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The insanity of David Cameron compared to the commonsense of an Australian

While the UK leader outlines plans to seize passports of suspected terrorists before they leave for the hellholes  of  the Middle East thus keeping these dangerous individuals frolicking around in Britain, a Muslim leader in Australia comes up with an idea  that those wishing to leave be stripped of their citizenship and be given a one-way ticket to the hellhole of their choosing.  
So, which individual is better at curbing the terrorism problem? Is it the guy leading UK to nowhere or the guy in Australia with the brains sans the bulky portfolio Cameron carries at the heavy cost to taxpayers.

Does Cameron think that keeping these lunatics from leaving the country will turn them into doves of peace and tranquility? Isn't it better to strip them of their citizenship and send them with a farewell one-way ticket plus a wad of cash?   

From BBC:
David Cameron outlines new anti-terror measures to MPs  
New powers are needed to seize terrorist suspects' passports and stop British-born extremists from returning to the UK, David Cameron has said.
It was "abhorrent" British citizens had "declared their allegiance" to groups like Islamic State, he told MPs.

He said the inability to stop UK terrorists returning home from overseas was "a gap in the armoury" but only pledged cross-party talks on the issue.
Powers to monitor suspects in the UK will also be strengthened.
In a statement to Parliament, Mr Cameron restated the UK's backing for US airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq and said he would not rule out participation in similar action in the future.

The UK's terror threat level was raised to "severe" from "substantial" on Friday.............

From DailyTelegraph:
Muslim leader Dr Jamal Rifi  offers to pay Islamic radicals to leave nation
HIGH-PROFILE Muslim leader Dr Jamal Rifi says he will happily buy “a one-way ticket” for any Islamic radicals wanting to leave Australia.

Dr Rifi said the Muslim community in Sydney was deeply offended by comments made by Wissam Haddad, the manager of Al-Risalah Islamic Centre in Bankstown, who said he and his followers would “give up their passports” if they could leave without “being incriminated”.

Mr Haddad made the statement following Prime Minister Tony Abbott ­announcing a $64 million counter-terrorism package. “I’ll buy them a one-way ­ticket out of Australia never to come back,” the Belmore-based Dr Rifi said.

“Let them give away their citizenship. These people are saying they want to go and ­relieve the oppressed Muslims overseas.............

Stories of POWs in the Ukrainian civil war

There are many.  But I picked this one because not only is it the latest one, it's also shows what's happening to the hundreds of soldiers who have now become POWs captured by their own countrymen. There's not much hatred between the POWs and their captors, they know they are just pawns on a chessboard being moved around by the foul smelling fingers of the despicable powers-that-be.
Pics at link.

From the Russian translated by Daniel Mihailovitch / Edited by @GBabeuf at SlavyangradOrg:
“I have two small children!” A woman slaps a Ukrainian Army prisoner on the cheek. “They almost lost their voices!”

“Knock it of!” A militiaman growls, and the woman moves away from the ranks.

A dozen local residents went out into the street in Snezhnoe to share with the surrendered artillerymen all that they had accumulated in their hearts in the last weeks. Under fire. During sleepless nights in basements. In anticipation of the next terrible artillery barrage, during rare moments of respite. The prisoners stand in silence, heads bowed. They can raise a plaintive look at the guards, but have not the strength to look into the eyes of ordinary civilians, those they shelled with large-calibre weapons.

After two more cauldrons were created in the Donbass, the flow of government soldiers willing to surrender increased enormously. They are so numerous that there are problems accommodating them all.

“To be honest, we do not really understand what to do with all these prisoners,” confesses the military commandant of Snezhnoe, Sergey Godovanets. “We took them everywhere lately: by Saur-Mogila, by Krasny Luch, by Ilovaysk. I can tell you the total number—a little over 160 men. Mostly from Kirovograd and Zhitomir regions. The relatives have already contacted us. Mostly tankists, gunners. Junior officers, almost none of enlisted rank.”

The commandant said that prisoners were taken in different ways. Sometimes white flags were run up, but were used to cover a retreat or a breakthrough attempt. In these cases there was no standing on ceremony.

“In one case, surrendering Army troops were shelled by their own. Yes, go, chat with them, they have been cleaning the streets for two days.”

We came to the “work therapy” site at the same time as the street cleaning service—they brought the prisoners some five-litre flasks of water and tinned beef with bread.

“One tin of beef each,” an elderly guard sternly said, and adjusted an old SKS carbine with bayonet fixed.

The prisoners did not react at all, and overall they had the appearance of completely spent, and even broken, men. Uniforms were dusty and dirty, but not torn. No bruises on their faces. Twenty men, “of military age”, as the government would say; that is, aged eighteen to fifty, sat in the shade near a heap of collected rubbish. They were waiting for the street clean-up truck to take away ‘the echoes of war’—asphalt rubble from mortar explosions and from tank tracks, dirt scattered by exploded lawns, glass and other debris. The city was almost never cleaned during the war. And now, Snezhnoe is close to the front-line—just ten kilometres to the South, thousands of Ukrainian troops sit trapped in the cauldrons.

We address the prisoners: “Nobody is forcing you guys to talk to us. But whoever wants to—let’s talk. Your relatives will see it, and they’ll be calmed.”

A young lad, Aleksey Gavras, from the 39th Territorial Defence Battalion of the Dnepropetrovsk region, did not refuse:

“We were brought by bus to the Starobeshnevskiy district, and were stationed at a checkpoint. Our task was to stand at the administrative border of the Dnepropetrovsk region. We were not fighting, nor did we ever get shot at. People shouldn’t resent us, we only did our job. Relations with locals were normal. Then a column of heavy armour came. We had to surrender, we only had rifles. And a machine-gun. So there wasn’t even any fighting. The column had twenty armoured vehicles, and we were only thirty men.”

“How are you treated?”

“OK. We’re fed and watered. We sleep on mattresses.”

An older prisoner with a classic “Zaporozhian” moustache is from Priluky. He is smiling, it seems, glad at how everything turned out. He had received a conscription notice, like everyone else. He threw away the first one, but the military commissariat was persistent. And they managed to conscript him at the second attempt. For forty-five days. Seventy days ago.

A soldier named Ruslan, well over forty years old, was also conscripted. He shows us a shovel: “I used this shovel on Independence Day to bury three of my friends. I want to appeal to Mr. Poroshenko and Mr Putin: Let it all stop somehow! This is full-scale war! It’s something terrible.”

It is hard to feel any hatred for these people. Even the guards communicate amicably with the prisoners—it is noticeable. We distribute all the cigarettes that we have. We offer a phone, so they can call their loved ones. A middle-aged man says into the phone: “Lyuba, don’t worry, I’m captured,” there, in Dnepropetrovsk, an explosion of emotions. “Lyuba, quiet down, Lyuba, calm down. Get everyone on it, public organizations, we’re all alive, the whole unit. They should try to get us exchanged or released.”

The man grabs his knee with his left hand, an unconscious nervous gesture: “All is well, Lyuba, I really miss you, love, I kiss you. Hope I’ll see you…”

These last words he says through clenched teeth, trying to keep in place his quivering Adam’s apple. His colleagues “attack” him: “Tell her to go down to the post office, tell them I’m alive! She should call Lena, and Lena should call Sergei’s wife! Tell her to visit Pasha’s mother and calm her down!” The guy passes all of it on, word for word, blinking through soaked eyes.

But here comes the truck, the prisoners get up and begin to work the ashes of war with their shovels. A richly decked out and modified car stops at the junction. A similarly accessorized Militiaman is behind the wheel. He shouts: “Come on, work faster! Faster!”

The guard comes over and looks into the car: “What are you doing here? What kind of behaviour is this?”

“Street-racer” darts off. Meanwhile, we are off to Donetsk, where the prisoners who surrendered at Ilovaysk were taken.

Seventeen troops of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade are lined up on a makeshift parade ground. Frankly, a pitiful sight. Torn shirts, dirty camouflage in all sorts of colours and styles. Combat boots that should have been thrown out a year ago. Only the “black men” of the NatsGvardiya battalions are immaculately and uniformly equipped by sponsors. But supply of the regular army, it seems, is based on the principle of a “white elephant sale”. Or what they bought themselves—Bundeswehr camouflage, English “forest” camouflage, Soviet “Oak” and modern “digital” camouflage. Three types of camouflage on one former combatant is almost the norm. These seventeen people are the only survivors of their unit, which only a few days ago numbered 150. They were repeatedly invited to lay down their weapons—it was pointless to resist. But the Ukrainian soldiers did not understand this right away. Now they say they only arrived at their positions two days ago, and did not have time to make mischief. Yet by their uniforms, and even by their crazed eyes, it is obvious that they have been in combat for weeks..

“We conducted an operation to relieve Ilovaysk and other nearby settlements,” the Minister of Defence of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Vladimir Kononov, tells us.

“The 93rd Mechanized Brigade engaged us in active combat. But they are well aware that we are on our own land. And your own land helps. They were encircled, supply lines cut. And they decided to give up to save the survivors. They raised the white flag, fully discharged the weapons and came over to us with the armour. But it can also happen otherwise. Sometimes Ukrainian Army units raise the white flag, and then open fire. We already had three such cases.”

The Prime Minister of the DPR, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, walks out in front of the line of prisoners. Yesterday, in response to Vladimir Putin’s address to Novorossiya militias, he said that the DPR Army will provide a corridor to the surrounded Ukrainian troops. But on one condition—they have to leave all their vehicles and heavy weapons in the cauldron.

“I can show you ruined schools,” he turned to the prisoners, “damaged kindergartens, refugees killed by your Grad rockets. It’s not us who came to your Dnepro[petrovsk], it’s you who came to us. But you know, I looked at you…I have a seventeen year old son, many of you are almost his age. Today I’ll give you a phone to contact your mothers, wives and relatives. If they come, I’m letting you go, no conditions. Out of respect for you being soldiers, and not from Azov, Shakhtersk or Dnepr [Battalions]. I want to tell you, for the future—all of you are welcome to visit. There will always be a cup of tea and a shot of vodka and something to eat as well. But I don’t want to see you as enemies again. I won’t release you a second time. Also, tell your commanders—you’re great soldiers. The fact that you were captured is not your fault. You fought with dignity, every one of you. It’s just that those who sent you here are bastards. That’s it, give them all soap and towels, let them take showers, give them a place in the barracks. And bring out tea and .....

The Daily News brought to you by Juice Rap


Another historical battle in progress for the Sea of Azov

I hope the separatists prevail and defeat the neo-Nazi battalions sent from Kiev. What kind of degenerates would bring the hated Nazis back to life?  Victoria Nuland of the USA led the way on behalf of her boss Obama, and of course as usual USA's lapdogs like Stephen Harper, John Baird and other Conservative party members of Canada followed suit as did all the pussy governments of the EU.  It's so hard to believe that our tax dollars are going to fund these Nazi battalions.  But, on the other hand haven't we seen how the Western powers have been funding, arming and aiding Al Qaeda and affiliates for the last two decades?  It's just a short step from supporting Muslim terrorists to Nazi terrorists. Nothing should shock or surprise us anymore. We have seen the depths of depravity our leaders can go to in order to attain their evil ends.... which ends hopefully will always be out of their reach.

According to the "rumors now/probably facts later" feeds from Russia/Ukraine focused bloggers, Novorussia (that's the name the rebels use when referring to the territories falling under their control) rebels are making mincemeat of the neo-Nazi battalions in the Azov coastal areas and are either on their way to the strategically placed Mariupol or Mariupol has already been surrounded. After that, Odessa is the prize worth fighting for.  

Two Ukrainian National Guard boats have also been hit by rebels in the Azov Sea and there are reports of sailors killed and wounded. All this loss of life could have been avoided if the Kiev govt. had not foolishly taken the advise of foreign elementsto attack their own people and target civilian areas.

With regard to  the last vid below, I am presuming it's a part of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion which has since been reported as almost decimated and remaining neo-Nazis fleeing back to Kiev.

From CanadaCom:
Russian President Vladimir Putin  on Sunday called on Ukraine to immediately start talks on a political solution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Hours later, Ukraine said a border guard vessel operating in the Azov Sea was attacked by land-based forces. Pro-Russian rebels have recently opened a new offensive along the seacoast.......

.....Putin said Ukraine should stop the offensive.
“If anybody believes that in a situation where the cities and villages of east Ukraine come under direct fire that the militiamen will have no reaction to that, but will simply wait for the promised talks, then these people are prisoner to some illusions,” he said.

His statement comes as Ukrainian forces battle against newly strengthened resistance from the rebels. After making gains in recent weeks, Ukraine has been forced to pull out of several towns over the past week.

Residents began returning to their homes Sunday in areas vacated by retreating Ukrainian forces......
.....There is barely a street in Hrabske and the nearby town of Ilovaysk left unscarred by artillery strikes. The bitter fight for Ilovaysk and surrounding areas lasted the best part of a month. On Saturday, the government conceded its inevitable defeat as its armed forces were surrounded and under relentless attack.....

From TelegraphUK:
Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists
Kiev throws paramilitaries – some openly neo-Nazi - into the front of the battle with rebels
The fighters of the Azov battalion lined up in single file to say farewell to their fallen comrade. His pallid corpse lay under the sun in an open casket trimmed with blue velvet.
Some of the men placed carnations by the body, others roses. Many struck their chests with a closed fist before touching their dead friend’s arm. One fighter had an SS tattoo on his neck.....
.......The Azov battalion has the most chilling reputation of all...........

From ForeignPolicy:
Mariupol, Ukraine - Blue and yellow Ukrainian flags fly over Mariupol's burned-out city administration building and at military checkpoints around the city, but at a sport school near a huge metallurgical plant, another symbol is just as prominent: the wolfsangel ("wolf trap") symbol that was widely used in the Third Reich and has been adopted by neo-Nazi groups.

The Azov Battalion -- so named for the Sea of Azov on which this industrial city is located -- is one of dozens of volunteer battalions fighting alongside pro-government forces in eastern Ukraine. After separatist troops and armor attacked from the nearby Russian border and took the neighboring town of Novoazovsk, this openly neo-Nazi unit has suddenly found itself defending the city against what Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called a Russian invasion.

Pro-Russian forces have said they are fighting against Ukrainian nationalists and "fascists" in the conflict, and in the case of Azov and other battalions, these claims are essentially true.

With the incursion from the Russian border, Mariupol, which had been peaceful since pro-Russian protestors were forced out in May, has become a third theater in the eastern Ukrainian conflict along with the rebel strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk........

Whew! Nice to know that manly sports will be played by manly men

Just the thought of Michael Sam probably getting a boner while tackling another man was so eeek!  Thank the good Lord he is out, in more ways than one, and remains out of the game .... at least for now.  Am I very mean?  I can't help it. Some sports are for men and men only, REAL men, men who get turn on by women and not pansies who eye other men's crotches with a panting desire. Yuck!

Enough of the political correctness.  Please leave the manly sports to men.  Gays can compete in the Olympics for Gays which everybody pretends to watch but only the LGBT community does looking for dates.

From CBC:
Not long after Michael Sam   waved to an adoring crowd at Missouri's season opener, he looked down at his cellphone.

It was 3 p.m. CT, the deadline for NFL teams to pare rosters to 53 players. And the Rams head coach was talking to the players who didn't make the cut.

He headed into the locker room. At some point, his phone rang with the bad news: He didn't make the cut.

Twenty others were cut by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday, all of them mere footnotes. For Sam, it meant a roadblock in his journey to become the first openly gay player to make an NFL roster.

Over and over, coach Jeff Fisher said, it was purely a football decision.
"I will tell you this, I was pulling for Mike," Fisher said. "I really was, and I don't say that very often.
"Mike came in here and did everything we asked him to do."

The seventh-round draft pick projected confidence while scrutinized at least as closely as Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel. He's been cheered by athletes and celebrities, denigrated by just a few.

In the end, the defensive end couldn't make a team stocked with pass rushers and lost out to undrafted Ethan Westbrooks, who proved more productive and more versatile........

Here's another gay player who left football after coming out, but he did it on his own.... Robbie Rogers of the Leeds, UK.
Robert Rogers  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Albert Einstein: "It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."

Once again, Israel helps to keep ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz safe from Assad's claws

What are partners in terrorism for, eh?  If terrorists don't stick together, who will, eh? Let's hope ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz remembers to send benefactor Netanyahu a "Thank You" note for saving their butts in the Golan Heights.

Poor, sweet, innocent Israel.... always being forced to do things it does not desire to do.  Haven't we seen how Israel was forced to kill children and their mothers because Hamas was hiding behind cradles of infants and behind the skirts of the women?  Haven't we seen how Israel was forced to bomb power stations and hospitals  because Hamas had their tunnels under them, over them, in them, everywhere?  

And, yet Israel's despicable paid minions in the USA and UK have the gall to say that Assad is responsible for the growth of the terrorist army!

From TheTelegraph:
Israel was forced to shoot down a drone over its border with Syria as it faced the prospect of a wider intervention in the neighbouring civil war to end a hostage crisis in which jihadists are holding dozens of UN peacekeepers.
The capture of Fijian and Filipino troops in the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) by al-Qaeda affiliated rebels Jabhat Al Nusra last week has cast doubt over the future of the UN force on the disputed Golan Heights.......

.......The drone, believed to have been used by Damascus to monitor the rebels, infiltrated Israeli space from Syria before it was shot down by a surface to air Patriot missile.........

NATO members will spend millions on their paid holiday-aka-NATO summit in Wales

Plenty of anti-NATO and anti-war marches are happening in Wales and in other countries.  More and more people are coming to the grim realization that this organization, just like the UN, has had its heyday but now it's time for both to fade out and die.

From WalesOnLine:
A senior officer said there's no indication  that the Welsh Government or No.10 Downing Street will cover Newport council's costs

A cash-strapped council says it should not have to pick up the bill to accommodate anti-Nato Summit protestors.

Newport council has been pushing to get its side of the bill covered by No.10 Downing Street or the Welsh Government, but a senior officer said no indication has been given that this will happen.

No. 10, which is leading the event, says it will cover security – but one protestor said millions was being spent on policing but not on protecting civil rights.

Newport council, like every other local authority in Wales, is facing the prospect of multi-million pound cuts – it expects to have to save £13m next year.
From this week onwards protestors are expected to arrive in the city for a peace camp at Tredegar Park, as well as demonstrations on August 30 and September 4.
Senior Newport council official Sheila Davies, strategic director of place, said the authority is logging all of its costs – right down to road signs for diversions and extra time staff have spent on preparations.

“We are pressing home the fact that we need some commitment from No 10 Downing Street, or the Welsh Government, that they will reimburse any costs that might be incurred regarding peace demonstrations,” Ms Davies said.
“We haven’t had any indication that they will offer any contribution towards it.”

Costs for the council could come in the form of paying for a clean-up after the anti-Nato demos or if there is any damage to buildings – although the authority has said there’s nothing to suggest there will be any disorder.

If a peace camp does go ahead as planned at Tredegar Park this week, the authority could also have to pay out for toilets and for water...........

Libya .... the NATO created Utopia is ideal for Terrorists' Pool Parties on US property

NATO summit commences in the next couple of days at Cardiff in Wales.  Wonder which other country/countries are next on the list for NATO-made Utopias.

For your viewing pleasure here's the vid of terrorists having fun at a pool party in the USA residential complex of the US Embassy in Libya. Wonder if Obama and sidekick Hillary will blame this takeover of US property on yet another video which maligned the good name of Muslims and hence they had to take a dip in the pool to cool off.

From USA Today:
An Islamist militia has reportedly seized a U.S. Embassy residence in Tripoli, although U.S. officials cautioned that they have been unable to confirm the takeover.

The U.S. ambassador to Libya, Deborah Jones, acknowledged on Twitter Sunday that an online video of a building overrun by crowds of people "appears to be a residential annex of the U.S. Mission."

But she added that she could not confirm this. "To my knowledge & per recent photos the US Embassy Tripoli chancery & compound is now being safeguarded and has not been ransacked," she wrote on Twitter. A State Department spokeswoman, Katherine Pfaff, said Sunday she had no information on the alleged seizure.

The video posted shows unarmed men playing in a pool at the compound, jumping into it from a second-story balcony. Voices heard in the video identified it as the U.S. Embassy compound.........

On the ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz issue and a harebrained UK ambassador

First off, WorldNetDaily (I don't go directly to that fear factor rumor factory ... this was through a link posted at a site I visited this morning) wants to tell us that a "source" has told it that  "Saudis may have paid ISIS extortion money not to attack the kingdom" and that same "source" has also divulged that the Saudis did the same with Osama bin Laden .... loaded him with money so he would not attack them.  

What I found more disgusting than the WND rumour mill churn-out is the vid below.  Watch how Brits can lie with a straight face. Looks like that "How To Doublespeak Your Way Every Which Way" manual is a "must carry" for all politicians. This man, who by some miracle of birth or bribe, has risen to the ranks of an UK Ambassador,  thinks people are going to believe him just because he says "Assad is the Frankenstein who has created ISIS"  .... or something to that effect.  The audacity of these people saying that about Assad who has lost half his army fighting the menace the USA and her allies have created is beyond the pale.  How can decent people bear to have such vile creatures anywhere near them without getting infected from the poison emitting from such evil?

Obama has extremely misinformed advisers on the White House payroll .....

or perhaps they deliberately give him wrong information to make him look like a fool.  The initial teleprompter jokes don't work anymore because those not deaf nor blind can see the man is highly articulate and deviously intelligent.  So, the powers-that-be, the warmongers, feed him a lot of misinformation on their enemies which the Prez spews out thinking he speaks facts, without realizing how stupidly ignorant he sounds on matters that he should have known better.

From Forbes:
3 Things Barack Obama Got Wrong About Russia  

President Barack Obama recently gave an interview to The Economist in which he was pretty clearly doing his best to give Vladimir Putin an aneurysm:

Obama downplayed Moscow’s role in the world, dismissing President Vladimir Putin as a leader causing short-term trouble for political gain that will hurt Russia in the long term.

“I do think it’s important to keep perspective. Russia doesn’t make anything,” Obama said in the interview.

“Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. The population is shrinking,” he said.

Obama has managed to compress a pretty startling amount of factual inaccuracy into just 3 short sentences. Let’s take his claims in order.

1) “Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity” 

One of the first things that anyone notices when they are in Moscow is the enormous number of immigrants from Central Asia. Probably the single most noteworthy and inescapable feature of modern Russian life is the prevalence of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who have already rushed to Moscow “in search of opportunity.” It’s impossible to miss them.

If for some reason you distrust the official statistics that demonstrate the huge numbers of immigrants moving to Russia, maybe you’d be willing to listen to liberal darling Alexey Navalny. Navalny, you see, is actively agitating on behalf of aggressive anti-immigration policies, recently writing yet another blog post bemoaning the massive numbers of Muslim “guest workers.”  Navalny’s (popular) campaign only makes sense if there are large numbers of immigrants. Indeed a media outlet fully funded by Barack Obama’s very own government recently produced an interesting video showing how Eid Al-Fitr was celebrated in Moscow by the throngs of immigrants that are (you guessed it) there “in search of opportunity.”

Russia is widely acknowledged to be the world’s second most popular destination for immigrants after the United States, and several of the most consequential political disagreements in Russian society revolve around the question of how to deal with immigration. Anyone who thinks that Russia isn’t dealing with a significant debate over immigration simply doesn’t know anything about the country.

2) “The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old”
The life expectancy of the Russian male isn’t a subject of conjuncture or obscure philosophical inquiry, it is a number that is very easily found on the public-facing website of the Russian state statistics service. In 2013, the average male life expectancy in Russia was a little bit above 65 (technically it was 65.14). When Obama says that life expectancy is “around 60″ he’s off by about 8%. With a similar margin of error we could say that Barack Obama is the 41st president of the United States, that he won 47% of the vote in the 2012 presidential election, and that he was born in 1957. 8% is a margin of error that people rarely feel confident using, because it very quickly makes you sound rather ill-informed and ignorant.

It is still possible, of course, to argue that Russian male life expectancy is low. In comparison to other countries in the region it is rather low. But there’s a difference between 65 and 60. One is factually accurate and one isn’t. For some reason Obama chose to go with the inaccurate one, and it’s worth pointing out as much.

3) “The population is shrinking”
Obama’s statement is a perfect example of why I so frequently write about a topic as seemingly obscure and boring as Russian demography: people from the US political elite almost always make huge mistakes when talking about it. Russia’s population is not shrinking, it is growing. The Russian population isn’t just growing in 2014, it also grew in 2013. And 2012. And 2011. And 2010. And 2009. Unless you get into a Bill Clinton-like debate over the meaning of the word “is,” it’s impossible to argue that Russia’s population is shrinking. It was shrinking in the past and it is likely to shrink in the future, but it is not shrinking at the present moment. Not a very complicated concept.

I’m fully aware, of course, that Russian demography is not the most important issue in the world. Countries will not rise and fall because Barack Obama used out of date information on Russian life expectancy. But it really does not say anything good about Obama’s team that ..........

Saturday, August 30, 2014

There's at least one senator in the US who's not blind and deaf when it comes to Syria .....

and his name is Richard Black, a senator from Virginia. He knows about the plight of Christians and the other minorities in the Middle East,  the same minorities that warmonger John McCain and his transgender wannabe sidekick want eradicated from Syria along with Assad their protector.

How the BBC expunges the failures and the suffering going on in Libya ....

that total and utter failure there is primarily because the satanic forces in NATO want to break up break up countries whose leaders are considered not to be bending to the will of the satanic ones. Why only Libya, BBC also expunges all the suffering and the utter horror going on in Syria.  We all know that the UK was instrumental in training anti-Gadhafi elements just as we all know that the USA and her allies are responsible for the wahhabi terrorist army now rampaging in the Middle East.

BBC Expunges Libya’s Suffering.
On 27 August 2014, Tarek Mitri, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, delivered a farewell address to the Security Council. Mitri began his remarks with ‘[c]onservative figures for those displaced … estimated at over 100,000, with at least another 150,000, including many migrant workers, [who] have sought refuge abroad and fled the country’. That’s the per capita equivalent of 2.5 million Britons driven from their homes by violence.

‘There is a general deterioration of living conditions. Food, fuel, water and electricity are in short supply. The departure of foreign medical staff and shortages in medical supplies has rendered the plight of civilians more critical’, Mitri continued. ‘The damage inflicted on public installations in Tripoli’s southern and western sections – including the airport, the main oil depot, roads and bridges – is nothing less than tragic’.......

.....Britain has a pivotal role in Libya’s suffering, having secretly trained and armed anti-Gaddafi elements as early as October 2010 in preparation for the dictator’s overthrow. Until 2010, Gaddafi was an ally, but his refusal to implement ‘reforms’ in—i.e., privatisation of—the energy sector meant that his days were numbered. Islamic terrorist groups featured in, but were not the focus of, Mitri’s address. The much bigger critique was the collapse of the State, resulting from NATO’s 2011 illegal, ‘humanitarian’ bombing.

The BBC’s report, however, is centred around the Islamic groups, as if they are the sole cause and origin of the current crisis. The BBC’s article, ‘UN to impose sanctions on Libyan militia leaders’, makes absolutely no mention of the 250,000 displaced persons, the ‘general deterioration of living conditions’, or the ‘critical … plight of civilians’ noted by Mitri. See, instead how the BBC reports Mitri’s address:
‘Recent clashes have centred on the international airport in the capital, Tripoli, which is now under the control of militias from Misrata and other cities operating under the banner Libya Dawn, including some Islamist groups.
They took it from the hands of a Zintan-based militia, despite alleged air strikes carried out by Egypt and the UAE targeting the Islamist-linked group’

Notice in the BBC’s rendering the absence of humanitarian context, the omission of State crimes, and any mention of the refusal of both militias and government to adopt ceasefire proposals.

Prior to and during ‘Operation Unified Protector’, the BBC championed NATO’s destruction of Libya, in which 50,000 people died, according to figures given by the Western-installed puppet regime (see note 2). That is the per capita equivalent of 500,000 Britons. Thus it is only to be expected that the BBC’s report would expunge Mitri’s rendering of Libya’s new ‘democracy’. Mitri said: ‘Many Libyans continue to be sceptical of the political process in their country and frustrated with their political elites. Low participation in the two recent elections is an indication of such erosion of credibility’. This defies media lies concerning Libyans’ supposed appreciation of NATO..........

America angers China

What is it with the USA flexing her muscles here, there, everywhere? 

Pakistan .... yet another coup happening in this blasted country?

Or ... is it a civil war this time.
The corruption in Pakistan, more so with those in high office, stinks to high heaven.  The guy in power at present is pro-Saudi Arabia.... that says it all.

From BBC:
Pakistan protesters clash  with Islamabad police
Pakistan police have fired tear gas at anti-government protesters marching on the official Islamabad residence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

At least four people, including two policemen, were injured in the clashes.

Demonstrators loyal to opposition politician Imran Khan and cleric Tahrul Qadri have been taking part in a sit-in for two weeks.

They want the current government to resign, alleging corruption and electoral fraud.
On Friday Pakistan's powerful army chief, Gen Raheel Sharif, stepped in to mediate amid an ongoing deadlock.
Imran Khan ended talks with the government last week.
A government minister said that repeated attempts to resolve the two-week long standoff with protesters had failed............

Russia's Prez spends more than 2 hours taking gruelling questions from students

Would any one of our Western leaders sit with our youngsters even for 30 minutes?  I thought I would listen for just a few minutes but wound up listening to the entire thing.  The Western press has demonized the Russian leader but many people are waking up to the extent of the propaganda that is more prevalent on our own side rather than from the Russian side.  

The mystery of M14, M16 rifles and military Humvees disappearing from US police agencies

Oh where oh where could  those rifles have gone?
Oh where oh where could they be?
Oh where oh where are those gleaming humvees?
Oh where oh where could they be?

Watch how within a few days the powers-that-be will say that the missing items was just a matter of an "audit error"  ..... wanna bet?

Annabelle Bamforth writing at BenSwann:
Police Departments Losing Humvees And Military Weapons   
A Fusion investigation of the Pentagon’s “1033 Program” has uncovered a disturbing pattern of misplaced military-issued weaponry within local and state police agencies.

Program 1033 is formerly known as Program 1208; when Congress enacted the National Defense Authorization Act in 1990, section 1208 authorized the Secretary of Defense to transfer “to Federal and State agencies personal property of the Department of Defense, including small arms and ammunition”. In 1996, Section 1208 was replaced by Section 1033.

A Pentagon spokeswoman told Fusion that “Congress’ intent with the program is to enhance public safety and improve homeland security by leveraging taxpayer investments in defense technology and equipment.”

Fusion’s investigation discovered that 184 state and local police agencies have been suspended from Program 1033 because the agencies have lost track of the weapons they were given. The media outlet found that there is an outstanding pattern of missing M14 and M16 rifles throughout the United States. Missing pistols, shotguns and Humvees were also noted.

States including Mississippi, California, Georgia, Arizona and Arkansas have been found to be missing various weapons allocated by the program.

The Pentagon clarified that no police agencies were suspended from Program 1033 because of their usage of the weapons.

Equipment transferred from the military to state and local police departments is overseen by a state agency- the department of public safety, for example. A state coordinator, appointed by a governor, is responsible for watching over equipment inventory and ensuring cooperation with federal guidelines.

According to Fusion, “The decentralized structure of the program makes it difficult — even for the Pentagon — to keep tabs on the standing of participating police departments, or the weapons they’ve been issued. Officials at the Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which runs the equipment-transfer program, were unable to provide specifics about why various police departments were suspended. And many state coordinators refused to speak to Fusion, or claimed they didn’t have the information requested.”

Willingness to speak about the suspensions varied between different police departments and state coordinators. The state coordinator in California claimed he was “not authorized” to speak about the agency. .....

Friday, August 29, 2014

How many "Europeans" in the ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz wahhabi terrorist army?

So .... looking at the chart below, can we say that Europe has invaded Syria and Iraq and might invade Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Israel ?  That's the new doublespeak with reference to Russia isn't it, so why can't we apply it to the case in the Middle East too, eh?

From The Economist:
Why and how Westerners go to fight in Syria and Iraq  

THE two young men in the bus from Antakya, in south-eastern Turkey, to Reyhanli, nearer the border with Syria, sported long beards, calf-length trousers and toted small drawstring bags with their minimal belongings. They spoke in broken Arabic to the bus driver (local Turks usually have a smattering of the language) but to each other in a regional British accent. They were just two out of hundreds of Muslims from Europe, setting off to Syria to join the battle. That was two years ago. Since then, several thousand may have signed up—and the rate may be increasing. What do they do when they get there? And what might they do when they go home?

The effect of the swelling influx is apparent as the Islamic State (IS), a brutal extremist group in Syria and Iraq that has attracted most foreign fighters, stakes a claim to a swathe of territory that is the size of Jordan and embraces a similar population—6m or so. Boastful combatants post well-scripted videos to attract their foreign peers, promising heaven for those who leave their lives of Western decadence to become “martyrs”. They tweet “selfies” holding the severed heads of their enemies after photos of the luxuries, such as Red Bull, an energy drink, that are available to the fighters. And they issue threats to the West while using emoticons—smiling faces, for instance, formed by punctuation marks—and internet acronyms such as LOL.......

NATO not able to counter any form of Russian adventurism ... says ex-deputy supreme commander of NATO

This is a great news for armaments making entities. They probably wanted this very result.  Watch how the EU countries and other members of NATO rush to place orders for new WMD.  

Actually, I find this very odd.  How would it be possible that NATO which includes the USA's military might, be helpless in defending Western Europe?  Does he mean NATO without the USA? Strange!   IMO, this is a calculated statement to get all NATO members to put in their equal share and not have to rely only on the USA, France, Germany, UK, Canada and Australia. Trust the Brits to be subtle to the core.  No wonder the Muslims have taken over their country because they never tell you openly and clearly what it is they are saying or want from you. 

From ITV:
Nato 'unable to defend western Europe against Russia'  

Western Europe would not be able to defend itself against Russian intervention because of the progressive dismantling of military capability, one of Britain's most senior generals has warned.

In a wide-ranging interview with BBC's Newsnight, General Sir Richard Shirreff called on Nato to rearm if it was serious about defending itself in the future.

Asked about the crisis in Ukraine, he said: "The reality is that Nato would be very hard pressed and they would find it very difficult to put into the field, at sea or into the air the means required, particularly on land I would assess, to counter any form of Russian adventurism."

Currently just four out of the 28 Nato members spend more than the minimum target of 2% of GDP on defence.

Wanna look at radical butts

Pic is from 2004 and these guys are polluting the air near Finsbury Park, London

Muslims just don't understand how ridiculous and ugly their butts look when they pray to their whatever.  How can we not say something when we see this going on?  If you remain silent it would turn your bile  at seeing such sights into erosive cancer causing elements.
Can't these people refrain from showing their butts like this in public.  And, mind you, these are the same fucks who take offence when they see scantily clad women but to show their vulgar looking behinds all ready and willing for penetration is fine?

From Yahoo:
Farts aplenty 

Oh man .... the hypocrisy of Obama and the USA !

When the President of the United States of America says this:

....The Economist: You tried to reset with Russia.    Angela Merkel spent the whole time telephoning Vladimir Putin. To what extent do you feel let down almost personally by what’s happened?

Mr Obama: I don’t feel let down. We had a very productive relationship with President Medvedev. We got a lot of things done that we needed to get done. Russia I think has always had a Janus-like quality, both looking east and west, and I think President Putin represents a deep strain in Russia that is probably harmful to Russia over the long term, but in the short term can be politically popular at home and very troublesome abroad.
But I do think it’s important to keep perspective. Russia doesn’t make anything. Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. The population is shrinking. And so we have to respond with resolve in what are effectively regional challenges that Russia presents. We have to make sure that they don’t escalate where suddenly nuclear weapons are back in the discussion of foreign policy. And as long as we do that, then I think history is on our side.

it's perfectly alright.
However, when the President of Russia says the below, everybody and their uncle go batshit crazy:  
It's good that Putin is reminding people that Russia has nuclear capabilities in the hope that it will dither NATO from an all-out war against Russia which would undoubtedly endanger the entire planet.

From TheTelegraphUK:
Vladimir Putin: Don't mess with nuclear-armed Russia  
Russia's president, speaking at a pro-Kremlin youth camp at a lake near Moscow, said "it's best not to mess with us," adding "I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers"

Vladimir Putin raised the spectre of nuclear war with the West on Friday as he defied international condemnation over his decision to send thousands of Russian troops and heavy armour into Ukraine.
Accused by Europe and Nato of launching a full-scale invasion of eastern Ukraine, the Russian leader boasted to a group of Russian youngsters that "It's best not to mess with us."
In language not seen since the height of the Cold War, he told his audience: "Thank God, I think no one is thinking of unleashing a large-scale conflict with Russia. I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers."
Mr Putin's comments, made during a visit to a pro-Kremlin youth camp on the banks of a lake outside Moscow, will horrify Western governments as they try to bring Russia into check. Even during the height of Cold War hostilities, few Kremlin leaders ever resorted to the direct mentions of Russia's nuclear arsenal..........

It's time the world stopped employing double standards

Ilan Pappé is an Israeli historian at the University of Exeter, UK, and below some extracts from his insightful article.

From PlymouthInstituteForPeace:
The Historical Perspective of the 2014 Gaza Massacre  

.....The pretext determined the timing – but the viciousness of the assault was the outcome of Israel’s inability to formulate a clear policy towards the Strip it created in 1948. The only clear feature of that policy is the deep conviction that wiping out the Hamas from the Gaza Strip would domicile the Ghetto there.

Since 1994, even before the rise of Hamas to power in the Gaza Strip, the very particular geopolitical location of the Strip made it clear that any collective punitive action, such as the one inflicted now, could only be an operation of massive killings and destruction. In other words: an incremental genocide.

This recognition never inhibited the generals who give the orders to bomb the people from the air, the sea and the ground. Downsizing the number of Palestinians all over historic Palestine is still the Zionist vision; an ideal that requires the dehumanisation of the Palestinians. In Gaza, this attitude and vision takes its most inhuman form.

The particular timing of this wave is determined, as in the past, by additional considerations. The domestic social unrest of 2011 is still simmering and for a while there was a public demand to cut military expenditures and move money from the inflated ‘defence’ budget to social services. The army branded this possibility as suicidal. There is nothing like a military operation to stifle any voices calling on the government to cut its military expenses.

Typical hallmarks of the previous stages in this incremental genocide reappear in this wave as well. As in the first operation against Gaza, ‘First Rains’ in 2006, and those which followed in 2009, ‘Cast Lead’, and 2012, ‘Pillar of Smoke’, one can witness again consensual Israeli Jewish support for the massacre of civilians in the Gaza Strip, without one significant voice of dissent. The Academia, as always, becomes part of the machinery. Various universities offered the state its student bodies to help and battle for the Israeli narrative in the cyberspace and alternative media.

The Israeli media, as well, toed loyally the government’s line, showing no pictures of the human catastrophe Israel has wreaked and informing its public that this time, ‘the world understands us and is behind us’. That statement is valid to a point as the political elites in the West continue to provide the old immunity to the Jewish state. The recent appeal by Western governments to the prosecutor in the international court of Justice in The Hague not to look into Israel’s crimes in Gaza is a case in point. Wide sections of the Western media followed suit and justified by and large Israel’s actions.

This distorted coverage is also fed by a sense among Western journalist that what happens in Gaza pales in comparison to the atrocities in Iraq and Syria. Comparisons like this are usually provided without a wider historical perspective. A longer view on the history of the Palestinians would be a much more appropriate way to evaluate their suffering vis-à-vis the carnage elsewhere..........

.......A world that would stop employing double standards in its dealings with Israel is a world that could be far more effective in its response to war crimes elsewhere in the world............

The War of Maps by the unruly school boys and school girls of NATO

These crazies are the ones who are going to bring our world to an end.  Forget about global warming, the environment, comets hitting us, earthquake disasters, plagues and everything else. It's NATO's unruly children which will bring about the end of the world with the upcoming world war they are cooking up to poison us all.

Not that I didn't find it funny, I did.  But, their actions on Twitter proves to me that their actions in important matters to do with life on Earth will be something akin to a competition and tit-for-tat and that means these people have disastrously dangerous mindsets.

Natalie Andrews writing at WallStreetJournal:
Russia Twitter-Fights Canada  in Ukraine Map Dispute

When all other avenues seem to be exhausted, maybe Twitter is the place for international diplomacy — and conflict — to play out. Canada and Russia are taking the border dispute over Ukraine to the 140-character platform.

On Wednesday, as Kiev was accusing Russia of sending troops across Ukraine’s border, the Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO’s Twitter account posted a map showing Russia and labeling Ukraine as “not Russia.”

The tweet was accompanied with the text, “Geography can be tough. Here’s a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost & ‘accidentally’ entering #Ukraine.”

The map quickly spread on social media — with even the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Powers reposting it. 

Not to be outdone, Russia’s NATO account followed up Thursday, saying they were also trying to help educate Canada about “contemporary geography.”

Russia’s map marks the disputed Crimean peninsula as part of Russia. It also highlights the disputed areas of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which were split off from Georgia in 2008.

Britainistan raises threat level to "severe"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !   Yup.  Scare the population after importing millions of jihadis to live amongst them. Get them to think that the government is the good guy looking after their security and their well-being.  Yup ... nice going Mr. Cameron, the warmongering barker!

From BBC:
UK threat level raised   to 'severe' after Iraq and Syria conflicts  
The UK's terror threat level is being raised from "substantial" to "severe" in response to conflicts in Iraq and Syria, Home Secretary Theresa May says.

The new alert level means an attack on the UK is "highly likely", although Mrs May said there was no intelligence to suggest an attack was "imminent".
It is the second highest of five possible UK threat levels.

PM David Cameron said at least 500 people had travelled from the UK "to fight in Syria and potentially Iraq".
The UK's terror threat level is being raised from "substantial" to "severe" in response to conflicts in Iraq and Syria, Home Secretary Theresa May says.
The new alert level means an attack on the UK is "highly likely", although Mrs May said there was no intelligence to suggest an attack was "imminent".
It is the second highest of five possible UK threat levels.

PM David Cameron said at least 500 people had travelled from the UK "to fight in Syria and potentially Iraq"...........

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Movie: Dead Man's Folly

Another classic from the Queen of Mystery writers. Very enjoyable.
Remember YouTube is sadistic and removes good movies in the shortest possible time.  Watch it sooner than later.