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Gerald Celente on warmongers: "...little cowards that get other people to go do their fighting...."

Lovely rant.  I enjoyed it!

Every parent's nightmare .... child molester paediatrician

Only in merry old wanna be fully shariah Britainistan.

From ITVNews:
Paediatrician admits string of child sex offences  
A doctor who worked in paediatrics in hospitals across Greater Manchester has admitted a string of child sex offences.
Raza Laskar, 32, of Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, pleaded guilty to 31 charges including sexual activity with a child and possessing extreme pornography.
The offences were against 12 boys under the age of 16, with his victims based in the UK and abroad.

Police were alerted to Laskar when more than 1,600 files suspected to contain indecent photographs of children were made available on a file-sharing website between Christmas Day last year and January 27.

An IP address was linked to Laskar's home.

After searching the 32-year-old's property, officers found more than 1.2 million images and videos of the doctor engaging in sexual acts with a child in a hotel room.......

13 US cities in bankruptcy yet world's self appointed policeman spends billions of $s on wars far away from home where defeat after defeat is the only outcome

Suicidal ... just like Rome was before its fall.
This list is from early this year.  By now, there might be additional cities on that list and many more planning to file for bankruptcy.

From PBS:
Which American municipalities have filed for bankruptcy?  
Across the country, from Vallejo, Calif. to Detroit, Mich., some cities that cannot repay their debts have taken the extreme step of declaring municipal bankruptcy.

Cities file for bankruptcy under Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code. Yet before a city can declare Chapter 9 bankruptcy, the city must establish it is eligible to do so according to state law.

Chapter 9 bankruptcy is relatively rare. We’ve listed the cities and towns that have filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy since 2008 on the map below.

According to bankruptcy attorney Karol Denniston, when a city owes money to its employees, pensioners, and creditors, these debts constitute a contract — similar to a business taking out a loan. If the debts cannot be repaid, a municipality may consider bankruptcy as a last resort to negotiate reduced financial liabilities.

But unlike individuals and corporations, cities are not always allowed to declare bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a federal process. In turn, a state must give its cities, towns, counties, and other municipalities — governmental administrative districts like irrigation authorities or hospital districts — the right to petition the federal government to restructure their debts.

Without permission from the state, the federal government granting a bankruptcy petition for a municipality would violate a state’s authority and therefore, the 10th amendment......

"Nice" rant .....

from Greg Hunter on Ebola, economy, Obamacare, etc.   Hah!

BRICS news updates .... October 31

Brazil's Dilma Rouseff wins another term much to the chagrin of the powers-that-be in the USA.
Over a grueling past three months,  Brazil has seen the most divisive campaign and the toughest election since its democratization process in 1989. The campaign ended with the reelection of President Dilma Rouseff, from Partido dos Trabalhadores (Workers Party) with 51.64% of the votes and a mandate for leading the country for the next four years.
Although the margin that divided them was very slim- 54.5 million to Dilma Rousseff against 51.0 million votes to Aécio Neves – they had very different policy prescriptions, especially of reviving an ailing economy.
While both agreed on the need for social spending and economic growth to fight poverty, Neves accused Rousseff of not backing reforms needed to stimulate growth....

Brazilian Central bank’s (BCB) move on Wednesday to raise its policy rate by 25bp to 11.25 per cent is a sign that reelected President Dilma Rousseff will be more market-friendly, analysts concluded.
The bank said the inflation risks have changed since their last meeting in September.
“In light of that, the committee considered it appropriate to adjust monetary conditions in order to guarantee, at a lower cost, the prevalence of a more benign inflation outlook in 2015 and 2016,” the Brazilian Central bank said in its statement.
The BCB’s target is to keep annual inflation at 4.5 per cent.....

From WantChinaTimes:
China to buy 5,000 Russian air-to-air missiles: Japanese report
China is likely to purchase 5,000 R-73 and R-77 air-to-air missiles from Russia, writes Toshiyuki Roku, retired commander of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's Air Development and Test Command, in an article for the Tokyo-based Japan Military Review.....

From EconomicTimes:
India re-elected to UN Economic and Social Council 
India has overwhelmingly won its re-election to the UN body on economic and social issues, garnering the highest number of votes in the Asia-Pacific group. 
The 193-member UN General Assembly yesterday elected 18 members of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to serve a three-year term beginning January 1, 2015. 

China's government uses diplomacy to unite their rail companies so they stand a better chance on global bids ... whereas; our Canadian govt. hinders Bombardier in every which way and dampens the great Canadian company's holdings in  Russia by sanctions on that country.
From Xinhaunet:
China's top two train makers   will merge after a 14-year split to explore the global market for their high-speed railway technology, analysts said.
The two, China CNR Corp. Limited and CSR Corp. Limited, will announce the details of their merger over the weekend after confirming the news on Tuesday.
The move aims to avoid "in-fighting" between the two in their exploration of the global market, said Wang Mengshu, a railway expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
The two split in 2000, and the then Ministry of Railways (MOR), which became the China Railway Corporation in 2013, delineated the companies' major sales domains with the Yellow River as the boundary. It also tried to set a boundary for the two in the overseas market to reduce their competition....

From TheDiplomat:
China’s Emergency Relief to South Sudan   
The ongoing violence in South Sudan has had an unbearable humanitarian cost. Currently, more than 1.4 million South Sudanese are internally displaced and the UN estimates that $1.8 billion in humanitarian aid is needed in 2014.

As one of the most important investors in the previously unified Sudan and now in the independent South Sudan, China has displayed what is by its standards unprecedented diplomatic activism to support the peace talks in Addis Ababa, mainly through its contribution to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and active mediation efforts. However, the emergency relief it has extended to Juba amid the conflict has received far less attention......

Nothing much of worth on South Africa unless you think the opening of a "gay friendly" mosque is progress. The country is still busy with the blade runner and the last I read on the most boring topic in the world was that SA's prosecutors are appealing the verdict and want to try the blade runner again because everybody including the janitor in the prosecutors' offices have not had a chance to have their say on the matter.  South Africa is the weakest link in the BRICS .... there's no doubt about it.  How did the other four even let this country join the group?

China, India launch new Asia Infrastructure Bank  
In a landmark achievement, 21 Asian nations including China and India on Thursday signed on a new infrastructure investment bank which would rival the World Bank.
The governments of Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam signed on as founding members of the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Beijing on Friday.
One of the first projects of the new Bank is expected to be financing infrastructure projects along the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “Maritime Silk Road” re-establishment.
Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said on Friday the “multi-national financial institution which is fair, just, open … with a good governance structure” will be an “efficient financing platform for infrastructure”.

Lou said the AIIB has a different focus than established multilateral organizations such as World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB).
China and other emerging economies, including BRICS, have long protested against their limited voice at other multilateral development banks, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank.
China is grouped in the ‘Category II’ voting bloc at the World Bank while at the Asian Development Bank, China with a 5.5 per cent share is far outdone by America’s 15.7 per cent and Japan’s 15.6 per cent share....

From Reuters:
Russia won court approval on Thursday to seize shares held by a billionaire businessman's company in oil producer Bashneft over its "improper privatisation", marking a success for the latest state move to reclaim prized corporate assets. 
Moscow's Arbitration Court ruled in favour of prosecutors who said Bashneft was unlawfully sold to local authorities in the early 2000s before being sold in 2009 to oil-to-telecoms conglomerate Sistema, controlled by tycoon Vladimir Yevtushenkov......

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The Aga Khan's gift to Toronto

Posted without comment but with a sad ***sigh***

Will small and mid-cap Oil and Gold companies start to disappear?

By this time next year, hundreds .... yes, I said "hundreds"  ..... of small and mid-cap Oil and Gas and also Gold and Silver mining companies will disappear for good if the present Oil and Gold prices insist on sweeping the floor.  It won't be just Canadian small cap companies, although we are gonna suffer more than others .... many in the US will also have to shut down.  You don't have to believe me now,  wait until the gurus of the financial institutions think it's time to divulge their "secrets" to you the sheeple.

So, why is this happening?  It's all to do with the dangerous thinking coming from the powers-that-be in the USA.  If you think Saudi Arabia is doing what's it is doing to bring down oil prices is without directives from the USA you are living in a snug and comfortable cocoon and my advice would be that you keep staying there .... a delusional way of looking at our world is better than looking at the dirty naked truth.

Which country is responsible for the manipulation of the Gold market?  I can't tell. It could be Russia or even China or a combined effort from both or it could be the USA again. Cheap gold is good for both Russia and China for accumulation now and for use in their future plans. If USA is manipulating the Gold price, then that is mega stupid thinking because then it is letting its biggest rivals accumulate tonnes of it at these prices. And, if the USA thinks it can crash Gold to a much lesser status, then that country has really and truly gone senile and warrants our pity instead of our criticism.

Hassan Chakrani writing at AlAkhbar:
Why is Saudi Arabia flooding the oil market?  

Oil prices declined sharply in the past few weeks, with Brent crude dropping to a two-year low as Saudi Arabia continued to slash its oil prices, raising many questions about Saudi Arabia’s policy towards its depletable wealth.

Selling crude oil for the same price during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and 2009 is an economic blunder, with some people even saying it is better to burn the oil instead of selling it for less than $35 a barrel.

However, Saudi Arabia did just that, and will apparently continue to do so within certain limits. The country has been selling fossil fuel to its clients in many regions for this supposed “nominal price.”

Though the Saudi move may seem puzzling in market terms, it becomes less complicated when analyzed within the world of geopolitics which is plagued by competition over strategic markets and where oil is used as political leverage.

Analysts involved in the current market’s dynamics who were interviewed by the Financial Times, along with recent statements by Saudi Aramaco, suggest that it is very unlikely for Saudi Arabia to reduce its oil output, even if this leads to a large surplus in supply and brings oil prices down to unusual levels. What is its motive? Saudi Arabia seeks to increase its shares in essential export markets, especially in Asia.

Saudi Arabia’s measures brought Brent crude prices down to $92 this week, its lowest level in the past 28 months, while US crude oil prices dipped below the $90 mark.
The Saudi move is also expected to have numerous implications, mainly in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), after Riyadh dealt a severe blow to the organization's strategy of keeping oil prices at a fair level.

In fact, a conflict of interest is raging within OPEC, particularly between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserve in the region and enjoys a wider margin to cut prices by flooding the market in order to please its allies or to draw political gains. Iran, meanwhile, is one of the hawks always advocating for increasing prices to above the $100 mark.

Aside from analysis of new markets, it seems that Saudi Arabia is flooding the oil market with low-price oil in order to exercise political pressure on Iran because its nemesis is more likely to be affected by lower oil prices......

Who came first, the egg or the chicken?

MERS has been forgotten by our lovely MSM because MERS' home is Saudi Arabia and dontcha know the Saudis are our pals and we should never ever say or do anything to upset our pals.  
Ebola, presumably started somewhere in West Africa and none of those African countries nor that entire continent means anything to the powers-that-be when compared to the region of the Middle East.

From AlAkhbar:
Saudi Arabia said late on Wednesday   it had detected six new cases of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 24 hours, the biggest daily jump for months with officials blaming lax hospital procedures.

The recent surge in cases, now numbering 32 since the start of October, has been focused in Riyadh and the western city of Taif, but it remains far less extensive than an outbreak in April and May that infected hundreds.

MERS causes coughing, fever and sometimes pneumonia, killing around 40 percent of its victims. The vast majority of confirmed cases worldwide have been found in Saudi Arabia, where 786 people have been infected, of whom 334 have died.

Two of the new cases announced by the health ministry were in medical personnel, adding to concerns about the standard of infection control procedures in medical facilities. Three different Taif hospitals have been affected.........

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano eruption lays waste to large area

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We got ourselves a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" mayor

My instincts tell me John Tory is a liar .... and I always trust my instincts.  They have never failed me as yet.  

From that time when he was running for the premiership of Ontario, was it in 2007? .... and spoke about the good points of segregated schools just so he could go along with the demands of,  primarily  Black Canadians  but also Jewish Canadians and Indian Sikhs and others .... I knew this guy was not kosher.  This man is the typical run of the mill politician the kind who are a dime a dozen.  They will say anything, do anything just so they can please the maximum number of people because getting the sheeple's votes is all that matters to them.  Nothing else.

I dredged up an article from 2008 which should give readers a little insight into the kind of  thinking that makes this our new mayor tick.

I wonder what kind of a costume he will be wearing when parading in the next Pride Parade.  He got all those gay votes didn't he by pandering to that community just like he had pandered to the Black, Jewish and Sikh communities during the premiership campaign?  Will we see him in his birthday suit in downtown Toronto come the next Pride day.  I won't be surprised.

From TheCannon:
Toronto's Afrocentric School: The Dumbest Idea since John Tory's Election Promise

John Tory’s 2007 campaign for premier was marred by one promise which just didn’t sit well with Ontarian voters. He thought he could shore up some ethnic votes by pointing out how unfair our education funding system is since it gives preference to students attending public or Catholic schools. Strange, he said, shameful even, that Ontario offers a public funding option for Roman Catholic schools, but not for Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Armenian, or any other ethnically based schools. Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Armenian parents tended to agree with him.
Tory seemed to have justice on his side. He was basically correct to point out that the funding formula was outdated and unevenly favoured certain citizens based on their ethnicity or religion. However, the only truly just position would have been to support elimination of funding for separate schools all together. The only way to create real equality in publicly funded schools would be to make one inclusive public school board while discouraging the more exclusive ones. But then again, taking away Catholic school funding would have been political suicide for Tory and so he decided the latter option was close enough.
Ontarians knew that offering funding to other religiously or ethnically based schools would be one step forward and two steps back. While Catholic school boards were unfairly advantaged, it didn’t make sense to further diminish the power of the public schools. After all, it is the public schools which, for good or for bad, model the type of secularism that has allowed Ontarians to accept and integrate different groups into one big happy society. Tory’s resounding defeat confirmed the fact that secular values are something Ontarians are willing to stand up for........

Muslims seen as a threat in Germany

Muslims and their book is a threat everywhere.  I hope islam hasn't found its satanic way to the moon and Mars and hopefully never will, those being the escape routes for our descendants.

Vomit inducing CIA policies ....Nazis on US govt payroll after WW2

Disgusting!  Words fail me.

From BBC:
US used Nazis as Cold War spies  
Declassified US records reveal the nation's intelligence chiefs used hundreds of Nazis as spies and informants after World War Two.

Central Intelligence Agency officials are said to have turned to the country's former enemies to help beat the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Academics studying the documents say America used at least 1,000 ex-Nazis.

Some had served at the highest levels of the Nazi Party, and were recruited to work as spies for the US in Europe.
Former SS officer Otto von Bolschwing reportedly wrote policy papers on how to terrorise Jews, but was hired by the CIA to spy in Europe after World War Two.
The agency is said to have relocated him and his family to New York in the 1950s as a reward for loyal service.

Nazi collaborator Aleksandras Lileikis - linked to the massacres of tens of thousands of Jews in Lithuania - was recruited by the US as a spy in East Germany and later brought over to Boston.
There's evidence the CIA even tried to intervene when Mr Lileikis became the subject of a war crimes investigation.

The recruitment of Nazi assets occurred against the backdrop of Cold War paranoia and panic.

But records indicate long-time FBI director J Edgar Hoover not only approved of the use of ex-Nazis as spies, he also dismissed the horrific acts they'd been involved in during the war as Soviet propaganda.

The revelations come one week after an Associated Press investigation found the US government had paid dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals millions of dollars in Social Security benefits after forcing them to leave the US....

Monday, October 27, 2014

World War 3 updates .... October 27

USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea,  Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, The Philippines, Egypt,  Albania, Serbia, China, Sudan, South Sudan .... 

This is supposedly the latest vid of John Cantlie's lectures released by the jihadis.

From GuardianUK:
South Sudan's armies gear up   as fighting season approaches
With peace talks continuing, James Copnall visits rebel and government strongholds to find preparations for war
Leer is a town in waiting. Like battle-scarred rebel outposts and war weary villages throughout South Sudan’s conflict zone, residents and militia alike are gearing themselves up for a new round of fighting when the dry season begins in November – even as their leaders gather for peace talks in Tanzania. .............

From PressTV:
Syria shoots down army jets operated by ISIL
The Syrian government has admitted that the ISIL Takfiri militants have conducted flights by three captured planes belonging to the Syrian army.
Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said the country’s forces managed to shoot down two of the three after they made trial flights over the northwestern city of Aleppo on Tuesday.

"Regarding... that terrorists control three jets in al-Jarrah military air base in Aleppo, there are three old aircraft that the terrorists were testing so the Syrian Arab Army immediately destroyed two of them on the runway as they were landing," Zoubi said.
He noted that the Syrian government is not worried about the third plane as it “cannot be used” by the militants.
The information minister added that the plane might be a pretext for the Turkish government to work for the imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria........

From Reuters:
Suicide bomber kills 27 militiamen  south of Iraqi capital
A suicide bomber killed at least 27 Shi'ite militiamen outside the Iraqi town of Jurf al-Sakhar on Monday after security forces pushed Islamic State militants out of the area over the weekend, army and police sources said.
The attacker, driving a Humvee vehicle packed with explosives and likely stolen from defeated government troops, also wounded 60 Shi'ite Muslim militiamen, who had helped government forces retake the town just south of the capital.......

The women soldiers of Novorussia.

From AlAkhbar:
Lebanon army clashes with militants in Tripoli for the third day in a row
Published Sunday, October 26, 2014
Updated at 3:50 pm (GMT +3): Six Lebanese soldiers and two civilians have been killed in ongoing battles between the Lebanese army and Islamist militants in the city of Tripoli in north Lebanon for the third day in a row Sunday, as the army vowed to eliminate all "terrorist cells" threatening Lebanon and its security.

According to state-run National News Agency (NNA), the security situation in Tripoli had deteriorated at dawn Sunday when heavy clashes between the army and militants erupted in the Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhood..........
From AlAkhbar:
Houthis enter al-Qaeda stronghold in central Yemen
Houthi fighters backed by Yemeni government forces entered an al-Qaeda stronghold in central Yemen on Sunday, local tribesmen said, one day after Islamist fighters pushed their rivals back.
The Houthis moved into al-Manasseh area in al-Bayda province under cover from Katyusha rocket fire from the Yemeni army and presidential guard.
Tribal sources said the Ansar al-Sharia fighters withdrew to another district called Bakla, some 3 kilometers (two miles) away.
The Houthis have advanced into central and western Yemen since they seized control of Yemeni capital Sanaa on September 21, taking on tribesmen and al-Qaeda militants........

Leaving Afghanistan .... but will they be back ?

Ten years from now or even sooner they will likely be back. We have the example of what's happening in Iraq right now, so we can tell what could happen in Afghanistan down the road.  Like moths to the flame, in this case, Alladin's lamp, the Western powers will never stop hovering over the Muslim lands .... only to be defeated time and time again.  Always seeking a different result and never finding it.  

Only time will tell if anything good of lasting value was accomplished  or if building vast malls and shopping arcades in which to sell Chinese made goods was the goal after all. Will the Afghan women fight for their rights, be prepared to die if need be or will they submit again to slavery?
Now that the "straightener" has been removed from the dog's curly tail, will the tail remain straight and for how long?
Only time will tell!

From BBC:
The last UK troops have left Helmand in Afghanistan, as a poll suggests 68% of respondents thought the campaign was not "worthwhile" for Britain.

The BBC poll of 1,000 adults also found 42% thought the UK was "less safe" as a result of the 13-year campaign.
The end of UK combat operations was announced on Sunday, as the main British base Camp Bastion was handed to Afghan control.
The final troops left by air on Monday, with the last holding the union jack.
US troops from Camp Leatherneck, which adjoined Camp Bastion, have also left, leaving Afghan forces in control of the entire site.
The BBC's telephone poll, carried out from 24-26 October, found 14% thought the UK was safer as a result of the international intervention in Afghanistan, which began in 2001.........

From ITAR:
NATO forces complete withdrawal  from Afghanistan
NATO-led International Security Assistance Force left the camps in 24 hours after they had passed under the jurisdiction of the National Army of Afghanistan
The United States and Britain withdrew the last military units from their bases Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan on Monday, local media says.
According to them, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force /ISAF/ left the camps in 24 hours after they had passed under the jurisdiction of the National Army of Afghanistan. Over that time, the ISAF had airlifted equipment and about 1,000 troopers to an airport in Kandahar province.
In May this year, US President Barack Obama said he would finally withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. The US is planning to reduce the number of its troops in Afghanistan to 9,800 people by the start of 2015; the figure is to decrease almost twice in the course of the year. The last US soldiers and officers will leave Afghanistan late in 2016. Until recently, the United States has kept 30,000 of its servicemen in Afghanistan.....

Sunday, October 26, 2014

25 EU banks fail "stress test" ... don't you just love the newspeak!

Although the BBC piece below gives the number as "24"  ... the chart at ZeroHedge shows the number to be "25" and has a lot more info.
Wonder how the stock market manipulators will manipulate the EU market due to open in the next few hours.  Will they make this look like a good thing that only 25 banks out of 123 tested were a bit under the weather?  Yup ... I bet that's how it will be. You can trust the doctors doing the "stress test"  to doctor the patients in other areas too.  
Our brave new world!

From BBC:
Twenty-four European banks fail EBA stress test  
Twenty-four European banks have failed stress tests of their finances, the European Banking Authority has announced.
The banks now have nine months to shore up their finances or risk being shut down. No UK banks are included.
The review was based on the banks' financial health at the end of 2013.
Ten of them have taken measures to bolster their balance sheets in the meantime. All the remaining 14 banks are in the eurozone.
The health check was carried out on 123 EU banks by the EBA to determine whether they could withstand another financial crisis.
The list of 14 includes four Italian banks, two Greek banks, two Belgian banks and two Slovenian banks.
The worst affected was Italian bank Monte dei Paschi, which had a capital shortfall of €2.1bn (£1.65bn, $2.6bn)...........

From ZeroHedge:
As was leaked on Friday,  when the market surged on news that some 25 banks would fail the ECB's third stress test (because in the New Normal more bank failures means more bailouts, means the richer get richest, means more wealth inequality), so moments ago the ECB reported that, indeed, some 25 banks failed the European Central Bank's third attempt at collective confidence building and redrawing of a reality in which there is about €1 trillion in European NPLs, also known as the stress test.

The ECB's results as summarized by the central bank:
Capital shortfall of €25 billion detected at 25 participant banks
Banks’ asset values need to be adjusted by €48 billion, €37 billion of which did not generate capital shortfall
Shortfall of €25 billion and asset value adjustment of €37 billion implies overall impact of €62 billion on banks
Additional €136 billion found in non-performing exposures
Adverse stress scenario would deplete banks’ capital by €263 billion, reducing median CET1 ratio by 4 percentage points from 12.4% to 8.3%.........

ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz plans to expand into North Africa?

As if we didn't have enough to be  apprehensive about!  
Hey ... I have an idea!  Why not import more Muslims to Canada, eh?  When they come here they become all docile and nice, don't they?  Those horrible thoughts of killing infidels skip right out of their minds and their hearts once they land on this soil, this Canadian soil that has the power to change headchoppers into purring little lovable kittens.  So .... yup, let's get our mealy-mouthed politicians to import millions more of the darling puddy cats. We will get along just fine!

Adam al-Sabiri writing at AlAkhbar:
The Arab Maghreb (North Africa) and the world have been expecting for a while an Islamic State in the Islamic Maghreb (ISIM-Damis) to be declared formally in the footsteps of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). If anything, such a move would demonstrate the failure of the international campaign led by the anti-ISIS coalition. Indeed, one of the direct outcomes of this campaign was the emergence of new ISIS-inspired groups that have pledged allegiance to the radical Islamist organization.

Algiers – Public opinion in the Arab Maghreb and the world has shifted its attitude vis-à-vis the so-called Arab Spring, from initial support and praise, to criticism and disillusionment, as things took a turn for the worse with the emergence of terrorist and criminal factions. Instead of seeking to replace dictatorial regimes, these factions declared war on everything and everybody in their way, and became a major headache for the entire world.

Regardless of who supports and finances it, this scourge has quickly revealed the Arab Spring to have been nothing more than the first chapter of a drive to fragment Arab countries and alter the global balance of power, at the hands of armed groups that entrench sectarian and ethnic fault lines, obliterate minorities, and threaten the countries that oppose them and blackmail others for purely financial purposes: enter the terrorism that has no religion, no color, and no boundaries.......

......This trend began with Algerian, Tunisian, and Libyan terrorist groups pledging allegiance to ISIS. On September 12, a number of extremist elements declared they would be joining ISIS and swore allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, after splitting from al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which is led by the Algerian Abdelmalek Droukdel. The new group calls itself the Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria, and is led by Khaled Abu Suleiman. The group recently kidnapped and beheaded a French national in central Algeria, with the move being seen as its initiation.......

......Who are the candidates for the upcoming post of emir of ISIM?
Ali Zaoui believes that Mokhtar Belmokhtar is one of the strongest candidates for the post of emir of the upcoming ISIM for a number of reasons, most notably his great ambition to become a global terrorist leader. This is why Belmokhtar had split from AQIM, according to Zaoui, after AQIM leader Abdelmalek Droukdel refused to give him a more senior position.......

Saturday, October 25, 2014

We are just puny little pawns in the overall diabolic scheme of things ....

that's the way I feel after reading this very informative piece. It's a long article and below are just a few selected paragraphs.

Julian Assange writing at Newsweek:
Google not what it seems

.....Only a few months before he met with me, Cohen was planning a trip to the edge of Iran in Azerbaijan to “engage the Iranian communities closer to the border,” as part of a Google Ideas’ project on “repressive societies.” In internal emails Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence, Fred Burton (himself a former State Department security official), wrote:
Google is getting WH [White House] and State Dept support and air cover. In reality they are doing things the CIA cannot do…
[Cohen] is going to get himself kidnapped or killed. Might be the best thing to happen to expose Google’s covert role in foaming up-risings, to be blunt. The US Gov’t can then disavow knowledge and Google is left holding the shit-bag.......
.........Gen Next also backs an NGO, launched by Cohen toward the end of his State Department tenure, for bringing Internet-based global “pro-democracy activists” into the U.S. foreign relations patronage network. The group originated as the “Alliance of Youth Movements” with an inaugural summit in New York City in 2008 funded by the State Department and encrusted with the logos of corporate sponsors. The summit flew in carefully selected social media activists from “problem areas” like Venezuela and Cuba to watch speeches by the Obama campaign’s new-media team and the State Department’s James Glassman, and to network with public relations consultants, “philanthropists,” and U.S. media personalities........

......In 2011, the Alliance of Youth Movements rebranded as “” In 2012 became a division of “Advancing Human Rights,” a new NGO set up by Robert L. Bernstein after he resigned from Human Rights Watch (which he had originally founded) because he felt it should not cover Israeli and U.S. human rights abuses. Advancing Human Rights aims to right Human Rights Watch’s wrong by focusing exclusively on “dictatorships.”

Cohen stated that the merger of his outfit with Advancing Human Rights was “irresistible,” pointing to the latter’s “phenomenal network of cyber-activists in the Middle East and North Africa.” He then joined the Advancing Human Rights board, which also includes Richard Kemp, the former commander of British forces in occupied Afghanistan. In its present guise, continues to receive funding from Gen Next, as well as from Google, MSNBC and PR giant Edelman, which represents General Electric, Boeing, and Shell, among others.

Google Ideas is bigger, but it follows the same game plan. Glance down the speaker lists of its annual invite-only get-togethers, such as “Crisis in a Connected World” in October 2013. Social network theorists and activists give the event a veneer of authenticity, but in truth it boasts a toxic piñata of attendees: U.S. officials, telecom magnates, security consultants, finance capitalists and foreign-policy tech vultures like Alec Ross (Cohen’s twin at the State Department)........

The hatred between Jews and Palestinians continues to continue

Amazing how everybody loves to round up numbers. I often wonder if it pains reporters to say "almost 400"  or "more than  400"  ... like in the article below one is left to wonder if the Jewish settlers went about counting the trees before burning them and then when they got to the 100th tree they stopped.

The vid in the embedded tweet is not from the latest event.  It's from about 3 years ago.  The burning and uprooting of the Palestinian farmers' olive trees by Jews is a seasonal occurrence and is many a time the reason for the West Bank Palestinian youth going on more intensified stone throwing protests. 

There's so much I didn't know about how the Jewish people behave when they migrate to Israel .... but I am learning.

From Al Akhbar:
As harvest season begins, As harvest season begins, Israeli settlers burn 100 Palestinian olive trees
A group of Zionist settlers set fire to around 100 olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers near Nablus in the northern West Bank, a Palestinian official said Wednesday, as the 2014 olive harvest, a major source of income for Palestinian farmers, begins.

"A group of settlers from the Yitzhar settlement located near Huwara town in Nablus set fire to the town's olive fields, causing the destruction of 100 trees," Ghassan Daghlas, the Palestinian Authority official in charge of the settlements file in the northern West Bank, told Anadolu Agency.

The attack sparked clashes between the settlers and local residents, which ended upon the arrival of Israeli Occupation Forces.

Daghlas condemned what he described as increasing settler attacks on Palestinian property and olive fields, slamming the Jewish-only Yitzhar settlement as "a center of extremism."

"The settlement hosts a religious school and a religious center that issues edicts that call for killing Palestinians and stealing their land," the official said.

Around 20,000 Jewish settlers live near Nablus in 39 Zionist-only settlements. Palestinian residents, for their part, complain of repeated attacks by settlers, who usually enjoy the protection of the Israeli forces.

Earlier this month, in the village of Yasuf in the Salfit district in the central West Bank, a large group of Israeli settlers violently beat 25-year-old Palestinian woman Alaa Fathi Atiyani while she was picking olives from trees with her children in an orchard, two days after dozens of Israeli settlers protected by soldiers burned and damaged olive trees in the village.

Similarly in Nablus, a group of Zionist settlers attacked Palestinian farmers and stole their olive crop, while another group chopped down dozens of olive trees on Palestinian agricultural lands.

The spate of attacks come as the 2014 olive harvest, a major source of income for Palestinian farmers, begins across the northern West Bank, and just weeks before harvesting begins across the south.

Attacks on the fall harvest are a key way that Palestinians are forced out of their homes and their lands confiscated for settlement construction, as the loss of a year's crop can signal destitution for farmers with no other way to support themselves.

According to a 2012 report on Israeli settler violence released by the Palestine Center, a Washington-based nonprofit, every year the olive harvest period sees the highest peak in attacks on Palestinian civilians and property.

Over 7,500 olive trees were damaged or destroyed by settlers between January and mid-October in 2012, according to OCHA.......

The UK's dilemma .... be ruled by the nuts in Brussels or be ruled by the nuts for Shariah

Between a rock and another rock. Both very hard. 
Yup ... one has to pay one's dues when one lets go of one's liberty and one's individualism. Whether it's a nation or a person, it is the same.  Pay up UK!

From BBC:
Europe expects the UK to pay an extra £1.7bn  towards the EU budget "and that's that", a vice president of the European Parliament has said.

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, a German MEP, said the EU would be "exasperated" if the UK tried to avoid payment.

On Friday David Cameron said the EU had "another think coming" if it thought Britain would pay the bill by the 1 December deadline.

The EU demanded the extra amount because of growth in the UK economy.

Mr Lambsdorff told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 that "everybody has to pay their dues".
He added: "If you have higher GDP growth than forecast, that also means logically that you have a higher contribution to the community's budget.
"That is a logical consequence. That is something that everybody has signed up for." ....

Friday, October 24, 2014

World War 3 updates .... October 24

USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Novorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Somalia, Iran, India, South Korea, North Korea,  Central African Republic, Kenya, Tunisia, The Philippines, Egypt,  Albania, Serbia, China .... 

From BBC:
Islamic State crisis: US-led Syria strikes 'kill 553'  
US-led air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria have killed 553 people since September, UK-based activists say.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 464 IS fighters, 57 other militants and 32 civilians have died.
Meanwhile, the US has carried out more air strikes against IS positions near the besieged town of Kobane.
Kurdish sources told BBC Arabic that IS had retaken a strategically important hilltop 4km west of the town.
Kurdish forces fighting IS in Kobane took Tal Shair nine days ago.......

From CBC:
Canadian Consulate in Istanbul evacuated after suspicious powder found
Letters sent to Canadian, German, Belgian consulates contain 'yellow substance'
The Canadian Consulate in Istanbul has been evacuated after an unidentified yellow powder was found in a package delivered there.
Turkish authorities have begun an investigation, the CBC's Jeff Semple reported Friday morning.
"The Canadian, Belgian and German consulates in Istanbul have all been evacuated after all three received a suspicious package this morning, according to reports in the Turkish media," Semple said in London......

From Novorossia:
People’s Militia is getting ready for the street fighting in Donetsk
he militiamen are preparing for the street clashes in the territory of Donetsk and are occupying defensive positions before the forthcoming offensive of Ukrainian troops. Tanks have already taken their positions in the streets. The tank column of “Oplot” drove along the Kievskiy Avenue of Donetsk....

From Reuters:
Attacks in Egypt's Sinai kill 33 security personnel  
Two attacks in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula killed 33 security personnel on Friday, security sources said, in some of the worst anti-state violence since Islamist President Mohamed Mursi was overthrown last year.
The violence prompted Egypt to declare a three-month state of emergency in parts of North Sinai, where the violence took place, the state news agency reported.
The attacks are a setback for the government, which had managed over the past few months to make some progress in the struggle against an Islamist militant insurgency in the Sinai as it focuses on trying to repair the economy......

From PakTribune:
At least 30 suspected terrorists  have been killed as jet fighters targeted their hideouts in North Waziristan Agency (NWA).
Daud Matta, a key Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commander, was also killed in the strike in Datta Khel area, according to sources.
The official sources also said that the jets targeted at least four terrorist hideouts, which were destroyed.....

From BBC:
 Nigeria's Boko Haram 'abducts more women and girls'
Dozens of women and girls from two villages in Nigeria's north-eastern Adamawa state have been abducted by suspected militants, residents say.
The abductions have not been confirmed by the authorities, but residents say they took place a day after the military announced it had agreed a ceasefire with the Boko Haram group.
The government hopes the Islamist group will free more than 200 girls seized in April as part of negotiations.
Boko Haram has not confirmed the truce.....

From Khaama:
Clashes in Kunduz leaves 12 dead   including security personnel
At least 12 people, including 6 militants and 6 members of the Afghan national security forces were killed following clashes in northern Kunduz province.
According to local government officials, the clashes between the Taliban militants and Afghan security forces broke out late on Wednesday.

From AlJazeera:
Blast outside Cairo University wounds 11  
Four Egyptian policemen among the wounded in blast that comes after security forces clamp down on student protests.
A bomb has exploded outside the gates of Cairo University, wounding eleven people including policemen stationed outside the campus to quell student protests that have become customary in the politically unstable country. 
Police cordoned off the area and scoured it with sniffer dogs, state-run Ahram news outlet reported on Wednesday, citing a security source. Six of the eleven wounded were policemen stationed outside the campus, Ahram said..........

From NYTimes:
Army Advances in Benghazi  
The Libyan Army and its allies among local militias have taken control of one of the largest camps of Islamist forces in the eastern city of Benghazi, military officials said Friday. Gaining control of the camp, the first to be set up by the rebels who helped topple Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in 2011, marked significant progress for the army after it previously took control of the Benghazi airport. Last week, the army, working with fighters commanded by a former general, Khalifa Hifter, began an offensive against Islamist fighters who had seized parts of the city.........

From Xinhuanet:
14 killed in bomb attacks in Baghdad
At least 14 people were killed and 65 others wounded in two car bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad Wednesday evening, a police source said.
A car bomb went off near the National Theater in the Karrada district in central of Baghdad in the evening, leaving five people killed and 28 others wounded, and the toll could rise as ambulances and police vehicles evacuated the casualties to hospitals, the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.
A second car bomb exploded near a hospital in Sadr City district, eastern Baghdad, killing at least nine people and wounding 37 others, the source added. Iraq has been witnessing some of the worst violence in years. Terrorism and violent attacks have killed 5,576 civilians in Iraq in the first half of this year, with 11,666 more wounded, according to a recent UN report.......

From AntiFashist:  (Google translation .... warning:  horrific pics)
Extermination of Donbass.   Truce in the fascist (18 +)
If ... continue shelling the city of Donetsk, and the Ukrainian government said a truce, she brazenly lying. Of any truce Ukrainian government did not even think. This was uttered yesterday, Prime Minister Alexander Zaharchenko DNR. That's right - do not even think.
Even if hypothetically assume that Ukrainian terrorists now leave thoughts about the progress of inland New Russia, and the war miracle freeze for at least the current borders, which has a probability of less than negligible, shoot and kill Ukraine will not cease. For the simple reason that the main problem that caused the war, has not been solved. And the main problem - it is Ukraine, which took place at the Independence their song fascism. As long as this exists Ukraine, only death is her bloody monogram. 
Below is a selection of photos of death and destruction in Donetsk and other settlements of Donbass, hordes of occupation regime in Kiev in the last days, when strikes were the most ruthlessly. Residents of New Russia destroy deliberately, and so purposefully destroy its civilian facilities and infrastructure. Doubt this can attend only a very naive people. A Donbass, meanwhile, literally erased from the face of the earth. Only in the last 10 days the punitive killed at least 200 people. That's what the "truce" in fascist.
And that's how it looks.
Attention! Persons under 18 years of age and people with weak mentality urged to refrain from viewing the following pictures....

From RT:
5 Brits join ISIS each month,1 dies every 3 weeks
One British jihadist dies fighting in Syria every three weeks, a new study has found, while 23 Brits in total have been killed in action since the conflict began.
The study by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), a think tank based at Kings College London, was updated following the death of 24-year-old Mamanour Roshid, originally from Portsmouth, who was killed in Syria last week.
Roshid had travelled with five other men in October 2013, and is the third jihadist from Portsmouth to be killed in Syria, alongside Muhammad Hamidur Rahman, 25, and Ifthekar Jaman, 23.
At least 16 UK fighters were confirmed dead at the start of 2014, with academics at the ICSR suggesting approximately three British jihadists are dying in war zones every two months.....

From Khaama:
At least 18 Taliban militants were killed  following joint military operations by Afghan national security forces in the past 24 hours.
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Monday that the operations were conducted in Laghman, Kandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan, Ghazni, Khost and Paktiya provinces.
A statement released by MoI said the operations were jointly conducted by Afghan national police, Afghan national army and Afghan intelligence – national directorate of security (NDS) operatives........

From Reuters:
Lebanon army clashes with gunmen,  kills two in Tripoli: sources
Lebanon's army clashed with Sunni Islamist gunmen in the northern city of Tripoli on Friday, killing at least two of the militants, security sources said.
Tripoli has seen some of the worst spillover from Syria's 3-1/2 year conflict, which has strained sectarian relations in Lebanon and triggered periodic gun battles, bombings and kidnappings across the country.
It was not immediately clear which group the militants represented, or whether they were Lebanese or Syrian, but Syrian rebels and hardline Lebanese Sunni Islamists have regularly accused the Lebanese army of working with Shi'ite movement Hezbollah, which has sent fighters to aid Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. .....

From Haaretz:
Palestinian-American teen killed by IDF  gunfire during West Bank protest
According to the military, the boy was about to throw a firebomb towards Route 60.
A Palestinian-American teenager was shot dead by Israeli soldiers, Friday afternoon, during clashes that erupted in a protest held there weekly.
According to the military, the boy was about to throw a firebomb towards Route 60; an IDF unit positioned nearby opened fire after he had lit the firebomb's fuse, and was preparing to hurl it.
A relative identified the teen as 14-year-old Orwah Hammad and said he was born in New Orleans and came to the West Bank at age six. Hammad's cousin Moath said he was among a group of Palestinians who were throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers......

From RTNews:
....On October 21, Human Rights Watch   admitted that Kiev was guilty of breaking international law through the “widespread use of cluster munitions” in fighting between government troops and self-defense forces, according to an investigation carried by the watchdog....
.....Speaking at the UN Security Council, Churkin says that more must be done to make Kiev accountable for horrendous acts of abduction and murder by Ukraine’s military and private security forces.
He also wants an investigation to take place into the use of prohibited weapons such as cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs, as well as tactical missiles, which were fired indiscriminately into residential areas.
Churkin has also called for greater transparency into the state of the investigation into the downing of flight MH17 on July 17.

“It probably wasn’t an accident that the crash site took incoming fire from the Ukrainian positions, just as it was about to be visited by a group of Dutch experts and OSCE observers. We consider it irresponsible that one of the statements today reiterated an unsupported version of the events,” the Russian diplomat added.

He concluded by saying that he could not understand why some members of the UN Security Council had become nervous about Russian proposals to expand and deepen the investigation in to why the airliner crashed......

Jihadis rounding up men they consider to be against them somewhere in Iraq

From Anadolu:
Tunisia says policeman killed by 'terrorists'  
According to ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui, the network had also been planning an attack in Tunisia's southern Qibli province.
The Tunisian Interior Ministry has said that a "terrorist network" that security forces targeted in a deadly Friday raid in the western Manouba province had been involved in recruiting militants for armed groups in Syria......

From WSJ:  Islamic State’s Sway Spreads to Lebanon
With Success, Islamic State’s Support Grows in Lebanon as Sunni Anger Rises
Sheik Nabil Rahim is jolted by what he hears nowadays from angry teenagers in the poor neighborhoods of this city, the country’s second-largest and the hub of its Sunni Muslim community.
“They say we want Islamic State, the Islamic State is coming—but they have never actually spoken with someone from Islamic State,” said Mr. Rahim, an influential Salafi preacher who himself was imprisoned for years on terrorism charges.
Support for other, less radical, Islamist movements has withered, he added, “because they don’t have all those great victories.”.......

From CBC:
Turkey said it was helping Iraqi Kurdish fighters cross into Syria to support their brethren fighting ISIS militants in a key border town, although activists inside embattled Kobani said no forces had arrived by Monday evening, raising questions about whether the mission was really underway.

The statement by Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu came hours after the U.S. airdropped weapons and ammunition to resupply Kurdish fighters for the first time. Those airdrops Sunday followed weeks of airstrikes by a U.S.-led coalition in and near Kobani......