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Horror story from down south

update: link fixed, my apologies

Healthcare in Canada as we have it,  is one of the few issues on which I agree with the Canadian lefties.  Our healthcare system is far, far, far, far, far, far ... okay you got it .... better than what the Americans have at the moment and yet many of us whine and criticize it (me included, many a time).  The article at the link below is long, but I recommend you read it to really appreciate and be thankful for what we have here in Canada.

Steven Brill writing at TimeMagazine:

....The first of the 344 lines printed out across eight pages of his hospital bill — filled with indecipherable numerical codes and acronyms — seemed innocuous. But it set the tone for all that followed. It read, “1 ACETAMINOPHE TABS 325 MG.” The charge was only $1.50, but it was for a generic version of a Tylenol pill. You can buy 100 of them on Amazon for $1.49 even without a hospital’s purchasing power.....

....On the second page of the bill, the markups got bolder. Recchi was charged $13,702 for “1 RITUXIMAB INJ 660 MG.” That’s an injection of 660 mg of a cancer wonder drug called Rituxan. The average price paid by all hospitals for this dose is about $4,000, but MD Anderson probably gets a volume discount that would make its cost $3,000 to $3,500. That means the nonprofit cancer center’s paid-in-advance markup on Recchi’s lifesaving shot would be about 400%.....

The hospital’s hard-nosed approach pays off. Although it is officially a nonprofit unit of the University of Texas, MD Anderson has revenue that exceeds the cost of the world-class care it provides by so much that its operating profit for the fiscal year 2010, the most recent annual report it filed with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, was $531 million. That’s a profit margin of 26% on revenue of $2.05 billion, an astounding result for such a service-intensive enterprise...........

....According to one of a series of exhaustive studies done by the McKinsey & Co. consulting firm, we spend more on health care than the next 10 biggest spenders combined: Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Australia. We may be shocked at the $60 billion price tag for cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy. We spent almost that much last week on health care. We spend more every year on artificial knees and hips than what Hollywood collects at the box office. We spend two or three times that much on durable medical devices like canes and wheelchairs, in part because a heavily lobbied Congress forces Medicare to pay 25% to 75% more for this equipment than it would cost at Walmart.....

This is one of the reasons why I think judges have become too big for their boots

It's the same everywhere.  In the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia .... in each and every Judeo-Christian land, the judges have either gone senile with old age or before their time or they are being blackmailed into these foolhardy judgements.  If they are being blackmailed, we gotta wonder for what.  Are they pedophiles, rapists, thieves, have they committed some other fraud besides their fraudulent judgements .... what wrong have they done?  Must be something pretty bad if they are now willing to turn traitors in order to save their skins by ruling on the wrong side.

IMO, every two years all judges should be forced to go through a vigorous medical examination to check their mental capacity.  I am telling you... half of them will have to be put out to pasture after such checks.

David Barrett writing at TheTelegraphUK:
In a key ruling,the head of the immigration courts said measures introduced by Mrs May last summer to stop criminals claiming the “right to family life” were overridden by judges’ previous decisions on such cases at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Mr Justice Blake also said that “little weight” should be given to Mrs May’s immigration rules in cases involving criminals with children because they were overruled by international agreements and a previous law passed by the Labour government.
As reported by The Telegraph last week, Mrs May is due to introduce laws to strengthen existing measures over concerns that judges were not taking them seriously. The measures are supported by The Telegraph’s “End the Human Rights Farce” campaign.
The judge made his criticisms of Mrs May’s laws in a ruling which allowed a criminal with 30 convictions to stay in Britain, even though the Home Office had tried to deport him.
The case was written as a “reported determination”, meaning that other immigration judges will have to follow its example when deciding other similar appeals.
Olufisayo Ogundimu, a former drug dealer from south London, persuaded the court that he should not be removed to Nigeria, where he was born, because he had fathered a child here and has a baby on the way with another woman.
Mr Justice Blake said in his ruling on Ogundimu’s case that the immigration rules “did not affect the circumstance” when considering the right to family life, which is guaranteed by Article Eight of the Human Rights Act.
In such cases he said that the way to interpret Article Eight was not to consider Mrs May’s rules as most important, despite them being passed with cross-party support by Parliament.
Specifically regarding one of Mrs May’s rules which was designed to mean that having a child in Britain would not strengthen a criminal’s case against being deported, the judge said: “Little weight should be attached to this rule when consideration is being given to the assessment of proportionality under Article Eight.”
Instead, he said the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and part of an immigration Act passed by Labour in 2009 took precedence.
Dominic Raab, the Tory MP who has campaigned for tougher rules, said: “This chronic judicial legislation has undermined public protection and usurped the democratic will of Parliament.
“We now have around 200 Article Eight cases a year, so it is vital and urgent that Parliament amends the law to mandate deportation and brush aside these spurious challenges to the rule of law.”
Ogundimu, 28, arrived in the UK 22 years ago. Tracked down by The Telegraph at his girlfriend’s flat in Chislehurst, south-east London, he said that he was pleased at the decision made by the Immigration and Asylum Upper Tribunal.........

Discussion on Jihad

Good one.  Worth listening to while you are doing something else on the net.... like playing games.  LOL

What is Eric Holder sneakily giving himself an advanced alibi for ?

Does he know something?  Does he, deep down somewhere in his conscience, is aware of  the fact that all the political correctness and all the kowtowing to Muslims in America and around the world has done more harm than good and that another major attack on America is likely to happen in spite of it all....and likely to happen on his watch and that he better go on record with what he is now spouting to ABC?   When someone acts or talks differently then what you have come to expect from them and especially when that someone is in the legal-wiggle business.... go with your instincts.  Mine are tingling.  Part of the interview video is at the link below.

Chris Good writing at ABCNews:
..."I still worry at night,"   the U.S. attorney general told ABC's Pierre Thomas in a wide-ranging, exclusive interview on Wednesday... 
....."Core al Qaeda doesn't have the capacity that it once did, but it's metastasized in a number of ways. We now worry about the nodes of al Qaeda—al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, al Qaeda now in Africa, al Qaeda in Iraq," Holder said. "The threat is more widespread in terms of where those people are, where those significant people are. That's how it's different now.".....
...."I worry a little that the American people, from the general population, has become a little complacent that we don't understand or realize that the threats are still real, that the danger is out there, is still tangible, that we still have to be as vigilant as we need to be," Holder said......

....During his tenure as attorney general, federal authorities have thwarted numerous terrorist plots hatched within the U.S., and Holder told ABC News that the threat of homegrown plots warrants as much attention as international terrorism. In December, the FBI arrested two Florida brothers, Raees Alam and Sheheryar Alam Qazi, alleging they had sought to obtain explosives and carry out a terrorist attack in New York City. The two were charged with conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

"It's a very serious threat. I think what it says is that the scope, our scope, has to be broadened. We can't think that it's just a bunch of people in caves in some part of the world," Holder said. "We have to be concerned about the homeland to the same extent that we are worried about the threat coming from overseas."

Australia as much in denial about Shariah as other suicidal Judeo-Christian nations

Their justice system too prefers to make believe that Shariah law  is not practiced in their land by madmen of the mad cult of islam whom the politicians have imported there in their millions.  

From AnsweringMuslims blog:
Four Muslims Found Guilty of Whipping Muslim Convert in Australia.
According to the magistrate, "it was not a case about the Islamic faith but of the imposing of the offenders' views of sharia."   
Once again, Western leaders maintain that Sharia (the collection of laws laid down in the Qur'an and Hadith) has nothing to do with Islam

Our know-it-all politicians want to keep us in the dark about stealth jihad

Hmmmm ... how much more are we being forcefully "shielded" from?  Keeping the general public in ignorance of what the madmen of the mad cult are up to is not the way to serve and protect the citizens.
In Canada too, police services across the country, and especially many of the Police Services  in Alberta, BC, Quebec and Ontario refrain from including the names of people arrested and charged... and all such news releases excluding this vital information sends one message and one message only ... the person in  question is a Muslim.

Go to the link to see more updates about other crimes not reported but sent in to Dr.Pipes by readers after they saw his article.

Dr. Daniel Pipes writing at his blog:
A recent spate of killings in the United States of non-Muslims by Muslims has gone unnoticed by the major media. Here are four cases I know of:

Feb. 5: Yusuf Ibrahim, 27, Egyptian born and living in Jersey City, stands accused of shooting, then cutting off the heads and hands of two Copts, Hanny F. Tawadros and Amgad A. Konds, and burying them in Buena Vista Township, New Jersey. He is charged with two counts of murder and with desecrating human remains. He is also wanted for a Sep. 20, 2012, armed robbery in Jersey City in which a victim was shot in the foot.

Feb. 18: Ali Syed, 20, of Ladera Ranch, Calif., went on a shooting rampage in Southern California, killing Courtney Aoki, Mel Edwards, and Jeremy Lewis, then committed suicide. The Orange County Sheriff's spokesman, Jim Amormino, said Syed, described as an unemployed part-time student at Saddleback College who lived with his parents and a loner who "spent a lot of time alone in his room playing video games," left "no evidence, no note, nothing that would explain this very bizarre, violent behavior."

Feb. 21: Ammar Asim Faruq Harris, 26, killed three people on the Las Vegas Strip and fled, is called armed and dangerous. He apparently got into an argument with, Ken Cherry, shot Cherry as Cherry was driving, which led to a collision that killed a taxi driver and his passenger. Harris has a long criminal record that includes kidnapping, sexual assault, and robbery.

Additionally, although the murder took place on July 31, 2012, only at his court hearing on Feb. 21 did public attention focus on Ali Salim, 44, a medical doctor born in Pakistan and living in New Albany, Ohio, who is accused of raping and killing nine months' pregnant Deanna Ballman, 23,  by injecting her with a lethal dose of heroin. He is charged with two counts of murder (Ballman and her unborn baby) as well as rape, felonious assault, corrupting another with drugs, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.............

Basketball and Kim Jong Un

I had read elsewhere that while he was a student in the USA,  basketball was one of his favorite sports.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s top leader Kim Jong Un and former NBA star Dennis Rodman sat together and watched a basketball game between U.S. and DPRK players Thursday, witnesses said.

The competition ended in a 110-110 draw, with 12 DPRK players and four players from the U.S. team Harlem Globetrotters divided into two teams.

Rodman said after the game that "although relations between the two countries are regrettable, personally I am a friend of Marshal Kim Jong Un and the DPRK people."

He thanked the DPRK for inviting the U.S. players and himself for the visit, noting the game reflected the friendship between the two peoples.

During the match, Rodman, who wore dark glasses and a hat, sat to the left of Kim Jong Un. Without any translators, the two talked directly to each other and laughed, witnesses said.

DPRK cheerleaders wearing traditional clothes and miniskirts performed during the intermission of the game. After the game, a DPRK university presented a banner to the Harlem Globetrotters...........

Genocide of the West by politicians we ourselves have voted to high office

Did you know that our esteemed Jason Kenney of the "strong Conservative majority" has imported the largest percentage of  Muslims  in the last few years   than ever before?

If my statement is incorrect,  then it's up to his office to break down the number of immigrants showing their religious beliefs  and make that information transparent to the Canadian public. How many Muslims entered Canada?  Millions of Canadian citizens want to get hold of that information so we can prepare ourselves, our kids and grandkids to the inevitable conflict in Canada when the Muslim population reaches that magic percentage.

The Conservative govt. of Stephen Harper should be forced to provide us with those statistics.... it is our right to know these numbers!

Only in Canada ... a black police officer charged for not investigating racial taunts against himself

If you read anything more weird today, please, PLEASE,  do me a favor and send the item across.

Here is an example of a black man who knows exactly how to treat hooligans, drunks  and race baiters by intelligently ignoring them .... but our brain-dead justice system won't let this smart, intelligently adult  man handle this the smart, intelligent way.  No sirreee,  NO NO!!    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

Our laws in Canada  were made by Martians and we are being forced to abide by them.  I am so disgusted with our system, I couldn't read more than the headings and a few lines of the two articles.

Peter Edwards writing at TheStar:
.....Black police officer faces charges for not investigating racial taunts against himself
A black York Regional Police officer faces misconduct charges for his handling of a farm party turned ugly, when he was allegedly subjected to repeated racial taunts and told, “I would love to see that guy hanging from a tree.”............

More here:
Black York Region officer shook head in disgust   at lynching threat, hearing told.........

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Suicide of the Judeo-Christian nations

Pamela Geller, freedom won't find a more correct proportion of beauty and  brains in any other female. The vid is from 2 years ago.

Wrong-doers are shit-scared of Sun News network

If you have done nothing wrong, you will welcome the opportunity to have  Canada's new News network focus on you.  IMO, David Suzuki has a lot to hide from the public that he and his group have been screwing for decades.... why else would they deny access to a Sun News reporter to an event where journalists and reporters from all other networks were present ????

Andy Radia writing at YahooNews:
 ....There was a bit of a strange scene  at a David Suzuki event on Tuesday night in our nation's capital.
According to Sun News' Jessica Hume, she and her cameraman were thrown out of the Ottawa tour stop of 'The Eco Tour ', a series of public policy debates between economist Jeff Rubin and Dr. Suzuki.
When we first arrived we were welcomed, asked how long we’d like with the good doctor and where we should set up our shot. When it was revealed we represented Sun News, we were no longer welcome.
David Suzuki didn’t just refuse to speak to us. He refused to appear altogether, sending a handful of hostile event organizers to remove us from the premises.
After much debate and my reiterating I would be staying to ask a question, one of the event-organizers-turned-Suzuki-mandated-attack-dogs turned to the sizable crowd, incensed that I wouldn’t leave quietly, and yelled for someone to call 911.
Hume added that Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who was moderating the event, pleaded to organizers to let her stay but to no avail..........

Say what you will about the Green Party leader Elizabeth May, she is never afraid of talking to anyone and as far as we know she and her doings are transparent to the public.

The mistakes of the "strong Conservative majority" coming back to take a bite

On the heels of the two Conservative senators' scandals, Pamela Wallin's travel expenses  that show she was  milking the taxpayers and Mike Duffy's living expenses exposing him to be a cheat...  now we have yet another appointee of the Harper machine connected to a much bigger scandal.   Are there more fearsome skeletons in the Conservative closet?  Wonder how many more errors in hiring judgement the Cons have made so far that we don't know anything about .... as yet.

Human nature being what it is, I will readily admit that people who are honest themselves, like our PM Stephen Harper, tend to think people they happen to  know and admire are also like them. Look in your own backyard.  Haven't there been times when you thought someone was a "good" person and then you got slapped in the face with that person's  alter ego  ... a cheat, a liar or even worse?

PM Harper has now learnt a bitter lesson and from the second link below  I can premise that  he will always from now on insist on thorough investigation of any and all appointees to any post within his government.  A wise man learns through his mistakes.

....The man once entrusted to keep an eye on Canada's spy agency is now a wanted man.
An arrest warrant is out for Arthur Porter, the former head of the CSIS watchdog agency, for alleged fraud in one of the country's most expensive infrastructure projects.
He is among the five people named in arrest warrants issued Wednesday by Quebec's anti-corruption squad, in the case of the $1.3-billion construction of a Montreal mega-hospital.
The warrants say the men are wanted on numerous charges -- including fraud, breach of trust and document forgery. They say Porter and Elbaz are wanted under suspicion of having accepted bribes from some of the others.
Porter was the director general of the McGill University Hospital Centre when the alleged fraud occurred.
He was also head of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, which he joined in 2008 before becoming its chairman in 2010.
Porter resigned under suspicious circumstances in 2011, and has since left the country. After that affair, the federal government tightened the screening process for nominees to the intelligence committee.
Quebec's provincial police anti-corruption squad has made numerous arrests over the last year in relation to ongoing scandals in the construction industry..........

From TheGobe&Mail:
The Harper government quietly introduced  strict security vetting for nominees to Canada’s spy watchdog after chairman Arthur Porter resigned amid concerns about his business dealings.
Appointees to the Security Intelligence Review Committee now must be security cleared to the top-secret level – a rigorous process that wasn’t in place when Mr. Porter joined in 2008 or became chairman in 2010............

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Al Jazeera is an instrument of espionage and propaganda with modern day kapos doing its bidding

The vid below is from April, 2011.  Everything has got much worse since then.

Hagel confirmed

 Wunderbar!!   John Brennan will be the next to  be confirmed.  With these two guys  backing the Muslim in the WH, the caliphate will be given an enormous push upwards.  Things are not looking good for Israel and neither are they looking good for non-Muslims around the world.

Joel B Pollak writing at Breibart:
The Senate voted Tuesday  afternoon to confirm former Sen. Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, replacing Leon Panetta. Hagel overcame a contentious confirmation process to win a 58-41 vote largely along party lines. The 41 "no" votes are the largest vote against a Secretary of Defense nominee since the Senate rejected John Tower's nomination in 1989 by a 53-47 margin along party lines. Since then, no Pentagon nominee--not even the controversial Donald Rumsfeld--has encountered more than a few "no" votes. ..........

Paging Office of Religious Freedom, Canada .... Funeral services at Nigerian church targeted, Christians shot and hacked to death, many injured .... Part 4

Dear ORF Canada,  see the pic below?   

It's the pic of a mourning Nigerian woman who was  attending the funeral service where murderous muslims opened fire for a full 10 minutes firing into the crowd of mourners and killing several of  them.  Is the depth of her sorrow measurable?   Were the funeral services for her father, her mother, her brother, her sister or maybe her husband or maybe her child ?  Who knows... all we know is that the poor soul is now in anguish over more deaths in her family while the so called Judeo-Christian countries are dancing around to the captivating music of Political Correctness.

.... Six people died and many others were injured when unknown gunmen attacked Aduwan Gida Village in the Zangon Kataf Local Government Area (LGA) of Southern Kaduna during the evening of 23 February.

The attack occurred at around 10pm, as villagers gathered to mourn the death of an elderly member of the community. Armed assailants are reported to have fired indiscriminately for around ten minutes, and fatalities are said to include a nursing mother and her six-month-old baby. The injured are being treated in hospitals in Kaduna and Plateau States.  

The Reverend Yunusa Nmadu, CEO of Christian Solidarity Worldwide-Nigeria (CSW-N), said, “It is unfortunate that after the announcement of a ceasefire by elements of Boko Haram, we are still experiencing attacks resembling their style of operations. We ask for continuing prayers for Nigeria, and urge churches to be vigilant with regard to security, particularly as the Easter period approaches.”

The attack on Aduwan Gida constitutes the second night attack on predominantly Christian villages in as many days, and follows a period of relative calm. 

In neighbouring Plateau State, ten members of the same family were hacked to death and two sustained gunshot wounds when unknown assailants stormed Kogwom Village in Vom district in Jos South LGA during the early hours of 22 February. According to local reports, the family had lost a grandmother a few days earlier and family members were gathered at the family compound for her for her funeral. The injured are currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed location.

In both cases, locals expressed anger at what they perceive as ineffectiveness on the part of security forces stationed in their respective areas.

CSW’s Advocacy Director Andrew Johnston said, “We are saddened by these attacks on communities that were already in mourning, and send our heartfelt condolences to the relations and friends of those who died over the weekend in Plateau and Kaduna States.  Given the long-standing nature of the threats against both areas, the security services should by now have formulated an effective means of defending villages and apprehending assailants. We urge those responsible for security in these areas to formulate effective arrangements to secure the lives and properties of innocent citizens and to forestall the very real possibility of people taking the law into their own hands.”

Liberal Circus comes to Ontario

Paging Office of Religious Freedom, Canada .... Muslim Sudan arresting Christians without just cause .... Part 3

How you doing dear ORF, Canada ??   Talked lately to any of the murdering muzzies around the world?  Wrote to any of the vile Christian haters around the world?  Implored any of the so-called Judeo-Christian nations to open similar offices so you can collectively squeak a little louder "boo hoo"  at the blood thirsty followers of the Religion of Peace ?  

From ChristianSolidarityWorldwide:
...Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has learned that at least 55 Christians have been detained by the Sudanese government for approximately two weeks without charge.

According to CSW’s sources, the group, which has no political affiliations and includes church leaders, has been falsely accused of receiving money from foreign countries, including Israel.

The arrests are the latest development in a wave of repression that began towards the end of last year targeting Christians working in voluntary organisations, and that has reportedly resulted in the deportations of around 100 foreign workers, while a number of Sudanese Christians have been detained for questioning by the security services. According to local reports, the repression was preceded by a media campaign against “Christianisation”, and was accompanied by the closure of a number of Christian-affiliated schools, colleges and training centres.

There have been concerns about increasing pressure on churches in Sudan since the creation of South Sudan in 2011. President Al-Bashir has repeatedly stated that Sudan’s new constitution would be 100 percent Islamic. The president has also claimed that “all parties, religious sects and Sufis” would be represented in the constitutional drafting committee; however, no further details have been given about its progress.

CSW’s Advocacy Director Andrew Johnston said, “CSW is deeply concerned at these arbitrary arrests and news of an escalating crackdown on Christian citizens in Sudan. We urge the Sudanese government to release these prisoners and end its campaign of harassment against the Christian community.  We also urge the government once again to undertake broad consultations during the drafting of the new constitution and to ensure that it recognises the rights of all Sudanese citizens, to freedom of religion or belief, as outlined in Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Sudan is a signatory.”

Anti-Semitism on university campuses of the Western world funded by Saudi Arabia and Iran

Anti-Semitism activities are funded by both the Sunni and Shiite entities.  The two factions are joined at the hip with one foremost goal in  their black hearts ... the destruction of Israel and the  Jews and yet foolishly Israel  thinks, from what we can gather if we are truthful with ourselves,  that Saudi Arabia is now their bosom buddy.  Grrrrr!  When was the last time you heard Israel criticizing the Sunni nations and when was the last time you heard Saudi Arabia's honchos  heaping curses on Israel like they used to?  I rest my case.

Long before Iran started funding anti-Israel activities,  the Saudis and other Sunni nations were in full swing all over the Muslim world with their funding of madrasas and their text books depicting Jews as people to be hated, and had Western university profs and others in their back pocket doing their bidding.

Monday, February 25, 2013


We joined NATO in taking "democracy" to dictator Gadhafi's country and then ............

Travel advisory from the Government of Canada:
Last Updated Date: February 18, 2013 10:11 ET  
Still Valid Date: February 25, 2013 20:27 ET
Latest Updates: The Security tab was updated – the information on potential demonstrations February 15 to 17 has been removed. 
The decision to travel is your responsibility. You are also responsible for your personal safety abroad. The Government of Canada takes the safety and security of Canadians abroad very seriously and provides credible and timely information in its Travel Advice. In the event of a crisis situation that requires evacuation, the Government of Canada’s policy is to provide safe transportation to the closest safe location. The Government of Canada will assist you in leaving a country or a region as a last resort, when all means of commercial or personal transportation have been exhausted. This service is provided on a cost-recovery basis. Onward travel is at your personal expense. Situations vary from one location to another, and there may be constraints on government resources that will limit the ability of the Government of Canada to provide assistance, particularly in countries or regions where the potential for violent conflict or political instability is high...........

.........Laws & Culture
You are subject to local laws. Consult our Arrest and Detention FAQ for more information.

Illegal or restricted activities
Do not criticize the country, its leadership or religion. Harsh penalties may be imposed.

Homosexual activity and sexual relations outside of marriage are illegal......

.....Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada advises against non-essential travel to Libya due to the fragile political situation and the threat of terrorism in the region..........

.....Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada advises against all travel to Benghazi, Bani Walid and the regions of Sabha and Kufra due to the unpredictable security situation.

There is a heightened risk of terrorism throughout Libya, including in Benghazi. Terrorist attacks could occur at any time and could target areas frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. Canadians in Benghazi are urged to leave immediately.

The Embassy of Canada in Libya’s ability to provide consular services to Canadian citizens in Benghazi, Bani Walid, and the Kufra district is extremely limited, due to continuing political instability and violence.

Consult the Security tab for more information....

The Matrix .... Japanese style

It's true.  Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

Tyler Durden writing at ZeroHedge:
In Japan, The Matrix Is Now Reality As Humans Are Used As Living Batteries ..........   

..........So what is Japan's solution? A quite ingenious one: as and ASR both report, Japan's Fujifilm has created organic printed sheet that harvests energy from body heat, or in other words, converts body heat to electricity. Finally, at least one key part of the Matrix "reality" is now fully operational - the use of human beings as batteries.

Specifically, Fujifilm Corp. and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have developed a resin sheet that generates electricity, utilizing the temperature difference between human body and the air.

The power-generating sheet developed by Fujifilm and AIST could be used to provide additional power for portable devices.

The sheet uses the thermoelectric effect, which generates a voltages due to the temperature difference between the surface of an object and its reverse side. The sheet is 0.4mm thick and soft. In a normal environment, the temperature of the air is lower than that of the human body or the surface of clothes. That temperature difference can be used to generate a steady flow of electricity.........

Nigeria's terrorists responsible for kidnapping of French family in Cameroon

Muslim terrorists are all over.  But, it's easier to pretend they are not.

Boko Haram releases video of French family kidnapped in Cameroon.  Islamist extremist group, Boko Haram, has released a video showing the French family kidnapped in Cameroon, near the border with Nigeria.
The three minutes, 26 seconds video, posted on YouTube on Monday, shows the seven members of the Moulin Fournier family, kidnapped on February 19.
The video shows three adult members of the family-two men and one woman; and four children sitting between two armed men, masked, and in military fatigue, and a third who acted as the group spokesperson.
The spokesperson confirmed they belong to the Jama’a Ahl al-Sunnah lil Da’wa wal Jihad, better known as Boko Haram.
He accused France of waging war on Islam, and said the condition for releasing their hostages was for the Nigerian government to release all female jihadists imprisoned, while the Cameroonian government releases their male counterparts......

Hypenated Canadians "trapped" in their "home" country of Syria

This is exactly why people like me, and believe you me, there are millions of Canadians who think like myself   .... criticize our Canadian govt for making it easy for people migrating to this country to  hold dual passports and dual nationality.

Look .... I don't give a rat's fart which country you have migrated from.  If you have come here to make Canada your new home, it's because your old one was a hellhole or close to it.  Don't give us the shit about love for the old "motherland" and all that crap. If you are migrating to this country, your loyalty lies here and not the hellhole you escaped from.  If you love your stinking  hellholes so much, why not give up Canada and all the goodies you get here and please get the hell out of here???
At YahooNews,  there a vid  from the CanadianPress where a "Canadian mother despairs for son trapped in Syria".   Why the fuck is the son in Syria if the mother, and according to her, his other siblings are here????   Didn't the Canadian govt warn all Canadians to get out of Syria almost 2 years ago????   From what the woman says it's clear that this family is against the Assad regime and what does that tell you about why the son is there ?!!

I sincerely hope our government does not spend our tax dollars in trying to lift these traitors from the war-torn Syria back to Canada.  Let them get blown up into a million pink watery pieces in the hellhole they consider to be their "home". Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!
Fucking  @*&^%$#!)**&^%$  Canadians of convenience.

Who are the Immigration officers responsible for approving the citizenship applications for such people??

Mike Blanchfield writing at MontrealGazette:
Syrian Canadians despair for relatives trapped by war,   call on Kenney to do more.  very bomb that explodes in Damascus strikes at the heart of a woman in suburban Ottawa, leaving her to wonder why the government here is not helping to get her son out of the besieged Syrian capital.

Leila, not her real name, knows that her 27-year-old son is hiding somewhere in Damascus, trying to keep one step ahead of a security apparatus that has his name on a list of forced conscripts.............

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Daniel Pipes on Comedy Channel

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH ....  the bizzaro world of  PressTV Iran.

Dr.Pipes at his blog:
I appeared on "Press TV," the Iranian-government's English-language television channel on a show someone with a sense of humor called "News Analysis." The 25-minute show was the most hare-brained and loony of my 35 years going on television.

The ostensible topic was the just-signed US$633-billion "National Defense Authorization Act" and specifically its section 1248, "Impositions of Sanctions with Respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting" i.e., sanctions on Press TV itself.

In fact, thanks to the selection as fellow panelists of two left-wing conspiracy theorists, Kevin Barrett and Joe Iosbaker, the show barely touched on anything so mundane as NDAA section 1248. Instead, the audience was treated to such tidbits as 9/11 having been a "pro-Israel coup d'état" and the U.S. government running torture chambers all over the world. Indeed, viewers would have heard me accused of being a torturer.

Watch it for a trip to the fringe.

Although not good for my dignity, I appear on channels like Press TV because they provide an opportunity to reach those who normally would not hear me. I tend to think they are worth the trouble.

Afghanistan's Karzai gives his humble thanks to the USA and NATO ....

for having tried to drag his cavemen country half-way into ours.  Actually, I wouldn't put it past Obama to have told Karzai to take this action so the USA can haul those regiments from Afghanistan and into the border area of Syria/Turkey.  Nothing is as it seems .... NOTHING !

Muhammad Lila and Aleem Agha writing at  ABCNews:
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered all U.S. Special Forces out  of two key provinces within two weeks, accusing Afghan units under their jurisdiction of being responsible for the torture, abuse, and disappearance of Afghan civilians.

The deadline was announced today by Karzai spokesman Aimal Faizi at a hastily convened press conference, and later repeated in a statement from the Presidential Palace.

The decision came after Karzai met Sunday with his National Security Council. According to the statement, during the meeting "it became clear that armed individuals belonging to US Special Forces engaged in harassing, annoying, torturing, and even murdering innocent people."

A NATO spokesperson says they are aware of the allegations, but would not provide further comment.

U.S. Special forces are known to conduct operations with Afghan units that are separate from the normal Afghan Army. Because these units are often directly recruited, trained and supported by U.S. special forces, they fall outside of Karzai's control........

New York city's biggest blooming bloomer

When people become senile, nothing they do makes sense.  What is even worse, is the fact that there are millions of New Yorkers  who are  bloomers themselves for having re-elected this insane person to be their mayor.

Brad Hamilton and Susan Edelman writing at NYPost:
Take a big gulp,  New York: Hizzoner is about to give you a pop.

Nanny Bloomberg unleashes his ban on large sodas on March 12 — and there are some nasty surprises lurking for hardworking families.
Say goodbye to that 2-liter bottle of Coke with your pizza delivery, pitchers of soft drinks at your kid’s birthday party and some bottle-service mixers at your favorite nightclub.

They’d violate Mayor Bloomberg’s new rules, which prohibit eateries from serving or selling sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces.
Bloomberg’s soda smackdown follows his attacks on salt, sugar, trans fat, smoking and even baby formula.
The city Health Department last week began sending brochures to businesses that would be affected by the latest ban, including restaurants, bars and any “food service” establishment subject to letter grades.

And merchants were shocked to see the broad sweep of the new rules.
“It’s not fair. If you’re gonna tell me what to do, it’s no good,” said Steve DiMaggio of Caruso’s in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. “It’s gonna cost a lot more.”

And consumers, especially families, will soon see how the rules will affect their wallets — forcing them to pay higher unit prices for smaller bottles.

Typically, a pizzeria charges $3 for a 2-liter bottle of Coke. But under the ban, customers would have to buy six 12-ounce cans at a total cost of $7.50 to get an equivalent amount of soda.

“I really feel bad for the customers,” said Lupe Balbuena of World Pie in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Domino’s on First Avenue and 74th Street on the Upper East Side is doing away with its most popular drink sizes: the 20-ounce and 2-liter bottles.

“We’re getting in 16-ounce bottles — and that’s all we’re going to sell,” a worker said.

He said the smaller bottles will generate more revenue for the restaurant but cost consumers more.

It will also trash more plastic into the environment.

Deliveryman Philippe Daniba said he had brought countless 2-liter bottles of soda to customers over his 19 years at the restaurant. The ban, he said, “doesn’t make sense.”

Industry-group officials agreed............ 

The blueprint for our future ... not visible to the eyes of the brain-dead

Many a time when bad things stare us in the face,  we slip into denial or split ourselves into dual personalities.  One personality is the "little me" that knows something is very wrong and the other is "Nice outward Me" that wants to get along hoping everything will be okay if we give the "wrongness" a little more time to right itself.  We might  tend to get impatient with people who can't see what's in store for planet Earth and then at other times we have to marvel at the cluelessness of  these brain-dead people who want to take us down with them.

The "secretly recorded" video mentioned in the article is below.

David J. Rusin writing at IslamistWatch:
.....The UK's Sun secretly recorded cleric Anjem Choudary as he urged Muslims to further their jihadist pursuits by claiming public benefits. "The normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar," he said, using a term for unbeliever. Ridiculing Britons with jobs, Choudary noted that some Muslims hardly ever work and instead focus on jihad. Based on research from 2010, Choudary "received £15,600 a year in housing benefit to keep him in a £320,000 house" and pocketed another £10,140 in council tax allowance, income support, and child benefits.

Islamists are known for living on the Western dole, especially in Britain, a scandal examined in a 2011 IW article by Kathy Shaidle. Recipients of UK benefits have included the bomb plotters of July 21, 2005, hate preacher Abu Hamza, and Abu Qatada, dubbed "Osama bin Laden's ambassador in Europe." (Unable to deport Abu Qatada, the government recently moved him into a three-bedroom home near a synagogue.) The phenomenon is not limited to the UK, as seen in new data indicating that Swedish citizen Taimour Abdulwahab, who blew himself up during a botched 2010 attack in Stockholm, had procured 750,000 kronor ($119,000) in student aid.

Muslims advertise Islam at Indiana public school:
Officials are investigating a bizarre incident at Terre Haute's Dixie Bee Elementary on February 8 in which Mohammed Alharbi and his three daughters, all students there, distributed religious messages while school was in session. Going room to room, they gave each instructor a flower and a card stating that "Mohammed is a Prophet of Mercy" and advising: "Do not defame people lest you make them your enemies." Reasoning that this should be considered a history lesson, not proselytizing (da'wa), administrators permitted the father to bring the material to the main office after the school's legal counsel cautioned against "viewpoint discrimination." They argue that Alharbi broke an agreement not to go beyond the office, but nobody can explain how he ended up walking freely through the halls. Alharbi insists that the principal had approved his plans.

Pro-Islam views have been creeping into secular U.S. classrooms, most often via slanted books, troubling guest speakers, and Islamist-run charter schools, even though any adult's participation in religious endorsement at a public institution is legally problematic. The ease with which Alharbi reportedly gained access to teachers and students, despite a parent's claim of airtight security, also recalls a recent case in which staffers' ignoring of protocols enabled a niqab-clad woman to abduct a girl from a Philadelphia school; both events suggest PC-driven reluctance to say no to Muslims. Would a Christian with cards about Jesus have gotten as far at Dixie Bee?........

.......Londonistan rising: One woman's grim portrait:
"I feel like a stranger where I live." That is the title of longtime Londoner Jane Kelly's riveting essay about the "new identity" of her Acton neighborhood, now defined by halal fish-and-chip shops, veiled women, and unsolicited advice that she should cover up as well. "I feel that public spaces are becoming contested," she notes, citing a store's sign that not only bans alcohol inside, but also states that it is not permitted on the street either. "The scale of immigration over recent years has created communities throughout London that never need to — or want to — interact with outsiders," Kelly observes. She plans to join the "white flight" from London.........

Jason Kenney ... Woo Master extraordinaire

So, here it is dear Canadians ... the stuff that makes lefties self-combust much to our delight.  The Conservative party has a chess master at the helm of the country and in the wings a suitable suitor for the driver's seat wooing his way even into the commie Star.  These guys are getting to be dangerously good !!!

Debra Black and Nicholas Keung writing at TheStar:...Jason Kenney, " Canada’s immigration minister, sits with his eyes closed as the abbot of the Cham Shan Temple in Thornhill prepares tea for him and a group of dignitaries.
“Did you taste the tea with your teeth?” the minister is asked. Kenney says he did.
“Then you have no worries,” he is told. “You are worry-free.”

The ancient Buddhist tea ceremony was a rare quiet moment in an otherwise hectic day on the road for Kenney, who draws fawning crowds like a rising rock star, rather than a federal politician, in the country’s ethnic communities.

During a jam-packed itinerary stretching across the GTA on a recent Saturday, Kenney was mobbed by excited shoppers at the Pacific Mall in Markham, grabbed on Toronto streets by supporters for impromptu photos, cheered by hundreds at a Tibetan New Year celebration and showered with confetti at a gala dinner.

For Kenney it’s all in a day’s work. As point man for the Conservative Party with Canada’s ethnic community and as minister of immigration and multiculturalism, he has worked assiduously to gain support for both himself and the party.

He has succeeded — with some in the Chinese community describing Kenney as ‘the Justin Bieber of Canadian politics.’ They embrace him with as much enthusiasm, also referring to him as the “smiling Buddha.”

Kenney’s popularity, and the popularity of his party, didn’t come easy. The ethnic and immigrant vote has traditionally been the stronghold of the Liberal Party and to a lesser degree the NDP.
But Kenney has nurtured the ethnic communities from the ground up, sometimes spending as much as six or seven out of eight weekends meeting and listening to their concerns.

Kenney arrives at 7:53 a.m. at Toronto’s Pearson airport, ready for a four-day series of meetings and official announcements that will take him across the GTA. He emerges with his usual exuberance despite having been up until 1 a.m. after a full day of meetings in Sault Ste. Marie............

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Canada's Conservatives to remain at the top for a long, long, long time

 I don't know whether to be hugely pleased or mildly apprehensive about the Conservatives entrenching themselves at the top for decades to come.  For the last several months, every poll at YahooNews (they have at least one every fortnight on Canadian politics) was in favor of  Harper and the Conservatives by an unbelievable margin.... so the article below doesn't surprise me one bit.

Mark Kennedy writing at NationalPost:
Canada’s Conservatives will be the “perpetually dominant”ruling party this century because of a fundamental shift in society, says a new book by an eminent pollster and a political journalist.

According to the authors of The Big Shift, many people — especially the central Canadian “elites” who once set the national agenda — don’t realize how much the country has changed.

A coalition of influence and power has shifted to the West and Ontario suburbs, where the Tories are strong.

Waves of immigration, much of it from Asia, have brought conservative values.

And Quebec — with all the associated hand-wringing about national unity — no longer captures the nation’s attention like it once did.

The May 2, 2011, election that gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper a majority government was a “tectonic” shift in Canadian history, write the book’s authors, Ipsos Reid pollster Darrell Bricker and Ottawa journalist John Ibbitson. Ipsos Reid is the official pollster for Postmedia News.

And it’s just the beginning of a long hold on power, they predict.............

Bahraini protestors are morphing into terrorists

Gone is their "freedom fighters" reputation.  Although almost 100 protestors/freedom fighters have been killed since 2011, the Bahraini govt can show proof like the vid below as reason for the actions of the police that got the protestors killed. Gangs of violent youngsters seem to be menacing even civilian motorists in their quest to create trouble in Bahrain. They burn cars and ATM booths, collect rocks for using as weapons and are out in the streets all day long.  These youngsters see the violence going on in Syria, Egypt and elsewhere and are thirsting to see something similar in Bahrain too.  They can't help it,  it's in their culture and embedded in their blood.... whether you want to believe that or not, it's a fact that anybody with an iota of sense cannot deny without lying to our faces.

Are you loving this?

I sure am!!   People on a witch hunt should be made to pay when their malice towards others not only puts those individuals in a financial loss but also makes them lose their calibrations on their daily routine, be it work-wise or on the family front.

The article has a poll asking whether Paul Magder should foot the bill.  The numbers made me grin and the day's not over yet.

Don Peat writing at TorontoSun:
....You mess with the bull, you get the horns. 

So if you take Mayor Rob Ford to court and lose, you’re going to be asked to foot the bill.

Ford — who won an appeal of his conflict of interest case last month — is now asking Paul Magder, the resident who took him to court in the first place, to cover the more than $116,000 plus HST in legal costs he incurred fighting to keep his butt in the mayor’s chair.

Ford’s lawyer Alan Lenczner submitted the costs to the Divisional Court last week.

According to the factum obtained by the Toronto Sun Friday, Ford’s legal team logged around $107,070 worth of hours plus $8,974 in costs to prepare for the case including photocopying, telephone charges and courier service.

Lenczner argues the costs requested are “entirely reasonable” given the fact Magder’s lawyer Clayton Ruby submitted a bill on behalf of Magder following the first trial for more than $150,000 — $125,850 for fees and $7,554.03 for disbursements plus HST.

In the factum, Lenczner goes on to argue the court shouldn’t be concerned that Magder will have to indemnify his legal team because Ruby has made it clear he was working on the case “pro bono.”

“Paul Magder understood even before the inception of his application that, if he was successful, his lawyers would receive costs from Ford which they would keep in their entirety,” Lenczner states.

“He also understood that, if he was unsuccessful, he would have to indemnify Rob Ford for his costs on a partial indemnity basis but not be required to pay his own lawyers.”

The court filing reveals Lenczner spent 115.3 hours preparing for the original trial and appeal at a partial indemnity rate of $350 an hour along with 3.5 days in court.

Ford wouldn’t speak about the case Friday at City Hall.

“I can’t talk about the court costs because it is in front of the courts,” Ford said.............

Friday, February 22, 2013

Will wonders never cease .... CNN actually reports Islamists gaining ground in Syria....

has there been a lover's  tiff between CNN and their lover boy Obama?  Will they make up or will CNN sprinkle their mostly bold faced lies with some truth?

A year ago, Ibrahim Qobani was an idealistic 19-year-old revolutionary who sang about freedom.
Always dressed in a scarf and fingerless gloves woven with the colors of the Syrian rebel flag, Qobani worked with a team of pro-democracy activists in Syria's northern Idlib province. He would sing from the rooftops during boisterous anti-government protests, complete with humorous animations that begged the international community to help stop Syrian government atrocities.

But today, Qobani appears much different in a series of YouTube videos.
Gone is the scarf with colors of the rebel flag. Instead of leading the chants, the young man stands in the crowd smiling as one man sings, "We destroyed America with a civilian plane, turned the World Trade Center into a pile of dirt. If you call me a terrorist, I say it's an honor."
In another video, Qobani stands cheering with a crowd of bearded men as a little boy sings, "Our commander is Bin Laden. He showed the Americans the strength of our faith." A man gives the boy a knife, which he proceeds to slice through the air as he sings, "Our police is Nusra. Just wait Alawites. We will come to slaughter you."...............

.....The rapid rise of hard-line Sunni Muslim groups like the Nusra Front -- some of which have seen their ranks swelled by foreign jihadi fighters -- is a trend that makes Jouejati and other more secular revolutionaries deeply uncomfortable.
It is also making Washington uneasy. In December, the U.S. government blacklisted the Nusra Front, labeling it a terrorist organization..........

Muslim Crime Wave in Canada ..... Part XXXIV

303) ....Mohamed Adam Bharwani, 18, has been charged with first-degree murder after a 23-year-old woman was found “suffering from apparent trauma to her body” at a North York home Saturday. She was pronounced dead in hospital.
The investigation so far has shown that the accused and victim had “no relationship,” said homicide Det. Graham Gibson, adding police know what the motive is but aren’t releasing those details.
 On Saturday, February 2, 2013, at 2:18 p.m., police responded to a call for unknown trouble at a home on Clancy Drive.
It is reported that:
− police located a woman suffering from apparent trauma to the body
− she was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead
The name of the victim is not being released pending notification of next−of−kin.
A post−mortem examination is yet to be scheduled.
Mohamed Adam Bharwani, 18, of Toronto, has been charged with:
1) First Degree Murder

304)  SOFIA, Bulgaria - A Canadian is among the suspects in the bombing of a bus filled with Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year, investigators said Tuesday, describing a sophisticated attack they said was carried out by a cell of Lebanon's militant group Hezbollah.
Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, in the first major announcement in the investigation into the July 18 bombing that killed five Israelis and their Bulgarian driver, said one of the suspects entered the country with a Canadian passport, and another with one from Australia.

305) The Islamist militants who attacked a natural gas plant in the Sahara included two Canadians and a team of explosives experts who had memorized the layout of the sprawling complex and were ready to blow the place sky-high, Algeria's prime minister says

306)  A 51-year-old man will remain  in custody for 30 days as he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he can be held criminally responsible for a bizarre attempted kidnapping in an Outremont park on Wednesday.
Chiheb Battikh appeared in court on Thursday afternoon, but said little as his lawyer requested the evaluation, to be carried out at the Philippe Pinel Institute. The presiding judge agreed.
Battikh, a balding dark-haired man who wore a heavy beige coat throughout his appearance, frowned and appeared shocked when he was informed that he would not be liberated for at least a month. His next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 18.
The charges against him include attempted kidnapping, confinement, assault with a weapon (reportedly a Taser) and possession of a weapon.
Battikh is alleged to have snatched a 3-year-old child (who cannot be identified due to a court order) in F.X. Garneau Park, near the corner of Côte Ste. Catherine Rd. and Outremont Ave., at about 4 p.m. on Wednesday.
The child’s father, 48, was among several people who successfully gave chase after the tot was scooped up, Montreal police Constable Dany Richer said Thursday morning.
The suspect managed to run “several metres” with the child in his arms before he was intercepted, wrestled down and held for police, Richer said.

307)   The Toronto Police Service is seeking the public’s help in locating a man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for a murder in Edmonton.
The victim Dale Maloney, 33, was leaving a restaurant with his girlfriend on Jasper Ave. and 113 St. in Edmonton on Aug. 13 when he got into a verbal argument with two males. The argument escalated quickly and led to Maloney being fatally shot.
Christian Iyamuremye, 23, was arrested in November and charged with second-degree murder and use of a firearm in commission of an offence.
Police continue to look for a second suspect, 27-year-old Bicco Saidi, who has been charged with second-degree murder and is described as black, 6 feet tall, 190 lbs., with brown eyes and short black hair.
Police believe Saidi is within the GTA area and is possibly armed and dangerous. The public is advised not to approach him but contact the Toronto Police Service at 416-808-2222 or the Edmonton Police Service at 780-423-4567.

308) On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 the Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Section charged an Ottawa man with one count of Sexual assault causing bodily harm.
Mohammad ASSADI, 26 year old, of Ottawa was charged after a complaint was received by Ottawa Police on January 19, 2013. A woman came forward and told police that she was sexually assaulted by the man.

309)  A Canadian suspected of organizing the bombing of a bus full of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria is a relative of the unidentified terrorist who died while planting the explosives, the National Post has learned.
DNA testing has confirmed the terrorist attack that killed six at the Sarafovo Airport last July was a family affair, but officials have not determined whether the bomb carrier who died was also a Canadian citizen.
The exact nature of the relationship between the terrorist killed in the explosion and his Canadian co-conspirator remains unclear. The Canadian has at least one brother who is also a Canadian citizen but there has been no indication he was involved.
Matt Levitt, a top U.S. Hezbollah expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said Tuesday that family relationships appeared often within the ranks of the Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist organization........
The Canadian identified by Bulgarian officials last week as the suspected accomplice in the bombing has not been publicly named. He emigrated from Lebanon and lived in Vancouver until age 12, when he returned to Lebanon. He holds dual Lebanese and Canadian citizenship......

310)  Two more arrests have been made and police are actively seeking another suspect in the murder of John Raposo on June 18, 2012.
Rabih Alkhalil, 25, wanted for first-degree murder
Raposo, 31, was shot and killed while watching a European Cup soccer match at the crowded Sicilian Sidewalk Café....
....Police are actively looking for 25-year-old Rabih Alkhalil, wanted for first-degree murder. He is also wanted by the Niagara Regional Police Service and Surete Du Quebec for drug- and criminal-organization-related offences.
Alkhalil is described as 5’ 10”, 170 lbs. with dark hair.
“He is known to frequent the Ottawa and Montreal areas and he has contacts in British Columbia,” McLane said......

311) Hmmmm ... it looks like this guy was trying to either re-enter Canada after 4 years or was making an escape.  On Saturday, January 3, 2009,  at 3:04 a.m., police received a call for a shooting at 9 Milvan Road.
 A Warrant in the First has been issued for the arrest of Ali Raza, 21, of Toronto, for First Degree Murder. Ali Raza is known to have fled Canada and is believed to be in Pakistan.
 On Tuesday, February 19, 2013, Ali Raza, 24, of Toronto, was arrested without incident at Toronto Pearson International Airport. He is charged with First−Degree Murder.

312) The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of a kidnapping investigation.
It is alleged that:
− on Saturday, September 15, 2012, the accused abducted a 42−year−old man at an
underground parking lot of a condominium in the Yonge Street/Finch Avenue area
− the victim was pistol−whipped and forced into a van by the accused
− he was blindfolded and tied up and taken to a house in the Hwy 401 and Hwy 404 area
− he was held there for three days where he was assaulted and robbed of his money, property
and car
− the accused used the victim's credit cards and made unauthorized transactions
Milad Chehelamiran, 27, of Richmond Hill, also known as Ali Akbari, is wanted............

313)  On Wednesday, February 20, 2013,  police arrested three men and one woman in connection with a firearm investigation.
It is alleged that:
− on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 5:09 p.m., officers from the Toronto Police Service Gun and Gang Task Force executed search warrants at two homes in the Mabelle Avenue/Dundas Street West area
− police seized a loaded Bryco Arms Jenning 9mm pistol, a loaded Taurus FT92 9mm pistol
and a loaded Jimenez Arms JA nine 9mm handgun.............
....Mohamed Abdullahi, 21, of Toronto, has been charged with..........

Wanna know why David Cameron went begging to the "third world" with a bowl in hand ?

Just a few clues below to show you how the mighty can fall when they think they know it all.  Rome was not built in a day and neither did it fall in a day.  Britain has started descending that  same steep slope that Rome had taken.

A modern-day tale of two cities is being served up by Costa Coffee. Last October, residents in the picturesque town of Totnes in Devon issued a call to arms to halt the coffee chain setting up shop. Almost 6,000 from a population of 8,336 signed up to the “No to Costa” campaign. After three months of fierce opposition, the company was forced to abandon its plans.
This week, the people of Nottingham welcomed Goliath with open arms. An incredible 1,701 people applied for eight vacancies at a new Costa branch that opened yesterday. But such devotion is far from a reaction to a paucity of macchiatos in the suburb of Mapperley. Newly released quarterly figures show that despite a record number of people now in work, millions are trapped in a cycle of part-time employment. Permanent jobs are in short supply, stunting Britain’s recovery.
There are 178,000 unemployed in the East Midlands, a number that has stagnated since July 2012. Among those who tried – and failed – to secure one of the coveted barista jobs were accountants and retail managers with more than 20 years’ experience. Café work used to be seen as a quick and easy way to fill in time and pay the bills between jobs. Now, despite a starting hourly wage of just £6.50, Costa Coffee and its ilk represent the only hope of full-time occupation for many........

....In a symbolic blow to the Government’s economic plans, Moody’s, one of the biggest global credit ratings agencies, downgraded Britain.
The agency said it had acted because of “continuing weakness in the UK's medium-term growth outlook”, the risk that the Government will fail to hit its targets for reducing the deficit and the UK's “high and rising debt burden”.
However, Moody’s predicted that on its current course, the UK will eventually regain its AAA status. Any relaxation in the deficit-reduction could lead to another downgrade, it suggested.....

According to Sky News:"The investigation discovered that diploma certificates and dissertations were for sale inside a London college. It is also revealed that some 159,000 people are thought to be in Britain despite their student visas having expired, and that just 2,700 students have been removed since 2009.
Whatever the allegations involving this particular college, it has been well known for some time that the foreign student system is a scam.......

....Had she done so her benefits  would have been stopped. Hameed would later claim in her defence that she did what she did only ‘because of the situation she found herself in’ — namely that her daughter and grandchild had moved back in, making money tight. 
Such sob stories are familiar fodder to the magistrates. But what they were especially struck by as they browsed a pre-sentence report prepared on the legally-aided Hameed is the fact that she required the proceedings to be relayed to her by a Punjabi-speaking translator who sat by her side.
‘Miss Hameed has been in England since the age of six,’ Mary Small, chair of the bench, pointed out, ‘so why does she still need an interpreter?’ 
She is told (via the interpreter) that while Hameed understands English she ‘lacks confidence to express herself in it’.
‘After spending 12 years in our education system?’ Mrs Small responded incredulously......

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bumper Banquets

Makes perfect sense.  What a shame that this was not legal before now. The crime is letting  good meat go to waste!  

Liz Neporent writing at ABCNews:
By passing a bill last week that allows motorists to eat their roadkill,  the Montana House of Representatives may be on their way to legalizing the ultimate drive-through experience.

State Rep. Steve Lavin originally introduced the bill into Montana's House to allow "game animals, fur-bearing animals, migratory game birds and upland game birds" who have been killed by a car to be harvested for food.

"This includes deer, elk, moose and antelope, the animals with the most meat," said Lavin.

Michael Symon's Venison Sloppy Joe Recipe

Lavin said that in his "day job" as a state trooper he sees a ton of animals hit on Montana's roadways that could potentially be repurposed to provide meat for people in need. State troopers already alert food banks to viable bumper banquets. This bill would simply make the practice legal.

If passed, Lavin said the law would explicitly exclude species such as big horn sheep and bear over concerns there would be profiteering from horns, claws and other body parts collectors covet. He added that it certainly wouldn't apply to situations like "finding a dead squirrel in the middle of the road" either......

Paging Office of Religious Freedom, Canada .... Terrorists in Syria funded by your fellow Western nations, kidnap two Christian priests.... Part 2

Tell us O mighty ORF ... what sort of a missile loaded corrosive letter you gonna write and to whom.  Waiting in feverish anticipation for your knight-in-silver-armor-action.

The fate of the two priests who were kidnapped on Feb 9 is unknown as at Feb 12 according to Fides network. Even one week later, there's still no news about their whereabouts or their fate, that I would trace on the internet.

The following is a Google translation from Arabic.  The Assyrian HR seems to be blaming not only the rebels for the kidnapping but also the Assad regime for purposely failing to give security to the Christians so they can be targeted for propaganda reasons.

Assyrian Network for Human Rights:  the abduction of Christian priests in Aleppo  I learned Assyrian network of human rights observers in the city of Aleppo that an armed group kidnapped two priests Christians on Saturday afternoon the current ninth of February, near a roadblock ICARDA (2 miles north of City Sracb) on the international highway between Aleppo and Damascus.
The observers reported the network that barrier follower of an armed group stopped a civilian bus carrying passengers after time Palace of marque from Aleppo toward Mashta sweet, nearly two o'clock noon, and ordered Father Maher Isaac Mahfoud Church Greek Orthodox, Father Michel Kayal Church Armenian Catholic, ordered them to get out of the bus and took them to an unknown destination as narrated by eyewitnesses to our observers.
And our observers confirmed that the partisan views close to the opposition Christian immediately informed follower of the barrier free army near the area, army officers tried to free the checkpoint save priests, but the kidnappers had fled.
The network Assyrian Human Rights condemns kidnapping of Syrian citizens exercised by gangs stealing and intimidation widely in Syria, they carry the authorities of the Syrian regime fully responsible for the incident, the failure of this system in the maintenance of the country's security and safety of citizens and punish the perpetrators first, but considered the official body which lies This business within its territory Secondly, and as the Syrian regime only entity seeking and benefiting from fueling sectarian strife in Syria III.
 It also condemns the Assyrian Network for Human Rights in the strongest possible terms the hijacking priests Mahfoud and Kayali, who were returning from complete and family duty solace in Aleppo, and demanding the party responsible for the accident should be launch Srahma and desist from the practice of these acts against the law and harmful to national meat.
Also calls on the network and area of wise elders to intervene immediately in order to clarify the fate of priests and release them immediately and without delay.

Canada's #1 Comedian .... the Province of Quebec

Tweet from the twitter user below says it all:

Nelson Watt writing at Globe&Mail:
The word “pasta” is a little too Italian   for Quebec’s language cops.

They’d prefer something more in the language of Moliere than Michaelangelo when it comes to menus, even in Italian restaurants.

“Pasta” wasn’t the only word that left a sour taste when they recently chewed over the menu at Buonanotte, a trendy Italian restaurant in Montreal. There were several other words that didn’t have enough of a French flavour for the Office Quebecois de la language francaise........

Masturbation Seminar inside a Catholic chapel

What else can go wrong with the Church?  This chapel in the grounds of the Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania started off as a Catholic place but has morph into one of those "diversity" hellholes that we keep hearing about.

This kind of thing is just one of the reasons why atheists label Christians as hypocrites.   While some clergy are screaming their heads off banning  sex outside marriage, homosexuality, bestiality,  etc .... there's an even greater number who are working for the propagation and promotion of sexual depravity.  Why is sex education needed for crying out loud?  Are we going to wilt and die if we don't get any?  Instead of  educators teaching kids how they can learn to depend on themselves by becoming financially independent and how to go about achieving that goal,  the depraved ones are teaching kids to climax instead.

Katie McHugh writing at  TheCollegeFix:
Allegheny College’s Ford Memorial Chapel was transformed into a boudoir of sorts Wednesday night, as professional sex educators advised students in attendance how best to touch themselves and their partners to reach orgasm in what was billed as an educational seminar.
The chapel, built and dedicated in 1902, is where Catholic mass and non-denominational services are conducted every week at the private liberal arts college in northwestern Pennsylvania. But all that took a back pew to Wednesday’s festivities, dubbed “I Heart the Female Orgasm” and hosted by a variety of student groups on campus.

The two sex educators, Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, talked students through a variety of masturbation techniques during the event.

“Sometimes it can be difficult finding your G spot by yourself, because it involves inserting a finger or fingers inside the vagina into the front wall of the body, and that kind of results in an awkward, kind of clawlike hand position,” Weinberg said, demonstrating with a pawing motion as the audience giggled. “Obviously, there are better ways you can position your body. Or if you’ve got a partner, you can get your partner to insert their finger or fingers inside your vagina in the front wall of your body in a sort of a J curve.”

Miller also weighed in, noting “some (women) find that if they change the angle or position, they can find some way of rubbing against their partner’s body, against the base of his penis or pubic bone, and with rubbing to have enough stimulation to orgasm in intercourse.”

In statements to The College Fix, the college’s chaplain defended the event’s location, calling its theme “responsible,” and a campus spokesperson said it offered a “great message.”

While the chapel is hosting services in conjunction with Lent, on Wednesday the building turned into a sexual marketplace of sorts, as student groups sold buttons, t-shirts and hats bearing the program’s name inside the chapel itself after the event concluded. They also sold the book written by program coordinators Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot titled “I Heart Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide.”.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paging Office of Religious Freedom, Canada ....What you gonna do about Saudi Arabia arresting 53 Christians for praying ... Part I

53 were arrested this month and late last year 35  ... all Christian Ethiopians for the "crime" of praying in the privacy of  a house.
What you gonna do about that  O  glorious Office of Religious Freedom?  Come on, come on ... show us your stuff  !!  

From World Evangelical Alliance:
Saudi authorities on Feb. 8 arrested 53 Ethiopian Christians,  mostly women, who were attending a worship service in the private, rented home of an Ethiopian believer in Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, WEA-RLC has learnt from sources inside the Arab kingdom.

The Christians - 46 women and six men including three church leaders - were arrested at about 10 a.m. last Friday, a close relative of one of those arrested told WEA-RLC. The three church leaders - two of them women - were produced in an Islamic court in Dammam the same day when authorities alleged they were converting Muslims to Christianity, the source added.

Authorities are likely to release two of the Ethiopian Christians who have residential permits on Monday, and the others are expected to be deported.

Dammam, a center for petroleum and natural gas and all commerce in the eastern parts of the kingdom, is a large metropolitan, industrial area and a major seaport. However, religious freedom is not granted to the numerous visitors or expats in the region, like elsewhere in the nation. A Saudi girl who embraced Christianity and fled Dammam in September 2012 was granted asylum in Sweden last month, according to Al-Yaum newspaper.

In December 2011, Saudi authorities arrested 35 Ethiopian Christians, 29 of them women, for "illicit mingling," after police arrested them when they raided a private prayer gathering in Jeddah. Of those arrested 29 were women, who were subjected to arbitrary body cavity searches in custody, according to Human Rights Watch.

"We call on Saudi authorities to treat all those arrested with dignity, and release them immediately as there is apparently no evidence for any offense against them," Godfrey Yogarajah, WEA-RLC Executive Director, said. "Arrest of believers for peacefully gathering for worship goes against the spirit of Saudi Arabia's promotion of inter-religious dialogue in international fora."

More than 10 years since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, the Saudi government has failed to implement a number of promised reforms related to promoting freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief, noted the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom in its 2012 annual report.

"The Saudi government persists in banning all forms of public religious expression other than that of the government's own interpretation of one school of Sunni Islam; prohibits churches, synagogues, temples, and other non-Muslim places of worship; uses in its schools and posts online state textbooks that continue to espouse intolerance and incite violence; and periodically interferes with private religious practice," the report said.

When you smell gas, get the hell out of there ....

don't depend on people you have been led to believe know certain things better than you,  to tell you different.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has better instincts than we ourselves on what should be the best course of action in any situation that involves ourselves.

From KansasCityStar:
....Joe Whisler detected the odor even  before he got to JJ’s Tuesday afternoon.

“I could smell gas from my car when I got to 48th and Belleview,” said Whisler of Westwood, who was meeting friends for a drink after work.
“It was overpowering.”

As he walked to the restaurant, Whisler said, he noticed a pipe in the ground at the alley on the east side of JJ’s that appeared to be leaking gas.
“I could hear a hiss of gas and smell it wafting up,” he said.

He met his friends inside and had a glass of wine. About 5:20 p.m., Whisler said, Kansas City firefighters entered the restaurant and told the owners to turn off their ovens and grills and open the doors to the outside. They did as they were told, Whisler said, with employees “covering their faces because of the odor.”

“I said to the lead fire guy, ‘Shouldn’t we evacuate here?’ ” Whisler said. “They told me no, that they had called the gas company. I saw three Missouri Gas Energy workers walking around outside.”

But the odor proved too strong for Whisler, and he left JJ’s about 5:30 p.m.
“The smell inside was so bad I couldn’t stand it,” he said. “It was unbearable.”

Whisler noticed the same pipe leaking gas in the alley when he left the restaurant. He said about 15 customers were in the bar and some were in the dining room when he left...........