minority, do we dare risk the same thing in Syria? I’m not even sure the Israelis, the Assads’ arch-enemies, want that.

Syria has an awesome Christian heritage. Damascus itself has a beautiful Christian quarter with a relaxed, slightly Gallic atmosphere, and such treasures as the house of Ananias and an Orthodox cathedral on Straight Street, where St Paul had his conversion.........

Still appeasing, still politically correct .... we will never learn !!!

So ..... our Foreign Affairs Minister was in Egypt making nice-nice with the new Muslim Bros govt of the new Egypt and failed to bring up the murdering of Coptic Christians, eh?! That was cowardly. I hope Canada is not flooding the Muslim Brotherhood gangsters of the new Egypt with our money so they can carry on doing more virginity checks on any woman who dares to protest against them.

Canada and the United States recently dispatched their top diplomats to Cairo to assist Egypt in making the transition to democracy. And judging from escalating sectarian tensions in the Muslim-majority nation, the governing military elite, which assumed power after President Hosni Mubarak was ousted by a populist revolution, needs all the help it can get......

.....On March 16th, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met separately with interim Egyptian Prime Minister Essan Sharaf to discuss the transition process.

While both diplomats spoke in general terms about the importance of human rights, they missed the chance to publicly chide the transitional regime for failing to stem the rising tide of violence against the Copts.

"The protection of the rights of the individual and minority rights should be part of any evolving democracy, through its constitution, as well as through its practice and policy," says Dwight Bashir, deputy director for policy and research at the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, a bipartisan federal commission tasked with advising the U.S. government on matters of religious liberty around the world.

For decades, the Egyptian government has openly persecuted Christians. For example, says Bashir, the country's security services have interfered in Coptic affairs, obstructing the basic maintenance of churches and blocking building permits for new churches.

Islamic terrorists are an even greater threat to Coptic Christians........

Cartoons .... War on Libya .... March 2011

Conservative Govt on way to a Majority on May 2, 2011

Voting against the budget today,  proves once again how childish, short-sighted and brainless the lefties are and always will be. Collapsing the minority Harper govt. at this juncture means giving the Conservative govt a bigger than majority victory in the coming election on May 2. 

If there is something that the Prime Minister excels at above everything else.... it's keeping his finger on the pulse of the voters. He knows that Canadians are in awe of  his economic powers  that have kept us afloat when every day we keep hearing of debt-ridden countries going under.  He knows that a fair and square election will give him a very comfortable majority.

However, if the Libs, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecor play foul and conspire again to form a coalition...then we the people will have to rise again like we did the last time they tried to play that card against Harper. 

The Conservatives need just 11 more seats (if I am not mistaken) to win a majority.

I am predicting here and now, otherwise, I will print out this page on May 3 and eat the paper these words are written on, that Ontario alone will give the Harper Govt. at least 8 or more of those seats.

So bring on the election..... pretty please  !!!

Citizens don't count anymore... not to the UN's Presidents and Prime Ministers

Oh yeah .... Obama didn't bother telling Americans why America was going into another war, before going into it, and neither did Harper bother to tell Canadians. United Nations now command the world leaders and while the world leaders dance to the UN's tune, we the citizens are losing more and more of our rights. Our elected leaders are not ours anymore .... they are slaves of the UN.

The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan wonders what happened to the speech Obama should have given before taking America into a third war. We in Canada should be wondering about the same thing. It is not right for a leader of a country to put everything in place, ready to bombard another country at the other side of the world, without first informing the citizens well in advance why we should be doing so,  what it would mean to Canada and why we are obliged to follow a mandate that the UN is setting out for nations to follow.

China, Russia and others had the guts to veto the suggestion.... the least Canada could have done is keep away. More carnage, deaths and mayhem is not what the world needs at this moment. What surprises me the most is that Canada's leftish parties seem to be okay with going to war in Libya. The hypocrisy is vomit-inducing!!

....Which gets me to Mr. Obama's speech, the one he hasn't given. I cannot for the life of me see how an American president can launch a serious military action without a full and formal national address in which he explains to the American people why he is doing what he is doing, why it is right, and why it is very much in the national interest. He referred to his aims in parts of speeches and appearances when he was in South America, but now he's home. More is needed, more is warranted, and more is deserved. He has to sit at that big desk and explain his thinking, put forward the facts as he sees them, and try to garner public support. He has to make a case for his own actions. It's what presidents do! And this is particularly important now, because there are reasons to fear the current involvement will either escalate and produce a lengthy conflict or collapse and produce humiliation.....

Glenn Beck show .... March 24

I gave up watching the Glenn Beck show long, long time ago as he and the show got too religious for my liking. However, today's episode is being talked about and rightly so. Glenn Beck has a team of just 10 people .... but they are proving to be A1 researchers. This is a must watch show... so find the time to watch it.

h/t: Irene

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Islamic madness in Egypt .... virginity checks done on protestors

This is what revolution in Egypt have brought to the Egyptian women. Forced virginity checks performed on protestors.

Women arrested by the Egyptian police during protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square were subjected to forced 'virginity tests', according to Amnesty International.

Eighteen demonstrators were detained after army officers cleared the square on March 9 at the end of weeks of protest.

Amnesty today said that the women had been beaten, given electric shocks and then subjected to strip searches while being photographed by male soldiers.

They were then given 'virginity checks' and threatened with prostitution charges if medics ruled they had had sex, according to the charity......

Sarah Palin = Best Presidential Material ever ....

and that's that !!  I absolutely love her stance on Israel.  About time someone told it like it is, and who better than Sarah Palin to say the most common sense stuff there without giving a hoot to political correctness. No wonder the hard-Left hates her the way they do .... she's going to push their faces into the dust at every opportunity..... much to our eternal entertainment.   

Continuance of the above vid here where Greta wants her to comment about the vicious double standards that the Left use when criticizing conservative women. Greta also wants to push her into answering the Big Question .... will she, or won't she .... but she does not bite.

Full Transcript here just in case vid does not work.

All on the uprisings which will "bloom" into civil wars

Lot of stuff to digest from the news on what's happening in the dictatordoms of the moslem world.

In the vid below see what's happening in Yemen. Protestors are shot and wounded in hundreds, but those poor guys have no oil fields.... so who cares, eh?!   Also, this country is under the wing of Saudi Arabia .... and by now we all know how all USA Presidents and the UN ... practically live and breathe under SA's smelly robes.

In Syria .... their long-necked dictator and their corrupt govt. is not wanted anymore. Syria happens to be a staunch friend and ally of Iran..... and I wouldn't put it past Iran to intervene in this situation. And don't forget... Syria has been arming Hamas and Hezbollah for a long time now.  Iran sends the arsenal to Syria and then Syria does the distribution. 

From the Globe&Mail: Syria has moved suddenly to crush growing protests in the country, an act in sharp contrast to previous conciliatory efforts by President Bashar al-Assad. As many as 15 people were killed Wednesday when security forces moved on a mosque in the southern city of Daraa in which protest organizers were based.

From TheAustralian:  Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime secretly provided information to Britain and the US on Islamic extremists  in the east of Libya, according to leaked diplomatic cables and intelligence sources. The names of hundreds of suspects were passed to the CIA and British intelligence.....

What the above article does not tell you is that someone was financing and arming Eastern Libyans to revolt against Gaddafi.  Why did the East Libyans hate the dictator more than us?  Answer: Because he was less for allah akbar than themselves. 

The Australian goes on to say this: “There was a strong, shared concern between Gaddafi and the US and UK Governments about radical Sunni jihadist terrorists, including the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG),” Paul Pillar, a CIA veteran who negotiated with Libya over its nuclear program, told The Times. Diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks paint eastern Libya as a fertile ground for radical extremism. One source told US officials in 2008 that for young men from Derna, a city east of Benghazi, “resistance against coalition forces in Iraq was an important act of 'jihad' and a last act of defiance against the Gaddafi regime”......

Whether we want to admit it or not, what we are seeing is not only the start of several civil wars, but a strife between Sunni and Shiites.... which will create havoc like the kind seen in Ireland with the Catholics and Protestants killing each other in the most barbaric ways for decades on end. 
This bit of news from TheNational will drive home the point I am trying to make: Bahrain's civil aviation authority has suspended flights </a> to and from Lebanon as civil unrest in the Gulf state continues to disrupt airlines.

"This decision was taken after the irresponsible comments and stances from Lebanon against Bahrain, its people and leaders," the state-owned Bahrain news agency reported, citing a statement from the Civil Aviation Affairs department.

On Tuesday, Bahrain's foreign ministry warned Bahrainis not to travel to Lebanon for their own safety and said the warning was issued because of threats and interference. Lebanon is the third country where Gulf Air and Bahrain Air, the two airlines based in Bahrain, have temporarily suspended services. Last week, the airlines cut routes to Iran and Iraq, two countries also featuring sizeable Shiite populations.

According to Bahraini authorities, the protestors were anything but peaceful, and Bahrain had to take drastic measures to curtail their hostilities.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How the Turks murdered the Armenians ....

in the Syrian desert.   And, Turkey wants to become part of EU... and denies this systematic killing of a helpless people !!!   What perfect turkeys !!!   Any nation that okays their membership is also partly responsible for their crimes against the Armenians.... it can't be looked at any other way.


How a defeated budget will give the Harper Govt a majority

By rejecting the budget and taking us into an election, the opposition parties are handing over a majority to the Conservatives ....all on a golden platter. Canadians have not stopped boasting about how our economy performed and kept us from going under ... all thanks to the Harper Government. How foolish of the opposition to think that Canadians will want to hand over the still fragile economy into the hands of a coalition or even the Liberal party, knowing that these parties are wont to give out contracts, monies and what have you, like confetti .... and doom us into a recession that we have barely escaped by a thin thread. 
And, I am not the only one who thinks so.

John Ibbitson of the Globe&Mail says: ....But the Conservatives were ready and willing be defeated because it strengthens Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s already robust position

The sane thing to do now, if the opposition wants to play it cool and still keep Harper under their thumbs, is to approve the budget with some minor enhancements. If they want to play macho and insist on an election, (elections cost money, taxpayers' money)  they will only have themselves to blame for giving Harper a majority. The singing sensation has become a real sensation with the immigrant segment of the populace who are largely from India and China and we all know how  capitalistic those countries happen to be.... the Canadian-Chinese and the Canadian-Indians alone will be enough to push the Tories to their long-desired majority rule.  These two societies  do not want to see the wasteful practices of the Liberal party, leave alone the coalition's, which would be a  multiplication of  3 times the waste.

Such a simple, plain fact staring us all in the face. But will the opposition parties see what we the voters see ?

Do they ever ? on anything ?

I for one, am waiting to see what the "unfettered" Harper will do when he gets his majority.  His die-hard fans seem to think that his hands are tied and that is the reason why he seems more Liberal than the libs.  
We will soon know who is right.   I say we have a closet Liberal in Harper and a majority will make no big difference as long as he is in power.

Ah... those murderous Palestinians ... the teddy bears of Canada's Left

There's something very strange about the Left in Canada. I have lived in different countries of the globe and mingled with other lefties... but the Canadian ones are pure haters of anything Jewish or have almost pyscho-like components to their mental make-up. Let's not forget that the prime haters amongst the left are the self-hating Jews themselves. Either way, it's not a good thing for our country.

When a human being roots for animals who can do this and this ... no matter what your grievances, than you can no longer be called a human being because you have joined the realm of the animals, as have the Canadian rooters for Palestinian murderers.

First link of carnage in Jerusalem via Drudge

Moslems are hot for a caliphate not democracy

I know for a fact, because past history has shown us the non-democratic behaviour of moslems, that moslems and democracy are like oil and water. The two will never mix. They might meet and marry, but the marriage will be short-lived and the divorce will be messy and bloody.

The upheaval going on in the moslem nations will graduate into countless, unending civil wars and it is completely stupid and will be totally fruitless for the West to try and defuze the situation(s) in those nations. The end result in each and every moslem nation will be the coming to power of an extremist islamic governance ... more in line with Saudi Arabia and Iran. Isn't that the reason why in all this turmoil these are the only two countries with govts that seem to have an iron grip on their citizens' throats.... to show their mastery over their subjects? Both Saudi Arabia and Iran are the main pieces on this particular chessboard. Everybody else, including the foolish nations that have rushed to Libya, are just pawns which will be discarded with a flip of a finger ... the middle one.

It's better to get used to the fact that there will be no moslem oil for the USA. No moslem oil for the UK. No moslem oil for the EU.  Dig or drill your own or do without.  If anybody is relying on Saudi Arabian oil ... perish the thought. It's inevitable that Saudi Arabia's uprising will rise again. They quelled it once ... with the UN, USA and the media conveniently turning a blind eye.... but they won't be successful in putting down the protestors the next time. The tsunami raging on in the moslem nations will be the biggest we have ever seen. Don't forget to add popcorn to your weekly grocery list from now on. We will need lots of it to accompany the entertainment being provided.

Once the entire bing bang of nutcase nations out there join in the caliphate ... the West will not get a single drop of their oil.  Guess who will?  China, Russia and maybe India ... those sly tricky ones who have kept themselves out of the mess going on in those hellholes will benefit from the coming caliphate. 

Listen to the commentators in the PressTV vid broadcasting from Tehran and it will drive home the point many of us are making that the majority of moslems think that the West are to blame for everything that goes wrong in their countries.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In which we see CAIR soliciting Ghadafi for his money just a few short months ago ....

and like the "stabbers in the back"  ..... a trait that's ingrained in the DNA of most moslems .... now you see them conveniently against the dictator.  Fair weather butt lickers.   Nice, eh?!

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), asked Muammar Gaddafi to underwrite CAIR's efforts in the United States during a September 2009 audience with the Libyan dictator.

According to an account of the meeting in a Libyan news website, Awad was joined by two other leading CAIR officials in praising Gaddafi's leadership and asking him to help underwrite a program to distribute 1 million copies of the Quran to government officials and the general public in America and to help start up a new foundation Awad was trying to launch......

h/t: Irene

Jon Stewart and his skit "Freedom Packages"

I hardly ever watch The Daily Show but as my family was laughing far too loudly than usual, watching that crap, I sauntered over to see what was going on and found that Jon Stewart was satirizing the recent foolhardiness of the USA and UN. In a skit titled "Freedom Packages" the Daily Show really nailed it.

If video does not work .... go here:

The internet is abuzz today about the skit.

Shariah lover .... Judge Richard Nielsen of Hillsborough, Florida

More and more judges are proving to be as dhimmified as can be.   Here's more news   on how shariah laws have now jumped over USA's laws and are sitting pretty over the old discarded ones ... in Florida.

Think of a big huge murderous sumo fighter the size of  a giant godzilla ... squatting on the broken body of the Statue of Liberty.... all courtesy of this blasted dhimmified judge.

What a moron !!!  Moreover, he looks like he should have retired decades ago. Another appointee of the Bush family  .... what brainless elites!!

via: Matt Drudge

Monday, March 21, 2011

Has the UN committed an irreparable blunder?

Has the UN that was created to prevent wars, started one that might lead to something much bigger and more wide spread? The consequences of this Libyan fiasco is going to be deadly not only for Obama but also for all  politicians responsible for involving their countries in this mess.

There doesn’t seem to be a single regional bloc, political party, organisation or household in the world that isn’t divided over Libya......

Read the comments to the article by Ed West of The Telegraph, from an "edithcrowther" ..... very interesting. Here is the start of one of the comments.

I do think any intervention by anyone is or would be against international law.

36/103 United Nations Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States 1981:

“1. No State or group of States has the right to intervene or interfere in any form or for any reason whatsoever in the internal and external affairs of other States.

2. The principle of non-intervention and non-interference in the internal and external affairs of States comprehends the following rights and duties …….. “

The Declaration then lists 3 rights, 15 duties, and 5 combined rights/duties. One of the duties (they are all similar, and the rights are inverse to them) is:

“The duty of a State to refrain from the promotion, encouragement or support, direct or indirect, of rebellious or secessionist activities within other States, under any pretext whatsoever, or any action which seeks to disrupt the unity or to undermine or subvert the political order of other States;"...............

The commentor goes on with much more. Go to the link above to read it all.

More and more, it's looking like the UN alongwith the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France and others have committed a gross and deadly mistake by interfering in Libya's affairs. 

More and more, this situation is beginning to look like and smell like the Iraqi one.  More and more, all the talking heads talking to Gaddafi critics are beginning to look like and sound like the critics that were coming to preen in front of the camera during the Iraqi episode.

And Canada is mixed up in this shit now..... for crying out loud !!!

Canadian potpourri

Pakistani man marries in Pakistan and then abandons his new wife on her arrival at Pearson airport. Immigration officials have given the bride until Sunday (yesterday?) to leave the country. How about sending the groom back too ?

A new regulatory body for immigration consultants is in the works as part of the federal government's crackdown on scam artists who prey on would-be newcomers to Canada, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced Friday.

Murder by kirpan ... Noooo ... not possible. Why not possible? Because our esteemed leader of the  Liberal party told us so. "Kirpan is not a weapon" said Ignatieff.    Isn't it hilarious how their words come back to take a bite out of their behinds?

Oh look... a Chinese criminal was unlucky enough not to get a dhimmified judge hearing his case. Too bad, so sad, eh? Can we hope for this trend to continue? A Calgary man who led a now defunct street-level drug trafficking gang has been deported. Xi Wen Wu, known as Jason, was convicted of conspiracy to traffic cocaine in May, 2008 while reportedly being the boss of the DC Boys gang, according to Canada Border Services Agency.

Natasha Fatah talks about her father's illness and his fight with two types of cancer... that is imho ... not hers. "He has been fighting militant Islam since his teen years in Pakistan." says the daughter of the activist.

Duceppe says he wants Quebec to get 2 B as compensation for the 1992 agreeing on sales tax ... if he does not get the money... he is not approving the budget.  Promises, promises !!

TD Bank gets robbed again. What's with TD and bank bandits? A dozen witnesses saw a man rob an Ajax bank on Thursday

I wonder how many of the guys in the photograph or their cronies and family members are now in Canada, either as refugees or immigrants. And, did you know that our Canadian laws can be broken by refugee seekers with the help of their parasitic lawyers. An MV Sun Sea passenger who admitted he was a member of the Tamil Tigers .....isn’t giving up on his dream of living in Canada even though he’s been ordered deported, the man’s lawyer said Wednesday

O Canada our very own dhimmified land ...But never mind.....Many of us still stand on guard for thee.

h/t: MF/CIC/Simon

We laughed when Gaddafi said he was fighting Al Qaeda and not Libyans ... did we judge harshly ?

Worth reading this long article from The DissidentVoice website by Gerald Perriera who has lived in Libya for several years. It will make you wonder anew about who or what exactly is behind the "protestors" or "rebels" there. There is so much we are not privy to. One thing I do know... if I see someone banging his forehead on the ground and going "allah akbar" whenever  there are shots flying in the sky and he thinks he is going to his 72 virgins... that person is an islamist and I wouldn't trust an islamist ever.  If you watch the Libya clips at YouTube, shouts of "allah akbar" are heard more clearly than the shots ringing in the air.
Conclusion: The rebels are made up of mostly murderous islamists.

So .... isn't it strange that Canada is now on the side of islamists who might be actually members of Al Qaeda and graduates from the University of Taqiyyah?

It is a sad thing to lose faith in one's government.

...Libya is a deeply traditional society, plagued with some outmoded and bankrupt ideas that continue to surface to this day. In many ways, Qaddafi has had to struggle against the same reactionary aspects of Arab culture and tradition that the holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was struggling against in 7th century Arabia—Arab supremacy/racism, supremacy of family and tribe, historical feuding tribe against tribe and the marginalisation of women. Benghazi has always been at the heart of counter-revolution in Libya, fostering reactionary Islamic movements such as the Wahhabis and Salafists. It is these people who founded the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group based in Benghazi which allies itself with Al Qaeda and who have, over the years, been responsible for the assassination of leading members of the Libyan revolutionary committees.

These forces hate Qaddafi's revolutionary reading of the Quran. They foster an Islam concerned with outward trappings and mere religiosity, in the form of rituals, which at the same time is feudal and repressive, while rejecting the liberatory spirituality of Islam. While these so-called Islamists are opposed to Western occupation of Muslim lands, they have no concrete programmatic platform for meaningful socio-economic and political transformation to advance their societies beyond semi-feudal and capitalist systems which reinforce the most backward and reactionary ideas and traditions. Qaddafi's political philosophy, as outlined in The Green Book, rejects unfettered capitalism in all its manifestations, including the “State capitalism” of the former communist countries and the neo-liberal capitalist model that has been imposed at a global level. The idea that capitalism is not compatible with Islam and the Quran is not palatable to many Arabs and so-called Islamists because they hold onto the fallacious notion that business and trade is synonymous with capitalism..........

h/t: RW

Is Libyan initiative designed to take our attention away from Saudi Arabia ?

I wouldn't put it past the UN to cook up a situation and make it look very dire ... so dire that NATO are pushed into bombarding Libya ... and while the world is focused on Libya... Saudi Arabia sends it's troops to Bahrain to wreck havoc on Bahraini rebellion and kills, maims and makes a deadly chop-chop with the protestors in their own country as well.

I said from the outset of the Libyan uprising, that this was a well planned move by UN and their cohoots... sad to see that Canada is also amongst the crooks. Remember.... Canada, USA, France and others sent their warships to that region almost a month ago. They wanted and desired this move against Libya. Yes, Libyan govt is BAD and I would love to see Gaddafi cut into a million bits... at least that might give some solace to the families of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing.... but don't for a moment think that the UN and it's cronies were not planning the onslaught weeks, and maybe months, in advance.

And lookee here, Pakistanis are all for the revolutions. "We are respectable people" says a Pakistani. LOL

How come the situation in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman and other Emirates, Sultanates, whatever, in that part of the world is hardly worthy of news? The powers-that-be wanted to blow up the situation in Libya and the conclusion can be one and only one. While the world is focused on Libya, Saudi Arabia will quell the uprisings in the Sunni governed areas of the Middle East and Africa. There are reports that Saudi and UAE cops and plain clothes army personnel are already in Yemen.

It looks like the UN and the Western nations have decided to throw their lot with the Sunni governed nations. Oil .... baby.... oil. Saudi oil and Saudi money rules the world. It matters not that the Sunni ideology has enslaved women and Saudi money is largely reponsible for indoctrinating the young towards violent jihad and nuturing hatred towards western civilization ... all on western soil.

If only the Green movement in Iran had been successful, this mess would not have happened and I could have been wholly on the side of a new intelligent Iranian regime to get rid of Saudi Arabian lunatics and take control of their oil and money. Sadly, that revolution came to nought because the USA remained mum as did the UN. No cries to save the Iranian citizens who were murdered by the Iranian govt. No warships to spare to send to the aid of the Iranian student revolution. No sirreee. Plenty of aid to keep Saudi Arabia's continuance of degradation of women and human rights.

Yup ... We live in a strange world indeed.  And it will get stranger as we rush headlong towards WW III.  The conflicts in the moslem world are not of our doing and we should have stayed far, far, far, far, away from them. 

Christians slaughtered in every moslem nation of the world .... Part I ....

and Canada showers the moslem nations with more aid so they can  murder more Christians. How sweet is that !!! Thank you "Harper Government".

Jamal Dajani reports:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh...uh... what now? The sleeper wakes up and smells Iran ?

If only he had been this forthcoming when the young Iranians tried to overthrow their mad govt.   Anyway, it's never too late.

President Barack Obama says the Iranian government cares more about preserving its own power than respecting the rights of its people.

Obama delivered that message in taped remarks to the Iranian people on Nowruz, the Persian new year. Obama says Iran has engaged in a two-year campaign of intimidation and abuse that shows fear on the part of the government, not strength.

Obama singled out the young people in Iran, saying they are the ones who can break that cycle and determine their country's future. Young people have been the driving force in many of the political uprisings that have sprung up across the Arab world this year, including Tunisia and Egypt.

Obama says those uprisings represent a season of promise in the Middle East.

h/t: Irene

Sarah Palin's trip to India

HotAir has captured all the essentials from her speech in India.

Her entire speech at the India Conclave  is here at PalinTV.  

Right now, Palin is in Israel on a private visit.

For a super-quick learner like Palin, these two visits will enrich her foreign policy understanding to an extent that would take the likes of Obama,  ten lifetimes to achieve... and I am being generous to him with that statement.

Sarah Palin and Obama .... Presidential Debate on Energy

h/t: Irene

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Isn't it amazing that Canada goes to war with yet another moslem country ?

So Libyan oil is more important to Canada in spite of our own Alberta oil sands... eh?!!!   Maybe Harper likes the blood-tinged Libyan oil much better than what his country has in plenty.

So ... the black people of Dafur were just animals walking on two legs that could be murdered in millions without any Western nation or the UN or sweet, lovely, beloved Canada ... batting even an eyelid eh?!!! However, Libyan protestors which comprise elements of Palestinians, Egyptians, Tunisians, Yemenis and others are definitely more important than the black helpless people of Dafur. 

So .... why is Canada interfering with and in moslem countries?

Isn't it enough that we keep hearing about moslems not wanting the West to interfere in their affairs and here is Canada all too eager to send off our military jets and pilots, perhaps to kill Libyans loyal to Gaddafi (but I guess anybody loyal to Gaddafi have given up their Libyan citizenship now that they have become easy meat for NATO).

What a strange world we live in.

Do we really think that Libyans loyal to Gaddafi will not bear a grudge towards govts. of nations who have been far too ready to rush there to kill them?

Russia and Germany refrained from the UN vote. Good for them. Canada should have done the same.

Another wrong move by our Prime Minister. Another move that will come back to bite him in his behind. Wait and watch.

Pamela Geller on Quebec TV

Good debate.

Florida does Sharia

Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America informs on this piece of incredible dhimmitude.  Eventually these kind of judges will rule that honor killing is an honor and it is an honor to be among honor-killers. Canadian judges already way too senile with dhimmitude will be the first to do so.  Any bets?

In Tampa, Florida, a dispute arose over who controls the funds a mosque received in 2008 from an eminent domain proceeding.

Former trustees of the mosque are claiming in court they have the right to the funds. Current mosque leaders are disputing that claim.

The current mosque leaders want the case decided according to secular, Florida civil law, and their attorney has been vigorously arguing the case accordingly.

The former trustees of the mosque want the case decided according to sharia law.

Here's the kicker.

The judge recently ruled "This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic law," (sharia law), "pursuant to the Qur'an."........................

Volunteer Orientation in Kincardine, Ontario

CFHT has volunteer opportunities and the 1-day orientation will be in Kincardine, Ontario on March 26, 2011.  Register by March 23.

Volunteer orientation for Canada Fights Human Trafficking volunteers.
Please register by responding to:

Each meeting will run from 9am to 5pm with an hour lunch break. Interviews run throughout the lunch break, therefore we ask everyone to bring their lunch with them. Volunteers will be notified of the location of the orientation upon registration.

Visit Canada Fights Human Trafficking blog at my list on the right to familiarize yourself with their work.

Friday, March 18, 2011

UN and everybody else .... blissfully blind and deaf to persecuted Christians

Christians being murdered here, there and everywhere in moslem lands, while we keep placing moslems on pedestals in Christian lands. How sweet is that?!!!!

Christians being burnt alive, roasted to cinders, cut into bite-size pieces by oil-rich moslems but they don't own anything other than their religion, so who cares.

In Ethiopia: Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi blamed a little-known local Muslim group of preaching religious intolerance in an area where Christian churches were burnt last week, killing one person. Authorities have said up to 50 churches have been burnt and around 3,000 Christians displaced since March 2 when Muslim youths attacked the community around Asendabo, some 360 km (215 miles) west of the capital Addis Ababa....

the above vid was made more than 3 yrs ago, much more has happened for the worse, since then.

In Iraq: The violence against Christians in Iraq is real and is driven by Muslim extremists and government indifference. According to a local Iraqi Catholic leader, the anti-Christian persecution is not a concoction of Western journalists, despite claims made recently by Iraq’s ambassador to the Vatican.

The above vid was made over 2 years ago, much more has happened since then.

In India: Two pastors were arrested by the Karnataka state police for conducting worship service at their residential premises on Sunday, March 6, 2011. Pastor Mathew (30), the minister-in-charge of this house church and Pastor Jose (34), a guest speaker, were the ones arrested. According to the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), Pastor Mathew had invited Pastor Jose to speak in his church on Sunday. As the service progressed, a police officer walked into the church, and asked the pastors to stop the meeting, then ransacked the house church and took away Bibles and other Christian literature. It was also learned through GCIC that they pair were then arrested and forcefully taken to the local police station.....

Hindu fanatics in Orissa, bloodthirsty as moslems.

In Egypt: ...The Rev. Apollo Isaac says a Christian boy in the village outside Cairo was caught with a Muslim girl. "The village culture forbids that kind of relationship to happen," he said.

In Indonesia, Christians are fleeing from the murdering moslems.

If you want to know more about how Christians the world over are persecuted when they are living in countries ruled over by moslems, visit this site:

Would Obama prefer a Gaddafi victory?

David Frum wonders.  This is one of his articles that makes good sense  .... after a long time.

Would President Obama prefer a Gaddafi victory? If that sounds implausible, then just look at the record. On March 3, Obama announced that Gaddafi "must go". Two weeks have passed since then – and more than a month since the uprising began on February 15. In the interim, the tide of war has turned in Gaddafi's favour. Yet Obama has done nothing to make his own words reality.

Every proposal – from the no-fly zone and aid to rebels, to recognition of a provisional government – has somehow become bogged down.

The administration never rejected the proposals out of hand, but it never accepted them either. And now time, so very unfortunately, has run out. Admittedly, the American government moves slowly. But it does not move this slowly.

The Obama administration may not care to admit it, but it did make a decision, and one of benefit to Gaddafi. Why? One factor was surely Obama's preference for a less activist foreign policy in general.

But there were special considerations in Libya, and they were clearly stated in a piece by General Wesley Clark for the Washington Post last Friday. The former US commander in Kosovo and a 2004 Democratic presidential candidate wrote: "We don't have a clearly stated objective, legal authority, committed international support or adequate on-the-scene military capabilities, and Libya's politics hardly foreshadow a clear outcome." ...........

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Toronto's twitters

Chris Selley of NP on some of the interesting twittering twitters of Toronto.   Mayor Rob Ford, Jonathan Goldsbie  and of course .... Ezra Levant.   

Nigel Farage confronts the EU leaders in the style we have come to love

Daniel Hannan's blog gives a clear picture of how Nigel Farage confronted the EU leaders on their hypocrisy. Great piece.

  There was a delicious moment in the chamber    just now. Herman Van Rompuy had just made a sonorous statement to the effect that Muammar Gaddafi was a frightful chap who really ought to stand down. Then Nigel Farage stood up and brandished an excruciating photograph, taken as recently as four months ago, of the two unelected leaders grinning and holding hands (see above clip). “I have to say, I’ve never seen you smiling more or looking happier,” he teased the EU President.

The prize for shamelessness, however, must go to the leader of the Euro-liberals, Guy Verhofstadt, who called with manufactured passion for military intervention against Gaddafi, while making it clear that he expected Britain, France and the US to supply the men and materiĆ©l. This is, of course, the same Guy Verhofstadt who, as prime minister of Belgium, welcomed Gaddafi with full military honours. Indeed, I hope Nigel won’t mind if I point out that he lifted his little wheeze from a hilarious speech, a couple of days earlier, by the Belgian ECR MEP Derk-Jan Eppink....................

Go to the link for the other video. It's worth watching.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Judge Bruce Fraser ... yet another dhimmi judge ...

just how many of these dumb-bells are  in Canada?

Here's what happened and it's sheer luck that the wanna-be-jihadist was not able to distract any pilots in the cockpit:

A moslem aims a shining 400,000 candlepower spotlight towards planes taking off from a Calgary airport.
An alert air traffic controller noticed the bright beam in the sky about 11 p.m.
A police officer approached a vehicle in a parking lot near runway 16 and videotaped the dangerous act.

In spite of all this evidence, the dhimmi judge rules that a fine of a measly $1000 be imposed on the man.

This man might have been responsible for bringing down an aircraft, but because it did not happen, he gets a slap on his wrist and a pinch to his purse and that's that.

Was the CSIS contacted?  What about the RCMP,  did they start an investigation to delve further into this man's past and his contacts?  Does the judge have any inkling about other incidents of this nature and how these homegrown jihadists are doing their best to bring down planes?   What's going on with our justice system?  What's going on with our government?

How to tackle pirates.... Indian style or via the Cruise Special dream?

I  booked the Pirate Cruise Special.  That will work for me like a dream.

The Indian Way:     h/t: MF
Kudos to India. Well done. While the nations afflicted with the deadly disease of political correctness are losing billions of dollars per year to Somali pirates, India.... the supposedly third world country, shows the world how this plague can be eradicated with the utmost ease and minimum effort.

After clearing new aggressive rules of engagement for naval warships to go on an "all out offensive'' against pirates, the government is now also moving towards allowing armed guards on Indian merchant vessels to keep the sea brigands at bay .

The armed guards, akin to sky marshals deployed on civil airliners to prevent hijacking, are likely to be drawn from retired personnel of Navy and Coast Guard, who are well-versed in maritime as well as security matters, said sources.

Another proposal being pushed by Navy is to make it mandatory for all merchant vessels to have "safe houses or rooms'' by fortifying the bridge or engine rooms. With blast-resistant armour-plated doors, with electronic locks to restrict access, they will have satellite communication devices inside to issue distress callsIf the crew of a hijacked Indian vessel has barricaded itself in the "safe house'', then naval commandos will get the opportunity to storm the ship without the risk of any collateral damage, said sources....                                       

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