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On the Sabra and Shatila Massacre ... from the Israeli State Archives

My good God!!  What kind of monsters were these deluded Christians? Were  they under Israeli hypnotism? What kind of power did the Israelis wield over these murderers?  Is this Christianity?  Hell, NO !!!  These murderers acted not unlike how the Evangelical nutballs are behaving now in the USA.

Seth Anziska at The New York Review of Books
Sabra and Shatila: New Revelations
Historians try not to audibly gasp in the reading rooms of official archives, but there are times when the written record retains a capacity to shock. In 2012, while working at the Israel State Archives in Jerusalem, I came across highly classified material from Israel’s 1982 War in Lebanon that had just been opened to researchers. This access was in line with the thirty-year rule of declassification governing the release of documents in Israel. Sifting through Foreign Ministry files, I stumbled upon the minutes of a September 17 meeting between Israeli and American officials that took place in the midst of the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

The startling verbatim exchange between Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon and US diplomat Morris Draper clearly demonstrated how the slaughter of civilians in the Palestinian refugee camps of south Beirut was prolonged by Draper’s acquiescence in the face of Sharon’s deceptive claim of “terrorists” remaining behind. This made the US unwittingly complicit in the notorious three-day massacre carried out by militiamen linked to the Phalange, a right-wing political party of Lebanese Maronite Christians that was allied with Israel.

Not long after publishing these findings, I was approached by William Quandt, a leading American expert on the Middle East who served on the National Security Council with responsibility for Arab-Israeli affairs under President Jimmy Carter. Quandt had been an expert consultant for the defense in the 1983–1984 lawsuit of Ariel Sharon v. Time Magazine, in which Sharon sued Time for libel over its coverage of his role in the massacre. In the course of preparing for the case, which was eventually settled out of court, the New York-based law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore obtained classified material from the secret appendix of the official Israeli report into the massacre, known as the Kahan Commission. Large sections of the Hebrew original were translated into English by the law firm, and have been authenticated by several experts, including Israeli sources. Quandt was given a copy of those documents and passed them along to me for my own research....

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Some of my tweets, Sep 14 - 19

Long wars make more billionaires ...

it's not about winning.  It's all about how many bombs, missiles, downed aircraft, how much destroyed infrastructure the manipulators of wars can "accomplish" ... and longer the wars, the more the expenditure.  More the expenditure, more the money in the manipulators' pockets. Who cares about millions of Earthlings reduced to dust, eh? As long as there's money to burn in the coffers of the 1%ters, all good and dandy.  Capiche?

Peter Koenig
The United States of America – The Real Reason Why They Are Never Winning Their Wars

This essay is inspired by Professor James Petras’s article, describing that the US never wins wars despite trillions of investments in her war budget and obvious military superiority.
Professor Petras is of course right, the United States is currently engaged in seven bloody wars around the globe (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya) and has not been winning one, including WWII. The question is: Why is that?

To these wars, you may want to add the totally destructive and human rights adverse war that literally slaughters unarmed civilians, including thousands of children, in an open-air prison, Gaza, the US proxy war on Palestine, carried out by Israel; plus, warmongering on Iran, Venezuela and North Korea. Let alone the new style wars – the trade wars with China, Europe, and to some extent, Mexico and Canada, as well as the war of sanctions, starting with Russia and reaching around the world – the fiefdom of economic wars also illegal by any book of international economics.

Other wars and conflicts, that were never intended to be won, include the dismantlement of Yugoslavia by the Clinton / NATO wars of the 1990s, the so-called Balkanization of Yugoslavia, ‘Balkanization’, a term now used for other empire-led partitions in the world, à la “divide to conquer”. Many of the former Yugoslav Republics are still not at peace internally and among each other. President Tito, a Maoist socialist leader was able to keep the country peacefully together and make out of Yugoslavia one of the most prosperous countries in Europe in the seventies and 1980s. How could this be allowed, socioeconomic wellbeing in a socialist country? – Never. It had to be destroyed. At the same time NATO forces advanced their bases closer to Moscow. But no war was won. Conflicts are still ongoing, “justifying” the presence of NATO, for European and US “national security”.   

Then, let’s not forget the various Central American conflicts, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, the 8-year Iraq – Iran war – and many more, have created havoc and disorder, and foremost killed millions of people and weakened the countries affected. They put the population into misery and constant fear – and they keep requiring weapons to maintain internal hostilities, warfare and terror to this day.
All of these wars are totally unlawful and prohibited by any international standards of law. But...

Friday, September 14, 2018

Some of my tweets Sep 9 - 13

A prediction or just an opinion?

This is a very timely contribution. 

Chris Hedges at TruthDig
Conjuring Up the Next Depression

During the financial crisis of 2008, the world’s central banks, including the Federal Reserve, injected trillions of dollars of fabricated money into the global financial system. This fabricated money has created a worldwide debt of $325 trillion, more than three times global GDP. The fabricated money was hoarded by banks and corporations, loaned by banks at predatory interest rates, used to service interest on unpayable debt or spent buying back stock, providing millions in compensation for elites. The fabricated money was not invested in the real economy. Products were not manufactured and sold. Workers were not reinstated into the middle class with sustainable incomes, benefits and pensions. Infrastructure projects were not undertaken. The fabricated money reinflated massive financial bubbles built on debt and papered over a fatally diseased financial system destined for collapse.

What will trigger the next crash? The $13.2 trillion in unsustainable U.S. household debt? The $1.5 trillion in unsustainable student debt? The billions Wall Street has invested in a fracking industry that has spent $280 billion more than it generated from its operations? Who knows. What is certain is that a global financial crash, one that will dwarf the meltdown of 2008, is inevitable. And this time, with interest rates near zero, the elites have no escape plan. The financial structure will disintegrate. The global economy will go into a death spiral. The rage of a betrayed and impoverished population will, I fear, further empower right-wing demagogues who promise vengeance on the global elites, moral renewal, a nativist revival heralding a return to a mythical golden age when immigrants, women and people of color knew their place, and a Christianized fascism.

The 2008 financial crisis, as the economist and Truthdig columnist Nomi Prins points out, “converted central banks into a new class of power brokers.” They looted national treasuries and amassed trillions in wealth to become politically and economically omnipotent. In her book “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,” she writes that central bankers and the world’s largest financial institutions fraudulently manipulate global markets and use fabricated, or as she writes, “fake money,” to inflate asset bubbles for short-term profit as they drive us toward “a dangerous financial precipice.”....

Tulsi Gabbard talks to Jimmy Dore

Great interview.  Really worth a watch.

Informative Interview ...

A very informative interview with Medea Benjamin of CodePink.  Please go to link and read the entire thing.

From TheRealNews Network
Whitewashed Saudi ‘Reformer’ Prince Boosts Authoritarian Crackdown on Dissent

....Also this week we saw another story in the headlines where a Saudi man was arrested for appearing in a video in which he had breakfast with a female colleague. The Saudi regime called this video of them eating breakfast together, quote, “offensive,” and the Saudi regime also claimed that this video of them eating breakfast violated rules, quote, “regulating women’s placement at work.”.....

...The U.S. has guaranteed that there will be no overthrow of this regime, either internally or externally. And this has happened throughout the administrations, Democrat, Republican. And over the more recent decades it’s not just the money and the oil that Saudi Arabia has, but it’s the way that the Saudis have cleverly used that money to invest in the United States and become very important in the U.S. economy, buying hundreds of billions of dollars of treasury bonds, investing in Wall Street firms, more recently in high-tech firms like Uber. And this makes them very important to the running of the U.S. economy.

 And then you have to add on top of that the issue of weapons sales. Weapon sales is an enormous business. It’s over $100 billion that were negotiated in weapon sales under the Obama administration, and now even more are being negotiated under the Trump administration... 

.... And while we have Western journalists applauding MBS, portraying him as a supposed protector of women’s rights, this woman who is facing death row, her name is Israa al-Ghomgham, she actually has the dubious honor of potentially being the first female human rights activist to be executed by the Saudi regime....

..... Yes, her trial is coming up in October. And it’s a horrible example of how the Saudis will brook no dissent when it comes to the Shia population who live in the eastern part of the country, which is actually the oil-rich part of the country. You would think they would be the ones to benefit most from the wealth. But instead there has been a constant discrimination and crackdown on the Shia population. And so yes, now we have the example of Isaa and others who are on death row for trying to nonviolently fight for the rights, the equal rights, of the Shia population....

Sunday, September 9, 2018

NYT's failed attempt to divide and conquer Trump's admin??

In the era of Trump everybody's going bonkers including Trump, the MSM, the pro-Trump-ers but most decidedly and definitely the anti-Trump-ers.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts at his website:
I Know Who the “Senior Official” Is Who Wrote the NY Times Op-Ed

 I know who wrote the anonymous “senior Trump official” op-ed in the New York Times. The New York Times wrote it.

The op-ed ( is an obvious forgery. As a former senior official in a presidential administration, I can state with certainty that no senior official would express disagreement anonymously. Anonymous dissent has no credibility. Moreover, the dishonor of it undermines the character of the writer. A real dissenter would use his reputation and the status of his high position to lend weight to his dissent.
The New York Times’ claim to have vetted the writer also lacks credibility, as the New York Times has consistently printed extreme accusations against Trump and against Vladimir Putin without supplying a bit of evidence. The New York Times has consistently misrepresented unsubstantiated allegations as proven fact. There is no reason whatsoever to believe the New York Times about anything.
Consider also whether a member of a conspiracy working “diligently” inside the administration with “many of the senior officials” to “preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting” Trump’s “worst inclinations” would thwart his and his fellow co-conspirators’ plot by revealing it!
This forgery is an attempt to break up the Trump administration by creating suspicion throughout the senior level. If Trump falls for the New York Times’ deception, a house cleaning is likely to take place wherever suspicion falls. A government full of mutual suspicion cannot function.

The fake op-ed serves to validate from within the Trump administration the false reporting by the New York Times that serves the interests of the military/security complex to hold on to enemies with whom Trump prefers to make peace. For example, the alleged “senior official” misrepresents, as does the New York Times, President Trump’s efforts to reduce dangerous tensions with North Korea and Russia as President Trump’s “preference for autocrats and dictators, such as President Vladimir Putin of Russia and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un” over America’s “allied, like-minded nations.” This is the same non-sequitur that the New York Times has expressed endlessly. Why is resolving dangerous tensions a “preference for dictators” and not a preference for peace? The New York Times has never explained, and neither does the “senior official.”....

What's going on in Venezuela?

When the Empire (it's dying, yes ... but its sting from its deathbed is just as deadly as ever) decides to "regime change", terrible things happen to countries and citizens of those countries.

From MediaLens 
 Empire Journalism: Venezuela, the US and John McCain

The US political commentator Michael Parenti once observed that:
'Bias in favor of the orthodox is frequently mistaken for "objectivity". Departures from this ideological orthodoxy are themselves dismissed as ideological.'
Once you understand the truth of that remark, seeing the daily biases and distortions of the corporate media becomes obvious. Thus, there is plenty of space on the BBC News website, and plenty of time on the BBC's airwaves, to discuss the Venezuela migrant crisis, hyper-inflation and food shortages. Rob Young, a BBC News business correspondent, wrote:
'Venezuela, now in its fourth year of recession, has joined a sad list of other countries whose economies imploded as hyperinflation tore through them.'
Young quoted a senior official of the International Monetary Fund:
'The situation in Venezuela is similar to that in Germany in 1923 or Zimbabwe in the late 2000s.'
A BBC News clip headlined, 'Begging for food in Venezuela', emphasised:
'Food has become so scarce in Venezuela after the economy collapsed that people are getting desperate.'
Likewise, there has been ample heart-wrenching coverage of Venezuelans fleeing to other countries. But you will struggle to find any substantive analysis of the severe US sanctions and long-standing threats to bring about a US-friendly government in Caracas, including an attempted coup in 2002 to remove Hugo Chávez, Venezuela's then president.
On August 19, BBC South America correspondent Katy Watson reported for BBC News at Ten:
'President Nicolas Maduro is doing little to stop his country's economic freefall. Last week, he announced plans to devalue the country's currency; an attempt to rein in inflation that the International Monetary Fund says could hit one million per cent by the end of the year.'
But there was next to no context. BBC viewers were led to believe that the blame for the crisis in Venezuela lay squarely at Maduro's door.
By contrast, consider the analysis of Gabriel Hetland, an expert academic on Latin America. He stated that the Venezuelan government's actions – and inactions – have made the crisis 'far worse'. But crucially:
'the government has not acted in a vacuum, but in a hostile domestic and international environment. The opposition has openly and repeatedly pushed for regime change by any means necessary.'
On August 4, there was even an attempt to assassinate President Maduro, with responsibility claimed by a clandestine opposition group made up of members of the Venezuelan military.
Hetland continued:......

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