Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sarah Palin: "The arrogance of man to think we can change nature's ways"

Palin blasts the Copenhagen's gathering of magpies in her usual common sense way.

One of her tweets this morning said: "Earth saw clmate chnge4 ions;will cont 2 c chnges.R duty2responsbly devlop resorces4humankind/not pollute&destroy;but cant alter naturl chng."

And, people have the nerve to call this woman dumb!!!


  1. People who think that they are always right have a tendency to think that those who disagree with them are smart, and those who disagree with them are dumb. This happens on both sides. Sarah might as well be speaking martian to leftists because her worldview is so different, therefore because they can't understand her, she must be dumb. Those who will grant that she is capable of thought don't want to be the ones to say "the emperor is naked!" and so the stereotype continues.

    I don't think that there's anything evil about it, they're (the liberal thinkers) just wrong. I agree with the line that one should never ascribe to malice what can be explained by laziness or self-interest.

    C_Miner in AB

  2. whoops, I contradicted myself... should read "a tendency to think that those who agree with them are smart."

  3. "IONS" this qualifies as dumb. No sorry DUMB!


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