Thursday, December 3, 2009

The plague of Human Trafficking in Calgary

Human Trafficking is slavery... so anyone who says slavery has been abolished has to be corrected. It is still very much alive and kicking and kicking furiously even in Canada.

A Canadian woman posing as a hairdresser was charged on Thursday with human trafficking, for trying to sell two Chinese women to undercover policemen for 4,000 dollars each.

The woman allegedly offered to sell "two teenaged Asian women" for 5,000 Canadian dollars (4,700 US) each to undercover policemen

read further the ghastly whole thing


  1. OT but I noticed the item, China chides the PM. Hey, he wasn't the PM five years ago, so both PM Martin and PM Harper were chided.
    And they didn't visit Canada when Martin was PM.
    Share the blame.

  2. Was this woman a member of Canada Acorn.

  3. Dodo, if you haven't been able to see the Monk debate, it is available at Russ Campbell's blog.

  4. MaryT - that's a thought you know. Is ACORN in Calgary? :} :}

  5. Libby Davies must be increasingly proud of her "principled" (ideological) vote against anti-Human Smuggling legislation.


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