Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Even Cuba's Fidel Castro knows the meaning of "genocide" when he sees one being committed ....

but the leaders of North America and the puppets of the Israeli owned-USA around the world are blind to some of the worst crimes committed by Israel on the Palestinians.  
Israel is so smart it had to drop bombs to mete out collective punishment on Gaza because the Hamas creatures were coming out of their caves and tunnels to fire ineffectual rockets that they manufacture themselves and then disappearing back into the holes.  However, the smart Israelis couldn't follow the effective method that Egypt implemented ... that which successfully either blocked the tunnels or flooded them. Why Israel? Did you have too many missiles and bombs sent your way by Uncle Sam? Did you find the Gaza population was growing too quickly and had to be culled?  

From IsraelNationalNews:
Fidel Castro Calls Israel 'Fascist' Over Gaza Operation Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro compared Israel's military operation in Gaza on Tuesday to a "disgusting form of fascism" that its ally, the United States, is unable to control.

"I think that a new and disgusting form of fascism is emerging with considerable force at this moment in human history," Castro wrote in a column in the newspaper Granma titled "Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza."  

Castro's article appeared as a 72-hour truce took hold in the Gaza Strip, with Israel withdrawing troops after a month of fighting with Hamas and other Gazan terrorist groups.

"Why does the government of this country (Israel) think that the world will be impervious to this macabre genocide that is being committed today against the Palestinian people?" he asked.

"Maybe it hopes that the complicity of the North American (US) empire will be ignored in this shameless massacre?" the 87-year-old former president said.  

"There are facts that reflect the near total inability of the United States to face the current world problems," said Castro, who handed over power to his brother Raul in 2006 for health reasons.

Communist Cuba broke diplomatic relations with Israel in 1973 after the Yom Kippur War.

The full op-ed is here at Counterpunch

Caliphate of Britainistan takes another positive step towards strengthening the jihadi-dom

Next, you can expect it to be mandatory that each and every store selling women's attire will have to, not only carry these items, but the tools needed to cut off the clitoris from a vagina.  I wonder what else these people who only look for making a buck at the cost of selling their country, will do next.  Money loving traitors.

From MetroUK:
John Lewis to sell hijab in school uniform department for first time

The veil, which is worn by some Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their family, is to be sold in the company’s stores in London and Liverpool after it signed contracts with two schools.

The news that a mainstream store is offering the hijab will likely be welcomed by parents in the Muslim community, who would otherwise have to rely on specialist shops for the purchase.

John Lewis has said its decision to stock the headdress is simply a response to demand.

So .... the beheader of the US journalist is from the Caliphate of Britainistan?

Hah!  No big surprise.

If you thought Monrovia in Liberia was just a tiny, insignificant place in Africa.....

think again. Look at the maps and a pic of the city.
The entire population of a large slum area in Monrovia is under quarantine and the residents are not happy about it and trying to  break free resulting in tear gas fired at them.  

And, not to distract you in any way really, far be it from me to do that,  BUT  lordy, lord .... Liberia has discovered offshore oil and gas fields just a wee bit distance from the slum areas which are unfortunate enough to be so near those priceless shores.

From ITV:
Police have fired tear gas to disperse    a stone-throwing crowd who want to leave a neighbourhood in Monrovia, Liberia which was placed under quarantine because of the Ebola virus.
Liberian authorities introduced a nationwide curfew yesterday and put the neighbourhood, West Point, under quarantine.
The rundown area in the capital has been hit by Ebola, which has killed more than 1,200 people in four West African countries.
Witnesses said there were no injuries as a result of the unrest.

From AP
Liberian security forces seal slum to halt Ebola
 Security forces deployed Wednesday to enforce a quarantine around a slum in the Liberian capital, stepping up the government's fight to stop the spread of Ebola and unnerving residents.

Liberia has the highest death toll of the four West African countries affected by the dreaded disease, and its number of cases is rising the fastest. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ordered the quarantine and imposed a nighttime curfew that begins Wednesday, saying that authorities have not been able to curtail the spread of Ebola in the face of defiance of their recommendations. She also ordered entertain

"These measures are meant to save lives," she said in an address Tuesday night.
Ebola is spread through contact with bodily fluids, but relatives have been caring for the sick at home in some cases and burial practices that involve touching the body have continued. There is no cure and no licensed treatment for the disease; health workers can only separate the sick from the healthy..........

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

US reporter gets beheaded by ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz ... isn't that collateral damage just like the dead children in Gaza like some people have been telling us?

Aren't we supposed to take it in our stride? 
Dead children in Gaza, dead children in Syria, dead Christians in Iraq, dead Christians in Syria, millions becoming beggars and refugees,  women sold in slavery, women raped, tortured, murdered.  So, what's with a journalist or two getting themselves beheaded eh?  Why are the alphabet networks  going wild and everybody  howling away?  I for one didn't hear howls of rage and disbelief when Israel, the alphabet networks' teddy bear, was bombing Gaza to kingdom come.

The hypocrisy and the doublespeak is so vomit-inducing,  I have been keeping a bucket close by to catch my spew, especially after the Israeli so very obvious war crimes and the world's silence on the genocide.

From NBC:
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) claims to have beheaded an American photojournalist and has threatened the life of another American journalist if President Obama doesn't stop airstrikes in Iraq.

A graphic video obtained by NBC News purportedly shows James Wright Foley, a freelance reporter for the U.S.-based news service GlobalPost who was kidnapped while reporting from Syria two years ago, reciting threats against America before he is executed by an ISIS militant. The militant heard in the video speaks in English.

The terrorist video shows footage of Obama speaking from the White House on the day he told Americans he had authorized airstrikes in Iraq...........

If this does not make you laugh, nothing else will

First watch this short vid of two years ago when Egypt's military killed hundreds of Egyptians.

Now, read this from today's BBC:
Ferguson unrest: Egypt urges US to show restraint.  
Egypt's government has called on US authorities to show restraint against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.
It said it was "closely following the escalation of protests" after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman on 9 August.........

Some news items on the worst country in the world .... Saudi Arabia

The country from which has stemmed the wahhabism practiced by ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz is now trying to distance itself from the terror army.  Isn't this same nation along with the USA, Israel and the foul governments of a few other nations, responsible for the rise of Muslim radicalization all over the world?  If we were honest with ourselves we would readily admit that to be a fact.

These days Saudi Arabia is pretty busy arresting people on false charges of possessing hash and executing them ... by beheading, of course.  Just like the terror army.

From Reuters:
Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti denounces Iraq's Islamic State group.
Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, the highest religious authority in the country, said on Tuesday the militant groups Islamic State and al Qaeda were "enemy number one of Islam" and not in any way part of the faith.
Although the mufti and other senior Saudi clerics have condemned Islamic State, al Qaeda and other groups before, the timing of Al al-Sheikh's statement is significant given the gains by militants in Iraq.
"Extremist and militant ideas and terrorism which spread decay on Earth, destroying human civilization, are not in any way part of Islam, but are enemy number one of Islam, and Muslims are their first victims," he said in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.......

.....Riyadh has been a main supporter of rebels battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but has funneled arms and money away from Islamic State and al Qaeda towards other opposition groups.....

Heavily armed men have attacked a convoy of cars belonging to a Saudi prince, stealing 250,000 euros (£200,000; $330,000), police say.

The convoy was heading through northern Paris on its way to Le Bourget airport late on Sunday evening when it was raided, reports say.
The gunmen seized a vehicle carrying the money and documents, later releasing the driver and two others.
The convoy was said to have come from the Saudi embassy. No-one was hurt.
The gunmen, reportedly armed with Kalashnikov rifles, targeted a Mercedes mini-van at 21:15 (19:15 GMT) on the northern ring road, or peripherique, at Porte de la Chapelle, on the edge of Paris.
The motorcade, belonging to a Saudi prince, was ambushed by eight people in two separate vehicles who pointed their guns at the driver of the Mercedes, forcing him to stop, French media reported.
The men then drove the vehicle away with the driver and the two other Saudis inside. No shots were fired but the Saudis were later freed.
"In the vehicle there was roughly 250,000 euros in cash and official documents from the embassy," police union spokesman Rocco Contento told BFM TV news.
According to Contento, the operation lasted just a few seconds, something that pointed to "a very organised and especially informed commando unit, who had information and accomplices".
"As far as I am concerned, it looks very much like it could be commandos from eastern Europe, who we know about, who are often paid to do dirty work."..........

From ITV:
Four men executed in Saudi Arabia for hash possession.
Four men have been executed in Saudi Arabia for possessing the cannabis product hashish.
Hadi bin Saleh Abdullah al-Mutlaq, Mufreh bin Jaber Zayed al-Yami, Ali bin Jaber Zayed al-Yami and Awadh bin Saleh Abdullah al-Mutlaq, who were all from the Yemen, allegedly committed the offence in 2007.

International human rights watchdog Amnesty International said they were two sets of brothers from the same extended family and that their confessions may have been obtained through torture.........

From SaudiGazette:
Haia asks ministry to arrest blasphemers   
The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) has asked the Ministry of Interior to arrest those who insult Almighty Allah or the Prophet (peace be upon him), Makkah daily reported.

The Haia said it is coordinating with the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) to block pornographic websites and others that insult the Muslim faith.
The commission said this coordination resulted in a large number of websites being blocked.
The commission said it is preparing reports on a number of programs, applications and copies of the Holy Qur’an whose verses have been distorted. It is coordinating with the authorities to prevent the circulation of such material, the Haia said.
The commission said it has written to its branches to arrest several owners of websites that allegedly call for lewd behavior........

From GulfNews:
Saudi Arabia executes 14 people in 14 days  
Capital punishment charges included murders, trafficking in drugs
On August 4, the interior ministry said that it put to death a man who had killed his wife in the western city of Madina. The man reportedly stabbed the woman several times as she was sleeping.
Another man, a Nepalese national, was also executed on the same day in the north-east city of Arar for killing a young Saudi boy, Osama Bin Muaidh, by slitting his throat, local news site Sabq reported on Tuesday.
On August 5, the ministry said that it executed a man in the northern area of Jouf for practicing sorcery and witchcraft.
On the same day, a man, also in the area of Jouf, was put to death for killing his two-year-old son. The father repeatedly struck the baby on the back of his head and other parts of his body with a large stick. He also punched him in the face several times, threw him on the floor and tortured him by burning him on different parts of his body, the ministry said.
On August 11, a man was executed for killing his wife in the southwestern city of Najran, near the borders with Yemen. The killer reportedly struck his wife’s neck several times with a cleaver in the presence of their young daughter.
On August 12, a man was put to death in the Jouf area for smuggling a large quantity of drugs into the kingdom where laws on banned substances are very strict...

From Yahoo:
Saudi death sentence  for militant who kidnapped, killed US man
A court in Riyadh has sentenced an Al-Qaeda member to death for the 2004 kidnap and murder of US citizen Paul Marshall, local media reported on Tuesday.
The court specialising in terror cases also imposed jail terms of four to 30 years on 13 co-defendants, including two Syrians who were members of the same Al-Qaeda cell, in a verdict announced on Monday evening.....

From AlArabiya:
Saudi father smuggles sons to Syria, joins ISIS.
A Saudi father smuggled his two children into Syria to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) after he made his way with them to Syria via Turkey, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.
Photos showing Abed al-Shayeq, 11, and Ahmed al-Shayeq, 10, posing with their father in front of an ISIS banner have been widely shared on social media, days after their mother resorted to Twitter to voice her concerns.
The mother received a text-message Monday from the father asking her to consider her children “birds in paradise,” a phrase used to describe “martyred” children...........

Racist Israelis dead set against mix marriages between Muslims and Jews

Yup ... the same people who howl like wolves about anti-Semitism are themselves racist to the core.  IMO, it would be wrong to not expose or criticize such vile, racist behaviour ....irrelevant of where it comes from.... Jewish, Muslim, Christians or from Martians. We are in the 21st century you stupid bigots. If the Jewish girl has her regrets later because the Muslim man turns out to be the typical Muslim male, so be it ... but it's not anybody's business to spoil their special day.

From Yahoo:
Jewish-Muslim wedding brings out bitter Israel tensions

Mahmud and Morel never imagined that on the happiest day of their lives, they would walk down the aisle to racist chants by extremists opposed to the marriage of a Muslim and a Jew.

Their Sunday night wedding near Tel Aviv was marred by the bitter shouting of several hundred young protesters who joined a rally called for by Lehava, an extremist rightwing Israeli group that fights against intermarriage.

Dressed in T-shirts bearing racist slogans and whipped up by weeks of war in Gaza, the demonstrators played cat and mouse with around 100 policemen trying to stop them from insulting and abusing the happy couple and their guests.

Supporters of the young couple handed out flowers and waved signs reading: "Love conquers all" and "Jew and Muslims refuse to be enemies."

"Death to Arabs!" yelled back the protesters who waved giant Israeli flags.

The ugly confrontation made headlines and was carried live on national television in microcosm of the tensions which have been tearing at the seams of Israeli society, particularly over the past two months..........

HAHAHAHAH ... shoe's on the other foot now

Hilarious article from VOX.  

How would American media  cover the news from Ferguson, Missouri, if it were happening in just about any other country? How would the world respond differently? Here, to borrow a great idea from Slate's Joshua Keating, is a satirical take on the story you might be reading if Ferguson were in, say, Iraq or Pakistan.

FERGUSON — Chinese and Russian officials are warning of a potential humanitarian crisis in the restive American province of Missouri, where ancient communal tensions have boiled over into full-blown violence.

"We must use all means at our disposal to end the violence and restore calm to the region," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in comments to an emergency United Nations Security Council session on the America crisis.

The crisis began a week ago in Ferguson, a remote Missouri village that has been a hotbed of sectarian tension. State security forces shot and killed an unarmed man, which regional analysts say has angered the local population by surfacing deep-seated sectarian grievances. Regime security forces cracked down brutally on largely peaceful protests, worsening the crisis.

America has been roiled by political instability and protests in recent years, which analysts warn can create fertile ground for extremists.

Missouri, far-removed from the glistening capital city of Washington, is ostensibly ruled by a charismatic but troubled official named Jay Nixon, who has appeared unable to successfully intervene and has resisted efforts at mediation from central government officials. Complicating matters, President Obama is himself a member of the minority sect protesting in Ferguson, which is ruled overwhelmingly by members of America's majority "white people" sect.

Analysts who study the opaque American political system, in which all provinces are granted semi-autonomous self-rule, warned that Nixon may seize the opportunity to move against weakened municipal rulers in Ferguson. Missouri's provincial legislature, a traditional "shura council," is dominated by the opposition faction. Though fears of a military coup remain low, it is still unknown how Nixon's allies within the capital will respond should the crisis continue.

Now, international leaders say they fear the crisis could spread.

"The only lasting solution is reconciliation among American communities and stronger Missouri security forces," Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a speech from his vacation home in Hainan. "However, we can and should support moderate forces who can bring stability to America. So we will continue to pursue a broader strategy that empowers Americans to confront this crisis."

Xi's comments were widely taken as an indication that China would begin arming moderate factions in Missouri, in the hopes of overpowering rogue regime forces and preventing extremism from taking root. An unknown number of Kurdish peshmerga military "advisers" have traveled to the region to help provide security. Gun sales have been spiking in the US since the crisis began.

Analysts warn the violence could spread toward oil-producing regions such as Oklahoma or even disrupt the flow of American beer supplies, some of the largest in the world, and could provide a fertile breeding ground for extremists. Though al-Qaeda is not known to have yet established a foothold in Missouri, its leaders have previously hinted at assets there.........

......Though Ferguson's streets remained quiet on Friday, a palpable sense of tension and uncertainty hung in the air. A Chinese Embassy official here declined to comment but urged all parties to exhibit restraint and respect for the rule of law. In Moscow, Kremlin planners were said to be preparing for a possible military intervention should political instability spread to the nearby oil-producing region of Texas..........

Monday, August 18, 2014

Inbred Lebanese Sunnis rally for ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz

Lebanon's Sunnis are supposedly thought to be a notch above the rest in that area ... yeah right!
Look at that guy in the sleeveless T-shirt.  That numbskull will be the first one to be beheaded for daring to show his biceps.

Flights over Syria barred by FAA

The reason given is that  "armed extremist groups are known to be equipped with a variety of anti-aircraft weapons which have the capability to threaten civilian aircraft.”   Hah!!   I somehow find it hard to believe that all of a sudden the FAA comes to this realization, something  that millions of us already knew about a couple of years ago. 

Something sneaky is going on or else the Syrian govt. has notified parties concerned that unidentified aircraft will be shot down by the Syrian air force. USA's trigger happy air force is bombing away in Iraq at the designated enemy, at least for now  ... but one never knows when they might lose their mapping and start bombing Syria, eh? After all, let's not forget that they lost their maps on way to Saudi Arabia after 9/11 and ended up destroying the wrong country .... Iraq.  

From Bloomberg:
 The Federal Aviation Administration  barred U.S. airlines from flying over Syria, the latest war zone judged too risky for civilian carriers.

The decision was made after the FAA reassessed the risks to aviation over the country, the agency said today in a statement. No U.S. airlines are currently flying over Syria, according to the FAA.

“The ongoing armed conflict and volatile security environment in Syria poses a serious potential threat to civil aviation,” the agency said. “Armed extremist groups in Syria are known to be equipped with a variety of anti-aircraft weapons which have the capability to threaten civilian aircraft.”....

Ron Paul interviews Congressman Walter Jones on declassification of 9/11 Secrets

From Voices of Liberty:
‘No Hope for America’s Future’   If 9/11 Secrets Are Not Declassified

In an interview with the Ron Paul Channel, Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) shares his thoughts on the 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission report that remain classified. He and Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) introduced H. Res 428 last year demanding the declassification of 28 pages of information and to give the American public a clearer picture of who was involved in the 9/11 attack.

According to Congressman Jones:

“You have to go down into a room that is guarded by uniformed officers, and then also you have an FBI person to sit there in the room. you can’t make any notes. The Bush people do not want it released. It’s not a national security issue. But it would be embarrassing to the previous administration if this information is opened for the public. . . . There will be no hope for America’s future if the American people don’t know the truth about a tragedy such as 9/11.”.........

"Mystery" airstrikes in Libya

No one has claimed credit so far.  The jets don't belong to Libya,  so it's reasonable to assume that some other country or countries have decided to knock off at least half a dozen of the bad guys. Italy was suspected, but has denied doing so. Of course, lies come easy to the EU countries, so it could have still been either Italy or France... or it could have been Egypt. It has the air power and being  a next door neighbour has easier, faster access.  The question now is: Is this gonna continue?

From LasVegasSun:
6 killed in mystery airstrikes in Libyan capital. Airstrikes launched by an unknown party targeting Islamist-led militias in Libya's capital killed six people Monday, authorities said, as the interim government vowed to investigate the strikes amid raging street battles.

The confusion over who launched the two fighter jets shows the chaos still engulfing Libya after the 2011 civil war that toppled down longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

In a statement, the government demanded the chief of staff and military intelligence to investigate the predawn strikes Monday morning targeting positions of militias originally from the coastal city of Misrata and its Islamist allies.

The strikes, under the cover of darkness, sparked fears that a foreign country like Italy carried out the attack, as the Libyan military does not have aircraft that can fly at night, according to a former colonel in the Libyan air force. Libya's newly elected parliament recently asked the United Nations to protect its civilians and stop the fighting. Italy's ambassador to Libya even went on local television to say his country was not involved.......

Let's not forget Israel's horrendous war crimes in Gaza just because the USA is on a tepid boil towards a revolution

I am one of those people who is keeping my fingers crossed that  a revolution or a civil war starts in the USA.  If any one nation needs it badly, it's America.

In the meantime, below just a pinch of  the dirt on Israel's racist actions and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. There are mountains of dirt to be found on YouTube, Twitter, Bing, Google ....everywhere.  Israel's Netanyahu govt. policies towards the Palestinians makes for vomit-inducing results which can be found all over the net. The balancing act for the crimes of  of this far-right wing government and its voters in Israel and its millions of supporters in the West, is the fact that an equal number of Jewish people, can't stand the Nazi government of Israel and are speaking out.   

The NY Times article at one of the links below is a must read and so also the letter from 313 Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors from the  WW2 genocide. (I have a feeling that list will grow as more and more conscientious people from the Jewish diaspora, come to learn of the letter)

And, did you know that the brave men of the Israeli Defense Force are good at making musical remixes as they bomb children to smithereens?

Check out the beautiful girl in the vid below.  She takes care of almost all the stuff that the Israeli supporters usually throw at you when you criticize it.

From SGNews:
Gaza death toll rises above 2,000.   
The death toll in the war-torn Gaza Strip rose above 2,000 Monday, the health ministry said as more people injured in over a month of fighting with the Israelis succumbed to their wounds.
According to a ministry statement, a total of 2,016 people were killed and another 10,196 wounded.
Among the dead were 541 children, 250 women and 95 elderly men, it said.
The toll, which had stood at 1,980, jumped up after a number of people died from their injuries in hospitals across Gaza, as well as in Cairo and Jerusalem where they had been taken for treatment.....

From NYTimes:
Resisting Nazis, He Saw Need for Israel. Now He Is Its Critic. 
 In 1943, Henk Zanoli took a dangerous train trip, slipping past Nazi guards and checkpoints to smuggle a Jewish boy from Amsterdam to the Dutch village of Eemnes. There, the Zanoli family, already under suspicion for resisting the Nazi occupation, hid the boy in their home for two years. The boy would be the only member of his family to survive the Holocaust.

Seventy-one years later, on July 20, an Israeli airstrike flattened a house in the Gaza Strip, killing six of Mr. Zanoli’s relatives by marriage. His grandniece, a Dutch diplomat, is married to a Palestinian economist, Ismail Ziadah, who lost three brothers, a sister-in-law, a nephew and his father’s first wife in the attack.

On Thursday, Mr. Zanoli, 91, whose father died in a Nazi camp, went to the Israeli Embassy in The Hague and returned a medal he received honoring him as one of the Righteous Among the Nations — non-Jews honored by Israel for saving Jews during the Holocaust. In an anguished letter to the Israeli ambassador...........

From GuardianUK:
Hague court under western pressure not to open Gaza war crimes inquiry.  
Potential ICC investigation into actions of both the IDF and Hamas in Gaza has become a fraught political battlefield.
The international criminal court has persistently avoided opening an investigation into alleged war crimes in Gaza as a result of US and other western pressure, former court officials and lawyers claim.

In recent days, a potential ICC investigation into the actions of both the Israel Defence Forces and Hamas in Gaza has become a fraught political battlefield and a key negotiating issue at ceasefire talks in Cairo. But the question of whether the ICC could or should mount an investigation has also divided the Hague-based court itself.

An ICC investigation could have a far-reaching impact. It would not just examine alleged war crimes by the Israeli military, Hamas and other Islamist militants in the course of recent fighting in Gaza that left about 2,000 people dead, including women and children. It could also address the issue of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, for which the Israeli leadership would be responsible.....

From ISM PalSolidarity:
Palestinian arrested after filming settlers throwing stones  
Yesterday at approximately 5:30 PM in the old city in al-Khalil (Hebron) settlers from the illegal settlement of Beit Hadassah threw rocks and water at Palestinians living on Shalala Street. This is a regular occurance for Palestinian families living close to illegal settlements in al-Khalil. The majority of the time the Israeli military watches from a distance and does not do anything to intervene in the violence and property damage.
One Palestinian, a 35-year old man, documented the stone throwing only to be detained and then arrested by the Israeli military. The man was taken through a yellow gate to an area where Palestinians are restricted from, where the soldiers pushed him around.
The soldiers threw several stun grenades at Palestinians and internationals standing behind the yellow gate, trying to document what was happening through holes of the gate......

From 972Mag:
IDF presents: The Gaza air-raid remix  
The following clip appeared a few days ago on the IDF’s official YouTube channel: a catchy remix of communications recorded by the Israeli Air Force during its bombing raids on Gaza during the recent war..........

Max Blumenthal shows Gaza's sorrows in pictures
A photo essay from Khuza'a, Southern Gaza, and Gaza City 

From IJSN:
313 Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors   and victims of the Nazi genocide have signed this letter written in response to Elie Wiesel’s manipulation of the Nazi Genocide to attempt to justify the attacks on Gaza.

One more for the "cut our nose to spite our face" folder

I am betting this folder will be jammed packed very soon and a new one might have to be opened. 

From RTBusiness:
Russia launches China UnionPay credit card  
Forget Visa and MasterCard. After the two American credit system payment companies froze accounts without notice in March, Russia has been looking for an alternative in China UnionPay.

China UnionPay plans to have 2 million cards in Russia in the next three years.

Instead of seeing the small Visa and MasterCard logo on credits cards, ATMs, and retail outlets, Russians will start to see the three words “China. Union. Pay.”

China UnionPay first emerged in 2002 on the domestic Chinese market as an alternative to Visa and MasterCard, but quickly expanded internationally, and now is already number one in terms of quantity of cards in the world........

.........In March, both Visa and MasterCard blocked the accounts of cardholders at BankRossiya and SMF Bank, both which were sanctioned by the US over Russia’s involvement in Crimea.

Russian financiers who used to keep their assets in dollars and euros were shocked by the event, and moved their capital back to Russia out of fear one day all their assets would be blocked by politicians in Washington DC.......

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Biological weapons created by the USA

I was sent a link to this vid by a reader of this blog.  Haven't watch the whole thing as yet but the parts I watched tells me the rest is gonna be very informative.  I was told to watch it with an open mind.

Boko Haram, Nigeria, Ebola .... what does it all mean?

One of my friends, who is generally well informed, tells me that the Boko Haram gang has always been a ploy to get the Nigerian govt. to tow the line of interested parties both inside Nigeria and outside it. The reason being that Nigeria was becoming economically very steady and is considered to be the topmost economical power in Africa. He said he had even seen something about Nigeria joining up as a partner with South Africa in the BRICS fold, or even as a full member of the group. I pooh-poohed my friend's opinion and was told to keep my eyes open to see how many negative stories on Nigeria come out on a daily basis ... not only about the Boko Haram atrocities but other political stuff that would not usually make it in the Western MSM when similar happens to other African countries.

I thought I would look into my friend's claims. Below, just a few from the most recent news.  

From MorningStarNews:
Massacre in Predominantly Christian Gwoza, Nigeria Said to Leave 100 Dead.
Boko Haram shooting, fire-bombing and slashing terrify fleeing residents.
After weeks of sacking villages and destroying church buildings around Nigeria’s northeastern town of Gwoza, Islamic extremist group Boko Haram on Wednesday (Aug. 6) killed an estimated 100 people in the predominantly Christian town, sources said.
The shooting, fire-bombing and slashing of men, women and children in Gwoza, Borno state, as initially the military reportedly fled before an insurgent force backed by international terrorist groups, began at about 4 a.m., producing eyewitness assertions that Boko Haram, which seeks to impose sharia (Islamic law) throughout Nigeria, had taken control of the town of more than 276,000 people. Local residents reportedly said at least 100 people had been killed.....

From SowetanLive:
Boko Haram suspects kill 10, abduct 100 in northern Nigeria 
At least 10 people were killed and about 100 young men abducted by suspected members of Islamist terror group Boko Haram from north-eastern Nigeria, local newspaper Punch reported Friday.
Armed men attacked the village of Doron Baga in Borno State on Sunday, witnesses, who fled to Borno State capital Maiduguri, told reporters.
The young men had been kidnapped to be forcefully recruited into Boko Haram's ranks, said Doron Baga resident Halima Alhaji Adamu.
Her husband was killed during the attack, she said....
And, then there's a news item from Townhall USA which relies on the Baptist Press on something that a "Nigerian Relations Expert" has told the Baptist Press. Who is this "expert" who seems to know more than what the Nigerian press reports?
Nigeria death toll higher than reported. 
The death toll from Boko Haram's takeover of the predominantly Christian town of Gwoza is nearly 1,000, not the 100 included in many reports, Nigerian relations expert Adeniyi Ojutiku told Baptist Press.
The Nigerian military abandoned their weapons and fled Gwoza as Boko Haram attacked Wednesday (Aug. 6), burning government buildings, killing residents and taking hostages. Some residents managed to flee to the mountains bordering Cameroon and are without food or water; others made it 85 miles north to Maiduguri, Associated French Press (AFP) and others reported.......

YES ... Boko Haram is definitely playing havoc in Nigeria, but are some people purposely fudging the numbers to get a bigger slice of funds from certain sources to fight this menace.  Let's not forget that Nigerians are infamously known for committing fraud (or are those "I have million dollars for you" emails which seem to come from Nigeria, also a pre-conceived plan to demonize the country?)
 See how foggy the following info is.  It's just come out today.
From AllAfrica:
Nigeria: Chadian Troops Rescue Boko Haram Hostages.  
Officials say security forces in Chad have rescued Nigerians who were recently kidnapped by Boko Haram, a Nigerian militant group.
The abductees were snatched last Sunday by the militants in a raid on a Nigerian town near the border with Chad.
The militants, along with nearly 100 kidnapped Nigerians, were stopped at the border by Chadian soldiers.
It was not immediately clear what the soldiers did with the Boko Haram militants and whether the rescued Nigerians were sent home.....

From IndependentUK:
Nigeria committing ‘war crimes’ to defeat Boko Haram.
The Nigerian government is terrorising part of its population and committing possible war crimes in its battle against Boko Haram, according to a documentary to be broadcast on Monday night.....
....Nigeria is now Africa’s biggest economy. But in the north, home to most of the nation’s 80 million Muslims, people are among the poorest in the country.
The north is the heartland of the Islamist group, Boko Haram. This  year alone, Boko Haram have killed more than 2,000 people, most of them civilians.....
And below, the LA Times manages to slur Nigeria and China in the very beginning of the article.
In Nigeria, child beggars are easy recruits for Boko Haram extremists
They scurry between vehicles in the traffic-choked cities of northern Nigeria, small boys in tattered clothing armed with begging tins.

Known as the almajiri, the youngsters, some no older than 5, have flooded the streets for the nearly 15 years since a tsunami of cheap Chinese imports and a dysfunctional electrical system began destroying the region's once-thriving textile manufacturing industry. Many more children have streamed in from rural areas since similar collapses of the fishing and agriculture sectors left their parents unable to feed them.......
Are you beginning to see the pattern, or do you need to see more?
It looks like Cameroon is dancing to the tune of those who wish to imprison Nigeria. The below from TodayNigeria:
BOKO HARAM: Cameroon orders military   to hide intelligence from Nigeria.
It has been revealed that Nigeria’s neighbour, Cameroon has issued a directive to all its military commanders in charge of border areas with Nigeria to keep all critical information about Boko Haram away from the country. In the directive, which was obtained by Punch, Mr. Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation reportedly told the commanders to withhold crucial information about the insurgents from Nigeria. 

Sadi, had in the letter with Decree no …G/D/MINATD, with the title, ‘Strong Message’ addressed to the Commander, Rapid Intervention Brigade, noted that Cameroon did not want the grave security situation in Nigeria to spill over to the country. He stated also that information on Nigeria from western countries portrayed Nigeria in a negative manner. He charged the Cameroonian forces to be vigilant along the border to prevent further spill over of Boko Haram violence into the country. The minister said the Cameroonian Head of State, Mr. Paul Biya, had charged all the units to ensure that activities of the insurgents were not allowed to get into the country........

And, see how the New York Times has woven in "Nigeria" in an article on Iraq which has no relevance in the least to Nigeria but the substitution of that word with "Libya" would have been more appropriate.
....After spending more than $1 trillion and losing some 4,500 soldiers’ lives, American politicians cannot dare reveal a dirty little secret: Iraq has since 2003 devolved into a combination of Lebanon and Nigeria — a toxic brew of sectarian politics and oil-fueled kleptocracy. The combination of religious rivalry and endemic corruption has hollowed out the Iraqi government, as evidenced by the country’s ongoing electricity crisis and the collapse of entire Iraqi Army divisions in the face of an advance by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, into Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, even though the Iraqi troops vastly outnumbered the militants.....

And, Ooooooo .... let's not forget the good Mr. Hillel Neuer with his 2 cents on Nigeria, while being so very mummy mum on Saudi Arabia and etc.etc.etc.etc.

Yes,  its true. Once you start questioning everything you read that the MSM throw in your feeding bowl, you begin to see how well-versed the MSM has become in doublespeak while most of us are still relying on the good old commonsense lingo.

Besides learning how to be fluent in doublespeak, we will have to be proficient in Arabic too

Last year I was passing  by Fort Lauderdale  on my way to Miami by public transport and throughout the ride I could hear nothing but Spanish. I suppose in Detroit, one can hear nothing but Arabic.  

In Toronto, if you are a poor nobody like moi who depends mainly on public transit,  you  better get used to hearing a lot of Chinese dialects.  When you have listened to the language constantly, it might sound all the same to you, but based on the tone and dialects, one can even learn to pinpoint the region of China the speaker hails from.  The reason I like the Chinese immigrants the best is because they never insist that the schools or the government should change the country's rules or regulations to suit their old life-style, something that the bullies within the other immigrant communities never stop doing.

However,  what the know-it-all in Michigan are doing now is paving the road for a separatist state or autonomous rule sometime in the future ... near future or far future, I don't know. But the readings are very prominently there.  It's going to happen.

From USA Today:
Detroit-area school district with a growing Arab-American population has agreed to improve its programs for students with limited English skills and to potentially hire more educators of Arab descent.

In a 31-page agreement with the Department of Justice, the Crestwood School District in Dearborn Heights says it "shall take appropriate action to overcome language barriers that impede equal and meaningful participation by" students with limited English skills.

The settlement also requires the district to provide school documents in both English and foreign languages such as Arabic and to promote a more diverse staff. The agreement was released in both Arabic and English.

"This is a great victory for the Arab-American community and its children to become contributing citizens in our country," said Shereef Akeel, a Troy attorney who filed a federal complaint in 2011 on behalf of Hiam Brinjikji, a counselor in the school district who complained about the district's neglect of Arab immigrant students.

District officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Brinjikji, who is of Arab descent, said in the federal complaint that she complained about the lack of attention to Arab-American students who didn't know English well. She also said the district wasn't hiring enough Arab-Americans and said she was retaliated against for complaining.

Last year, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that the Crestwood district had violated federal civil rights laws.

But in Wednesday's agreement, "the district admits no liability to violations of" a 1974 federal law banning discrimination in education.

The agreement gives detailed, specific instructions to Crestwood on how to improve its programs for those with limited English skills. The district has to ask all parents to fill out a home language survey to identify potential students who don't know English well.......

Fog of War..... Part 4 .... USA gives carte-blanche to Kiev to use BMs; Ukraine jet shot down; Russian military convoy destroyed; Ukraine govt using banned white phosphorus bombs

Make whatever you want to from the items below. You don't want to believe any of it, sure go ahead, make your day.  You think parts of it is bull-shit but most of it is true, then you are pretty savvy and I hope you remain that way.  The one thing I am dead sure about is that the Ukrainian govt  IS using ballistic missiles and white phosphorus bombs against its own people in the part of Ukraine that the Ukrainian govt wants to cleanse of Russian-speaking people.  

What's happening to the people in east Ukraine is not unique to them alone.  It's been happening on and off, in Gaza and the West Bank and in several parts of Africa ... ethnic cleansing is still a favorite sport of lunatics in this our world of the brave  21st century.  It takes only a few mad, raving, totally disgusting people in the governing body of any country to make such things happen and it continues because there are several such equally deplorable lunatics in the governments of the nations that continue to support the nations doing the ethnic cleansing.  

From RIA RU:
US Gives Kiev Carte Blanche  to Any Action – Russian Lawmaker

The use of ballistic missiles in Luhansk suggests that Ukrainian security officials have carte blanche from the United States to take any actions, said Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich.
"This suggests that the Ukrainian security forces have been granted carte blanche from the Americans. They do not care what Russia says, what the international community or even Europe says today. They got their carte blanche, and while it remains active they want to deal with the situation in Donetsk as quickly as possible," Klintsevich told RIA Novosti.
By using ballistic missiles, the Ukrainian military goes to extreme measures that will harm civilians first of all, the lawmaker noted.

"First, it’s a very large charge, a huge explosion. Thus it’s more of a psychological weapon that would inflict maximum damage, primarily at the civilian population," Klintsevich said.
A ballistic missile flies at a distance of about 200 kilometers (124 miles), but lacks accuracy, which means that “they [the Ukrainian military] won’t always be able to hit the military facilities and the nearby vehicles. So, when they are shooting at a locality, civilians will be harmed,” the lawmaker said.

Earlier the same day, Kiev-led forces attacked Luhansk with Tochka-U ballistic missile systems, Rossiya-24 television reported, citing a source in the militia forces.
The basis of Tochka-U is a single-stage ballistic missile that can be controlled throughout the flight. It can carry nuclear and chemical charges, as well as ordinary high-explosive shells. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a certain amount of launchers, auxiliary equipment and missiles remained in several former Soviet republics, about a hundred of them in Ukraine......

From SydneyMorningHerald:
Ukraine fighter jet shot down as Kiev accuses Moscow of arming rebels

Ukraine on Sunday accused Russia of sending more equipment, including rocket launchers, across the border into the restive east of the country.
Over the past 24 hours "a convoy of military equipment, including three Grad rocket launchers, have crossed into the territory of Ukraine" and continued on to Nizhniy Nagolchyk, a village in southern Luhansk region, one of the areas controlled by pro-Russian rebels, security spokesman Andriy Lysenko said in a briefing in Kiev.
The announcement came shortly after Ukraine said pro-Russian rebels had shot down one of its fighter planes.
Ukraine's military told AFP the MiG-29 warplane was shot out of the sky as it carried out "an assignment to eliminate a large group of terrorists" in the Luhansk region. The pilot managed to parachute to safety, it said.
Authorities in the main rebel city of Donetsk said shelling killed 10 civilians in 24 hours as government forces pressed on with an offensive to oust separatists after four months of fighting that has left over 2100 people dead and pushed the region to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe....

From WallStreetJournal:
Ukraine Plays Down  Significance of Destruction of Russian Military Convoy
European Leaders Meet in Effort to Bring Ukraine, Russia to Negotiating Table

Ukraine and Russia on Saturday appeared to be seeking to avoid a broader confrontation in the wake of Kiev's claim it destroyed most of a Russian military convoy that entered its territory, as the European Union intensified its efforts to bring the two countries to the negotiating table.

Col. Andriy Lysenko, the Ukrainian government's security spokesman, said Saturday that Ukrainian artillery had destroyed most of a Russian column of military vehicles that entered the country earlier in the week. But he described the episode as a commonplace incident, refused to release further details and gave no indication that it marked the start of a more direct military engagement between Russia and Ukraine.

"This was a traditional route of movement of armored convoys to the territory of Ukraine, and the Ukraine military were able to destroy most of those convoys," Col. Lysenko said.

No photographs have surfaced of the aftermath of the attack, which Russia's Defense Ministry dismissed on Friday as "some kind of fantasy." The claim, marking the most direct and publicized military clash between Russia and Ukraine since the conflict began, jolted global markets Friday.......

Saturday, August 16, 2014

So .... what's been happening in the BRICS' world

Positive stuff all around because the BRICS' leaders  believe in creating opportunities for their citizens in order to make them economically self-sufficient so they won't have to rely on the government tits for their feed.  Just old-fashioned ideas, ya know?

New leader of India is all about improving lives and economy:
On India’s 68th Independence Day,  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India needs to be transformed into a manufacturing hub.

“I invite our youth involved in manufacturing to ensure that all over the world, products say ‘Made in India’. Why should we have to import things when we have such capable young citizens? Out of all the things we import, I will ensure that we start making at least one of those in India,” said the Prime Minister....

.....During his maiden Independence Day speech, Modi announced an initiative to improve access to financial services for all Indians including the poorest. Two-fifths of Indians lack a bank account.....

Brazil's exports are shining brighter than ever before.
BRICS gain from Russia ban on EU, US food imports  
Following the near total food imports ban imposed by Russia on the US and certain EU nations, BRICS exports to Russia are growing substantially, new data revealed.
After 90 new meat plants in Brazil were recently approved to send beef, chicken and pork to Russia, Brazilian meat exports to the country has soared.
Brazil’s Association of Meat Exporters said on Tuesday that beef exports rose 19 per cent in July to $692 million over the same period last year. Exports to Russia rose 113 per cent to $181 million last month, compared to July 2013.
The volume of meat exports to Russia also surged, rising 78.9 per cent during the month to 41,000 tonnes.......

Russia and China combine their know-how to fight terrorism
In a new boost  to strategic ties between the two allies, Russian troops have reached the site of a joint anti-terror drill in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Chinese military said in a statement on Saturday.
The 800-strong Russian army echelon will now join their counterparts from other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), including China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Over 7,000 Chinese, Russian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Tajik troops are participating in the drills this year.
Moscow is also sending 12 aircrafts that will cover 1,600 km to touch down in China on Sunday to participate in the upcoming drills from August 24-29 at the Zhurihe training base.......

South Africa pledges $1 M to combat Ebola in neighbouring states and continues flying to and from the Ebola-hit nations. 
South African Airways (SAA) has said the airlines will continue to operate flights to and from Ebola-hit West Africa even as the death toll from the outbreak reached 1013. The African Union has pledged $1 million to help fight the disease.
The decision is consistent with the position adopted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali said.

The Emergency Committee of WHO on the Ebola outbreak in a meeting in Geneva from 6 – 7 August said there “should be no general ban on international travel or trade” to that region.

USAID = aids the USA in toppling existing governments and effecting regime change

UN's Security Council spends the world's money on drafting a resolution on ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz

Few extracts below from the Draft Resolution issued by UN's Security Council .... not that it nor the UN as a whole has any bite.  You will  get more of a nibble from a  new born, toothless, blind kitten than from this useless org.  UN and the Vatican .... same, same.  Filthy rich but totally useless.   

What use is the UN when the countries that do the most damage in the world carry on doing their worst regardless of what the UN says about them? There are no decent countries in the world any more. Decent countries would have taken to heart criticism levelled at them from the UN and tried to mend their ways. The time of decent, law abiding, human rights respecting nations has long gone and that being the case, the UN becomes redundant.

Keep in mind that this is the Draft Resolution.  Usually, very minor changes are done before they post the finalized version to their website.
Will the UNSC remember to send the finalized version to two of the biggest funds and arms suppliers to jihadis ... the USA and Saudi Arabia?  Hah!

Draft UN Security Resoution
OP6. Reiterates its call  upon all States to take all measures as may be necessary and appropriate and in accordance with their obligations under international law to counter incitement of terrorist acts motivated by extremism and intolerance perpetrated by individuals or entities associated with ISIL, ANF and Al-Qaida and to prevent the subversion of educational, cultural, and religious institutions by terrorists and their supporters; 

Foreign Terrorist Fighters
OP8 Calls upon all Member States to take national measures to suppress the flow of foreign terrorist fighters to, and bring to justice, in accordance with applicable international law, foreign terrorist fighters of, ISIL, ANF and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaida, reiterates further the obligation of Member States to  prevent the movement of terrorists or terrorist groups, in accordance with applicable international law, by, inter alia, effective border controls, and, in this context, to exchange information expeditiously, improve cooperation among competent authorities to prevent the movement of terrorists and terrorist groups to and from their territories, the supply of weapons for terrorists and financing that would support terrorists;

OP9. Encourages all Member States to engage with those within their territories at risk of recruitment and violent radicalisation to discourage travel to Syria and Iraq for the purposes of supporting or fighting for ISIL, ANF and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaida; 

OP10. Reaffirms its decision that States shall prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale, or transfer to ISIL, ANF and all other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaida from their territories or by their nationals outside their territories, or using their flag vessels or aircraft, of arms and related materiel of all types including weapons and ammunition, military vehicles and equipment, paramilitary equipment, and spare parts for the aforementioned, and technical advice, assistance or training related to military activities, as well as its calls for States to find ways of intensifying and accelerating the exchange of operational information regarding traffic in arms, and to enhance coordination of efforts on national, subregional, regional and international levels; 

Terrorist Financing 
OP11. Reaffirms its resolution 1373 (2001) and in particular its decisions that all States shall  prevent and suppress the financing of terrorist acts and refrain from providing any form of support, active or passive, to entities or persons involved in terrorist acts, including by suppressing recruitment of members of terrorist groups and eliminating the supply of weapons to terrorists

OP12.  Recalls its decision in resolution 2161 (2014) that all States shall ensure that no funds, financial assets or economic resources are made available, directly or indirectly for the  benefit of ISIL, ANF, or any other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Al-Qaida, by their nationals or by persons within their territory, and reaffirms its decision in resolution 1373 (2001) that all States shall prohibit their nationals or any persons and entities within their territories from making any funds, financial assets or economic resources or financial or other related services available, directly or indirectly, for the benefit of persons who commit or attempt to commit or facilitate or participate in the commission of terrorist acts, or for the benefit of entities owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by such  persons and of persons and entities acting on behalf of or at the direction of such persons.