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582 First Nations in Canada?

This number is news to me.  I am floored.  So many First Nations and First Nations communities in Canada? What does it all mean?  
Love the names ... tried pronouncing a few of the tongue twisters,  failed miserably.

As far as the "transparency law" goes, that's a good thing.  It's a known fact that many of those at the top in First Nations are siphoning the Govt. funds, meant for their communities, into their own private pockets. 

Susana Mas writing at CBC:
52 First Nations risk losing funding  for not complying with transparency law.
Kashechewan First Nation given more time to comply; sanctions will not target 'essential' services....

....Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt said in a statement that 529 out of 582 First Nations — over 90 per cent — have met the new requirements, appearing to leave 53 that are not in compliance.....

.......In a letter obtained by CBC News and sent by Aboriginal Affairs, the government said it would consider cutting funding to essential services beginning Dec. 12. 
But in his statement today, the minister said the government would only consider cutting new or existing funding to "non-essential" programs.
"I have directed that the sanctions not target essential services that support band members," Valcourt said in a written statement Thursday afternoon.......

The 52 First Nations on the government's revised list are:

Algonquins of Barriere Lake

Wahta Mohawks
Weenusk First Nation
Wabauskang First Nation
Ginoogaming First Nation
Gull Bay First Nation
Whitesand First Nation
Bearskin Lake First Nation
Fort Severn First Nation
Chapleau Ojibway First Nation
Kashechewan First Nation

Hollow Water Band
Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation Government
Little Saskatchewan Band
Norway House Cree Nation
Ebb And Flow Band
Dakota Tipi Band
Wasagamack First Nation
Bunibonibee Cree Nation
York Factory First Nation
Fox Lake Band
Shamattawa First Nation
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
Northlands Band
Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation
Lake St Martin

Onion Lake Cree Nation
Poundmaker Band
Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation
Cowessess Band
Ochapowace Band
Fishing Lake First Nation Band
Ministikwan Lake Cree Nation
English River First Nation Band

Sawridge Band
Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation
Cold Lake First Nations Band

British Columbia
Skatin Nations
New Westminster Indian Band
Semiahmoo Indian Band
Chawathil Indian Band
Popkum Indian Band
Peters Indian Band
Takla Lake First Nation
Gitxaala Nation
Oregon Jack Creek Indian Band
Boston Bar First Nation
High Bar Indian Band
Tl'etinqox Government

Liard First Nation

Northwest Territories
Acho Dene Koe First Nation...........

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Discussion on some issues of recent days

Breaking the Set talks about Ferguson, Israel, Iran and Black Friday shopping.

Russia Invades Afghanistan

How's that for a title, eh?

Tom Engelhardt writing at TomDispatch:
Russians Invade Afghanistan (Again!),  Chinese Fight Iraq War (Again!) 
What If It Weren’t Us?

Let’s play a game, the kind that makes no sense on this single-superpower planet of ours. For a moment, do your best to suspend disbelief and imagine that there’s another superpower, great power, or even regional power somewhere that, between 2001 and 2003, launched two major wars in the Greater Middle East. We’re talking about full-scale invasions, long-term occupations, and nation-building programs, first in Afghanistan and then in Iraq.

In both countries, that power quickly succeeded in its stated objective of “regime change,” only to find itself mired in deadly conflicts with modestly armed minority insurgencies that it simply couldn’t win. In each country, to the tune of billions and billions of dollars, it built up a humongous army and allied “security” forces, poured money into “reconstruction” projects (most of which proved disasters of corruption and incompetence), and spent trillions of dollars of national treasure.

Having imagined that, ask yourself: How well did all of that turn out for this other power?  In Afghanistan, a recent news story highlights something of what was accomplished.  Though that country took slot 175 out of 177 on Transparency International’s 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index, though its security forces continue to suffer grievous casualties, and though parts of the country are falling to a strengthening Taliban insurgency, it has for some years proudly held a firm grip on one record: Afghanistan is the leading narco-state on planet Earth.

In 2013, it upped its opium poppy cultivation by 36%, its opium production by almost 50%, and drug profits soared. Preliminary figures for this year, recently released by the U.N., indicate that opium cultivation has risen by another 7% and opium production by 17%, both to historic highs, as Afghanistan itself has become “one of the world’s most addicted societies.”

Meanwhile, where there once was Iraq (171st on that index of kleptocracies), there is now a Shiite government in Baghdad defended by a collapsed army and sectarian militias, a de facto Kurdish state to the north, and, in the third of the country in-between, a newly proclaimed “caliphate” run by a terror movement so brutal it’s establishing records for pure bloodiness.  It’s headed by men whose West Point was a military prison run by that same great power and its bloodthirstiness is funded in part by captured oil fields and refineries.

In other words, after 13 years of doing its damnedest, on one side ......

Mount Aso volcano eruption disrupts flights

From StraitsTimes:
Flights in Japan were cancelled or diverted  on Thursday to avoid a cloud of ash and smoke spewing from an erupting volcano in the south.

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways warned passengers of "a number of cancellations and changed destinations" on routes involving Kumamoto airport because of the 800-metre column of debris from Mount Aso......

Saudi Arabia is the evil incubator that raised Wahhabism which in turn has given the world AlQaeda/ISIS/ISIL/IS

Good informative read by Karen Armstrong at the NewStatesman lays the blame at the door of the nation where our heavily bribed and compromised politicians, each with their own special agenda where Saudi Arabia is concerned, will never ever do.  

Wahhabism to ISIS: how Saudi Arabia exported the main source of global terrorism
Although IS is certainly an Islamic movement, it is neither typical nor mired in the distant past, because its roots are in Wahhabism, a form of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia that developed only in the 18th century.

As the so-called Islamic State demolishes nation states set up by the Europeans almost a century ago, IS’s obscene savagery seems to epitomise the violence that many believe to be inherent in religion in general and Islam in particular. It also suggests that the neoconservative ideology that inspired the Iraq war was delusory, since it assumed that the liberal nation state was an inevitable outcome of modernity and that, once Saddam’s dictatorship had gone, Iraq could not fail to become a western-style democracy. Instead, IS, which was born in the Iraq war and is intent on restoring the premodern autocracy of the caliphate, seems to be reverting to barbarism. On 16 November, the militants released a video showing that they had beheaded a fifth western hostage, the American aid worker Peter Kassig, as well as several captured Syrian soldiers. Some will see the group’s ferocious irredentism as proof of Islam’s chronic inability to embrace modern values.

Yet although IS is certainly an Islamic movement, it is neither typical nor mired in the distant past, because its roots are in Wahhabism, a form of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia that developed only in the 18th century. In July 2013, the European Parliament identified Wahhabism as the main source of global terrorism, and yet the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, condemning IS in the strongest terms, has insisted that “the ideas of extremism, radicalism and terrorism do not belong to Islam in any way”. Other members of the Saudi ruling class, however, look more kindly on the movement, applauding its staunch opposition to Shiaism and for its Salafi piety, its adherence to the original practices of Islam. This inconsistency is a salutary reminder of the impossibility of making accurate generalisations about any religious tradition. In its short history, Wahhabism has developed at least two distinct forms, each of which has a wholly different take on violence.

During the 18th century, revivalist movements sprang up in many parts of the Islamic world as the Muslim imperial powers began to lose control of peripheral territories. In the west at this time, we were beginning to separate church from state, but this secular ideal was a radical innovation: as revolutionary as the commercial economy that Europe was concurrently devising. No other culture regarded religion as a purely private activity, separate from such worldly pursuits as politics, so for Muslims the political fragmentation of their society was also a religious problem. Because the Quran had given them a sacred mission – to build a just economy in which everybody was treated with equity and respect – the political well-being of the umma (“community”) was always a matter of sacred import. If the poor were oppressed, the vulnerable exploited or state institutions corrupt, Muslims were obliged to make every effort to put society back on track.........

Spot the difference contest sponsored by Real Madrid

Fuck you Real Madrid!  Hope the money you make from the Arabs will buy better coffins for you and your dear ones.

From TelegraphUK:
Real Madrid lose Christian cross from club crest to appease Abu Dhabi bank  
Real Madrid remove Christian cross from logo to appease Muslim sensibilities and seal lucrative 'strategic alliance' with Abu Dhabi bank....

Real Madrid have removed the cross from their club crest as part of a lucrative three-year deal with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi.
It is believed the European champions' new crest, minus the Christian cross, was created so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities in the United Arab Emirates, where a marketing drive will take place.
Club president Florentino Perez labelled the deal as a "strategic alliance with one of the most prestigious institutions in the world".
But the redesigning of the famous club badge shows, according to Spanish sports paper Marca, how far top clubs are willing to go, including sacrificing part of their famous identity, to generate new revenue streams.....

Nice rant on the Ferguson madness ....

I found at ZeroHedge.  
Below, a few extracts I especially enjoyed. HAHAHAHHAHAAH
Go read the whole thing.

Hope@ZeroKelvin writing at TheBurningPlatform:
What I Learned from Ferguson ...

1. Several generations of liberal progressive policies RE the black community have created a critical mass of impoverished, illiterate and perpetually aggrieved black folks that can be ginned up and pointed at the enemies of the Regime – or just let loose to wreak havoc/chaos on anybody unlucky enough to be in their way. Please note that Ferguson and all the other big protests last night were in BLUE cities/counties.....

......4. There are good people of all races/creeds/colors/whatever that want to just live and let live. Seek out those people, give them a voice, cherish them. Or, as we say in the prepper community – prep, train and form teams.

5. Now that the economic heart of the Ferguson community has been burned to the ground, we will likely see yet another self serving black politician like Maxine Waters (Watts riots) come to power promising all kinds of rainbow pooping unicorn lollipop goodies while Ferguson morphs into Detroit.....

......Here’s a thought: When black people riot they burn down their own neighborhoods. When white people riot, they burn down entire continents........

....8. Events in Ferguson are a great cover to avoid talking about the holocaust that has consumed so many black lives, a holocaust of crime, illegitimacy, poverty and dysfunction that can be laid solely and completely at the feet of those supporters of The Great Society. Racism? You bet. The soft racism of diminished expectations, no demands for accountability and lack of personal responsibility for a person solely based on the color of their skin. .......

.......10. Embrace the Doom. The (FU) USA is a powder keg into which the Obama Admin and the libtard proglodytes are throwing as many sparks as possible. Toss in a pinch of radical Islam and it’s gonna be Epic. In their hubris and their insanity, they truly believe they can burn it all down and build something better. They cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be bargained with and they will not stop until the advocates of Western Civilization are all metaphorically and literally dead.....

Step by step the Rome of our times is losing its might

The bigger you are, the harder the fall and we know the fall is past due. There comes a time when even those you consider to be in the fold of the family, are no longer able to stomach the bullying and blackmail in return for the bribes you shower on them for their fake smiles and hugs.

Although, I like Google a lot, I can also see the multiple dangers of letting USA mammoths roam freely all over the earth and wage a monopoly on smaller businesses in countries other than the US. On this issue, the EU, amazingly for once, is doing the right thing.

Christopher Williams writing at TelegraphUK:
The European Parliament
approved a controversial motion in support of a break-up off Google over fears of its growing power on Thursday.
Europe's elected body has no direct power to intervene and the motion is viewed as mostly symbolic. MEPs' vote 384 to 174 in favour will, however, put pressure on the European Commission to act against Google.
The executive arm of the EU acts as the competition regulator and enforcer for the bloc and has been investigating alleged monopoly abuse by Google for several years.
Google has a roughly 90pc share of the general web search market in Europe and is accused by rivals of using that dominance to supress competition in related digital markets such as price comparison.
The "unbundling" proposed by the motion would formally split Google's main search engine from its other services, potentially including the Android smartphone operating system, which is also increasingly dominant.........

.......American politicians have leapt to the company's defence. A bipartisan letter from senior Senate and House of representatives figures emerged on Monday warning against the motion.
It said: "This and similar proposals build walls rather than bridges [and] do not appear to give full consideration to the negative effect such policies may have on the broader US-EU trade relationship."....

World War 3 news and updates .... November 27 .... Focus on Afghanistan

Obama and his mad administration in all their lunatic glory, have decided to continue keeping combat forces in Afghanistan and have strong-armed other NATO nations to do likewise.  In fact, the USA and others are increasing the combat forces in that country. 
IMO, the second phase, a very, very bloody phase of the Afghanistan war has now started and this plunges another dagger into the Rome of our times. 
The USA is suicidal  ...  even more so than the jihadi suicide bombers!

From DemocracyNow 
After Vowing to End Combat Mission in Afghanistan, Obama Secretly Extends America’s Longest War
President Obama has secretly extended the U.S. role in Afghanistan despite earlier promises to wind down America’s longest war. According to the New York Times, Obama has signed a classified order that ensures U.S. troops will have a direct role in fighting. In addition, the order reportedly enables American jets, bombers and drones to bolster Afghan troops on combat missions. And, under certain circumstances, it would apparently authorize U.S. air-strikes to support Afghan military operations throughout the country. 

The decision contradicts Obama’s earlier announcement that the U.S. military would have no combat role in Afghanistan next year. Afghanistan’s new president Ashraf Ghani has also backed an expanded U.S. military role. Ghani, who took office in September, has also reportedly lifted limits on U.S. airstrikes and joint raids that his predecessor Hamid Karzai had put in place. We go to Kabul to speak with Dr. Hakim, a peace activist and physician who has provided humanitarian relief in Afghanistan for the last decade. We are also joined by Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, who has just returned from Afghanistan.

From MaktoobNews:
Suicide blast at Afghan volleyball game kills 50: official
Around 50 people were killed and 60 others injured when a suicide blast ripped through crowds gathered to watch a volleyball game in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, officials said.
"The suicide attacker was on a motorcycle, he detonated himself in the middle of a volleyball match," Attaullah Fazli, deputy governor of Paktika province, told AFP
"A lot of people including some provincial officials and the police chief were there. About 50 people have been killed, and 60 injured, a lot of them seriously.".......

From VICEnews dated November 27
Kabul Suicide Attack on UK Embassy Vehicle Kills Five
A suicide attack on a UK embassy vehicle in Kabul killed at least five people, including one British citizen, and wounded more than 30 others on Thursday, the UK Foreign Office said.

An assailant detonated what was initially reported to be a motorbike, but now believed to be a car, filled with explosives by the British vehicle in the Afghan capital. The subsequent blast destroyed at least four other vehicles and was heard across the city, eye witnesses told Sky News.

Five were killed in the incident and as many as 34 injured, according to the Afghan Health Ministry. A British Foreign Office spokesman told VICE News that the dead included one British national who was a civilian security team member and an Afghan national working for the embassy. A second security team member was injured.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Something rotten going on in USA Swimming

Are parents putting their trust in coaches and teachers that can do no wrong and thus ignoring the tell-tales signs of their children's abuse by some of these ghouls? 

Rachel Sturtz writing at OutsideOnline:
At thirteen, Anna Strzempko was nine years into her amateur career when she reached the finals of the 2008 YMCA Long Course National Championship, swimming for the Greater Holyoke YMCA Vikings in western Massachusetts. Over the past five years, only one other female Viking had made it to the individual finals at nationals, and this was a turning point, that quiet moment when Strzempko’s potential went from competitor to contender. The curly-haired middle-distance freestyler was the baby of the swim team, and in a sport where young promise follows a quick route to glory, she now had her start.

The coach was good at spotting talent, and on an August day in 2008, Strzempko says, he called her into his office and told her she had the potential to compete in the 2012 Olympic Trials, four years away. Like any athlete who has performed under a no-bullshit authority figure, she was thrilled, because nothing the coach said was said lightly.

Toward the end of their discussion, the coach asked the eighth-grader where she was planning to go to high school. After she told him, he informed her that swimming came before education and that she needed to be prepared for this reality. Strzempko said education came first in her family, and this set him off. Strzempko recalls him saying “Not this again” and then slapping her face. Next, she says, he ordered her into a storage room adjoining his office.

There, according to an account she would give years later to her parents and police, her coach anally and vaginally raped her. Strzempko’s brain couldn’t piece together what was happening. She was unable to cry or scream. Her body bled from two orifices. When the coach was finished, she says, he left her lying faceup on the room’s cement floor.

Lightheaded and unsteady, Strzempko got to her feet and walked through the YMCA to the lobby, where her mother was waiting. Monica Strzempko, a self-described helicopter parent who was then 49, asked her subdued daughter why she wasn’t more excited about the news of her Olympic prospects. Strzempko said she was happy, just shocked.............

Wanna take one of the Rorschach Ink Blot tests?

I don't believe that this stuff can really tell whether you are normal, eccentric or just plain crazy. However, it's fun to see how different people can see different things.  IMO, the more you see in the blots, the more imaginative you are.  What's wrong with that?
Moreover, once you learn how these things work, someone who wants to fool the tester will know the kind of responses to give, just like those spelling tests, etc.

Jihadis in Syria display victims' heads in shop windows to terrorize citizens

From what a woman tells the reporter from ITV, he  presumes that the jihadi army is putting photographs of beheadings in shop windows to terrorize citizens but when the woman tells him "not pictures, heads" you can see the controlled horror in his face.

John Ray writing at ITVNews:
What it's like for a woman under Islamic State in Raqqa The road to Raqqa is the narrow artery upon which the survival of the Syrian regime depends.

Along its route, from Damascus in the south to Aleppo in the north, it is lined with army encampments.
But where the road reaches the borders of the Islamic State, this secure corridor ends.
It takes a brave - or desperate - soul to travel the road beyond.
When you see them at the last government checkpoint, very few want to talk about life in the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State

But today we met one young woman with the courage to speak.
I can’t tell you her name or even tell you her job. She still has family in the town and fears for their safety.

It’s soon clear why.

We can't leave...there's no life. You are dead there.
...I have to dress in black, I cover all my body, all my face.
I can't go anywhere and if there is a man with me they would ask him 'Who are you?'

A driver who has brought a coachload of passengers from Raqqa, again insisting he masks his face before we roll our camera, tells me the town is full of foreign fighters. Many are Europeans...........

CrossTalk discusses the "No" vote by Canada, USA and Ukraine at the UN to combat nazism

Canadian veterans made to wait half a year and more for mental health help

Canadians are supposedly getting the best health care possible, right?  WRONG!
If veterans who should be at the very front of the queue are made to wait for months on end, what do you think is the waiting time for the rest of the citizens?   

Lee Berthiaume writing at OttawaCitizen:
One in five Canadian veterans  suffering from a mental illness and injury is being forced to wait more than eight months before the government approves a request for help, Canada’s auditor general says.

In an explosive report Tuesday, Auditor General Michael Ferguson says bureaucratic red tape and other barriers are preventing hundreds of veterans from getting timely access to the mental health services they need.

“These delays may jeopardize a veteran’s stabilization and/or recovery,” the report says.

The finding appeard to confirm complaints voiced by a number of injured veterans in recent years. It will also turn up the heat on the Conservative government, which has faced a litany of criticism for its treatment of those who have served in uniform.

Ferguson takes specific aim at Veterans Affairs’ disability benefits program, which helps pay for various health services not covered by provincial health plans. These can include specialized psychological care, residential treatment and some medications.

About 15,000 veterans and serving military personnel were eligible to receive mental health support from Veterans Affairs through the program at the end of March. That number is expected to increase as more Afghan vets leave the military for civilian life in the coming years.

Ferguson’s report did find the government “has put in place important health supports for veterans,” including a rehabilitation program that was providing timely support to about 4,600 veterans with mental health conditions who had recently been released from the military.

“However, access to the disability benefits program – the program through which most veterans access mental health services – is slow, and the application process is complex,” the report reads.....

Cartoons: The Ferguson story boils down to ....


How politicians exploit surge in patriotism

Have you noticed how certain bills and rules and regulations that would have us screaming "No" get passed after we have been threatened by "enemies"  and made to think what the powers-that-be are doing is done for us and on our behalf?

Ron Paul writing at InstituteForPeaceAndProsperity:
 Defeat of USA FREEDOM Act is a Victory for Freedom
It will not shock readers to hear that quite often legislation on Capitol Hill is not as advertised. When Congress wants to do something particularly objectionable, they tend give it a fine-sounding name. The PATRIOT Act is perhaps the best-known example. The legislation had been drafted well before 9/11 but was going nowhere. Then the 9/11 attacks gave it a new lease on life. Politicians exploited the surge in patriotism following the attack to reintroduce the bill and call it the PATRIOT Act. To oppose it at that time was, by design, to seem unpatriotic. 

At the time, 62 Democrats voted against the Act. On the Republican side there were only three no votes: former Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), former Rep. Butch Otter (R-ID), and myself. 

The abuses of the Constitution in the PATRIOT Act do not need to be fully recounted here, but Presidents Bush and Obama both claimed authority based on it to gut the Fourth Amendment. The PATRIOT Act ushered in the era of warrantless wiretapping, monitoring of our Internet behavior, watering down of probable cause, and much more. After the revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden, we know how the NSA viewed constitutional restraints on surveillance of American people during the PATRIOT Act period.

After several re-authorizations of the PATRIOT Act, including some cosmetic reforms, Congress last October unveiled the USA FREEDOM Act. This was advertised as the first wholesale PATRIOT Act Reform bill. In fact, the House version was watered down to the point of meaninglessness and the Senate version was not much better. The final straw was the bill’s extension of key elements of the PATRIOT Act until 2017. 

Fortunately, last week the USA FREEDOM Act was blocked from further consideration in the US Senate. The procedural vote was significant and important, but it caused some confusion as well. While some well-meaning pro-privacy groups endorsed the FREEDOM Act as a first step to reform, some anti-liberty neoconservatives opposed the legislation because even its anemic reforms were unacceptable. The truth is, Americans should not accept one more extension of the PATRIOT Act and should not endorse its continued dismemberment of our constitutional liberties. If that means some Senators vote with anti-liberty colleagues to kill the extension, we should still consider it a victory. .......

The world is ruled by psychopaths

Is it any wonder our world is screwed up?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Worst scandal possible brewing in the top echelons of British politics

Top politicians are suspected of not only having been members of a paedophile ring but also having murdered three young boys in the 1970s and 80s. 

Tom Whitehead and David Barrett writing at TelegraphUK:
Westminster paedophile ring allegations: timeline  
Here are the key events in the claims around an alleged VIP paedophile ring in Westminster

November 1983 – Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens sends 40-page dossier to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan detailing alleged child abusers within the British Establishment. It contains the names of Cyril Smith and other senior politicians.
November 1983 – Mr Dickens tells his family “That’s it now. Let it all begin. This is going to blow it all apart.”
March 1984 – Mr Brittan writes to Mr Dickens to say the dossier has been assessed by prosecutors and handed to the police.
May 1995 – Mr Dickens dies with knowledge that no arrests or prosecutions have ever been bought as a result of his dossier.
September 2010 – Rochdale MP Cyril Smith dies having never been charged with any child abuse offences.
September and October 2012 – The Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal breaks fuelling a litany of historical sex abuse allegations.
October 2012 – Labour MP Tom Watson claims during Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons that there is “clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No10”.
November 2012 – Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk uses parliamentary privilege to claim that Cyril Smith was a “29-stone bully” who sexually abused boys. He says new alleged victims have come forward in the wake of the Savile scandal.........

George  Keate London writing at TheAustralian:
British pedophile ring of top politicians  may have killed boy, 15
POLICE investigating an alleged pedophile ring at Westminster have told the family of a missing boy he may be one of the three children claimed to have been murdered by establishment figures.

Martin Allen, the son of the Australian high commissioner’s chauffeur, went missing in 1979, aged 15. His brother, Kevin, 51, has said he was called on Friday by Detective Chief Inspector Diane Tudway of the Metropolitan police, who said she was investigating whether Martin’s disappearance was linked to an alleged VIP ring.

Operation Midland, the investigation into the deaths, was set up this month. Officers said intelligence from Operation Fairbank, which is looking into whether high-profile figures were involved in organised child sex abuse in the 1970s and 80s, suggested that murders had taken place.

A man known as Nick, who said he was abused by MPs and establishment figures, had alleged he saw three boys being murdered by the pedophile network. He said one was deliberately run over, a second was strangled by a Conservative MP and the third was killed in front of a government minister.

The case of Martin Allen’s disappearance was closed in the 80s, but reopened in 2009 and shut again last year. Mr Allen and his brother, Jeffrey, 61, have described how police said in 2009 the files had been destroyed in a flood.

“We had to give evidence over again to the police,” Mr Allen said. “But then later, when the case was still open, the two detectives on it told us that a retired police officer had withdrawn the files and gone to Spain.

“They said they had tried to get a warrant to question the......

From YahooNews:
Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that allegations surrounding historical cases of child abuse linked to Westminster could be merely "the tip of the iceberg" on the issue. She spoke after fresh allegations surrounding the murder of an 8-year-old boy by a paedophile ring, which included politicians, emerged in recent weeks. The ring organized a series of parties attended by two Conservative MPs, according to a man who claims to have been victimized at the gatherings. As many as three boys were killed by the ring's members, he alleges.
In an interview with the BBC, May said there were serious questions still remaining about how "the very institutions of the state that should be protecting children were not doing so"..........

Russia's Foreign Minister makes no bones of what he sees the West as doing

I can't help but admire Sergey Lavrov, the FM of Russia.  He tells it like it is. The West will choose not to see the truth in his statements and will as usual brand Russia as Enemy numero uno while continuing to dive headlong on the suicidal path it has chosen for itself.

Few paras from his speech
Remarks by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the XXII Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy, Moscow, 22 November 2014   

........Naturally, I will start with Ukraine. Long before the country was plunged into the crisis, there was a feeling in the air that Russia’s relations with the EU and with the West were about to reach their moment of truth. It was clear that we could no longer continue to put issues in our relations on the back burner and that a choice had to be made between a genuine partnership or, as the saying goes, “breaking pots.” It goes without saying that Russia opted for the former alternative, while unfortunately our Western partners settled for the latter, whether consciously or not. In fact, they went all out in Ukraine and supported extremists, thereby giving up their own principles of democratic regime change. What came out of it was an attempt to play chicken with Russia, to see who blinks first. As bullies say, they wanted to Russia to “chicken out” (I can’t find a better word for it), to force us to swallow the humiliation of Russians and native speakers of Russian in Ukraine. ......

........Talks about Russia’s isolation do not merit serious discussion. I need hardly dwell on this before this audience. Of course, one can damage our economy, and damage is being done, but only by doing harm to those who are taking corresponding measures and, equally important, destroying the system of international economic relations, the principles on which it is based. Formerly, when sanctions were applied (I worked at the Russian mission to the UN at the time) our Western partners, when discussing the DPRK, Iran or other states, said that it was necessary to formulate the restrictions in such a way as to keep within humanitarian limits and not to cause damage to the social sphere and the economy, and to selectively target only the elite. Today everything is the other way around: Western leaders are publicly declaring that the sanctions should destroy the economy and trigger popular protests. So, as regards the conceptual approach to the use of coercive measures the West unequivocally demonstrates that it does not merely seek to change Russian policy (which in itself is illusory), but it seeks to change the regime -- and practically nobody denies this. 

President Vladimir Putin, speaking with journalists recently, said that today’s Western leaders have a limited planning horizon. Indeed, it is dangerous when decisions on key problems of the development of the world and humankind as a whole are taken on the basis of short electoral cycles: in the United States the cycle is two years and each time one has to think of or do something to win votes. This is the negative side of the democratic process, but we cannot afford to ignore it. We cannot accept the logic when we are told to resign, relax and take it as a given that everyone has to suffer because there are elections in the United States every two years. This is just not right. We will not resign ourselves to this because the stakes are too high in the fight against terror, the threats of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and many bloody conflicts whose negative impact goes far beyond the framework of the corresponding states and regions. The wish to do something to gain unilateral advantages or to endear oneself to the electorate ahead of another election leads to chaos and confusion in international relations. ..........

Read the rest of his remarks and the analysis of the possible implications of his speech at  Vineyard of the Saker blog

Why the ousting of the US Defense Secretary?

What is the Obama madhouse planning now?  Whatever it is, take it for granted that it will be yet another boondoggle.  If the plans are to get rid of the Assad regime in order to please Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey .... do you think the world is going to become safer by so doing or will the world increase its quota of jihadis?  How many Christians are already fleeing Syria and how many more will flee if they can, if jihadis take over the entire country?  How many wealthy Shiites and Sunnis will make their way to the West once the secular regime of Assad is no more? What's good for the three countries there pulling the strings of their puppet America, is not good for any of us in the West,  but we are too short-sighted to see it.

Suicidal America arming Sunni "volunteers" to fight Sunni headchoppers

If this is not pure madness,  tell me what is.  There goes $24 M worth of weaponry to the jihadi army....because you know as well as almost everybody else outside the Obama administration, that's where the weapons will wind up within a few short weeks of distribution to the "volunteer" Sunnis.

From AlArabiya:
While Iraq’s premier ordered on Saturday more air support for security forces and allied tribesmen fighting jihadists, Washington plans to buy arms for Sunni tribal members  in the western province of Anbar including AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar rounds.

The United States planning to arm the Sunni tribesmen in Anbar comes after Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants killed 25 members of the anti-jihadist Albunimr tribe.

The decision is to help bolster the battle against ISIS militants in the Sunni-stronghold province, Reuters reported Saturday citing a Pentagon document being prepared for the Congress.

The plan to spend $24.1 million represents a small fraction of the larger, $1.6 billion spending request to Congress focusing on training and arming Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

But the document underscored the importance the Pentagon places on the Sunni tribesmen to its overall strategy to diminish Islamic State, and cautioned Congress about the consequences of failing to assist them.....

Chuck Hagel turkey

Kenyans testify to atrocities committed by the British

Between 1952 and 1960, the kind of brutality and sick behaviour inflicted on Kenyans by the British soldiers is finally coming to light.  The affected have filed a class action suit.

No quick death from the depraved British forces on their enemies, torture and degradation of the non-white victims is more their thing in the lands they occupied and looted.

Cahal Milmo writing at IndependentUK:
Mau Mau uprising:   Kenyans still waiting for justice join class action over Britain's role in the emergency
Thousands of elderly people claim mistreatment, rape and torture by colonial forces.

Kenya's Mau Mau emergency is still raging more than 50 years since hostilities ceased. The full breadth of the misdeeds inflicted on countless Kenyan men and women suspected of subversive activities against the white settlers and colonial forces still remains the subject of contentious struggle. Thousands of elderly Kenyans, who claim mistreatment, rape and torture by British colonial forces during the Mau Mau uprising, have launched a £200m damages claim against the UK Government.

The High Court action represents the final chance for justice for some 40,000 Kenyans, many of whom are in their seventies and eighties, and will dwarf a case settled last year by 5,000 victims of torture under British rule for £19.9m.........

.......The testimonies, made by claimants who will not be test cases in the proceedings, include:

* A woman, now 76, who details how, as a 14-year-old girl she and her family were brutalised during a raid by colonial police before two white soldiers forced her to have sex with her own father while they looked on.

* A man, now aged 79, who describes how he was placed above a metal drum of burning charcoal, known as the "hat of death", and beaten until he defecated over himself, before then being beaten unconscious with a hammer.

* Another man, now 83, who suffered regular torture including a punishment which involved being made to dig a hole with his index finger by constantly turning his crouched body in a circle, causing dizziness punished by further beatings..........

.........'My father was forced to sleep with me. The two white men were watching'

"Mwara", 74 (not her real name).

Account of a paramilitary raid in 1952 when claimant was aged 14.

"A white officer stabbed me with a bayonet in my knee. He did it to try to force me into the hut. My father was collared into the house and I followed.........

Looters and arsonists in Ferguson aplenty last night

Ferguson, Washington, New York, LA, Chicago ... all saw protests last night after the Michael Brown verdict was announced.  Most protests were peaceful but hooligans in Ferguson thought it fit to loot businesses and commit arson.  That's sending the right message, right?  That's getting the sympathy for their cause from all and sundry, right?
The vid below is of a gathering in LA.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Conrad Black is a perfect example of why I fear historians

How many historians have been lying to us, or at the very least, avoiding telling us the whole truth just like Conrad Black?  You can bet your bottom dollar there have been plenty and their kind will continue distorting the truth at every opportunity.

Don Marks writing at CBC:
Conrad Black's history of Canada:
Arrogant, misinformed and disgraceful
Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada from the Vikings to the present ignores the indigenous contribution

Conrad Black is either so arrogant and ignorant that he considers the opinions of others totally beneath him​,​ or he simply likes to fight so much that he deliberately tries to be as politically incorrect as possible.

He is all of this in his recent book, Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada from the Vikings to the present. 

The title is completely misleading.  This cannot be a history of Canada when it barely includes First Nations.   When it does, Black is mostly negative and dismissive.  

I thought we stopped publishing history books which ignored the contributions of indigenous people.  And texts that called any battle that was won by the Indians a massacre and any won by the whites a great victory.

First Nations are mostly relegated to three of the early pages of Black's 1,000 page tome (other references to native people are minimal; Big Bear is named, Elijah Harper gets a sentence and Phil Fontaine is completely ignored).  

Louis Riel receives more attention but, like the indigenous people who occupy those three pages, it would be better if Black excluded him entirely. His treatment of First Nations is so insulting and condescending and inaccurate, I am surprised there hasn’t been a major uproar.  

Black describes indigenous religion as “superstition”.   He claims their environmental practices consisted of “chasing away all the wildlife” or “fishing out” the lakes and rivers. 

Indigenous women were promiscuous to the extreme and Indians were untrustworthy (according to Black, they were the ones who didn’t honour treaties).  

Black makes broad accusations and sweeping conclusions as if he were there to provide a first​-​hand account, and he is so cocksure of everything that he writes it like fact.

Black concludes that “The Indians were splendid woodsmen and craftsmen but they were a stone age culture that had not discovered the wheel” and “Indian society was not in itself worthy of integral conservation, nor was its dilution a suitable subject for great lamentation​." 

It is conclusions like those that will provide readers with an indication of where this arrogant, ignorant snob is coming from.  

Modern society has discredited Eurocentric historians who dismiss native culture and contributions out of hand.   Yet Black can write like a dinosaur and seemingly get away with it. 

Well, not here.

Connie, it’s not like the native peoples of .......