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Robert Spencer on the "peace" of you-know-what

If only dhimmis would be forced to  learn at least a micro mini meaning of islam from Robert Spencer the world would be far more bearable. **sigh**

The massacre of Alawites

The accounts below are from earlier this year. If the people recounting the  stories of these most horrorfic atrocities are telling the truth and nothing but the truth, it's proof that the Western leaders have fallen into the deepest gutters of the utmost evil.

Jonathan Steele writing at the GuardianUK: 
Syria: massacre reports emerge from Assad's Alawite heartland  Alawites are fleeing their homes, recounting gruesome tales of executions and other atrocities

At dawn on 4 August their peace was shattered. Armed rebels, led by local jihadis as well as members of Jabhat al-Nusra and the al-Qaida linked group, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, left their headquarters in the largely Sunni town of Salma. They sneaked into the al-Akrad mountains, taking control of five Alawite villages. The rebels called it Operation Liberation of the Coast and the aim was to send the government a message that even the Alawite heartland was no longer safe.

Rumours of massacres spread as some 25,000 Alawite villagers fled to Latakia. The next day the rebels captured more Alawite villages and reached Aramo, about 12 miles north of Qardaha, the Assads' home town where Hafez al-Assad, the former president, is buried in a mausoleum. Over the next few days government forces regrouped and gradually recovered the lost ground with help from air strikes as well as local paramilitaries.........

.....The Syrian army has not allowed foreign reporters into the Alawite villages to check the massacre reports, but in Latakia city the Guardian spoke to three officers who took part in recapturing the villages. Each was interviewed in separate locations. Two were relaxing off-duty in beach-front hotels and villas. They spoke of executions and other atrocities.

"The attacks started with treachery," said Hassan, an officer in Syria's special forces. "There was a unit of 40 troops. A Sunni defected from it and took 30 other Sunnis with him. A few days later they were part of the attack that started with the village of Hambushiya. The 10 Alawite troops left behind in the area were killed." Hassan said he could listen to the rebel's radio communications. "I heard a rebel telling another rebel: 'Kill this one, but not that one' . One rebel asked: 'What do I do about the girls?' The answer came: 'I'm sending a truck to pick them up'. Several were taken and raped, and have not been seen again," he said.

"They kidnapped Sheikh Badr Ghazal and stripped girls and the sheikh to humiliate him. The sheikh was then killed. Rebels videoed the events and we found the pictures on the mobiles of dead rebels when we retook the villages. They have not been shown on Syrian TV or media because they are too distressing."

Shadi, a 32-year-old officer in a local defence unit that is separate from the Syrian army, was lightly wounded during the government's counter-attack. "When we got into the village of Balouta I saw a baby's head hanging from a tree. There was a woman's body which had been sliced in half from head to toe and each half was hanging from separate apple trees. It made me feel I wanted to do something wild," he recalled.

Ali, a member of the regular army, said he also saw the baby's head. "We found two mass graves with 140 bodies. They were not shot. They had their throats slit. About 105 people of different ages were kidnapped," he said. "It's really scary what happened. Nobody has gone home to the villages because so much has been destroyed and many houses have been burnt. The whole area is unusable. Salafists from abroad were behind the attack."

The officers' accounts cannot be independently verified but the Guardian has obtained lists, compiled by local activists, with the names of victims from Hambushiya, Balouta, and five other villages. They include 62 people listed as killed, 60 kidnapped and 139 people who are missing. The dead range in age from a toddler of two to a man of 90. The vast majority are women, children and the elderly since most men in the villages were away on duty as part of the volunteer defence forces elsewhere in the region. They did not expect their own villages to come under attack.

Is there any future for the Christians of Pakistan?

Some of the "living" victims of the All Saints Church bombing of two months ago.

Dr.Patrick Sookhdeo writing at BarnabasAid:
....Over 100 people were killed in the blasts,  leaving many grieving loved ones. Some lost their entire families; for them, life will never be the same again.....

....Khalida Sajid  was heavily pregnant at the time of the attack, and tragically, the blast killed her unborn baby. She also suffered terrible injuries that have kept her bedridden.

Samina Azeem was also pregnant, around 6-7 months, when the incident happened. Thankfully her baby survived, and she is due to give birth next month. But she has been left a widow; her husband of just over a year, Azeem Akhtar, was killed in the bombing. Samina is understandably concerned about the prospect of raising their child alone. Barnabas Aid is covering her medical costs....

.....Hanif Masih is drawing comfort from his deceased son’s heroism. Sharoon Hanif, known as Sharoo (meaning “lion”), was a church warden. He tackled the second suicide bomber, causing him to fall to the ground. Hanif said, “He died like a lion, he wasn’t afraid. He is a martyr and in a good place. I am a proud father.”....

.....A ball bearing from the explosion struck Farah Javed (23) in the backbone, paralysing the lower part of her body. There is no treatment available for this in Pakistan, though it is hoped that she may be able to come to the UK for treatment.

Venus Shafique, whose family is on Barnabas Aid’s feeding programme, suffered terrible leg injuries and can barely move because of the rigid metal braces that are holding the bones in place while they heal.....

...The emotional and psychological wounds also run deep. The Christians are traumatised and depressed and, understandably, have deep questions about why this tragedy has befallen them. But amid the despondency, many spoke of their determination to resume worshipping at All Saints once they have recovered from their injuries.  

Even youngsters are displaying great courage and faith. Simran Anwar (8)who lost her older sister, Suman, in the attack, said that no person or bomb blast can stop her from going back to church because “Jesus is with me”.
Shaloom Naeem lost his parents and sister in the blast, leaving him alone. But he said:
Though my entire family is dead, I am not afraid to go to the church..........

Mother Agnes of Syria speaks to George Galloway on matters that she was deprived of speaking on at the Stop the War Conference in London

Ahh .... the "speech for me but not  for you" crowd didn't let Mother Agnes speak at the Stop the War conference held in London. Hypocrites!

From Syria360:
....Following the news that Mother Agnes Miriam, a nun who heads the Musalaha (reconciliation) initiative in Syria, was due to speak at the Stop The War conference in London, two journalists also due to speak at the event, Jeremy Scahill and Owen Jones, decided to withdraw participation unless Mother Agnes was removed from the speaking list.....

......Since the onset of the Syrian conflict, Mother Agnes has made efforts to combat the skewed narratives emerging from corrupt western, Israeli, and Gulf Oil and Gas media – not least regarding the controversial issue of the alleged chemical weapons attacks in Ghouta, Damascus. Contrary to the smears, Agnes doesn’t deny people died during the incident, nor offer a complete alternative narrative. Her questions surrounding the event are entirely focused on the many inconsistencies and inaccuracies within the “official narrative” and the dubious YouTube videos touted as impartial evidence. It seems the CIA were also less than convinced of the US governments “assessment”; so much so that a mass resignation was threatened if their name was attached to John Kerry’s dodgy dossier. Furthermore, a considerable open source collaborative effort to determine the perpetrator of the alleged chemical weapons attack has drawn the logical, and somewhat scientific conclusion that only the rebels could have been responsible. In addition, the much politicised UN report that attempted to point the finger at the Syrian army has also come under much scrutiny from highly qualified avenues for its poor methodologies and misleading conclusions. Regardless of all the  above, the fact Mother Agnes actually resides in Syria, is the head of an organisation that has mediated between warring factions and enabled the safe evacuation of civilians, and consistently calls for peaceful reconciliation and dialogue, doesn’t count for much in the eyes of rabid western pundits eager to demonize anyone that dare question, or offer a counter narrative to their fabrication-laden fantasies on Syria............

Why is the US and NATO letting Karzai strong-arm them?

I just don't get it.  It's like the USA and NATO powers are on their knees begging Karzai to take their money and the possible lives of their soldiers who would be stationed there for the next decade.  Can't they see that Karzai don't want the West meddling anymore in Afghanistan?  Why insist on helping a nation that does not want your help and flings your gifts right back into your face?  I just don't get it!!

Ron Paul writing at RonPaulInstitute:
...After a year of talks over the post-2014 US military presence in Afghanistan, the US administration announced last week that a new agreement had finally been reached. Under the deal worked out with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the US would keep thousands of troops on nine military bases for at least the next ten years.

It is clear that the Obama Administration badly wants this deal. Karzai, sensing this, even demanded that the US president send a personal letter promising that the US would respect the dignity of the Afghan people if it were allowed to remain in the country. It was strange to see the US president go to such lengths for a deal that would mean billions more US dollars to Karzai and his cronies, and a US military that would continue to prop up the regime in Kabul.

Just as the deal was announced by Secretary of State John Kerry and ready to sign, however, Karzai did an abrupt about-face. No signed deal until after the next presidential elections in the spring, he announced to a gathering of tribal elders, much to the further embarrassment and dismay of the US side. The US administration had demanded a signed deal by December. What may happen next is anybody’s guess. The US threatens to pull out completely if the deal is not signed by the end of this year.

Karzai should be wary of his actions. It may become unhealthy for him. The US has a bad reputation for not looking kindly on puppet dictators who demand independence from us.

Yet Karzai’s behavior may have the unintended benefit of saving the US government from its own worst interventionist instincts. The US desire to continue its military presence in Afghanistan – with up to 10,000 troops – is largely about keeping up the false impression that the Afghan war, the longest in US history, has not been a total, catastrophic failure. Maintaining a heavy US presence delays that realization, and with it the inevitable conclusion that so many lives have been lost and wasted in vain. It is a bitter pill that this president, who called Afghanistan “the good war,” would rather not have to swallow..........

Moroccan "father of the year nominee" takes 5 sons to jihad in Syria

Wonder if the family will share the 72 virgins. Something like "family that dies together fucks together" kind of thing.

And, mind you.  If this Moroccan dad had applied for immigration to Canada, our bountiful idiots at the Immigrant Dept would have readily welcomed him here.  After all, look what a nice, fine looking macho family he has, they would surely contribute to our Canadian society, right?  

From AlAlam:
A Moroccan Salafist father has taken his five kids to Syria to fight alongside al-Qaeda militants in their war against the Arab country.
Syria militants have recently published photos of Osama al-Sha'ara, a thirteen-year-old Moroccan boy who is in Syria with his father and brothers to fight and overthrow Syrian government.
According to the Moroccan sources, Osama al-Sha'ara, accompanying his father, took part in clashes in the northern Moroccan city of Tangier before entering Syria.
Ahmed al-Sha'ara, Osama’s father, who was a drug smuggler, entered Syria by the help of Salafist groups via Netherlands and Turkey.
Hassan al-Haddad, a Moroccan social activist and newspaper reporter, said that numerous Moroccan children have been sent to Syria through various ways, including European countries.
The local residents say that Osama along with his father had participated in several protests in support of Salafist prisoners in Tangier.
According to the reports, 600 Moroccan militants have been killed in Syria since the conflict erupted in 2011.

The fruits of Canadian Immigration Department's failures

"people of Hungarian descent"  .... should we read that as "Roma" or "gypsies" ? 
According to me, the best stick the opposition has when tackling the Conservative govt. is to bring up all the boondoggles of the Conservative-run Immigration Dept.  However, knowing that the immigrant community won't take kindly to any such criticism of other immigrants, and as every politician will sell even their mother for the immigrant vote, the opposition remains silent and the Conservatives carry on their merry way importing every Tom, Dick and plenty of Mohammads without proper scrutiny of their background and without proper reining in of people entering Canada on visit visas and staying put to become members of fraudulent entities.

From RCMP:
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Financial Crime Unit in conjunction with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP anti-rackets branch) and Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) have thwarted an alleged organized crime ring targeting the Ontario government and the private banking industry. Police estimate that millions have been lost through fraudulent social assistance payments, stolen cheques and bank related frauds...
....The following individuals have been charged with Fraud over $5,000, Possession of identity information, Possession of property obtained by crime and Conspiracy to commit the above offences:
Jeno LAKATOS (40) of Toronto, Ontario
Jozsef VIRAG (25) of Toronto, Ontario
Nikoletta ARGHANDEWAL (38) (AKA Nikoletta VARGA, BOZYEL and STOKES) of Toronto, Ontario.....

From TorontoSun:
“People of Hungarian descent, .... who were awaiting deportation from Canada, were recruited to open fraudulent bank accounts,” RCMP Sgt. Vance Morgan said Wednesday, explaining one facet of the “elaborate scheme.”
Once they were booted out of the country, others in Canada continued to manage those bank accounts, the project team leader said.
“Cheques from businesses, individuals and the provincial government were intercepted and deposited into the fraudulent accounts,” Morgan said. “And when investigators looked into those accounts and tried to find the individuals who had opened them, they were no longer in the country......

The Saudi-style Daycare in Quebec where teachers wear full burqas

If I was in a position of authority at the Ministry of Education in Quebec,  the first thing I would do would be to call for an investigation of each and every penny that has come into this daycare's bank account to see if there were any donations from Saudi Arabian or from Canadian-Saudis.  I would also want to see the full inventory of the text books in the facility.  The owners of this daycare should be on CSIS's radar from now on.  How dare they start something here that represents the most oppressive cavemen country on the face of the Earth!!

I am rooting for Quebec's "secular charter" .... I hope it gets the votes required to make it into law.  The downside is that these religious fucks will make their way to Ontario, but at least Quebec will know that they have done something to retain the identity of Quebec from being flushed into the gutters of islam.

Don't you just love the way  muzzies  anglicize their names when they want to hide their own.  "Sam and Julie" .... owners of the Saudi-style daycare in Canada are probably Mohammad Saleh and Jamila something.  Below is the pic that shows their backsides.  Nice salafi-style beard, eh?  Why do I suspect that "Julie" might be a convert to islam? The converts are usually more heavily brainwashed.

What an ideal place in Montreal for the daycare owners to start indoctrinating Canadian kids!  The name of the place "Verdun" fits beautifully with their desire to raise children in the concept of "jihad"  .... as the meaning of Verdun = war, conflict and battle ... which equals to "jihad" when translated.  The name of the daycare is  being shielded and while we originally thought the name of the establishment was Verdun Daycare, it's the name of the location and not the daycare's name. 

You have to listen to the podcast below where some samosa-loving neighbours of the daycare owners display their dhimmihood.

From CBC:
Neighbours of Verdun daycare react to niqab photo. Daybreak's Shawn Apel went out to Verdun to speak to the neighbours of the daycare owners embroiled in the niqab photo controversy.

From CBC:
One photo changed everything  for the owners of a Verdun daycare.
Sam and Julie, whose names have been changed to protect their identities, say their business and livelihood are in jeopardy after a photo of two of the daycare’s educators, clad in niqabs, were circulated online.....
......Three people at Julie and Sam’s daycare wear the niqab — but only in the presence of adult men and when they go outside.......

More here from LaPresse

Friday, November 29, 2013

And, in other Muslim Madness news ....

the scum cut down a 150-year old oak tree in Syria because the illiterate dogs thought that people were paying it more attention than allah snackbar. The world has never known of a worse cult than the cult of islam and never will.

From MuslimIssue Blog:
Jihadist Cut Down 150-Year Old Historic    ‘Good Luck’ Oak Tree In Syria To Ban ‘Idol Worship’
Jihadists cut down a 150-year-old oak tree in Atme, on Syria’s border with Turkey, after they accused locals of worshiping it, a pro-jihadist source said.
“Thank God almighty, the tree… aged more than 150 years has been removed, after people were worshiping it instead of God,” said the source on Thursday via his Twitter account named “our call is our jihad.”
He also posted pictures of a man in a black mask using an electric saw to cut down the tree. A black al-Qaida-style flag bearing the Islamic profession of faith had been planted on top of the tree.
The jihadist sympathizer used the hashtag used by supporters of the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the tree had been cut down, adding that it stood next to an ancient shrine in Atme.
After jihadists took over the shrine and prevented people from going to pray there, prayers were held by the tree instead..........

Cannibal chat rooms

Our brave new world that even Huxley could not have imagined even if he had tried his utmost best.

From RT:
....The two chatted on line for some time before arranging a date, which ended in Detlev G. murdering his companion. 

“The victim had been fantasizing about being killed and eaten by someone else since his youth,” Dieter Kroll, Dresden police chief, is cited as saying by Reuters.............

Michael Coren and Robert Spencer think Pope Francis saying that "authentic islam....." is wishful thinking?

Don't understand why  these guys are trying to find excuses for the dhimmi pope for stating that "...authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Quran are opposed to every form of violence...."   That wasn't wishful thinking.... it was just mega-stupid drivel from a Hollywood wannabe and a lying politically correct dumbo!!

Soldier suicides ... the necessary evil?

What did you expect?  We send our young men and women to kill other human beings and we expect them to come back with their mental health intact?  Are they Muslim jihadists without a conscience that they can see all that gore and mayhem in the killing fields and then return to Canada and continue with life like nothing has happened?  Our politicians should be shipped to war fronts before sending out our young.

Jessica Murphy writing at QMI:
....The government's ability to help soldiers   with mental illness came under scrutiny for a second day after three Canadian Forces members apparently committed suicide this week.
Opposition parties targeted the Conservative government in question period Friday over whether it's doing enough to help struggling current and former soldiers.

NDP veterans affairs critic Peter Stoffer said he hopes the investigations into the deaths - launched as part of regular procedure - would be completed soon.
It can take up to five years to complete an investigation, although the military says results are often released after a year.
"That's far too long. They should be able to work with these families very, very quickly to determine what happened and what can be done to prevent these in the future," Stoffer said.

Col. Rakesh Jetly, mental health advisor to the Canadian Forces surgeon general, called the apparent suicides "heartbreaking."
Jetly said the military expects the number of soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder to increase at "a steady state" over the coming few years following the war in Afghanistan.
He also encouraged soldiers suffering from PTSD to seek help, but said the military is doing its utmost to offer necessary care and improve treatments.

Warrant Officer Michael McNeil was deployed overseas in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. He died at the Petawawa, Ont., military base on Nov. 27.
Master Cpl. William Elliott, a decorated combat veteran, went to Bosnia and Afghanistan. He died near the Shilo, Man., base on Nov. 25.
Master Bombardier Travis Halmrast, who was deployed to Afghanistan, also died on Nov. 25.

It's not the first time the military and national defence and veterans affairs departments have been criticized for failing soldiers struggling with combat-related mental illness........

Convent of St.Sergius & Bacchus in Maloula, Syria ......... destroyed

Propaganda or fact?  You decide.
This was a heritage site that  was built in the 4th century. Two months since news of the destruction seeped out.  The Syrian govt. gives no clarification whatsoever and neither is there any concrete news from elsewhere.

From Pravoslavie:
....Militants have destroyed the ancient Christian  Church of Holy Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus in Ma'loula and have stolen or demolished its world-famous icons. A correspondent of ITAR-TASS agency saw it for himself on September 29.

This construction, which was the oldest in the Middle East, had been built in the early 4th century. There was a convent here lately; but after the coming of the terrorists and militants of Al-Nusra Front a month ago the sisters found refuge in the Convent of St. Thecla, Equal-to-the-Apostles, where at the present time they are taking shelter from the militants together with 40 orphaned children. It is still impossible to come up to this convent because of the heavy fire of snipers who do not even spare journalists.

The Church of Sts Sergius and Bacchus became "guilty" because of the building of the "Safir" hotel near it, where earlier numerous Christian pilgrims and tourists used to stay, but then Muslim extremists took their positions there. The Syrian army has almost leveled the hotel to the ground but the militants are still taking cover in its cellars and in neighboring grottos, converted into cells. Where monks used to live in ancient times, now there is sustained artillery fire.

A unique icon of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus painted in the 13th century, which was situated just at the entrance, has been lost forever. The iconostasis and its central icon, painted in the 13th century, have been destroyed together with the icons of the Mother of God and Christ "the Archpastor". The latter always evoked the surprise of researchers because it depicted Christ in a long robe of silk with golden threads which is more typical to Damascus of the 18th century than to the period of the beginnings of Christianity. There is no altar of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus any more. It was semicircular with a low edge—the legacy of pagan altars. Now only debris remains of it......

Saudi-sponsored terrorism in Lebanon

Comprehensive article below written by Ahmad Barqawi, a Jordanian political analyst and researcher based in Amman

.....The dual bombing of the Iranian embassy in Beirut last week which left 23 dead including the Iranian cultural attaché, fits in an entirely different bracket; it marked the first time in this litany of Saudi-sponsored terrorism that suicide bombers were used in a meticulously planned terrorist attack directly targeting official Iranian interests in Lebanon; the fact that a couple of 21-year-olds so indoctrinated and filled with hatred towards fellow Muslims that they strapped themselves with explosives and drove kamikaze-style towards the Iranian embassy with hopes of martyrdom is indicative of how rotten the fruits borne out of over 10 years’ worth of Saudi Arabia’s unrelenting sectarian incitement and hysterical anti-Shia propaganda have become; transferring a sizable portion of today’s youth into sectarian-time-bombs waiting to go off; what comes next is anybody's guess.

This is what the Arab world has come to cope with; higher (and more lethal) degrees of Saudi Arabia’s political insanity, and with the newly signed Iranian nuclear deal and Geneva II conference looming in the distance practically obituarizing the Kingdom’s failed attempts at overthrowing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, things could only get worse; Saudi Arabia has become so completely unhinged from reality (and humanity) that it might decide to go for broke on the Iraqi-Syrian-Lebanese front; upping the ante in its confrontational escapades against the “Shiite threat” and leaving a scorched path of countless of civilian deaths in its wake from Iraq to Lebanon under the destructive captaincy of Bandar Ben Sultan..........

Beware of Towing companies if your car gets stuck on the 401 or anywhere in Toronto

A friend of mine escaped injury in a major accident recently. Less than a minute after a car T-boned hers, she had barely extricated herself from the deployment of the airbag and got herself outside the car, a towing truck  rushed out of nowhere and said they will do everything needed, not to worry blah, blah, blah. Fortunately, the cops arrived just then and a few minutes after that a properly licensed towing entity which is registered with her insurers that the cops recommended she use.   She said it was uncanny how quickly the first towing guy arrived on the scene while her body was still in the first stages of shock.

Toronto has become a hub for the most unsavory characters in Canada.  All thanks to our Immigration Dept. If you use taxis frequently in Toronto,  you know what I mean and I don't have to elaborate on that last sentence. Anything to do with the transport industry in Toronto, be it driving schools or taxis, the same crop of unsavory characters are found in plenty.

Peter Cheney writing at Globe&Mail:
....Pirates on the highway are costing Ontario drivers billions.  
As rush hour approaches on Canada’s busiest highway, the forces of the towing industry assemble. Customized Vulcan Intruders and V-8-powered Ratlers rumble into position near the on-ramps, taking up their stations like carrion birds circling above the Serengeti during migration season.

These tow trucks are specialized machines, bristling with radio antennas and hydraulic tail stingers that can whisk a car away in minutes. The drivers tune in to the police frequencies and wait, hoping for a payday that could range anywhere from $150 to five figures, depending on their luck and connections.
For drivers who crash or break down on Highway 401 in Ontario, it can go one of two ways. If lucky, their vehicle will be towed away by a reputable operator who will charge a reasonable amount for the service. If not, they may find themselves plunged into a netherworld of extortionate fees, kickback-laden referrals, and barbed-wire impound lots where their car is held hostage until the bill is paid.

Running through the heart of the country’s biggest city, Highway 401 is the Grand Banks of towing – and sometimes, its Somali coast. According to a provincial task force that investigated insurance fraud, unscrupulous tow truck operators are at the front line of a black-market enterprise that costs Ontario drivers $2 billion each year.

“I think the towing industry is worse than those guys in Somalia,” says Doug Nelson, executive director of the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario (PTAO). “At least the pirates let you know what they’re up to. They stick a gun in your face and take your ship and your money. When it comes to towing, you don’t even know you’re getting robbed until you see the bill.”
The provincial task force calculated that fraud adds an estimated $700 to the insurance bill of every driver in the Greater Toronto Area............

Saudi Arabia intends ridding itself of 2 Million migrant workers

Wonder what will happen to all the fat fucks so used to the cheap labor from the poor countries of Africa and Asia.  Although the Saudis want to portray the migrants as illegals, that is seldom the case.  These people have paid thousands of dollars to the Saudis for work visas.  The visas they get are the kind that won't allow them to work anywhere outside of the "sponsor's" domain.  What happens is, the Saudis take the money, give the visas and then tell the poor souls that they will have to look for work elsewhere as the "sponsor" is not hiring.  Bottom line: These people become illegal while trying to find employment in other households.

Ian Black writing at the GuardianUK:
....Saudi Arabia's foreign labour crackdown   drives out 2m migrants.
Ethiopian workers face hostility amid 'Saudisation' campaign to control foreign labour and get more Saudi citizens into work.

Manfouha is the bleak frontline in Saudi Arabia's campaign to get rid of its illegal foreign workers, control the legal ones and help get more of its own citizens into work. This month two or three Ethiopians were killed here after a raid erupted into full-scale rioting.
Until recently, of the kingdom's 30 million residents, more than nine million were non-Saudis. Since the labour crackdown started in March, one million Bangladeshis, Indians, Filipinos, Nepalis, Pakistanis and Yemenis have left. And the campaign has moved into higher gear after the final deadline expired on 4 November, with dozens of repatriation flights now taking place every day. By next year, two million migrants will have gone......

..........Incidents involving Ethiopians are reported almost obsessively on Twitter and YouTube and across mainstream media outlets. Ethiopians complain in turn of being robbed and beaten, and of routine abuse and mistreatment by their Saudi employers. Protests have been held outside Saudi embassies in several countries. Prejudice is so rife that the Ethiopian ambassador had to insist that the Muslim or Christian beliefs of his compatriots prevented them from practising sorcery........

Height of brutality in Saudi Arabia ... the country that Americans want to continue hugging as their "ally"

Warning:  Very graphic and anger producing.  My blood is roaring like a tidal wave.

From LiveLeak:
Saudi family hang Ethiopian maid from hook - brutally beat her  
Saudi Arabian Family hang their Ethiopian maid upside down from a hook and beat her to a bloody pulp. She is drenched in blood from the whips and sticks that the Saudi men use to beat her. 

Non-European Foreign workers in the Gulf states are treated as de-facto Slaves, with no human rights and are kept as virtual prisoners by their respective "employers" and forced to endure harsh treatment for little pay.

A recent report by Amnesty International slammed the worsening state of human rights abuses in the country. Among the myriad criticisms leveled in the report, it was noted that migrant workers and other minorities regularly suffer abuse and "excessive use of force" at the hands of authorities.

So .... who really blockades towns in Syria? Is it "dictator" Assad or the terrorist groups?

Truth or propaganda?  In wartime we gotta take everything with a grain of salt.  Some say Assad is using hunger tactics to tackle the terrorists by not letting food supplies get to the towns swollen with terrorists and thus innocent citizens are also starving along with the scum.  

And, then we have reports like the one below.  

From AlAlam:
.... Saudi-backed groups entered Nubbul and al-Zahra at the beginning of the insurgency in March 2011, but in July 2012 they completely blocked the area letting no food, medicine and supplies to enter. No one could leave the area or enter as well.
In May, a group of a thousand people tried to break the siege, but they were faced with terrorists who attacked the group brutally and killed and arrested many of them.
They beheaded 10 men and hung their heads at the entrance of the area so that no one else would run.
More than 50 thousand people live in these two towns while after the crisis broke out some 15000 people also migrated and set camp in there.
There are daily reports of abduction and killing of citizens in the area by terrorist groups who often film their crimes and post them on the internet.
It is estimated that at least 10 thousand terrorist are currently occupying the towns............

Daily dose of mega-ugliness from Saudi Arabia

Can you believe that there are many Americans crying over the fact that Obama wants to distance himself from this country?  Unbelievabe!!  With allies like Saudi Arabia who needs enemies?  Even when Obama does something good, it's bad? Come on!!  Be real!!  Criticism for criticism sake is bad for the soul.

From TelegraphUK:
Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti: ban on women drivers 'protects society from evil'.
Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti made comments after reports that the country planned to loosen the ban on women drivers.
The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia said a ban on women driving in the conservative Gulf state protects society from "evil", in remarks published in the press on Thursday.
Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, in a speech delivered Wednesday in the western city of Medina, said the issue of giving women the right to drive should not be "one of society's major concerns".
The kingdom's most senior cleric called for "the matter to be considered from the perspective of protecting society from evil" which, according to him, included letting women drive......

New Revelations: Did George Bush know about the Saudi conspiracy in the 9/11 attack on the United States?

And, did he and his administration still  ignore that fact and went on, to not only attack and invade Iraq, but also shield the Saudis?  YES!!!

Senator Bob Graham's book  seem to contain a lot of the nitty gritty which should be able to take Bush and his gang to The Hague... if we were living in an ideal world.  The second vid has most of the info relevant to the topic. This interview was conducted yesterday and I think this is not the end we will hear about it nor about the implications involved.

More here and here.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Muslim and Arab crime wave in Canada ... Part XLV

The first two crimes listed below have taken place in the Province of Quebec. However,  if you had a mind to read a media release of these two incidents at the relevant police jurisdictions where they occurred, you will not find any mention of them least not by easy access to the general public. The accountability to the public is completely ignored by each and every police department in Quebec.... and that behaviour is not only tolerated by the Quebec government, sadly even the Federal govt of Canada has not taken a step to demand that accountability to the citizens of Canada be an important part of the duties of the Police Force in Quebec.  Shame!!!

436) Chiheb Battikh’s trial date for attempted  kidnapping for ransom to be fixed in November.  A 51-year-old Tunisian Montrealer will go to trial on charges of trying to kidnap a little boy for ransom in Outremont last December..............

437) A 71-year-old Iranian-born Canadian  has been charged with endangering Montreal's Trudeau International Airport after security screeners allegedly found bomb-making components in luggage he was attempting to carry aboard a plane bound for Los Angeles. 
Anthony Piazza was charged Monday with mischief, endangering the safety of an aircraft or airport and being in illegal possession of an explosive substance. 
The incident partly shut down Montreal's main airport for several hours on Sunday and caused a neighborhood to be shut down for a police search.
Police found wires, bullets, and a powder inside the bag, his attorney, Louis Morena, said.
Authorities say the components were not assembled into a bomb, but could be used to make one. 
Piazza, who is originally from Tehran, changed his name in the 1980s from the Iranian Houshang Nazemi to the Italian moniker Anthony Piazza, said Morena. He previously served a 10-year-sentence under that name in Canadian prison for smuggling drugs into the country....

438) A student at the centre of a potential hazardous chemical scare at the University of Saskatchewan on Wednesday has been suspended.
Mohamadmahdi Kowsari was arrested by police Wednesday evening after a search of his residence turned up stolen chemicals from the university.
Earlier in the day, emergency crews responded to the Engineering Building after receiving reports of a potentially hazardous concoction at a basement lab.

439) The Toronto Police Service  would like to make the public aware of an arrest made in a stabbing investigation. 
It is alleged that: 
- on Thursday, November 28, 2013, at approximately 5:50 a.m., police were called to the College Street/Lansdowne Avenue area for a fight 
- once on scene, police located a man armed with a knife 
- a CEW was deployed to facilitate the arrest 
- the man was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries 
Jamal Hamed, 50, of Toronto, is facing: 
1) Attempt Murder 
2) two counts of Assault with a weapon 

440) On Saturday, September 8,  2012, at approximately 12:30 a.m., police responded to a call for a shooting on Fawcett Trail. 
See previous release. 
As a result of the ongoing investigation, it was alleged that: 
- shortly after Abdulaziz Farah's death, the suspect drove the victim's car away from the scene 
- the car was recovered in Scarborough the next day 
On Wednesday, December 19, 2012, Liban Omar, then 18, of Ajax, was arrested. 
He was charged with: 
1) First-Degree murder .........

441) The Toronto Police Service would    like to advise the public of an arrest in a sexual assault investigation.
It is alleged that: 
- between Friday, November 15, 2013, and Sunday, November 17, 2013, a man visited Seneca College, Newham Campus, at 1760 Finch Avenue East 
- in the early hours of Saturday, November 16, 2013, he introduced himself to a woman 
- the two had a brief conversation, then he sexually assaulted her 
- in the early hours of Sunday, November 17, 2013, he introduced himself to a different woman 
- after a brief conversation, he sexually assaulted the second woman 
Ahmed Khan, 20, of Toronto, was arrested and has been charged with: 
1. two counts of Forcible Confinement 
2. two counts of Sexual Assault 
3. assault 

442) Man arrested in connection     with sexual assault investigation, Muhammed Qureshi, 64, Police believe there may be other victims.  The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of an arrest in a sexual assault investigation. 
It is alleged that: 
- on Monday, September 23, 2013, a woman attended Opticon Optical, 1165 St. Clair Avenue West, for an eye examination 
- a man fraudulently identified himself as a certified optometrist and performed the exam 
- during the exam, he sexually assaulted her 
On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, Muhammed Qureshi, 64, of Toronto, was arrested. He is charged with: 
1) Sexual assault 
2) Fraud - under ($5,000) 
3) Personation with intent 
4) Forgery 
5) Uttering forged document 

443) Sexual Assault AlertSales representative arrested in connection with sexual assault investigation, Masud Alam Bhuiya, 51, Police believe there may be other victims, Photograph released
The Toronto Police Service would like to advise the public of an arrest in a sexual assault investigation. 
It is alleged that: 
- on Friday, November 15, 2013, the accused was employed by Sunwave Gas and Power and Reliance Home Comfort and was conducting door-to-door sales 
- the accused attended a home in the Kingston Road and Eglinton Avenue East area and convinced a 15-year-old girl to allow him to enter her house 
- the girl was sexually assaulted by the accused 
On Saturday, November 16, 2013, Masud Alam Bhuiya, 51, of Toronto was arrested and charged with: 
1) sexual assault 

444) The Toronto Police    Service would like to make the public aware of an arrest in an armed robbery/stabbing investigation.
On Friday, July 12, 2013, police responded to a stabbing call in the Dixon Road and Royal York Road area.
It is alleged that: 
- the accused, attempting to disguise himself and armed with a knife, broke into a home on Dixon Road 
- one of the residents, who was sleeping in the basement, was woken by the entry and was confronted by the accused, who then held a knife to his throat 
- the victim was able to break free from the accused and ran from the basement to the main floor 
- the accused approached a second victim, sleeping on a couch in the basement, and stabbed him several times 
- the victim tried to escape, but the accused continued to stab him 
- the accused fled the home prior to police arriving
The stabbing victim was rushed to hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. 
A Warrant in the First for the arrest of Faud Muse Jama, 18, of Toronto, was issued. 
On Tuesday, October 29, 2013, the accused was arrested in London, Ontario, and turned over to the Toronto Police Service Hold Up Squad. 

445) The Ottawa Police Service  Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Section (SACA) has charged Nidal ZEITI, 52 years old, of Ottawa with one count of Sexual assault, in relation to the November 9th incident where a 20-year-old woman was sexually assaulted, inside a taxi, by the driver. 

446) On October 28, 2013 Ottawa Police Central District Investigators located the male responsible for the incident on October 22nd where a 27-year-old woman (please note age correction) was the victim of an unprovoked attacked.  With the assistance of Patrol, he was arrested in the downtown area without incident. 
The male has been identified as Nabil BENHSAIEN, 35 years old, of Ottawa. He has been charged with Attempt Murder and Breach of Recognizance.     

447) On Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, the Ottawa Police Service, Sexual Assault & Child Abuse Section, charged an Ottawa man after a report of a Sexual Assault on a 15 year old girl. 
On Sunday October 20th 2013, at 8:30 pm, police officers responded to a call of a Sexual Assault in the 1700 block of Innes Road in the city's east end. Police attended and learned that the 15 year old female complainant had been driven to an isolated area, east of Rockland Ontario, and sexually assaulted. The girl was returned to Ottawa by the suspect and dropped off on Innes road afterwards. The suspect was driving a rented 2013, 4 door grey Mazda 3, with a rental decal on the rear bumper. 
Mohamad SLEIMAN, 31 years old, will appear in court today charged with Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference, two counts of Uttering Threats, Forcible Confinement and two counts of Breach of Probation. 

448) The Calgary Police Service  Robbery Unit has charged a man in relation to a series of bank robberies dating back to 2010.
In each of the robberies, a man entered the bank, presented a note which indicated he was armed and threatened harm if his demand for money was not met.
The robberies occurred:
Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, at the CIBC located at 100 block of Stewart Green S.W.
Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013, at the RBC located in the 3800 block of Bow Trail S.W.
Friday, May 24, 2013, at the CIBC located in the 4600 block of Bow Trail S.W.
Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012, at the Scotiabank located in the 4900 block of Richmond Road S.W.
Monday, July 5, 2010, at the Scotiabank located in the 5100 block of Country Hills Blvd. N.W.
On Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013, Abdulfatha Omar Jabril DARARA, 35, of Calgary, was arrested without incident and charged with five counts of bank robbery.

449) A Guelph Police investigation of a break and enter on Willow Road alleges that on November 4, 2013, 
three males approached the residence and male #1 knocked on the door. The occupants opened the door 
as this male is known to them. The two other males were not seen by the resident when the door was 
opened. The males forced their way into the residence and one of the males was holding a firearm. 
Once inside the suspects attacked a male occupant. One occupant ran from the residence and summoned 
assistance from a neighbour. When this occupant returned with the neighbour they fought back against 
the intruders. One of the suspect males may have suffered a head injury at this time. The three males 
then fled the residence. 
Suspect male #1 was arrested by Guelph Police on November 13, 2013. Ahmed QUAMI, 18 years of 
Guelph is charged with break and enter to commit assault, failure to comply with sentencing or 
disposition order, firearm- use while committing an offence........

The proper greeting at Christmastime is "Merry Christmas" not "Happy Holidays"

and retailers who make the most money at Christmastime should pay heed to that all important fact and not play those vomit-inducing politically correct games advertising their goods for the "happy holidays season" instead of saying Christmas season.   Shove your "happy holidays" where the sun never shines.  I don't care which other festivals make an appearance at or nearabout Christmastime.  Christmas trumps them all...each and every last one of them. 

Carolyn Tyler writing at ABCLocal
With the holiday season comes  the annual controversy over whether people should say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays." This year, Gap finds itself in the middle of that debate.
For the past few years, conservatives have said people they call "secular progressives" are waging a war on Christmas. Now one faith-based group says the Gap is joining their side, although the San Francisco retailer doesn't quite see it that way.
It's the busiest shopping time of the year and when retailers try to lure consumers, the American Family Association wants their advertising to say "Merry Christmas."
"People buy gifts for Christmas, that's a tradition so there is nothing wrong with acknowledging Christmas in your promotions advertising and greetings," Tim Wildmon said.
His organization issues an annual "naughty or nice" list of companies. For the first time, Gap is listed as nice. Wildmon is declaring victory for what he describes as a policy change after years of talks with the gap..........

Muslim terrorists bring back the dreaded disease of Polio

The Taliban fucks from Afghanistan and the Saudi Arabian funded scum from the madrasas in Pakistan are responsible. 

In Pakistan,  the cavemen kill or kidnap anybody and everybody connected to polio vaccination campaigns, even school teachers who were guilty of just being present in the schools visited  by the vaccination teams.


China flexes muscle in their newly declared air defense zone

As if the going-ons in the Middle East were not enough to keep everybody on their toes,  now we have to dance from one end of the world to the other... Asia ... to see the warlike developments between China and her neighbours...and of course America.  America is like the salt in any and every savory dish at the war table. Everything is insipid and tasteless without that essential condiment.

From BBC:
China has sent warplanes to its newly   declared air defence zone in the East China Sea, state media reports.
The vast zone, announced last week, covers territory claimed by China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.
China has said all planes transiting the zone must file flight plans and identify themselves, or face "defensive emergency measures".
But Japan, South Korea and the US have all since flown military aircraft through the area......

From BBC:
Japan and South Korea defy China air zone rules. Japan and South Korea have both flown planes unannounced through China's newly-declared air defence zone, officials from both nations say.
Japanese aircraft had conducted routine "surveillance activity" over the East China Sea zone, the top government spokesman said......

From USAToday:
....Without prior notice, Beijing began demanding  Saturday that passing aircraft identify themselves and accept Chinese instructions or face consequences in an East China Sea zone that overlaps a similar air defense identification zone overseen by Japan since 1969 and initially part of one set up by the U.S. military.
But when tested just days later by U.S. B-52 flights — with Washington saying it made no effort to comply with China's rules, and would not do so in the future — Beijing merely noted, belatedly, that it had seen the flights and taken no further action.
South Korea's military said Thursday its planes flew through the zone this week without informing China and with no apparent interference. Japan also said its planes have continuing to fly through it after the Chinese announcement, while the Philippines, locked in an increasingly bitter dispute with Beijing over South China Sea islands, said it also was rejecting China's declaration..........

Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are bosom friends and allies of the USA and UK

And, I am willing to bet that France, Germany, Canada, Australia and others already know of the "friendly" developments with these murderers and the governments of the USA and UK and have given their blessing. We, the ordinary people who are trampled on by our politicians knew that the Muslim  Bastardhood, plus terror groups with heavy Al Qaeda elements were being funded and armed by many of the Judas countries, but now we have to also live with yet another backstabbing from the scum we have elected to offices from where they pierce us with their missiles of betrayal.  You can add Hezbollah to the list of  terror groups our politicians are now joined at the hip with and see them enjoying every second of that unholy alliance.  

We are destined to be taken over by the cult of islam.  There's no escape.  Like a couple of Canadian bloggers who have given up blogging said to  me recently that they have done so because trying to fight the politicians is a lost cause.  Once they get to those high places they consider themselves to be gods.  We will never be able to control the influx of Muslims to Canada and neither will we be able to control the wildfire spread of islamic extremism in not only the Muslim population of Canada, but the contagion will also spread to non-Muslim communities, as we have already seen with the converts to islam, especially among the youth.

Sharona Schwartz writing at TheBlaze:
....Two Kuwaiti newspapers have reported that U.S. officials have been holding indirect secret talks with the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah over the past year, using Britain as a mediator.

Al-Rai on Wednesday quoted senior British government sources who said while British diplomats are engaging in direct talks with Hezbollah leaders over issues including the fight against Al Qaeda and other Middle East challenges, they are conveying information to the U.S.

The talks “are aimed at keeping tabs on the changes in the region and the world, and prepare for the upcoming return of Iran to the international community,” diplomatic sources in Washington told the Kuwaiti paper, according to the Jerusalem Post..........

Saudi Arabia's enclave in Quebec

Our glorious Immigration Department and the lowlife within those walls has given Canada this:

From CBC News:
Verdun daycare.  

When it comes to muslims, every word they utter or use has a double meaning.  For example, the name of the daycare is Verdun.  Verdun means Battle, Struggle or War which equals to Jihad.

Mayor Rob Ford continues doing an excellent job in spite of spiteful enemies

Email dated November 25 from the mayor:

Dear Friends, 
Here is a summary of my remarks from today's Budget meeting: 

Today, I'm proud to tell Toronto taxpayers that I am continuing to do the work for which I was elected.
Through this budget, the people of Toronto can rest assured that its City continues to:
hold the line on property tax
increasesinvest in priorities like the Scarborough Subway
deliver the services that they need
be a competitive city to do business
invest billions of dollars into Toronto's growing infrastructure needs
Since amalgamation, the City has carried an annual budget shortfall which in recent years has grown.
Each year's shortfall was solved with one-time fixes. These one-time fixes actually contributed to our financial issues, leaving us with an even bigger shortfall every year.
But I want to remind you that last year, my administration turned the corner. We looked at our services and determined which ones were our core services and found permanent savings.
And in 2013, because we found these savings, we were able to - for the first time since amalgamation - eliminate the unsustainable use of surplus money from the previous year to fund annual expenses.
I am happy to say that the 2014 City Budget is balanced, protects core services, and for the second year in a row, it is balanced without the use of prior year surplus funds.
However, I do not agree with the proposed residential tax increase of 2.5%; this is higher than the 1.75% increase which was agreed to back in January. I will be continuing to speak with the City Manager and Budget Chief to bring this number down.
The original 1.75% proposed included a buffer to allow for subway funding, and I also see no mention of a Land Transfer Tax reduction.
I find it hard to believe that in a budget of over $12 billion, we cannot find a further $18 million in efficiencies – that's less than two-tenths of one percent.
So far in 2013, City Council has approved over $12 million in spending that went against staff recommendations.
In just one short week since my powers were reduced, we can see the old ways of tax and spend have returned to City Hall. I will not stand by and let this happen, and the taxpayers of this City should not either.
I'd like to thank City Manager Joe Pennachetti, CFO Rob Rossini Josie LaVita, Director of Financial Planning, and the Budget Chief, Councillor Frank Di Giorgio for their work - and I'd also like to thank all the staff - for their efforts in drafting a proposed budget for City Council to consider.
Thank you for helping to usher in a new era in the City's history – one that's built on a strong foundation of accountability, transparency and strong customer service.
As always, please contact me at 416-397-FORD (3673) or email me at if I can ever be of assistance to you.
Yours truly,
Mayor Rob Ford
Mayor Ford's Four Priorities: 
1 Customer Service Excellence 
2 Transparent & Accountable Government 
3 Reduced Cost and Size of Government 
4 Transportation City

And as  Conrad Black said at the NationalPost:
.... We seem to have reached the turning: those who should not have become so vocal do not seem able to put up or shut up, and the mayor, who is not, for many people, a style-setter, appears to be competent to continue in the task which he was elected to perform. Those who disapprove of him, but are wary of the heavy numbers of his supporters, take refuge in the suggestion that he take a break to deal with his “substance” or addiction “issues.” The capable and normally politically astute Employment minister, Jason Kenney, an Alberta MP who has no discernible dog in this hunt, suggested the mayor “step aside.” I don’t see why he should...............

and much more which should be read in full as he is one of the very few prominent Canadians who have had the guts to come out and defend the mayor.  

As for the Toronto Star,  the idiots have made the most money the last few weeks thanks to the mayor.  The weekend I left for my vacation I picked up the Toronto Star that someone had discarded on the seat I occupied in the transit lounge and much to my disgust EACH AND EVERY PAGE of that yellow mess was full of slanderous articles about not only mayor Ford but slanderous articles about his family and friends.  Disgusting state of affairs at the Toronto Star. Yellow journalism at its worst. 
The Toronto Star is so shameless, bruised ego or not, they still have the audacity to post an article in response to Conrad Black's piece at the National Post:

...Writing about His Worship in a recent newspaper column, The Lord High Windbag prattled on about Ford as if his problems amounted to nothing more than “his full-figured, Archie Bunker style.”
Clearly, his Lordship brayed, this is a case of “rank hypocrisy from mouthy journalists and gimcrack municipal politicians, and . . . the confected and inflated sanctimony of prigs and twits.”
Black should know. The toadiest of felons ever to spend time in an American jail, he has also suffered at the hands — and pens — of the hypocritical media. Except, of course, from those he owned.....