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On the United Kingdom's divorce from her abusive spouse ... views, news, vids, cartoons,etc

One major lesson people the world over should be taking to heart after the Brexit results is this:

The below was published before the results.
From TheSaker blog .. Source: Nick Griffin  (tells of tricks used by Cameron+gang .. highlights are mine)

The #StolenReferendum. How Cameron & Co have ruthlessly exploited the murder of MP Jo Cox to save their skins and the EU ‘Project’

....This propaganda imbalance on its own is enough to corrupt the contest and to deny a ‘Remain’ win any real democratic legitimacy, but as the campaign got under way and polls began to show that it was not going to be the expected Remain walkover, a second trick was brought into play in the effort to ensure the ‘correct’ result:

This was the decision of the Prime Minister to extend the deadline for voter registration by a whole 48 hours after the suspiciously convenient ‘crash’ of the online registration site, just two hours before the deadline to apply for a vote.

No explanation was given as to why the lost two hours should lead to 48 hours of extra time, but it was seized on by the various taxpayer-funded organisations that were already working to maximise voter registration among the demographic groups regarded as being most likely to vote Remain, particularly ethnic minorities (Operation Black Vote) and students (HopeNotHate). The extra time saw a staggering 430,000 additional applications to vote.

This would be more than enough to swing a close contest and the very fact that it was even thought acceptable speaks volumes for the ‘win at any costs’ mentality of Cameron and Remain....

Great vid

Liam Halligan at Telegraph
Will Britain's EU exit have a domino effect?
So, the “smart money” was wrong. Ahead of last Thursday’s referendum, it really did seem that the Remain camp had it in the bag. As the big day approached, successive opinion polls suggested, ever more decisively, that the UK would opt to stay in the European Union.

 As campaigning reached a climax, on-line prediction markets, showing the weight of money punters had bet on either side, became emphatic, pointing to an 80pc-plus probability we would stay in. With “decided” voters mostly showing Remain just ahead, and most “undecided” also seen as “more likely to stay with what they know”, practically the entire political and media class agreed that, while it might be close, the UK electorate would reject Leave.

Little wonder, then, that by Thursday morning, as voting began, the mighty foreign exchange markets were also skewed heavily in that direction. For the entire week before, the pound had climbed steadily, as uncertainty lessened and, for many, largely evaporated, crystallising into a slam-dunk conventional wisdom that Remain would ultimately prevail.

That is why the result in just a single constituency produced such a violent market reaction. When news came through in the small hours of Friday morning that Sunderland had voted to Leave, sterling fell against the dollar by no less than 3pc, a jaw-dropping reaction to just one among 382 referendum-counting constituencies, and only the third to declare.

Sunderland has been expected to vote to quit the EU by a margin of around 6 percentages points. The gap, in the event, was a massive 22 points. Sunderland, a centre of UK car-making, a beneficiary of foreign direct investment over many years apparently linked to our EU membership, had shown a streak of real defiance. From that moment on, it was clear this referendum could produce a very serious political upset, showing, yet again, the vast majority of pollsters had got their sums horribly wrong.....

From BBC   (the stupidity of the brainwashed young, seen in all its ignorance!)
EU referendum petition signed by more than 1.5m

More than 1.5 million people have signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum, after the vote to leave.

It has more signatures than any other on the parliamentary website and as it has passed 100,000, Parliament will consider it for a debate.

The UK voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48% in Thursday's referendum but the majority of voters in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain.

David Cameron has previously said there would be no second referendum.

On Friday he said he would stand down as prime minister by October following the leave result.....

Peter Spence at Telegraph
Britain’s EU Commissioner Lord Hill quits after Brexit vote - as experts warn City could suffer

Jonathan Hill, Britain’s most senior official in Brussels, has resigned from his position, amid warnings that his departure could mean that City firms will face tougher European regulation.
Lord Hill has been a defender and advocate of the UK’s financial services industry in Brussels, since his appointment as Britain’s European commissioner by David Cameron. His powers have now been handed to the EU official responsible for the euro.
The 55-year-old expressed that he was “disappointed” in the outcome of the June 23 vote, which saw nearly 52pc of voters opt to withdraw from the EU. His resignation had been widely expected, but came much sooner than most had anticipated....

From Guardian
EU governments pile pressure on UK to leave as soon as possible 
Six founding member states demand earliest start to Brexit process, but they cannot compel UK to invoke article 50
EU governments have piled pressure on the UK to leave the union as soon as possible, saying talks on the exit must begin promptly and urging that a new British prime minister is installed quickly.
As Europe scrambled on Saturday to limit the damage from the momentous Brexit vote, however, there seemed little it could immediately do to force Britain to speed up the pace of its departure from the 60-year-old bloc.

Meeting for emergency talks in Berlin, foreign ministers from the EU’s six founding member states demanded the earliest possible start to the Brexit process.

France’s foreign minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, said Britain must trigger article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, the procedure for leaving the EU....

From Telegraph
EU referendum:
Battle to be Brexit Prime Minister heats up as Tory MPs question Boris Johnson's leadership credentials

AND, then of course, you have the Guardian who one of the sullen losers:
Nick Cohen at Guardian  (brings in Rudyard Kipling too, to make a point ... LOL !!!)
There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove 
The Brexit figureheads had no plan besides exploiting populist fears and dismissing experts who rubbished their thinking

Where was the champagne at the Vote Leave headquarters? The happy tears and whoops of joy? If you believed Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, the Brexit vote was a moment of national liberation, a day that Nigel Farage said our grateful children would celebrate with an annual bank holiday.

Johnson and Gove had every reason to celebrate. The referendum campaign showed the only arguments that matter now in England are on the right. With the Labour leadership absent without leave and the Liberal Democrats and Greens struggling to be heard, the debate was between David Cameron and George Osborne, defending the status quo, and the radical right, demanding its destruction. Johnson and Gove won a dizzying victory with the potential to change every aspect of national life, from workers’ rights to environmental protection.

Yet they gazed at the press with coffin-lid faces and wept over the prime minister they had destroyed. David Cameron was “brave and principled”, intoned Johnson. “A great prime minister”, muttered Gove. Like Goneril and Regan competing to offer false compliments to Lear, they covered the leader they had doomed with hypocritical praise. No one whoops at a funeral, especially not mourners who are glad to see the back of the deceased. But I saw something beyond hypocrisy in those frozen faces: the fear of journalists who have been found out.

The media do not damn themselves, so I am speaking out of turn when I say that if you think rule by professional politicians is bad wait until journalist politicians take over. Johnson and Gove are the worst journalist politicians you can imagine: pundits who have prospered by treating public life as a game. Here is how they play it. They grab media attention by blaring out a big, dramatic thought. An institution is failing? Close it. A public figure blunders? Sack him. They move from journalism to politics, but carry on as before. When ...........

The best 2 bits of news come from ZeroHedge. 
1) "UK was the best performing European market following the Brexit outcome"
2)  World's 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion

The Real Brexit "Catastrophe": 
World's 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion
This outcome was just as we expected three days ago for reasons that we penned in "Is Soros Wrong", where we said "in a world in which central banks rush to devalue their currency at any means necessary just to gain a modest competitive advantage in global trade wars, a GBP collapse is precisely what the BOE should want, if it means kickstarting the UK economy."

On Friday, the market started to price it in too, and in the process revealed that the biggest sovereign losers from Brexit will not be the UK but Europe......


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BREXIT ... debates and what the polls say

Oliver Wright at Independent
EU referendum: Polls suggest  Remain pulling back lead after late surge for Leave
YouGov says it has detected a shift in opinion, with more undecided voters backing Remain
The first opinion polls on the EU referendum since the killing of the MP Jo Cox have suggested the ‘Remain’ campaign is pulling back into the lead.

There has been widespread speculation that the Labour MP's death could result in a shift in public opinion against the Leave campaign.

On Saturday, an exclusive Comres poll for The Independent that was carried out either side of the killing suggested there may have been a swing in support towards the pro-EU camp.

Of the 2,046 interviews carried out in the poll, 200 were done after the news of the attack emerged.....

Two vids below, one from ITV of June 8, has Nigel Farage and David Cameron making their different pitches.
The second vid is from BBC's Question Time where Cameron campaigning for the "Remain" side kept referring to "experts" advising that leaving EU  would  be an economical disaster for Britain, got him nothing but ridicule from the audience, many of whom didn't hesitate to tell him what they thought of "expert advice".

Ann Gripper, Dan Bloom at Mirror
EU referendum 2016 poll tracker: Is Britain heading 
for Brexit and what does the UK think of Europe?
Latest poll results and trends as ICM, YouGov, Ipsos Mori, ORB, ComRes and other pollsters survey voters' intentions to vote Leave or Remain in the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union - but will they get it right?

There are just days left until polls open for the EU referendum on June 23 - and new polls are coming thick and fast.

Leave has gained ground over the closing stages, with increasing numbers of poll results pointing to Brexit, although generally when undecided voters are excluded.

The Europe question has split the Tory party, with key Conservatives Michael Gove and Boris Johnson part of the Leave campaign and David Cameron avoiding going head to head with any of his fellow Blues.

With undecided voters holding the balance of power, the final EU referendum debates could be crucial in helping people make up their minds.

But as MPs declare which way they will vote, for many voters it is the views of non politically motivated commentators like the verdict of Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis which they are looking to for information rather than spin.

Polls suggest the decision over Britain's future inside or outside Europe will go to the wire. The bookies have consistently given Remain a bigger lead in the betting than they have in the polls, but Leave is now shortening in the EU referendum betting odds....

Paul Mason at Guardian
Brexit is a fake revolt – working-class culture is being hijacked to help the elite
Leaving the EU won’t guarantee a rise in wages, a cap on rents, or a fall in NHS waiting times and class sizes. The only thing it guarantees is more rightwing Tory control

I love fake revolts of the underclass: I’m a veteran of them. At secondary school, we had a revolt in favour of the right to smoke. The football violence I witnessed in the 1970s and 80s felt like the social order turned on its head. As for the mass outpouring of solidarity with the late Princess Diana, and by implication against the entire cruel monarchic elite, in the end I chucked my bunch of flowers on the pile with the rest.

The problem is, I also know what a real revolt looks like. The miners strike; the Arab spring; the barricade fighting around Gezi Park in Istanbul in 2013. So, to people getting ready for the mother of all revolts on Thursday, I want to point out the crucial difference between a real revolt and a fake one. The elite does not usually lead the real ones. In a real revolt, the rich and powerful usually head for the hills, terrified. Nor are the Sun and the Daily Mail usually to be found egging on a real insurrection....

Lots of info here at Telegraph.
EU referendum: 
What the world is saying - 'Please don't leave!'

Ben Riley-Smith at Telegraph
Leave or Remain in the EU? 
The arguments for and against Brexit

Leave: Britain can never control immigration until it leaves the European Union, because freedom of movement gives other EU citizens an automatic right to live here.
Stay: Leaving will not solve the migration crisis but bring it to Britain’s doorstep because border controls from the Continent will move from Calais in France to Dover in UK.CRIME
Leave: The European Arrest Warrant allows British citizens to be sent abroad and charged for crimes in foreign courts, often for minor offences. Exit would stop this.
Stay: Rapists, murders and other serious criminals who convict offences in Britain can only be returned once fleeing abroad thanks to the European Arrest Warrant. Exit would stop justice being done.....

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Julian Assange ... Prisoner of the 1%ters

A worldwide movement to undo the injustice started today.  So many prominent intellectuals will be speaking on Assange's behalf but the only cable TV that might give this some air-time will be RT (Russia Today) .....hopefully.

Free Assange Now


News, Views and Opinions from the Alternative Media ... Week ending June 19

Manisha Krishnan at VICE
Canada’s Ridiculous Ruling That Oral Sex with Animals Is Legal Shows Need for New Bestiality Laws
The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that a person must actually penetrate an animal or vice versa in order for the act to be considered bestiality.

In a judgement released Thursday, Canada's top court ruled in agreement with a lower court that overturned a bestiality conviction.

The graphic ruling explains the case like this: A man, known in the judgment as D.L.W., tried to make his teenage stepdaughter have sex with the family dog, but that proved impossible, so he spread peanut butter on her vagina and made the dog lick it off while he photographed it. Later, he asked her to do it again so he could make a video.

The judge presiding over the man's first trial ruled bestiality "means touching between a person and an animal for a person's sexual purpose," and penetration isn't required. He was convicted of numerous sexual offences, including bestiality. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

But when the man appealed that conviction to the Court of Appeal, he won his case and the bestiality conviction was dropped. The Crown then appealed that decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.....

...Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice, which acted as an intervener in the appeal, told VICE the ruling shows the criminal laws for protecting animals are out of date.

"Sexually abusing animals is completely unacceptable, it is contrary to our values. Canadians care deeply about protecting animals from this type of cruelty and sexual abuse," she said, adding "people who abuse animals often sexually abuse children as well, as the accused did in this case."....

Claire Bernish at TheFreeThoughtProject
5 Things the Establishment Slipped By You While Focusing Solely on Orlando Shooting
After any major tragedy, we develop an obsessive need to analyze, debate, and argue every conceivable aspect of what’s taken place — as if time stops. That tragedy dominates mainstream and, often, independent media headlines for days or weeks, exhaustively positing theory after theory until the public begins to lose interest.

But tragedy doesn’t occur in a vacuum, and — though it might feel as if the world pressed pause to allow society to grieve — important, pertinent issues continue to arise while our attention is trained elsewhere.

As collective shock from the massacre in Orlando begins to fade, it’s a good idea to review what happened as the media obsessed over the last few days.

1) A major lawsuit exposing probable electoral fraud in eleven states could effectively alter the landscape of the presidential race....

Nadia Prupis at CommonDreams
US Banks Top Cluster Bomb Investment 'Hall of Shame': Report

Bank of America, JP Morgan among 74 of 158 financial institutions that invest in companies producing internationally banned weapons

Despite the international ban on cluster bombs, more than 150 financial institutions have invested $28 billion in companies that produce them, according to a new report released Thursday.

Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo are among the 158 banks, pension funds, and other firms listed in the "Hall of Shame" compiled by the Netherlands-based organization PAX, a member of the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC).

The report, titled Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions: A Shared Responsibility (pdf), finds that the leading investors come from 14 countries including the U.S., the UK, and Canada. Of the top 10 overall investors, the U.S. is home to eight. Japan and China round out the last two.

Both the UK and Canada—along with France, Germany, and Switzerland, whose institutions are also named on the list—have signed the 2008 Oslo treaty known as the Convention on Cluster Munitions banning the use of the indiscriminate bombs under international law.

The U.S., which hosts by far the most companies on the list with 74, is not a signatory.

Cluster bombs, which can be launched from the air or ground, operate by ejecting smaller sub-munitions or "bomblets" that can saturate an area of several football fields, according to CMC. They can remain volatile long after a conflict ends....

From SputnikNews
Deadly Spite: Israel Shuts Off Water to West Bank During Ramadan

With heat indices spiking near 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) and local residents fasting in observance of the Muslim holy month, the latest act by Israel risks loss of life and a fierce response.

The Palestinian-occupied West Bank faces the threat of mass casualties from extreme dehydration and heat stroke as residents face an unseasonably hot start to summer without clean water, during a time when devout Muslims are already fasting in observance of Ramadan.

The Israeli state-owned Mekorot water company cut water supplies to the West Bank more than 40 days ago, forcing locals to rely on untreated groundwater and wastewater to survive. The water shutoff appears to be a premeditated act against the Palestinian people, with Israeli officials saying over one month ago that no technical defects exist on the waterline.
Water shutoffs in the West Bank correspond with Israeli officials boasting about surplus water supplies and plans to export water abroad to improve relations with neighbors. One such deal for exporting Israeli water supplies has already been made with neighboring country Jordan.....

Justin Raimondo at AntiWar
‘Something is Going On’ – And It’s Worse Than You Thought

Trump is right about Orlando – but not in the way you think
I used to wonder why in the heck right-wing commentators on Fox News kept repeating the same mantra over and over again: sitting through the Republican debates, my eyes glazed over when I heard each and every candidate denounce the Obama administration for refusing to say the Sacred Words: “radical Islamic terrorism.” What are these people talking about, I thought to myself: they’re obsessed!

In short, I wrote it off as Fox News boilerplate, until the other day when, in the wake of the Orlando massacre, Donald Trump said the following on Fox: “Something is going on. He doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands. It’s one or the other.” Reiterating this trope later on in the same show, he averred that the President “is not tough, not smart – or he’s got something else in mind.”

The Beltway crowd went ballistic. Lindsey Graham had a hissy fit, and other Republican lawmakers started edging away from the presumptive GOP nominee. The Washington Post ran a story with the headline: “Donald Trump Suggests President Obama Was Involved With Orlando Shooting.” Realizing that this level of bias was a bit too brazen, the editors changed it an hour or so later to: “Donald Trump Seems to Connect President Obama to Orlando Shooting.” Not much better, but then again we’re talking about a newspaper that has a team of thirty or so reporters bent on digging up dirt on Trump.

In any case, Trump responded as he usually does: by doubling down. And he did it, as he usually does, on Twitter, ......

Thousands protest US Military Presence in Japan

From  Source: Jay Syrmopoulos,The Free Thought Project
The curious link between banker 'suicides' and the Libor scandal

In 2015 there was a popular "conspiracy theory" floating around the Internet after a rash of mysterious "suicides" by high-profile banking professionals. What once looked like wild speculation is now beginning to resemble a vast criminal conspiracy connected to the Libor, interest-rigging scandal.

Over forty international bankers allegedly killed themselves over a two-year period in the wake of a major international scandal that implicated financial firms across the globe. However, three of these seemingly unrelated suicides seem to share common threads related to their connections to Deutsche Bank. These three banker suicides in New York, London, and Siena, Italy, took place within 17 months of each other in 2013/14 in what investigators labeled as a series of unrelated suicides.....

From TelSurTV
Saudis Fund 20% of Clinton Presidential Campaign:
Top Prince

The Saudi crown prince reportedly said that over the years his country has always financially supported both Republican and Democratic candidates.

Saudi Arabia has paid more than 20 percent of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidential elections, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was quoted as saying Sunday in a news report by the Jordanian Petra News Agency.

According to the Middle East Eye news website, the report was later deleted from the agency’s website. However, a snapshot of the original Arabic version was later republished by the Washington-based Institute for Gulf Affairs.

“Saudi Arabia has always sponsored both Republican and Democratic Parties of America and... the kingdom also provides with full enthusiasm 20 percent of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the U.S. presidential elections despite the fact that some influential forces within the country don’t have a positive look toward supporting the candidate because she is a woman,” the agency’s report quoted Prince Mohammed as saying. ...

From description at YouTube posting: 
Science is a method to help us answer questions about the physical world…but in this age of military/university partnerships, government grants and industry-funded research, who’s asking the questions? Jerry Day of joins us today to discuss the new technocratic overlords and how the tool of science can be wielded as a weapon of social control....

more here

From TheAntiMedia
Here’s What the FBI Was Doing Instead of Catching the Orlando Shooter

....Out of the 508 terrorism-related cases since September 11, 2001, more often than not, the FBI has had a hand in creating the very terrorist threat they have claimed to be protecting us from. Two-hundred and forty-three of these cases involved an FBI informant. In many instances, the targets of these operations, who are later accused of plotting attacks, are not only almost always Muslim, but they are also often suffering from a mental illness, such as schizophrenia. Moreover, the targets are also vulnerable and easily susceptible to bribery as they are desperate for money – so desperate, it seems, they will help put their own friends behind bars.

This can be seen most clearly in the Newburgh Four case, which saw a combination of mental illness and an urgent need for money. One of the “Four,” James Cromitie, was a former drug addict who repeatedly tried to back out, saying “I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” In the words of a U.S. Court Judge, “only the government could have made a “terrorist” out of Mr. Cromitie.”

Another defendant in the Newburgh case, Laguerre Payan, suffered from schizophrenia to the extent he kept bottles of urine in his apartment. David Williams, another of the four, had a brother who needed a liver transplant, and he was prepared to do almost anything for the money to pay for it.....

From Telsur
Mexican State 'Disappears' Leaders of Oaxaca's Striking Teachers Union

Leaders of the CNTE union said the government was resorting to "fascist raids" and "kidnappings" to silence critics.

The CNTE teachers union demanded the immediate return of their leaders, Francisco Manuel Villalobos Ricardez and Ruben Nuñez, whom they said were forcibly disappeared by the governments of President Enrique Peña Nieto and Oaxaca Govenor Gabino Cue.

The federal government said Villalobos, who serves as head of the CNTE in Oaxaca, was detained Saturday on charges of aggravated robbery. The charges stem from the seizure of textbooks by the teachers union in 2015.

His arrest came after nearly 500 protesters were violently evicted from a public square by at least a thousand police officers in the city of Oaxaca. .......

Charlie Skelton at Flaunt
....The traditional means of maintaining your 
position “inside” the circle of power is to protect your boundary at all costs. The same tactic is used by banking cartels, elite policy groups, Chinese politburos, and secret societies: guard the walls.

For example, Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club—a notorious private dining society, depicted on the big screen as The Riot Club, and through whose puke-splashed portals have crawled such eminent individuals as the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his loyal Chancellor, George Osborne.

Membership requires some very expensive tailoring, but before you’re allowed to don the splendid trousers and spatter them with champagne vomit, you have to be selected and initiated. The rituals of initiation include having to burn a £50 note in front of a beggar, which must be some comfort to the beggar, who can think, “I may be homeless but at least I’m not a giant arse.”

The whole thing has an old-school vibe: the trousers may be splendid, but they’re thoroughly retro. There’s a kind of Cecil Rhodes imperialist air to the proceedings: these are the chosen few, the mighty protectors of Empire, roaring like young lions, before wiping the cocaine stains off their chinless faces with a terrified waitress’s bra, and going out into the world to stake their claim on power.....

Vanessa Beeley at 21CenturyWire
Syria: NATO Troop Build-Up Inside Syria Continues 
as Germany is Accused of Boots on the Ground

The US and NATO are pulling out all stops to turn their Syrian quagmire into something resembling their objectives in Syria. While US and UK troops had been setting up base in the north of Syria ostensibly in order to strike ISIS in Raqqa, the Syrian Arab Army has stolen a march on them with air-cover from the RUAF.

In today’s reports from the Syrian Arab News Agency, we hear that the Syrian Army Air Force destroyed ISIS vehicles to the north of the Zakia crossroads and the south side of Tabqa city in the countryside of Raqqa province.

Meanwhile, SANA claim that French and German forces have invaded north western Syria in the Ain al-Arab [Kobani] and Manbij areas. This brings them into proximity to the hotly contested Aleppo, Al Qaeda/Al Nusra central where 90% of civilians are being targeted daily in the government held western sectors of the city by a variety of US & NATO backed terrorists gangs embedded in the northern and eastern sectors, aided and abetted by their first response team, US and NATO funded Syria White Helmets.....

Ukraine disaster, the handiwork of USA/Canada/EU

Oliver Stone's documentary "Ukraine on Fire" coming soon.

Gareth Porter at InformationClearingHouse
Why the Obama Administration Is Favoring al-Qaeda's Main Syrian Ally
In yet another a dangerous US political-diplomatic move in Syria, the Obama administration is going out of its way to protect the interests of al-Qaeda's closest and most powerful ally in Syria, Ahrar al-Sham.

The administration's decision to shield the Islamist organization from the consequences of collaborating closely with al-Qaeda's Syrian branch, Nusra Front, in threatening what had been a promising "cessation of hostilities," goes much further than the US failure to pressure other armed opposition groups to separate themselves from Nusra Front, as US Secretary of State John Kerry had promised in negotiations with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

Ahrar al-Sham is believed to be the largest military force seeking to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria, with at least 15,000 troops. It is not considered by analysts who have followed its evolution to be a "jihadist" organization like Nusra Front, because it has shown no interest in terrorism against Western countries. However, some of its senior leaders have had ties with jihadists, including Osama bin Laden, in the past, and it has worked closely with al-Nusra Front since both organizations entered the Syrian conflict in 2011.

....The Russian response to Ahrar's disruptive behavior was to propose in late April that Ahrar be blacklisted and put outside the cease-fire framework. That would have meant that the United States would not insist that Russia and the Syrian regime avoid targeting Ahrar in airstrikes.....

But the Obama administration rejected that Russian proposal, and in the process it revealed the new status that Ahrar now has in US policy. On May 24, when US State Department spokesman Mark Toner was asked why Ahrar should be given any protection under the "cessation of hostilities" agreement despite its violation of the cease-fire, Toner replied that Ahrar "is part of this vetted group of opposition forces that are part of the HNC, High Negotiating Council." (The actual name of the body is the High Negotiations Committee.) He also said the State Department believed that agreeing with the Russian request "would have a damaging effect on the cessation of hostilities."....

Labour Protests ramping up the ante in France

JamesPerloff at his blog
It’s Only One Percent: Obama’s “Boil the Frog” Approach to Gun Control

They say if you want to boil a frog, you can’t just toss him in boiling water. Instead, you put him in lukewarm water, and gradually turn up the heat. That way, the frog never realizes he’s been boiled. The Powers That Be (PTB) have exercised the “frog” axiom throughout history.

• Take income tax. Though now an accepted way of life, income tax wasn’t always around. The original U.S. Constitution excluded it; in 1895 the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

Therefore the only way the PTB could establish income tax was by legalizing it through a Constitutional Amendment. That Amendment was introduced in Congress by Senator Nelson Aldrich, who also introduced the original legislation which ultimately became the Federal Reserve Act. He was David Rockefeller’s maternal grandfather.....

...The recent ISIS-blamed San Bernardino incident is being used as the most immediate excuse for Obama’s unconstitutional gun measures. For one of many debunkings of this incident, click here, but among the most egregious anomalies were the failure of law enforcement and mainstream media to follow up on eyewitness accounts that three white males in military dress did the shooting, and that Syed Farook, one of the publicly blamed perpetrators (who are dead and cannot speak for themselves) was photographed lying face down, dead, his arms handcuffs behind his back.

This raises the question: Was he handcuffed before or after being shot? If he was handcuffed first, then shot dead while in custody, law enforcers committed murder. But why would you handcuff a man after he was mortally wounded, lying in a pool of blood?

What might make more sense is that Farook and his wife were patsies who were abducted, handcuffed, then shot to death and dumped in the street. However, the black ops carrying out the mission, in their haste, forgot to remove the cuffs.

Whether things played out that way or not, San Bernardino is the event Obama is most exploiting to ramp up gun control. Let’s examine why his actions are illegal.....

From Off-Guardian
History as ghastly repetition – Anna Lindh & Jo Cox

n 2003, just four days before the Swedish referendum on joining the Eurozone, a prominent pro-Euro MP, Anna Lindh, was stabbed to death in a public place. The man later convicted, claimed to have no idea why he had done it, and no political motive was ever suggested for the killing.

Nevertheless many people predicted that the brutal death of a pro-Euro MP, so soon before the vote, would have a massive effect on the results. In the end it did not, and Sweden voted to stay out.

In 2016, just seven days before the UK referendum on leaving the EU, a prominent pro-EU MP, Jo Cox, was shot to death in a public place. The man accused has been described by neighbours as “quiet, bit of a loner, keen gardener”, with no known political opinions, and, according to “records obtained by” the Southern Poverty Law Centre, as a white-supremacist Hitler-supporter with a houseful of Nazi regalia and other incriminating items.

It is too soon to say whether the awful, violent death of Ms Cox will have any bearing ....

John Pilger: "Under Obama nuclear warhead production is greater than any post cold war president" 
Also, talks about how USA+gang is getting ready for war on Russia and China. 

Bob Master at Truth-Out
....But African-American primary voters overwhelmingly 
supported Hillary Clinton. One leading Pennsylvania African-American faith leader explained to me that many black voters, especially older women, viewed their support for Hillary as upholding a "social contract" that was forged in 2008: after they abandoned Hillary for Obama that year, it was understood that eight years later she would have "her turn." Younger activists of color, even some who support Sanders, say they didn't "feel the Bern" because of his initial stumbling response to the challenges of Black Lives Matter protestors. And Michelle Alexander, who eviscerated the Clinton policy legacy in a Nation magazine article entitled "Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Deserve the Black Vote," attributed African-Americans' 2016 allegiance to the Clintons to a widely held feeling that Bill Clinton was the first President "who actually treated black folks like they were real people, who could be viewed and treated as human beings...who actually would sit down to eat with them and sing in their church and acted like he enjoyed it, who recognized us as human beings."[2]

Race remains at the core of the American tragedy, and the struggle for Black Lives will not be subsumed in a broader movement. The future potential of a continuing post-Sanders' radical mobilization for economic justice, racial justice, and democracy will only be realized if it integrates....

 AND in Police State France:
From the description at the YouTube posting:
An aid convoy of about 250 vehicles that was held at the port of Dover after being refused entry to France by authorities was travelling to protest outside the French embassy in London on Saturday evening.

Janette Charles at NSNBC
OAS to Review Secretary General  for Actions Against Venezuela
The Organization of American States decided Wednesday to review the legitimacy of Secretary General Luis Almagro’s actions to invoke the Democratic Charter against Venezuela last month. The decision comes after a three day OAS summit in the Dominican Republic and the announcement of diplomatic talks between the United States and the South American nation.
“We want to announce that a historic vote has taken place,” expressed Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Relations Delcy Rodríguez.  “[The OAS] has voted on the issue of citizen Secretary General Almagro and the legality of his actions as mandated by the General Assembly, the highest body within this organization, [he] will be assessed by the Permanent Council per Venezuela’s request,” Rodríguez continued.

The Venezuelan diplomat requested the official review of the OAS head Wednesday which was approved with 19 votes in favor, 12 against, one abstention...

From TheBurningPlatform
God Bless Lily Tang Williams

Lily Tang Williams, a Chinese immigrant, is the state chair of the Colorado Libertarian Party. She posted a photo to Facebook featuring her AR-15 rifle and the American flag with a vow to never again be a “slave.”.......

Michael Krieger at LibertyBlitzkrieg
New York State Senator Introduces  Unconstitutional, Anti-Free Speech Legislation
Perhaps the greatest irony of this past year has been the mind numbing and irrational anti-free speech wave that swept across facets of so-called “liberal” America.

This regressive movement was most readily apparent on college campuses, where hordes of sheltered and emotionally stunted students demanded restrictions on free speech in order to prevent themselves from being offended by an ever expanding list of unhappy thoughts and words. However, what is far more troubling, albeit much less public, are attempts by two fascist academic authoritarians, to convince the American citizenry to relinquish their First Amendment rights in the name of fighting ISIS. One of these men is a close advisor to President Obama....

From BlacklistedNews ...Source: Matt Agorist
Civilians Take Over Oakland Police Dept
After 3rd Chief Ousted During Underage Sex Scandal
In September of last year, Officer Brendan O’Brien killed himself a little more than a year after police say his wife, Irma Huerta-Lopez, also took her life. Although police have not revealed the reason why, immediately after O’Brien’s suicide, an internal affairs probe began looking into whether any current officers committed sexual misconduct with a minor.

Months after the probe was launched, it sent shockwaves through the department and eventually spread to other departments.

The public became aware of the investigation after an 18-year-old sex worker went public claiming to have had sex with dozens of cops in five cities while she worked as a prostitute. Several of these encounters happened when the teen, Celeste Guap, was legally a child.

“It appears to be a cesspool here,” local attorney, John Burris, responsible for a 2003 federal probe into the Oakland police department said. “But you gotta keep working at it to drain the swamps.”

As Oakland scrambles to hold on to what little shred of dignity they think they have left, the embarrassment continues to grow.

On June 9, Chief Sean Whent resigned in the wake of a widening sexual misconduct scandal. He was replaced by Interim Chief Ben Fairow, who, after only six days on the job, was then forced to step down after Mayor Libby Schaaf said she had received information that made her question Fairow’s ability to lead.

As if the city and department didn’t look absurd enough after those two follies, Chief Paul Figueroa, who replaced Fairow, tenured his resignation three days later. Having no one to step up ...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Was the Orlando shooting an event that the powers-that-be, let happen? Yes, it's more than possible.

These kind of "let it happen events" are IMO, also what others term "false flags." 

Obama, the crazy satanic beast is going all out to take away guns from the American public. I hope there are enough strong-willed Americans to never let that happen.

My sincere advice to anyone reading this:  Please keep away from any crisis drills you might come across in your everyday life. 
Chances are, the powers-that-be are using crisis actors but innocent passers-by might become unwittingly the real victims. 
The crisis actors themselves might also be innocent and when a real blood and gore event takes place during such drills, they might be thinking that it happened by chance. However, I can't help wondering why a whistleblower has not emerged from any of the supposedly "false flag" events. Hopefully, someone somewhere will be brave enough to come forward and do the right thing.

There must be two reasons for all these "let it happen events".
One: To take away guns from the American public and render them helpless when the civil war (coming soon, never fear) breaks out in the good old USA.
Two: To marinate Americans in as much hatred as possible towards Muslims (not that a great many from that community don't deserve it) and Muslim nations of the Middle East so when the  complete take over
of Syria happens, (I suspect this too is coming soon) Americans won't give a damn about Syrians or any one else there in those  Muslim lands.

Isn't it strange that the desperados in the White House think that taking guns away will stop terrorist attacks?  Don't they know about suicide bombings? (You know those kind of attacks are coming, don't you? And, chances are they will come from "real" Muslim terrorists, not brain-controlled stoogies).  How will they stop suicide bombings once they start?  Take away nails, bolts and filings? Put a stop to all construction work all over the USA?  Madness!

Read everything below with an open mind and don't jump to conclusions and label everything as "conspiracy" theories.  There are too many questions in the Orlando and the San Bernardino terror events that have no logical answers.

Paul Craig Roberts at his blog
Orlando Shooting: Still No Evidence

In response to my challenge ( ) readers report that they have found no evidence of bodies or blood. One person reports that a TV station posted names of some victims, which is the way the absence of Sandy Hook bodies was handled. ...

Mainly what readers have reported is evidence that the Orlando shooting is a hoax. One reader sent me a video in which a skeptic uses a RT video to show that the same three allegedly injured people, who so far are the only victims we have been shown, are being carried toward the night club, not away from it.

Another person sent a video that shows the man with the red shoes who is being carried is put down after the camera walk-by.

Here are readers reporting their inability to find any real evidence. Somehow 103 people were shot and there is no visible evidence.....

This is an important read:
James Perloff at his blog:
It’s Only One Percent: Obama’s “Boil the Frog” Approach to Gun Control

They say if you want to boil a frog, you can’t just toss him in boiling water. Instead, you put him in lukewarm water, and gradually turn up the heat. That way, the frog never realizes he’s been boiled. The Powers That Be (PTB) have exercised the “frog” axiom throughout history.

• Take income tax. Though now an accepted way of life, income tax wasn’t always around. The original U.S. Constitution excluded it; in 1895 the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

Therefore the only way the PTB could establish income tax was by legalizing it through a Constitutional Amendment. That Amendment was introduced in Congress by Senator Nelson Aldrich, who also introduced the original legislation which ultimately became the Federal Reserve Act. He was David Rockefeller’s maternal grandfather.

Why did Americans accept income tax? Because it was initially only one percent of a person’s income for salaries under $20,000 (the equivalent of around $500,000 in today’s dollars). Senator Aldrich and other supporters of the tax gave assurances it would never go up. So patriotic Americans said: “If Uncle Sam needs one percent of my salary, and I can always keep the rest, it’s OK by me!”

But you know what happened. Congress later dolefully informed Americans it needed to raise taxes a smidge. A few smidges later and, ....

....The recent ISIS-blamed San Bernardino incident is being used as the most immediate excuse for Obama’s unconstitutional gun measures. For one of many debunkings of this incident,....

From MemoryHoleBlog
...One must consider that statistically speaking, the chances of a real shooting event taking place in the exact same room where a multi-agency ‘active shooter’ drill took place approximately one year ago – has to be close to zero. Furthermore, this strange and unlikely coincidence should highlight the suspicious nature of the shooting event itself....

...In fact, authorities did apprehend a third suspect but that aspect of the case, has seemingly gone down the memory hole, as has the very detailed eye-witness testimony

from Sally Abdelmageed, (an Inland Regional Center employee) in a CBS interview with Scott Pelley, which clearly states that there were three white men in tactical gear dressed in black involved in the shooting event.
Abdelmageed’s account, echoed that of Juan Hernandez, who was interviewed shortly after the shooting incident by a local NBC affiliate, where it was described that “three white men in military fatigues,” had fled the scene in black Chevy Impala or SUV.

Despite all of this, CNN, ABC, FOX and all other media outlets on the scene – all pivoted, in unison, to validate authorities’ (the FBI) revised official ‘Jihadi Bonnie & Clyde’ story of “only 2 shooters – a husband and wife”.
SEE ALSO: GLADIO:GLOBAL – Gangs and Counter Gangs in Europe, Northern Ireland, Iraq and now in Syria

We were then told, that the suspected shooters died in a dramatic shootout with police. However, immediately following the televised chase/shootout, the public was offered up only a few blurry ‘still’ photographs of the two dead suspects, in addition to inconclusive wide-angle camera shots from a distance. The entire shootout unfolded like a multi-agency drill, as police methodically approached the suspect’s SUV with several armored MRAPs.

Prior to law enforcement slowly closing in, 23 officers fired a combined total of approximately 380 rounds ....

Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub
Man overheard shooter’s phone conversation; shooter said there were 4 others involved, ‘3 snipers and 1 woman suicide bomber’

Eyewitness testifies that 5 people were involved with the Pulse attack in total...

Too Easy to be Politically Correct

Sunday, June 12, 2016

News, opinions and views from the Alternative Media .. Week ending June 12

Ken Stone at HamiltonCoalitionToStopTheWar
Dispatch From Syria – Bride of the Desert

Until today, our Second Tour of Peace had not been exposed to any semblance of military combat. We hadn’t heard a single rifle shot or the thud of any bombs or artillery shells. We hadn’t seen any armoured vehicles or warplanes in action in any of the liberated areas we travelled in Syria. In fact, in the government-held areas, you really wouldn’t notice there was a war going on (except for the endless checkpoints). The security situation in Syria, according to our hosts, had improved immensely since the agreement for a partial cessation of hostilities was signed in Geneva at the end of February, 2016.

Today would be a little different. Today, we were going to be the first group of tourists actually to tour the ancient site of Palmyra.

Like Damascus, Palmyra was a settlement built around an oasis in the desert. Both Damascus and Palmyra were important stops for caravans along the Syrian Silk Road. Palmyra was turned into a flourishing city, complete with  two temples, an ampitheatre, and an arch of triumph by the Romans. It was renowned in the ancient world as “the bride of the desert.” Today, it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). Ever since the site was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army in heavy fighting two weeks ago, in coordination with bombing by the Russian air force, and support from Iranian, Hezbollah (Lebanon) and Palestinian allies, everybody in Syria wants to go there and see for himself and herself just how much damage the terrorist mercenaries caused. But it’s up to the Russian sappers to say when the site will be open to the general public...

On the Bilderbergers, from someone who has been talking about them for a long time at the risk of being labelled a "conspiracy agent".

Much more here.

More   here from the late Jim Tucker's "Bilderberg Diarg"

Arina Tsukanova at StrategicCulture
Shocking UN Report Lists Crimes by the Ukrainian Authorities

 The 13th report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the human rights situation in Ukraine between 16 November 2015 and 15 February 2016, when the Minsk Agreements were in force, has come as a shock to Kiev.

According to the UN, more than three million people live in the areas directly affected by the conflict. The exact number of people who have left Ukraine-controlled territory is still unknown, although rough estimates range from 800,000 to 1,000,000 people. The Ukrainian government has estimated that more than a million people have left southeast Ukraine for Russia, Belarus and Europe. This figure does not match that of the Russian federal migration service, however: in 2015, around four million Ukrainians crossed the border, with nearly 2.6 million settling in Russia. More than a million people have arrived from southeast Ukraine. Residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions are permitted to live freely in Russia....

.... Since the Minsk ceasefire agreements entered into force (i.e. since 15 February 2015), there have been 843 civilian casualties – 235 killed (216 adults and 19 children) and 608 injured (554 adults and 44 children). At the same time, the UN mission notes that it is unable to attribute some of the victims to either side of the conflict. It also emphasises that the real number of those killed and injured could be higher than that given in the report.

The number of people missing is particularly shocking. The Ukrainian side has reported 741 persons missing, while the DPR has registered 420 missing persons. In addition, the UN mission has ascertained that approximately 1,000 bodies held in morgues in government-controlled territory have still not been identified.....

Interesting vid. Abby Martin talks to Dr Mark Crispin Miller of NYU

Col Ann Wright at ConsortiumNews
S. Korean Villagers Sued for Anti-Base Protests

The South Korean Navy filed a civil lawsuit against 116 individual anti-base protesters and five groups including the Gangjeong Village Association demanding $3 million in compensation for alleged construction delays caused by protests over the past eight years.
In one of the longest, strongest protests against more military bases around the world, the villagers of Gangjeong, Jeju Island, South Korea, have achieved international recognition of their spiritual and corporal resistance and persistence in trying to preserve unique natural features of their community, the Gureombi Rocks.

Samsung, the primary contractor for the $1 billion project, precipitated the action by filing a lawsuit against the government for slowdown of work caused by the protests because Samsung’s profit margin was impacted by the protests....
Glenn Greenwald at TheIntercept
Credibility of Brazil’s Interim President Collapses
as He Receives 8-Year Ban on Running for Office
It has been obvious from the start that a core objective of the impeachment of Brazil’s elected president, Dilma Rousseff, was to empower the actual thieves in Brasilia and enable them to impede, obstruct, and ultimately kill the ongoing Car Wash investigation (as well as to impose a neoliberal agenda of privatization and radical austerity). A mere 20 days into the seizure of power by the corruption-implicated “interim” President Michel Temer, overwhelming evidence has
emerged proving that to be true: Already, two of the interim ministers in Temer’s
all-white-male cabinet, including his anti-corruption minister, have been forced to
resign after the emergence of secret recordings showing them plotting to obstruct
that investigation (an investigation in which they, along with one-third of his cabinet,
 are personally implicated).

But the oozing corruption of Temer’s ministers has sometimes served to obscure his own. He, too, is implicated in several corruption investigations. And now, he has been formally convicted of violating election laws and, as punishment, is banned from running for any political office for eight years. Yesterday, a regional election court in São Paulo, where he’s from, issued a formal decree finding him guilty and declaring him “ineligible” to run for any political office as a result of now having a “dirty record” in elections. Temer was found guilty of spending his own funds on his campaign in excess of what the law permits.....

Craig Murray at his blog
My Metropolitan Police Evidence on Torture and Extraordinary Rendition

This is a transcript of the evidence I gave, at their request, to the Metropolitan Police. I published scans of the witness statements yesterday, and a commenter has kindly transcribed them to make them web searchable. I was interviewed by the Police both at my home and at their headquarters, and it was made very plain to me that not only Sir Mark Allen, but Tony Blair, Jack Straw and numerous officials in the FCO and the Security Services were in the frame. I confess I therefore always expected the Establishment would have the case dropped despite overwhelming evidence.

I first offered this evidence to the Gibson Inquiry, I was treated by that Inquiry as an important witness and Judge Gibson ordered the FCO to give me full access to all documents I saw while Ambassador, to refresh my memory. No. 10 panicked at this and other evidence that Gibson was doing a genuine job, and the Gibson Inquiry was closed down by Cameron with the active complicity of Nick Clegg. I was then told by the Gibson secretariat that the Metropolitan Police were taking over aspects of that inquiry. I was then contacted and interviewed by the Metropolitan Police and gave this evidence.

The Director of Public Prosecutions having corruptly closed down the criminal case, the matter is now purportedly under investigation by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament – consisting entirely of “trusties” of the security services. They have continually and repeatedly refused requests by me to give evidence. I last heard from them on 15 December 2015, a simple acknowledgement of a receipt of a communication.

As nobody can claim my evidence is untrue due to the amount of documentary report, the Establishment simply ensures it does not get heard by any inquiry or court. When the House of Commons ....

Wayne Madsen at IntrepidReport
Second Zurich Insurance exec’s suicide
 amid renewed interest in 9/11 culprits
Posted on June 2, 2016 by Wayne Madsen   
Amid renewed public interest in determining the identities of all the culprits behind the 9/11 attacks, comes word that a second executive with one of the World Trade Center’s insurers has died from “suicide.”

Zurich Insurance Group’s former CEO Martin Senn was reported to have shot himself at his vacation home near Davos in Switzerland. No suicide note was found by police. Senn resigned as CEO of the insurance giant last December after the company experienced losses from the still-unexplained large explosions in Tianjin, China, last August.

WMR reported on August 21, 2016: “WMR’s sources from throughout Asia are reporting the same thing: the massive August 12 explosion that completely obliterated the Binhai New Area of the special economic zone city of Tianjin appears to not have been the result of an accidental chemical explosion but from state-sponsored industrial sabotage. The initial explosion was followed by a series of other explosions, said to be from combustible materials stored in the port and warehouse area. Moreover, WMR’s sources report that the nature of the initial shock wave and secondary fireball indicates that the conflagration may have been caused by a tactical nuclear bunker buster bomb hidden in a shipping container.”

Our report continued: “Among the 117 deaths from the explosion were a number of firemen. Some 70 people, most of them...

Sophie Shevardnadze talks to Pakistan's ex-chief of spy bureau

Eric Zuesse at TheSaker
Obama Slams Door in Putin’s Face: Says if Putin doesn’t want Russia’s retaliatory forces eliminated, he’ll need to be the one to press the nuclear button first

Actions speak louder than mere words, and U.S. President Barack Obama has now acted, not only spoken. His action is to refuse to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia’s biggest worry about recent changes in America’s nuclear strategy — particularly a stunning change that is terrifying Putin.

On Sunday June 5th, Reuters headlined “Russia Says U.S. Refuses Talks on Missile Defence System”, and reported that, “The United States has refused Russian offers to discuss Washington’s missile defence programme, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov was quoted as saying on Sunday, calling the initiative ‘very dangerous’.”

Russia’s concern is that, if the “Ballistic Missile Defense” or “Anti Ballistic Missile” system, that the United States is now just starting to install on and near Russia’s borders, works, then the United States will be able to launch a surprise nuclear attack against Russia, and this system, which has been in development for decades and is technically called the “Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System”, will annihilate the missiles that Russia launches in retaliation, which will then leave the Russian population with no retaliation at all, except for the nuclear contamination of the entire northern hemisphere, and global nuclear winter, the blowback from America’s onslaught against Russia, which blowback some strategists in the West say would be manageable probems for the U.S. and might be worth the cost of eliminating Russia.

That theory, of a winnable nuclear war (which in the U.S. seems to be replacing the prior theory, called “M.A.D.” for Mutually Assured Destruction) was first prominently put forth in 2006 in the prestigious U.S. journal Foreign Affairs, headlining “The Rise of Nuclear Primacy” and which advocated for a much bolder U.S. strategic policy against Russia, based upon what it argued was America’s technological superiority against Russia’s weaponry and a possibly limited time-window ....

From JudicialWatch
Judicial Watch: Justice Department Documents Reveal 
Widespread Use of Fast and Furious Weapons by Major Mexican Drug Cartels – Linked to at least 69 Killings
From December 2012 to March 2016, 94 Fast and Furious weapons were seized; Fast and Furious weapon found in “Chapo” Guzman hideout

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today released Justice Department documents showing that weapons sent from the U.S. into Mexico as part of the Obama administration’s Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning program have been widely used by major Mexican drug cartels.  According to the new records, over the past three years, a total of 94 Fast and Furious firearms have been recovered in Mexico City and 12 Mexican states, with the majority being seized in Sonora, Chihuahua and Sinaloa.  Of the weapons recovered, 82 were rifles and 12 were pistols identified as having been part of the Fast and Furious program.  Reports suggest the Fast and Furious guns are tied to at least 69 killings....

Mark Taliano at American Herald Tribune
"Fake Humanitarians" and "Fake Leftists" taking Canada down the wrong path 

There's really no excuse for supporting the NATO/terror position. We've seen the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, now Syria, all built on lies, all beneath the guise of "humanitarian interventions". Since people with any sense of historical memory can not legitimately plead ignorance, supporters of the terrorist invasion of Syria fall into the category of "fake humanitarians". They aren't "progressive" or "left" when they support the criminal violation of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Canadian peace activist Ken Stone, recently returned from Syria, expresses similar sentiments in his newly released book, Defiant Syria|dispatches from the Second Tour of Peace to Syria.  He explains,

    “The point for me is to ask why otherwise intelligent people can fall for such shit (referring to a 2015 New Internationalist magazine article: “The forgotten revolution of Syria”), and not once but repeatedly.  It’s not as if Syria is the very first government targeted for regime change by the USA.  It’s not that people are unaware of the fact that the first casualty of war is the truth … there is never a shortage of “leftists” in the West who can be either bought or convinced through incredible naivété, warped political outlook, or Eurocentric arrogance, that the motives of Empire are good.”

People such as Ken, who have visited Syria and have seen with their own eyes the devastation wrought by Western-supported terrorists against civilization, have less tolerance for the lies, the propaganda  and the “fake humanitarians” who enable it all.

Stone doesn’t mince words when he describes some of his on-the-ground observations of Homs, Syria; observations fortified by his historical memory of NATO's imperial destruction elsewhere:

    “Judging from the many corpses found buried around the city, some of which were missing eyes and various internal organs, many have speculated that the mercenaries ran a lucrative trade in human organs, besides their human trafficking in Syrian women, boys, and children, and their other rackets such as rapine and pillage … The terrorist organizations were working in accordance with a well-rehearsed imperial script here in Homs.  The KLA, NATOs foot soldiers in Kosovo (formerly part of Yugoslavia) also ran an organ smuggling operation out of a house in Pristina in 1999.”........

Ingrid Carlqvist brings us up to date on the rape epidemic in Sweden

Dennis J Bernstein at ConsortiumNews
Calling Out Drone War as a War Crime

Leading the charge against the U.S. “drone war” — now a key part of the Pentagon’s forward fighting strategy — is an unlikely individual, Colonel Ann Wright, who spent most of her adult life as a diplomat, working in the U.S. State Department.

Colonel Wright reopened the U.S. embassy in Kabul in 2001. But in 2003 she took an action that would transform her life. She resigned her position in opposition to the then-impending U.S. invasion of Iraq. Since then, she has become a full time global peace activist.

She also is one of the most vocal and convincing opponents of U.S. drone policy, a collection of activists who call themselves Creechers because – for seven years – they have marched on Creech Air Force Base, also known as Creech Drone Base, in the Nevada Desert, just 60 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Creech is a key part of the extensive and expanding U.S. drone war operation, which launches lethal drone strikes half a world away.

The protests are spearheaded by Code Pink and are always peaceful, but militant and intense. They consider the U.S. drone war, supervised directly by President Barack Obama, as an ongoing war crime. They do not consider this hyperbole. They say it is a clear-cut case of the slaughter of hundreds of innocent civilians, with many fleeing women and children among the victims.

We caught up with Colonel Wright on her way to an anti-drone symposium at the ....

Yves Smith at NakedCapitalism
...Amid growing pressure, Vancouver’s mayor,
Gregor Robertson, has stepped up his call for a tax on empty homes, arguing that if a home is being treated like a business then it should be taxed accordingly. From Bloomberg (video above):

    “We’re looking at new regulation and a carrot-and-stick approach to making sure that houses aren’t empty in Vancouver,” Robertson said, including a tax on vacant homes. “If you’re not using your property — either living in it or renting it out — then you have to pay more tax. Because effectively it’s a business holding, and should be taxed accordingly.”

UBC Professor, Tom Davidoff, has gone further, arguing for Vancouver to introduce taxes for those that own homes in Vancouver but do not pay taxes in the city:

    “People who purchase homes but aren’t landlords, of course that would include vacant homes. But would also include homes run by so-called astronaut families, where people might actually live in the homes but nobody pays taxes in Canada”…

    “If people who live and work here are being outbid for homes by people who do not live and work here and don’t pay taxes here, that other class of homebuyers ought to be paying higher property taxes”…

    “We would take you to an extra 1.5% property tax if you’re not a landlord, if you don’t pay income tax, if you’re not a CPP recipient where you haven’t lived in the home for a long time. So we protect people who have been working in the community for a long time”…

Mark Wilkerson at TomDispatch
The Iraq War isn’t Over; it is waged here, in our Hospitals every Day

Memorial Day is over.  You had your barbeque.  Now, you can stop thinking about America’s wars and the casualties from them for another year.  As for me, I only wish it were so.

It’s been Memorial Day for me ever since I first met Tomas Young.  And in truth, it should have felt that way from the moment I hunkered down in Somalia in 1993 and the firing began.  After all, we’ve been at war across the Greater Middle East ever since.  But somehow it was Tomas who, in 2013, first brought my own experience in the U.S. military home to me in ways I hadn’t been able to do on my own.

That gravely wounded, living, breathing casualty of our second war in Iraq who wouldn’t let go of life or stop thinking and critiquing America’s never-ending warscape brought me so much closer to myself, so bear with me for a moment while I return to Mogadishu, the Somalian capital, and bring you — and me — closer to him.

In that spring of 1993, I was a 22-year-old Army sergeant, newly married, and had just been dropped into a famine-ridden, war-torn Third World country on the other side of the planet, a place I hadn’t previously given a thought.  ....

From ZeroHedge
Does Bilderberg Really Run The World? 
One Chart To Help You Decide
With the Bilderberg 2016 meeting now humming along at the Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden, deep behind closed doors and protected by heavily-armed guards, many have wondered: just how hyperbolic are allegations that the Bilderbergs run the world.
To help readers decide, here is a chart laying out the linkages and various connections - financial, political, statutory and otherwise - between the handful of people who comprise the Bilderberg core and the rest of the world....


From JinhanNews
State forces have continued to set fire to the houses 
one by one in Sirnak. As smoke covers the city's sky, there is a burning smell all over the city.

The state's genocidal attacks have continued in Sirnak for 88 days. State forces have continued to set fire to houses in many neighborhoods of city after the announcement of "operation ended" in the city. As many houses and workplaces have been set on fire in Gazipasa Neighborhood, the houses in Yenimahalle Neighborhood have been burned and demolished by diggers.

As many houses have been destroyed with explosives since morning, some houses have been set on fire by state forces.

Meanwhile, the houses and workplaces in Cumhuriyet, Dicle, Yesilyurt, Aydinlikevler and Bahçelievler neighborhoods have been demolished. Special forces have opened fire on houses and workplaces in Vakifkent, Tekser, Gündogdu, Ömerköy and Atatürk neighborhoods under the name of "fine-search".

As black smoke rises from the city, there is a burning smell all over the city....

Brian Becker at AnswerCoalition
I was with Muhammad Ali on his hostage-release trip to Iraq
— and the media has it all wrong
The story of Muhammad Ali’s trip to “rescue American hostages” is back in the media since the June 3 death of this unique individual: boxing’s greatest fighter, and perhaps one of the most beloved and inspiring figures of the 20th century.

President Obama’s comments on the Iraq trip were republished in a USA Today article that ran immediately following the news of the champ’s death: “We admire the man who has never stopped using his celebrity for good — the man who helped secure the release of 14 [sic] American hostages from Iraq in 1990,” wrote President Obama.

Gone but a week and Ali's courage in the face of government opposition is quickly being re-written by the same forces that he stood up against. His legacy and courage demand that history be recounted truthfully.

I was the central organizer of Muhammad Ali's peace delegation that traveled to Iraq in 1990, the delegation to which Saddam Hussein released 15 American hostages.

The idea for the delegation came from former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who asked me to be the organizer of the trip on his behalf. Other anti-war activists joined us.

Unfortunately the current telling of this story largely misses or ....

From AraNews
400 ISIS militants killed, 90 villages liberated
 in the SDF-led battle for Manbij north Syria
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on Friday that at least 400 militants from the Islamic State (ISIS) have been killed since the start of the ongoing military campaign aimed at liberating Manbij in northern Syria from ISIS.

In the ongoing operation, launched on 31 May, the Kurdish-led SDF and allied Manbij Military Council have recaptured some 90 villages and farms in the countryside of Manbij.

“Our forces have also cut off all roads linking Manbij with other Syrian cities, imposing a complete siege on ISIS inside the city after retaking the Manbij-Aleppo road,” SDF official Habun Osman told ARA News. ....
Nil Nikandrov at GlobalResearch
Regime Change in Bolivia: 
US Intelligence Preparing to Oust President Evo Morales?
US intelligence agencies have ramped up their operations intended to remove Bolivian President Evo Morales from office. All options are on the table, including assassination. Barack Obama, who sees the weakening of Latin America’s “hostile bloc of populist states” as one of his administration’s foreign-policy victories, intends to buoy this success before stepping down.

Washington also feels under the gun in Bolivia because of China’s successful expansion in the country. Morales is steadily strengthening his financial, economic, trade, and military relationship with Beijing. Chinese businesses in La Paz are thriving – making investments and loans and taking part in projects to secure a key position for Bolivia in the modernization of the continent’s transportation industry. In the next 10 years, thanks to Bolivia’s plentiful gas reserves, that country will become the energy hub of South America. Evo Morales sees his country’s development as his top priority, and the Chinese, unlike the Americans, have always viewed Bolivia as an ally and partner in a relationship that eschews double standards....

...The program’s first fruits have been the emergence of social protests (recent marches by disabled citizens were staged at the suggestion of the American embassy), although Evo Morales’s administration has evinced more concern for the interests of Bolivians on a limited income than any other government in the history of Bolivia.....