Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home grown Jihadis in USA and Canada ?

Read and watch and then decide if we have such groups both in the USA and over here in Canada as well.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were several groups like this one, sprinkled  in more than half a dozen places in our two countries.
......Unsurprisingly, our report was also met with skepticism by media pundits and Internet Bloggers who described as “ridiculous” that such Islamic paramilitary training compounds could be permitted to exist in North America. Others felt that if such activity was indeed occurring on American or U.S. soil, authorities would most certainly take the necessary action to protect its citizens........

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  1. If what they are doing is not already illegal, it should be. FBI and RCMP should team up, conduct a proper surveilance operation, and build a legal case to be prosecuted (preferably by Rudy Giuliani) in a court of law.


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