Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Senator Anne Cools ? Why, Why, Why ???

It's not cool, not cool at all.  I have information that the Human Trafficking Bill has been stalled in the Senate. Despite Herculean efforts by MP Joy Smith and a horde of women activists doing their best to spread the awareness of this plague raging in Canada, our elected lawgivers keep on disappointing us. How long will the citizens of Canada have to wait for Bill C-268 to become law ?

Naomi Baker of Canada Fights Human Trafficking cannot understand it either. "How is it possible that our Canadian Senate still holds back the passing of such a strongly supported Bill as Bill C-268; the institution of a five year minimum sentence for those trafficking children?"  she asks as do many of us.

Baker and others like her know that children are the future of Canada. The prompt passing of Bill C-268 is imperative to the future growth and stability of our nation.

I believe the present halt in Senate for Bill C-268 is primarily due to independent Senator Anne Cools who has unilaterally adjourned debate on it. Why Senator Cools.......WHY, WHY, Why ????


  1. Seems to me that Senator Cools has joined the Libby Davies "can't put basic logic and morality ahead of ideology" club.

    What's particularly irritating about it is that a minimum of five years for human trafficking is itself an insult to the idea of justice. But people like Libby Davies and Anne Cools can't even swallow that?

    It's not that difficult a concept to understand: some people simply belong in jail. Do people like Davies and Cools actually need this explained to them?

  2. What is sad is the fact that Senator Cools had the call to make a statement to the Senate that “there is no connection whatsoever with the phenomenon of slavery and these poor, terrible cases that are happening, and they are very terrible cases.” How can she not see the connection? Don't get it.

  3. Angel - yes, I saw that she made the statement and I was appalled as well. I am amazed that she cannot see the connection.
    BTW, your remark above would be better served if you made it in the post titled "Help to end slavery in Canada".
    In the blogging word, people tend to read only what they see on the first downloaded page.


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