Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello... does anybody care that Saudi is killing the Houthis of Yemen??????

Are we that absorbed with our own side of the global sphere that we care two hoots for the rest of the world ? My sitemeter tells me that Canadians don't give a rat's fart for anything that goes on outside of Canada and the USA. At least not the readers of Blogging Tories. What is it with you people? Don't you understand that something is going on with the biggest financier of evil and we should be keeping a close eye on how it turns out? A blow to Saudi Arabia is a blow to terrorist financing, but it looks like money wins in the end, given the way this war is going.

Saudi jets are killing Houthi women and children on the borders of SA. Where is Sid Ryan and his Unions' hysterical card holders? Where are the boisterous Muslims of Toronto? Where is Jack Layton and his shills? Where are the Leftists and the stupid freaking gays who were screaming alongside the leftists? Why are they not marching in the streets arm in arm like they did when Israel and Gaza were at war? Toronto is full of hypocrites, filled to the brim and overflowing. Is Saudi Arabia's dirty money keeping everyone quiet? When muslims kill muslims, even if those killed happen to be women and children, it is all okay. Move on nothing to see here. It's just a case of one muslim nation against another, not a matter of one of the richest nations against a segment of people from one of the poorest. The Houthis are caught between Saudi Arabia's ultra modern weaponry and the slow strangulation from their own Sunni Govt. They are caught between a rock and a hard place and they are getting plastered.

This is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran...make no mistake of that. That is the sole reason why even the Israeli press is largely silent on the issue. Hezbollah and Iran has been accused of supplying arms to the Houthis and this is a great way for all concerned to see each other's weaponry. Truth gets hidden because of the curse of keeping in step with political allies, even the slimy ones  like SA.

Read this if you feel like it, otherwise move on to your usual Canadian / USA fare.


  1. I'm sorry but my default position on violence in the Mid-East being conducted by one dysfunctional Arab faction against another dysfunctional Arab faction is that ---- I DON'T CARE.

    Not really, unless you can make the clear and absolute point that one of the factions is 'good' and the other is 'bad'. In this case, I'm not sure that anyone can pick a side in this conflict. Now I grant you that the Saudi Regime is repellent upon its face as is the 'society' it regulates according to its unholy mandates. BUT, I have the sneaking suspicion that the Shiite 'opposition' from Yemen is hardly worthy of the 'freedom fighter' designation.

    I readily stand to be convinced otherwise of the 'moral balancel in this particular dispute, but in the alternative I hew to the Kissinger theory of intra-Middle East disputes, namely -- 'It's too bad they BOTH can't lose'.

  2. Well, caring is one thing and doing something is another. NATO is not doing so well in Afstan, and I can assure you that neither Canadians nor Americans will not get interested in this bun-fight. Peacekeeping in Africa was a bust too. The Saudi Regime does need to get their area of the world under better control. They have had a soft ride, so far. We can hate their tactics, but they are using the kind of controls that are at their level of growth as a nation. Illiteracy rates are high

    North America needs to retrench and deal with our own continental issues at the moment. Copenhagen was very scary.

  3. These gentlemen fight under the slogan "God is great! Death to America! Death to Israel! Curse upon the Jews! Victory to Islam!"

    We have a damn good reason not to give a rat's ass about them.

  4. I totally agree that the Houthis are getting what's due to them, just like the Palestinians in Gaza were getting what was coming to them.

    At that time, when Israel was involved, the Jew-hating segments of the world and the Jew-hating populace of the world were in an uproar which could be heard clear across the universe into the next galaxy.

    My main contention in putting up this post is to show the hypocrisy involved now in the present conflict between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis. What do you think the situation would have been like if we substituted Saudi Arabia for Israel? Now, do you get my point?


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