Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey Scotland ... how's that deathbed compassion thing working out now?

Al-Megrahi ... not dead yet. Maybe some miracle drug not yet available in Scotland but found in abundance in Libya will do the trick and get him all well again. Yipeee !!

....The Times raised the alarm on Tuesday after visiting al-Megrahi’s home and hospital in Tripoli, and being told that he was at neither. Jonathan Hinds, East Renfrew-shire’s criminal justice manager, telephoned him but was told that he was too ill to speak. On Tuesday morning Mr Hinds called again. This time he was allowed to talk to al-Megrahi, but Scottish opposition politicians said that did not prove that the former Libyan intelligence officer was at home.

Mr Hinds calls al-Megrahi every second week. Tuesday was the first time that he had telephoned unexpectedly, and the first time that he was unable to speak to him. Bill Aitken, the Conservative Justice spokesman in the Scottish Parliament, demanded the release of al-Megrahi’s medical reports. He said: “If he was so ill on Tuesday how come he was well enough to take the call yesterday?” .....

read the whole sordid thing

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  1. I see dead people walking around all the time. There are too many not-dead people on the planet. We need to thin the heard. I have wrangled some support for the idea of herding Conservatives into rocket ships and blasting them into the sun. It may be easier just to outlaw seatbelts, but a Marxist can dream, can't he?


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