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Dr. Ron Paul on the foolhardiness of the US foreign policies in the Middle East

Suicides outnumber deaths in Canadian military

There should be a referendum in countries whose people  detest their politicians taking them into unnecessary wars.  The referendum should have just three questions put to the voter. 

1) Would you like to see every politician voting to take us to war to have at least one child of his or hers enlisted in the military force in active duty and on a permanent basis, if the child is of eligible age?
2)  Would you want a politician voting for war that does not have children of eligible age, would you like to see that politician's spouse or a sibling enlisted in the military force in active duty on a permanent basis?
3) If politicians voting for war do not have have children of eligible age nor a spouse or a sibling in active combat, but volunteers to go into active combat themselves, would that make them eligible to vote to take us to war?

That would stop warmongering politicians like Stephen Harper and his ilk from screaming to get other people's kids, spouses, siblings and parents dying on battlefields far from home or coming back insane and committing suicide.

Dominique La Haye writing at QMI:
Military suicides outnumbered deaths in Afghanistan, new stats show.

There were more suicides in the Canadian Forces since 2002 than combat deaths during Canada's Afghanistan mission, according to a report obtained by QMI Agency.

In the 12 years that Canadians fought in Afghanistan, 158 Armed Forces members were killed. According to records obtained from the Department of National Defence, there were 178 Canadian Forces suicides in the same period.

Due to standard military practice to issue only the numbers of suicides of full-time male soldiers — so the military can compare those statistics with the same age in the general population — previous numbers did not include female soldiers or reservists.

This has allowed the government to state that the suicide rate of a full-time male members of the Armed Forces is no different than that of the average Canadian from a similar demographic.

"I think the problem is much bigger than the numbers show," military lawyer and retired Col. Michel Drapeau said. "Many suicides occur after the person has left the Armed Forces and those numbers aren't included in the totals.

"Often, the ones who have just left the Forces are the most desperate."......

The consequences of committing genocide and war crimes in Gaza

Like I have always maintained,  wars don't just come about.  They are created and planned to happen by the worst kind of individuals and Netanyahu fills that bill perfectly.  Some day soon that monstrous warlord will be thrown out from his leadership position and hopefully sane and peaceful people will take over the governance of Israel.  

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov's no-nonsense attitude is a rarity in politics

Sergey Lavrov is to be admired for his clear and intelligent insight into the machinations of the evil manipulators destroying our world but pretending to be our saviours.  

Below just a few extracts from his speech in Paris on Sep 15.

From RussianForeignMinistry:
Statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov   at the International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq, Paris, 15 September 2014

....In Libya some of the countries represented in this room closed their eyes on the rise of extremists in the fight to topple Muammar Gaddaffi and even supplied arms to them and went to war on their side. We now see what Libya is facing as a result of such reckless policies, and what consequences they had on neighboring Mali and many many other countries. The fact that Bashar al-Asad was hastily declared “illegitimate” more than three yeas ago, has prevented a timely and adequate response to terrorist groups in Syria. Things could have changed after the G8 Summit at Lough Erne in June last year called upon the Syrian government and opposition to unite against terrorists and to expel them from the country. But that call remained on paper, and our proposal to endorse the Lough Erne approach in the UN Security Council was not supported. As a result, many things happened, including the ISIL consolidation of its forces and its action in Iraq and Syria....

.....Today we are not in the business of blame sharing. I mentioned all this only because it is vitally important to learn proper lessons from all mistakes of the past. Nobody is perfect. And if we want to achieve success then all our actions must be based on a firm and clear understanding that the rise of extremism constitutes the main threat to the region. To suppress it must become the key priority, leaving aside all other items on somebody’s wishlist for the region. All states, both in the region and outside, who are genuinely committed to oppose terrorists should unite in deeds, not in words.

One cannot but feel concerned by publicly stated intentions to attack the ISIL positions in the Syria’s territory without any interaction with the Syrian government. I would like to emphasize the point: the terrorist threat is too serious to be addressed from a position of ideological bias, and disrespect of international law. Syria as well as Iran, are our natural allies in the fight against ISIL, and their participation would have enriched our work today. Moral standards which underlie counter-terrorism efforts should not be eroded.

The achievements of the “Islamic State” and many other terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere would have been impossible without financial and material support from outside, including supply of weapons and purchase of oil from fields controlled by terrorists. Shutting down all the channels of such support must become a matter of priority........

Never believe what minions of Obama the Naked Emperor tells you

They are shameless in propagandizing and spouting stuff that even kindergarten kids would think beneath them to draw or write about.

Canadian spies met their death by hanging in foreign lands because they went "rogue"?

Don't know what to make of this story.   The strange part of this tale is not that they were tortured and killed (that's a given as all those Bond films have shown us) but that the spies' behaviour is inferred as "rogue" .... that part I don't understand.  Why would you think that they went "rogue" if they were doing what spies are supposed to do?  Spies travel a lot to learn what's happening in other countries, right?  So how will they have documentation of the going-ons without photographing what they see?  Isn't that a requirement of their portfolio? 
There are no "rogue" spies.  Don't let this tale brainwash you into thinking that these guys who died in the service of their country went "rogue" .... that's an insult to the dead spies and to their families. 

Andrew McIntosh writing at EdmontonSun:
A handful of Canadian spies went "rogue" overseas, got caught and were then "tortured and hanged," the former head of Canada's Security and Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) has alleged in a new tell-all book.

The fiasco was allegedly covered up and hidden from Canadians, from Parliament and from the spies' own families, Arthur Porter writes in a his new book, The Man Behind The Bow Tie.

That's because Canada's spies were photographing military tanks and other hardware inside a foreign country "without the formal approval" of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), writes Porter, who served at SIRC between 2008 and 2011.

Porter does not name the country where Canadian spies were executed, but it was referred to as "a country that was not exactly a close friend of Canada."

"Canadians ended up losing their lives. They were tortured and hanged. We had to keep the truth of how they died from their families, telling them instead that they fell off a balcony in Dubai, for example," Porter writes in his book.

"None of these incidents ever made the papers, and they were not isolated incidents. For whatever reason, agents sometimes went rogue, a bit too James Bond, and stretched the limits of their official position," Porter adds.

Canada's intelligence community was palpably uncomfortable when asked about the allegations of rogue spies and executions overseas........

Piecing together the tragic jigsaw puzzle of the greatest downfall of our times ....

the downfall of the mighty America the Great.

Investors in Trump's casino business are not having a good year.  One down and talk is afoot of another of his casinos closing soon. His casinos are not the only casinos closing for good. Millions of Americans who had plenty of money to throw around and enjoy the high life, can't afford such lifestyles anymore.  These are clear indicators that the downfall has already started, but most of us who are so used to seeing America as the richest nation on our planet are adamant that it's not happening and everything will be alright if we give it a bit more time.  Not gonna work, dear people. I know it's hard to believe it's happening.... but I fear it's too late to stop the carnage. The downfall has been in progress since long before 9/11 happened and since then everything has been speeding downhill with each new war.

From Yahoo:
Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino closed its doors early Tuesday, the fourth Atlantic City casino to go belly-up so far this year.
When it opened on May 14, 1984, Donald Trump called it the finest building in Atlantic City, and possibly the nation.
But since then, The Donald has left town and cut ties to its casinos. And the Plaza, like many Atlantic City casinos, has seen better days.
A downward spiral that saw it ranked last among the city's casinos ended Tuesday morning as about a half-dozen gamblers who stayed to the end got up from the lone blackjack table in operation or from a few slot machines and walked out beneath the dozens of glittery chandeliers for the last time.
Dealer Ruth Hardrick worked at Trump Plaza for 26 of its 30 years, but is now without a job. She's in a large group: About 8,000 Atlantic City casino workers have lost their jobs this year, and another 3,000 could join them if Trump Plaza's parent company makes good on its threat to shutter the Trump Taj Mahal Casino resort in November.

"What's the next step? Where do we go from here?" she asked. "It's happening all over. A lot of us are in the same boat. You think something will come along (to save the casino). And it didn't."
Atlantic City began the year with 12 casinos. It now has eight...........

The USA and allies' pretentious bravado of taking action against ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz while USA's #1 ally heals and repairs the enemy to fight another day

The treachery of Israel knows no bounds.  Thousands of Jewish Israelis being descendants of kapos, I should have learnt by now not to expect anything different than what their blood relatives did to their own people in Nazi camps.

I went fine-combing through the report of the UN Sec.Gen's report because I knew this was the point in the border between Israel and Syria where the treacherous Israelis would be up to their worst possible tricks and sure enough I found the evidence. 

It's a long report and covers the Peacekeepers mandate and the dangerous time the peacekeepers have gone through recently.
In the report .... Alpha = Israel and Bravo = Syria.

From UN:
Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations   
Disengagement Observer Force for the period from 29 May 
to 3 September 2014 

.........17. Crossing of the ceasefire line by civilians, primarily shepherds, was observed on an almost daily basis by United Nations personnel on the ground. On 29 May and 29 July, IDF fired warning shots towards shepherds who had crossed the ceasefire 
Throughout the reporting period, UNDOF frequently observed armed members of the opposition interacting with IDF across the ceasefire line in the vicinity of United Nations position 85. UNDOF observed armed members of the opposition transferring 47 wounded persons from the Bravo side across the ceasefire line to IDF, and IDF on the Alpha side handing over 43 treated individuals to the armed members of the opposition on the Bravo side. .......

Monday, September 15, 2014

From Russia with Love .... for Argentine's economy

Tango away dear Russia and Argentina  .... you make good music together.  The first vid shows Argentina dancers, the second Russian.

What an economic blessing the sanctions on Russia have been for Argentina, Brazil, China and a horde of other nations.  How these countries and others must be wishing that the West imposes more sanctions on Russia!

I have tasted Argentinian cheeses.  They are the best ever and so also the Brazilian ones. Yummy!  And, the wines from both countries .......Divine!

From TeleSur:
The companies are in Moscow as part of the World Food Moscow exhibition.
Representatives from over 100 Argentine companies will be involved in talks in Russia to increase the export of goods by the South American country to Russia on Monday and Tuesday.

The mission includes a total of 114 firms in sectors such as food and beverage, goods and services, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, bovine genetics, technology for cooling and freezing of meat and agricultural machinery. 

The business meeting is part of the Program for Growth and Diversification of Exports (Padex) which aims at increasing Argentine exports.

In late August, Russian Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov, said Russia is ready to increase imports of meat and fruits from Argentina to replace the products that the United States and its Western allies have embargoed. Moscow has also banned many products coming from the West in retaliation, which has the possibility of creating a shortage that they will look to rectify by buying from other nations.

Talking about trade with Russia, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said last month that, "A path has been opened, a window of opportunity for nearly $18 billion.”......

Breaking News: ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz have converted from Islam to .....

David Cameron, the mighty leader of the United Kingdom of the First Caliphate has the details.

When one can't reason with these idiotic leaders of the West, the only way to vent our anger is to ridicule them to hell and back for the most deplorable, disgusting, politically correct shit that comes out of their mouths.

From CBC:
David Haines beheading: British PM vows to 'hunt down those responsible'........

...."They claim to do this in the name of Islam. That is nonsense," Cameron said. "Islam is a religion of peace. They are not Muslims; they are monsters."........

The amazing geographical knowledge of the American government's senior officials

Wow! How do they do it?  I guess it comes from constantly sitting at round table conferences and doodling away redrawing the maps of any country on the surface of our planet.  It's like playing a game ... hold a pencil in one's hands, close your eyes, say "eeny, meeny, miny, moe" and let the pencil point hit on a country, any country. Take that country and redraw the map.  Very satisfying. This re-drawing of maps is a favorite game in the White House.

From WhiteHouseGov:
Background Conference Call on the President's Address to the Nation

.....The President will also make very clear that we will go after ISIL wherever they are, and that includes Syria.  We are dealing with an organization that operates freely across the border, so we will not be restrained by that border in our determination to conduct airstrikes against ISIL.  The President has made very clear that he will not tolerate safe havens for terrorist organizations that threaten the United States.  He will not tolerate a safe haven for ISIL in Syria. 

And so we are working very methodically with the Department of Defense to develop and advance whatever options are necessary to take targeted action against ISIL, again, wherever they are in Iraq, but also in Syria. ....

.......We had been providing military assistance to the Syrian opposition, but clearly we need to expand our efforts because the Syrian opposition is the counterweight to both ISIL and to the Assad regime.  We are not going to work with the Assad regime in going after ISIL because they have no legitimacy in the Sunni communities. .......

.........I would note that we have support from other key partners in this effort.  Today, the President spoke to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis made very clear that they support this mission.  They will join us in this mission.  So this is not simply a U.S. effort to train and equip the Syrian opposition; we are joined by very important Arab partners as well.....

......And with that, we’d be happy to move to questions.

Q    Thank you very much.  Can you describe the dynamic of going after ISIL, or ISIS, in Syria without unintentionally at the same time helping Assad when the President said he needed to leave three years ago?  And secondly, in Iraq, Secretary Kerry was asked today about the fact that Iran is also fighting ISIL in Iraq.  And he said that there would be no cooperation or coordination with Iranian military forces.  But how is it possible to both be going after ISIL without at some point having coordination with Iranian militias?  Thank you.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  Thanks, Andrea.  I’ll say a couple words, and my colleague may want to add.  First of all, we do not think that our efforts in Syria will provide an opening to Assad because, frankly, the areas where ISIL has a stronghold in Syria would simply not accept Assad’s rule.  These are Sunni-majority areas in the eastern part of the country. 

We, frankly, believe that if ISIL was degraded in these areas, the forces that are most likely to benefit are other opposition elements, particularly the legitimate Syrian opposition who we work with.  So again, if you look at where ISIL strongholds are in Syria, these are not areas that are hotly contested for Assad to go back and essentially reestablish authority and legitimacy.  We believe they’re areas that, because they're predominantly Sunni, are more likely to benefit the opposition that we support.....

....SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  I would just add, Andrea, on the question about aiding the Syrian moderate opposition in Syria to go after ISIL, the issue here is -- unlike in Iraq, where we have a government with whom we can work and a ground force that we can support and assist, we do not have a government, quite obviously, in Syria with whom we can work.  We need to bolster the Syrian moderate opposition to enable it to be able to take and hold ground, pushing out both ISIL and the Assad regime.  That is going to be essential to our strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy the organization. ......

......SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL:  Okay, let me see if I can -- so first of all, on the last question, we are confident that there are many countries that are going to join a broader coalition through a range of actions, and that includes airstrikes; that includes training, equipping and arming Iraqi security forces and the Syrian opposition; that includes intelligence and logistical support; that includes humanitarian assistance.  And already, we’ve seen a number of key NATO Allies commit to that effort.  We believe when Secretary Kerry meets with Arab partners from around Saudi Arabia, that we’ve had strong expressions of support from not just the Arab League but nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Jordan and our closest partners in that region......

......ISIL has been I think a galvanizing threat around the Sunni partners in the region.  They view it as an existential threat to them. Saudi Arabia has an extensive border with Syria.  The Jordanians are experiencing a destabilizing impact of over a million refugees from the Syrian conflict, and are profoundly concerned that ISIL, who has stated that their ambitions are not confined to Iraq and Syria, but rather to expand to the broader region. ......

The SCO group is strengthening just like the BRICS

The peoples of the world outside the West  have seen how like kindergarten brats the leaders of those nations have been behaving for going on now for decades, and are taking the reins of the economy and the defense and security of their nations into their own hands and forming alliances and groups that will not include the Western brats.  Good for them!

The recent annual meeting of SCO was held in Tajikistan and the next one will be held in Russia which will coincide with a BRICS meeting at the same location.  I believe there's a queue of applicants clamoring for membership to the BRICS group and I predict within a few years this group will have more members than the NATO warmongering alliance.  NATO for war and BRICS for peace and prosperity.  N=Night and B=Bright.

Also, by next year's meeting, at least a few of  the present "observers only" mandate holders of SCO... Afghanistan, India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Belarus, Turkey and Sri Lanka might be invited to join as members of SCO.  I am predicting that Iran and India will definitely get an invite. Turkey maybe, maybe not.  It will depend if it wants EU or SCO. 

From Xinhuanet:
The 13-year-old Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
has grown into a dynamic platform for regional interaction and is entering a phase of broader cooperation, Russian experts said.

"If we look at the SCO as a whole, its advance is obvious," Sergei Lousianin, deputy director of Russia's Far East Institute, told Xinhua as an SCO summit is being held in Dushanbe, the Tajik capital.

The organization has been gaining influence in recent years and has attracted a number of countries to join it or lift their status within it, he said.

Atop the agenda of the summit could be issues concerning security and economic cooperation as well as the SCO's expansion, which "undoubtedly is good news for those who want to stay closer to the organization," said Sergei Kanavsky, executive secretary of the SCO Business Council.

Against the backdrop of the upcoming withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan, where threats of terrorism and extremism persist along with raging drug trafficking, the SCO will further enhance security cooperation, the experts said.
Yet, by no means will the organization intervene in Afghan affairs with armed forces as it is not a military-political bloc, Lousianin said.
He said he believed it was the right time to give the Tashkent-based SCO anti-terror center more power, especially that of anti-drug nature.......

More vids here.

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The many reasons why what's happening in Ukraine is similar to what happened at start of conflict in Syria

In Syria, the powers-that-be thought they could use "moderate" jihadis to do away with Assad but those "moderates" looked "moderate" only because of the wishful thinking of people wanting to see the last of Assad.

In the Ukraine, the powers-that-be  are consorting with known Nazi political parties and various Nazi groups to assemble brigades of their own, which are armed and funded  by the billionaire oligarchs of Ukraine and oligarchs of dual Ukraine-Israel citizenship. Don't even try to figure out how people of Jewish background can work alongside Nazis, if Israelis can work alongside "moderate jihadis" in Syria, take it for granted that people of Jewish background can work even with ten-headed hyenas ... remember the kapos in Nazi camps during WWII? Apply same flawed logic of the Jewish people to these two cases too. 

Just like how the Syrian jihadi situation has got out of hand in the Middle East, I fear the Nazi situation in Ukraine is going to get out of hand too.  Each and every country in the EU has Nazi sympathizers and just like how the jihadis the world over were enticed into going to Syria, the EU Nazi gangs will start going to Ukraine to join up with the Ukrainian oligarchs-funded Nazi battalions fighting the separatists.  That movement will. within the next few years, just like it has done with the jihadi movement in Syria, move from the theatre of operations which is Ukraine at the moment ..... to the neighbouring countries of Ukraine sans Russia.

There must be something in the water the powers-that-be sip every day that has driven them mad and madness must be the only reason they are on this suicidal path.  I wish them well on their journey to hell .... but why take us with them?
UNLESS ... all that we are seeing is a ploy by the powers-that-be, including Putin, to smoke out Muslim jihadis and Neo-Nazis and reduce their numbers AND at the same time test out Russian-made and USA-made weapons. Anything is possible when you are seeing a world gone mad.

And, just like how the Canadian government under Stephen Harper showed alliance with the anti-Assad groups which made Canadian Muslim youth journey to Syria, so also the same thing is happening now with the Ukraine civil war.  At one of the links below, a reporter talks to a Canadian fighting alongside a Nazi group against the separatists.  

And again, just like how the Ukrainian regime is feeding drugs to its soldiers, the "moderate jihadis" are also being fed a lot of drugs (at least they were until ISIS took over) See vid below. 

The second vid below should make Israelis happy that their investment in the terrorist army in the Middle East is bearing fruit.

In Syria .... there are "volunteer groups" and "moderate jihadis" armed and funded by the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, etc with one aim in mind....crucify Assad.
Hannah Allam writing at McClathy
In an effort to map out the ideological spectrum of Syria’s various rebel groups, Turkish and American officials used a color-coded scheme: green for trusted friends, red for clear-cut enemies and yellow for those in the middle.

That middle section turned into a point of contention when it became clear that the Turks were willing to work with groups that were anathema to the United States, including al Qaida’s Nusra Front and the hard-line Ahrar al Sham. Turkish officials seemed to be gambling that they could build a moderate rebel force by nudging groups in the middle toward the green, friendly category.

“We said, ‘Yes, sure, OK, but a number of the groups that you’re working with, which you consider open to persuasion, we consider beyond the pale. And we will not work with them, and we’d rather you not work with them and we think they need to be blocked from transiting your borders,’ ” Francis Ricciardone, the U.S. ambassador to Turkey until last month, recalled Thursday in a media call arranged by the Atlantic Council foreign policy institute, where he’s now the director of the Middle East program.

“We ultimately had no choice but to agree to disagree,” Ricciardone said.

U.S. officials haven’t publicly acknowledged previously knowing that Turkey was providing assistance to Nusra, which the State Department designated a foreign terrorist organization in December 2012. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Now the schism with Turkey, never resolved, is resurfacing in a more public way with President Barack Obama’s pledge to build a “moderate” Syrian rebel force as he wades deeper into the Middle East’s turmoil. When the United States and Muslim partners such as Turkey or Saudi Arabia clash over the very definition of “moderate,” who gets to decide the makeup of a coalition-backed rebel force? And no matter what it’s called, is Obama ready to accept the risk of backing a movement that’s widely viewed as too small, too weak and too untrustworthy to win?

“These are serious questions that are not yet resolved,” Ricciardone said. And, he added, “they might not be resolvable.”...........

In the Ukraine, there are "volunteer groups" and "Neo-Nazi brigades" armed-funded by both the regime and dual-citizenship oligarchs to fight pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine
Shaun Walker writing at Guardian:
"I have nothing against Russian nationalists, or a great Russia," said Dmitry, as we sped through the dark Mariupol night in a pickup truck, a machine gunner positioned in the back. "But Putin's not even a Russian. Putin's a Jew."

Dmitry – which he said is not his real name – is a native of east Ukraine and a member of the Azov battalion, a volunteer grouping that has been doing much of the frontline fighting in Ukraine's war with pro-Russia separatists. The Azov, one of many volunteer brigades to fight alongside the Ukrainian army in the east of the country, has developed a reputation for fearlessness in battle.

But there is an increasing worry that while the Azov and other volunteer battalions might be Ukraine's most potent and reliable force on the battlefield against the separatists, they also pose the most serious threat to the Ukrainian government, and perhaps even the state, when the conflict in the east is over. The Azov causes particular concern due to the far right, even neo-Nazi, leanings of many of its members.

Dmitry claimed not to be a Nazi, but waxed lyrical about Adolf Hitler as a military leader, and believes the Holocaust never happened. Not everyone in the Azov battalion thinks like Dmitry, but after speaking with dozens of its fighters and embedding on several missions during the past week in and around the strategic port city of Mariupol, the Guardian found many of them to have disturbing political views, and almost all to be intent on "bringing the fight to Kiev" when the war in the east is over......

David McLaughlin writing at Irish Times:
Sitting in the shade of a broad pine tree and a pink-and-orange umbrella, two Swedes and a Canadian explain why they are ready to kill, and be killed, for the future of a free Ukraine.
They are members of the Azov Battalion, one of several units of volunteers fighting alongside Ukraine’s military and national guard against separatist rebels – allegedly backed by Moscow – who want the country’s eastern regions to join Russia.
The battalion is based by the Sea of Azov in southern Donetsk province, in a beachside complex formerly used as a holiday home by the family of Viktor Yanukovich, who was ousted as Ukraine’s president in February.
The unit was formed by the Social National Assembly, a Ukrainian nationalist group described by critics as violently racist, and its emblem includes variations on the “black sun” and “wolf’s hook” symbols long associated with Nazism....

Robert Parry writing at Global Research:
The New York Times, in its ceaseless anti-Russian bias over the Ukraine crisis, now wants everyone to use the “I-word” – for “invasion” – when describing Russia’s interference in Ukraine despite the flimsy supporting evidence for the charge presented by Kiev and NATO.

The evidence, including commercial satellite photos lacking coordinates, was so unpersuasive that former U.S. intelligence analysts compared the case to the Iraq-WMD deception of last decade. Yet, while ignoring concerns about the quality of the proof, the Times ran a front-page story on Friday mocking Western political leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama, for not uttering the “I-word.”

The Times’ article by Andrew Higgins essentially baited Merkel and Obama to adopt the most hyperbolic phrasing on the crisis or risk being denounced as weak. The Times couched its criticism of their “circumspect” language – or what it called “terminological fudges” – as a victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But the Times and other U.S. mainstream news outlets have engaged in their own “terminological fudges” regarding Ukraine’s “N-word” – for Nazi – by hiding or burying the fact that the Kiev regime has knowingly deployed neo-Nazi militias to wage bloody street fighting against ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine......

Tom Parfitt writing at TelegraphUK:
Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists. Kiev throws paramilitaries – some openly neo-Nazi - into the front of the battle with rebels
.....“Personally, I’m a Nazi,” said “Phantom”, a 23-year-old former lawyer at the ceremony wearing camouflage and holding a Kalashnikov. “I don’t hate any other nationalities but I believe each nation should have its own country.” He added: “We have one idea: to liberate our land from terrorists.”.....

......Asked about his Nazi sympathies, he said: “After the First World World War, Germany was a total mess and Hitler rebuilt it: he built houses and roads, put in telephone lines, and created jobs. I respect that.” Homosexuality is a mental illness and the scale of the Holocaust “is a big question”, he added.....

Rand Paul at Liberty University Convocation 2013

Good speech.
Well wishers for America will want someone like this man to become the next prez, but pessimistic people like me can see him also becoming like the rest of the American presidents of the last so many decades once they attain the residency of the White House.  There must be some powerful black magic on the premises there to change people into warlords.  And, oh ... BTW, I don't think much of Reagan as well. So there!
The vid is from October last year.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

First an American, then an American-Israeli, now a Brit .... who's next?

Are there any Canadians, French, Germans, Australians missing in Muslim lands and probably held captive by these monsters?   Chances are the next one will be the one the jihadis have paraded after the latest beheading. These idiots are so stupid that they just don't get it that Saudis, Qataris, Emeratis and Turks should also be beheaded for our viewing horror as their countries too have, as the killer states about the UK  "evil alliance with America."  The leaders of those countries are also "obedient lapdogs" of America as he further accuses Cameron of being.  Hypocrisy rules .... even with the jihadi scum.  They kill the white guys because their countries are allied with the USA but partnering with the brown guys although their countries are also America's "obedient lapdogs" is hunky-dory.  Hypocrites here, there, everywhere!

From TheTelegraphUK
British hostage David Haines beheaded by Islamic State terrorists
Prime Minister David Cameron describes murder of British aid worker David Haines by Isil as 'an act of pure evil', as Foreign Office works urgently to verify video released by extremists.

.......Mr Haines, 44, was kidnapped last year as he delivered humanitarian aid in Syria.
His whereabouts were only revealed this month when he was shown kneeling in the sand, wearing an orange jumpsuit, in a video produced by jihadists of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) which also showed the murder of Steven Sotloff, an American journalist........

.....A man believed to be Mr Haines then looks into the camera and says: "My name is Daivd Cawthorne Haines. I would like to declare that I hold you David Cameron entirely responsible for my execution.
"You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State just as your predecessor Tony Blair did, following a trend against our British prime ministers who can't find the courage to say no to the Americans.
"Unfortunately it is we the British public that in the end will pay the price for our Parliament's selfish decisions."....................

From TheGuardianUK:
....The killer, swathed in black,  then makes a statement in which he makes a direct reference to the British government’s aid to Kurdish fighters

He says: “This British man has to pay the price for your promise, Cameron, to arm the Peshmerga against the Islamic State. Ironically, he has spent a decade of his life serving under the same Royal Air Force that is responsible for delivering those arms.

“Your evil alliance with America which continues to strike the Muslims of Iraq and most recently bombed the Haditha Dam will only accelerate your destruction. And playing the role of the obedient lapdog, Cameron, will only drag you and your people into another bloody and unwinnable war.”

At the end of the latest video, another hostage – apparently British – is paraded.......

From TelegraphUK:
"David Haines was my brother"  
The brother of David Haines, the British aid worker murdered by jihadi extremists, issues a heartfelt tribute, describing an ordinary bloke who found satisfaction in helping others.......

Those whom the gods would destroy they first make nude and stupid

I either read something or watched a video clip recently that showed how the Roman Empire in its dying years went through the same kind of stuff that we see happening in the United States of America today.  The over-emphasis on sex, the LGBTxyz stuff gone wild,  the wars everywhere, the over-extension of the protection racket (client states where US military forces are stationed) .... these were exactly the same kind of things going on in Rome.  Rome also had their reality shows, remember?  

Ebola news

Smitha Mundasad writing at BBC:
Cuba to send doctors to Ebola areas  
Cuba is sending 165 health workers to help tackle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, officials say.

Doctors, nurses and infection control specialists will travel to Sierra Leone in October and stay for six months.

The announcement comes as the World Health Organization says new cases in West Africa are increasing faster than the capacity to manage them.
More than 2,400 people have died from the virus in recent months and some 4,700 people have been infected.......

Denise Grady at NYTimes:
Scientists See Long Fight Against Ebola  
The deadly Ebola outbreak sweeping across three countries in West Africa is likely to last 12 to 18 months more, much longer than anticipated, and could infect hundreds of thousands of people before it is brought under control, say scientists mapping its spread for the federal government.
“We hope we’re wrong,” said Bryan Lewis, an epidemiologist at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech.

Both the time the model says it will take to control the epidemic and the number of cases it forecasts far exceed estimates by the World Health Organization, which said last month that it hoped to control the outbreak within nine months and predicted 20,000 total cases by that time. The organization is sticking by its estimates, a W.H.O. spokesman said Friday.......

Lenny Bernstein writing at WaPo:
 As Ebola cases accelerate,  Liberia’s sick must fend for themselves.
Steps from a chance at salvation, or at least a less excruciating death, Comfort Zeyemoh walked slowly from the Ebola treatment center on Saturday. It was one of only three in a city devastated by the lethal virus. And it was nearly full.

Zeyemoh, 22, was not sick enough to gain entry, though she had started vomiting the night before and was feeling weak. Those are telltale signs of Ebola.
“They sent us here for a checkup,” her boyfriend, Moses Sackie, said outside the facility run by the aid group Doctors Without Borders. “Now they are telling us to wait for three days.”

With each day, the small group of caregivers trying to cope with the worst outbreak of Ebola on record falls further and further behind as the pace of the virus’s transmission rapidly accelerates. Health facilities are full, and an increasing number of infected people are being turned away, left to fend for themselves.
The epidemic has killed more than 2,200 people in five African countries and now poses a threat to Liberia’s “national existence,” according to its defense minister. The World Health Organization says the epidemic’s growth has been “exponential” in recent weeks, especially in Liberia.....

The charms of Iran envied by its neighbours

People who have visited Iran have many upbeat stories to tell which makes one wonder why we only hear the negative side of this country. It also gives more credence to what non-Westerners say about our Western media manipulating our thinking and not letting our imagination "think outside the box".

John Simpson writing at TelegraphUK: 
Iran is the most charming country on Earth.  

All right, so I’m a travel extremist when it comes to holidays. Don’t come to me with your tales of fortnights in Dubai or the Maldives: it’s Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea that I’m interested in. The first thing I think of, when I hear of trouble in Egypt, is the Valley of the Kings emptying out and being able at long last to get a decent look at Tutankhamen’s belongings.

This being the case, though, please don’t simply disregard the country I want to suggest to you for a strenuous but immensely rewarding holiday: Iran. OK, now you’re thinking of seething crowds of angry men and black-wrapped women screaming “Death to” whoever it is this week. Stonings. Glowering ayatollahs.

These things exist, just as the danger of being hijacked in South Africa exists, or being randomly shot in America. But they aren’t the norm. They’re just what people like me put in our news reports.

So let’s start again, with a clean sheet. Think of a country, largely cut off from the outside world, with a lovely dry climate, sophisticated and charming people, superb archaeological monuments, mountains, deserts, the Caspian Sea. If recent history had been different, it would be the India of the travel business, only without the beggars and the chaos. Iran is, quite simply, the most charming country I know.

Until recently, it has been a complete secret. But in the past year or so it has opened up a little. I’ve started reading patronising little mentions of it in travel editors’ diaries. A few discerning people are coming back quite starry-eyed from their visits there. Of course, there’s a definite delight in shocking the neighbours, who have only been to Bali. But after the general intake of breath at the drinks party, yours will be a genuinely fascinating story.

What always strikes me in Iran is the normality of it. If you wandered down the street in Tehran – say Dr Fatemi Avenue, where the old and much-loved hotel, the Laleh, stands – you would find it suspended between West and East, between the modern and something altogether older and more attractive: the Persian past.

This is not Saudi Arabia: women drive cars, run businesses and often forget to cover their hair as they’re supposed to do. The systems of control exist, but they’re usually discreet. A westerner wouldn’t come into contact with the nastier side of Iranian coercion, as long as he or she behaved and dressed sensibly.

What you would encounter is a genuine delight to see you: a distinctly old-fashioned affection for westerners, who have vanished from everyday life in Iran. Eating in a Tehran restaurant can sometimes be a trial: so many people want to greet you and indeed pay for your meal.........

The list of West-supported turncoats gettng longer

Yup .... the list is long and getting longer but the politicians of the West will never see the support they give terrorists  as their folly and therein lie the downfall of us all.

Murtaza Haider, Toronto-based academic writing at Dawn:
It is a typical summer flick, but it holds a great lesson for the global power politics. Hercules, released earlier in the summer, shows how the son of Zeus fights against tyrants only to realise later that he has been tricked into fighting against the good guys.

President Barak Obama must also feel very Herculean. He and other Western leaders supported the Syrian rebels against President Bashar Al-Assad.

The same rebels either amalgamated with, or were overpowered by, al Qaeda militants resulting in the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a consortium of fanatic mercenaries whose control extend from Syria to the Sunni-majority parts of Iraq.

Compared to these extremists, who are massacring Shias in Iraq and beheading American journalists, Bashar Al-Assad may look like a saint.

The West and the wealthy Arab states jumped into bed with the Syrian rebels to counter the rising influence of Iran in the region. It took al Qaeda fewer than two years to take over the rebels in Syria and march towards Baghdad while it also threatened the Western countries.

From Osama Bin Laden to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (the self-proclaimed caliph and head of the ISIL), the long list of western supported turncoats suggests that the West has yet to learn from its past mistakes of sponsoring militants who turn against their interests.

It became obvious as early as in 2012 that the Western-backed, Arab-sponsored rebellion served as a rallying cry for al Qaeda militants to reconvene in Syria.

The West supported the Free Syrian Army to fight against the Bashar government. Slowly but surely, the al Qaeda proxies in Syria, primarily the al-Nusra Front, wrestled control from the Syrian rebels. Later, the Syrian al-Nusra Front entered into a formal alliance with al Qaeda and extended its reach from Syria into Iraq, and ultimately emerging as a global threat.

The Western interest in dismantling the Syrian regime was motivated by two factors.

First, the Syrian regime had proven to be a sustained source of discomfort for Israel. Syria supported anti-Israeli elements while Israel maintained its control over the Golan Heights, the territory it ceased from Syria in the six-day war and annexed it 1981. Syria has backed successive Palestinian regimes in their struggle. Even the Hamas leadership has been based out of Damascus.

Second, the recent push against Syria had more to do with the Arab regimes who felt threatened by the rising influence of Iran in the region............

Friday, September 12, 2014

The wonderful world of Israel the war machine

Here's another delightful tale about Israel.
Below you will find some very insightful paragraphs from John Pilger's recent article which is adapted from the Edward Said Memorial Lecture, delivered in Adelaide, Australia, on 11 September 2014. 
The vids are from several similar found on YouTube which bring to light the wonderful loving, caring nature of the Jewish Israelis towards Israeli and Palestinian Christians.

"There is a taboo," said the visionary Edward Said, "on telling the truth about Palestine and the great destructive force behind Israel. Only when this truth is out can any of us be free."

For many people, the truth is out now. At last, they know. Those once intimidated into silence can't look away now. Staring at them from their TV, laptop, phone, is proof of the barbarism of the Israeli state and the great destructive force of its mentor and provider, the United States, the cowardice of European governments, and the collusion of others, such as Canada and Australian, in this epic crime.

The attack on Gaza was an attack on all of us. The siege of Gaza is a siege of all of us. The denial of justice to Palestinians is a symptom of much of humanity under siege and a warning that the threat of a new world war is growing by the day.......

.......For years, reporters have watched Israeli soldiers bait Palestinian children by abusing them through loud-speakers. Then they shoot them dead. For years, reporters have known about Palestinian women about to give birth and refused passage through a roadblock to a hospital; and the baby has died, and sometimes the mother.

For years, reporters have known about Palestinian doctors and ambulance crews given permission by Israeli commanders to attend the wounded or remove the dead, only to be shot through the head.

For years, reporters have known about stricken people prevented from getting life-saving treatment, or shot dead when they've tried to reach a clinic for chemotherapy treatment. One elderly lady with a walking stick was murdered in this way - a bullet in her back.....

....In one of my films, a Palestinian cameraman, Imad Ghanem, lies helpless while soldiers from the "most moral army in the world" blew both his legs off. This atrocity was given two lines on the BBC website. Thirteen journalists were killed by Israel in its latest bloodfest in Gaza. All were Palestinian. Who knows their names?

Something is different now. There is a huge revulsion across the world; and the voices of sensible liberalism are worried. Their hand wringing and specious choir of "equal blame" and "Israel's right to defend itself" will not wash any more; neither will the smear of anti-Semitism. Neither will their selective cry that "something must be done" about Islamic fanatics but nothing must be done about Zionist fanatics.....

......The most incessant propaganda says Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel. Khaled Hroub, the Cambridge University scholar considered a world leading authority on Hamas, says this phrase is "never used or adopted by Hamas, even in its most radical statements". The oft-quoted "anti-Jewish" 1988 Charter was the work of "one individual and made public without appropriate Hamas consensus... The author was one of the 'old guard' "; the document is regarded as an embarrassment and never cited.

Hamas has repeatedly offered a 10-year truce with Israel and has long settled for a two-state solution. When Medea Benjamin, the fearless Jewish American activist, was in Gaza, she carried a letter from Hamas leaders to President Obama that made clear the government of Gaza wanted peace with Israel. It was ignored. I personally know of many such letters carried in good faith, ignored or dismissed......

........In 1937, with Adolf Hitler in power, Geoffrey Dawson, editor of The Times in London, wrote the following in his diary: "I spend my nights in taking out anything which will hurt [German] susceptibilities and in dropping in little things which are intended to soothe them."

On 30 July, the BBC offered viewers a masterclass in the Dawson Principle. The diplomatic correspondent of the programme Newsnight, Mark Urban, gave five reasons why the Middle East was in turmoil. None included the historic or contemporary role of the British government. The Cameron government's dispatch of £8 billion worth of arms and military equipment to Israel was airbrushed. Britain's massive arms shipment to Saudi Arabia was airbrushed. Britain's role in the destruction of Libya was airbrushed. Britain's support for the tyranny in Egypt was airbrushed.

As for the British invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, they didn't happen, either........

Israeli spies (just a few dozen of them) don't want to spy on Palestinians anymore

They sent a letter to warlord Netanyahu stating so. Israelis are beginning to feel (at least a few dozen of them) what it feels like to be despised and hated by the world at large for the mass atrocities they commit on Palestinians every 2-3 years, and make  the world watch those atrocities and the murdering of children and their mothers  while they and their supporters in the West parrot non-stop that what the world is seeing is only propaganda from the Palestinians and doctored photographs and videos. 

Moreover, the Israeli supporters here in the West have the gall to raise the question of why should the world focus on Israel when Assad is doing the same thing in Syria. Geez! So by their own admittance of this comparison, Assad the hated dictator of Syria and Netanyahu the hated warlord of Israel are same, same.  Now we know, don't we?

From BBC:
Israeli intelligence veterans refuse to spy on Palestinians
Dozens of veterans of an elite Israeli military signals intelligence unit have said they will no longer serve in operations against Palestinians.
Forty-three past and present reservists signed a letter about Unit 8200, which carries out electronic surveillance.

They said the intelligence it gathered - much of it concerning innocent people - was used to "deepen military rule" in the Occupied Territories.........

....Unit 8200 is the Israeli military's central intelligence gathering body and is often likened to the US National Security Agency (NSA).

The protest letter signed by the veterans of the unit was sent to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and armed forces chiefs.

The newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth quoted the letter as saying that unlike in other countries there was "no oversight on methods of intelligence or tracking, and the use of intelligence information against the Palestinians, regardless of whether they are connected to violence or not".

"We refuse to take part in actions against Palestinians and refuse to continue serving as a tool for deepening military rule in the Occupied Territories," the letter added.

"Intelligence allows ongoing control over millions of people, thorough and intrusive monitoring and invasion into most aspects of life. All of this does not allow for normal living, fuels more violence and puts off any end to the conflict."

The names of the signatories were not published, but they include officers, former instructors and senior NCOs..........

Catalans want to separate from Spain

The separation fever is at full pitch. If Catalonia separates from the rest of Spain, do you know where all those Muslims in Spain will opt to be in, don't you?  In a few years after the separation, they will claim that Catalonia belongs to them because they had it for about 80 years, hundreds of years ago. 

This is one separation I am not in favor of.  I hope Catalans know exactly what they are letting themselves into.  

The Duplicity, Double Standards and Hypocrisy of NATO

The following are few extracts from an op-ed at the Ottawa Citizen by James Bissett a former Canadian diplomat. He was Canada’s ambassador to Yugoslavia, Albania, and Bulgaria

...In fact, NATO didn’t have to find another adversary  it just pretended nothing had changed and acted accordingly. NATO’s behaviour towards Russia speaks for itself; a record marked by duplicity, double standards and hypocrisy. One of its first acts was to convert the Alliance from a purely defensive organization to one that could intervene militarily to resolve international disputes by force. The opportunity for this transformation occurred with the 78 day bombing of Serbia in March 1999 carried out by NATO without authorization from the UN Security Council. Later, in violation of UN Resolution 1244 reaffirming Serbia’s sovereignty over Kosovo, NATO recognized the unilateral declaration of Kosovo independence – declared without any pretence of a referendum.

During the bombing on NATO’s 50th birthday, US President Bill Clinton announced a new role for NATO – from now he declared, in effect, that NATO could intervene wherever and whenever it decided to do so. Article I of the treaty presumably had been nullified by Presidential decree. The NATO treaty had been turned upside down. In the same month NATO admitted Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic into NATO thus breaking the promise made to Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev that if Russia allowed a united Germany into NATO the organization would never expand eastward.

The current crisis in Ukraine threatens global security and at worst has the potential for nuclear catastrophe. At best it signals a continuation of the Cold War. Sadly, the crisis is completely unnecessary and the responsibility lies entirely in the hands of the United States – led NATO powers. The almost virulent propaganda onslaught blaming Russia for the instability and violence in Ukraine simply ignores reality and the facts.

NATO, spurred on by the United States, has been determined since the collapse of the Soviet Union to surround Russia with hostile NATO members. The first attempt to win Ukraine over to the West through the Orange Revolution in 2004 failed but NATO kept trying and now has “let slip the dogs of war” on that unfortunate country.

It was inevitable that NATO’s expansion eastward would at some point run into hostile Russian reaction. The attack on South Ossetia in 2008 by the US armed and trained Georgian military was the last straw and Russia finally showed its teeth and crushed the Georgian offensive in 48 hours. The Russians then added insult to injury by recognizing the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. President Putin had warned that the illegal recognition of Kosovo independence would set a dangerous precedent and endanger the international framework of peace and security. Obviously his warning was unheeded and now the Cold War has started again. This was not supposed to happen.....