Friday, December 4, 2009

The Chinese, whether in China or Canada .... they love PM Harper

These are the times, when the opposition is so down on their luck that they will clutch at any little straws like a drowning man would, that we should do the Christian thing in the Christmas spirit and let them get away with some whining (lying) about how the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao "scolded" our PM.  Nothing is, and ever has been, further from the truth. In Chinese custom, when a favored person visits their household,  to show how much the person's visit is appreciated, the first thing they say is " So, now you come to see me? Where were you while I was waiting here for you?" This makes the visitor feel wanted and welcomed and it is the Chinese way of showing how much they care about the visitor. Canadians who are originally from China are laughing aloud at the Canadian media and shaking their heads and laughing some more.

Moreover, countless long awaited deals which were anticipated by Canada were officially signed and sealed ... is that the new way of showing disrespect  to our PM ?   Can the opposition get any more sillier?

The Approved Destination Status (ADS) which will bring tourists from China to our shores and benefit our tourism industry was hailed by the tourism industry in both countries. In BC alone there have been a flow of 230,000+ Chinese tourists since the beginning of the year. With ADS, Canada can expect that number to double and more.

Also, the Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) is by now already signed and sealed. This will give more confidence to exporters and importers as it will provide legal protection to both sides to this kind of  trade.

PM Harper also forged ahead with the Asia Pacific Portal Program (APPP) and his Chinese counterpart was only too glad to assure our PM that they are looking forward to give us full cooperation, whether it be in telecom services or in construction.

The Lib and other parties are making clowns of themselves by proclaiming that "Harper was scolded". By doing so, they are further distancing themselves from Canadian voters who are originally from those Asian countries and are more familiar with the norms of Chinese behaviour. Of course, the Chinese premier would have HAD TO say something to show he has not forgotten how we welcomed the Dalai Lama who is a sworn enemy of the Chinese govt., or how our PM never misses an opportunity to rail against Human Rights violations in China, or how he was one of the top world leaders not to put in an appearance at the Olympics. All politicians do it, it's just PR.

Canada and China has signed several agreements which will further strengthen the grip both countries have on the economy and on the future prosperity of our two countries.

The two countries also agreed on the need to encourage further growth of bilateral trade from its current levels, increasing trade in goods and services in all sectors, including energy and resources, infrastructure, telecommunication and transportation, advanced technology, tourism, agriculture and financial services. They also agreed to enhance cooperation on clean energy

PM Harper has proven once again to be the perfect diplomat. Whether he travels to India or China or to the moon, Canadians can always rest assured that he will do us proud.

I for one, am absolutely proud of our Prime Minister.


  1. I for one, am absolutely proud of our Prime Minister.

    As are millions of Canadians across the country.

    Despite the desperate attempts by those on the left to smear Prime Minister Harper, he continues to impress us all.

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    Don't simply presume I am not publishing.

  3. Maria,

    Honestly, what are you smoking? Harper was insulted by Hu Jintao in a manner that is rarely done in diplomatic circles. In response, Harper's behaved in a manner equivalent to a petulant child who does not know his place.

    The Chinese don't really care about Canada except for natural resources which they will source from other countries if they can get a better price. That is why they have not made any visits to Canada. In short, they are far more important to us than we are to them.

    BTW, the tourism deal Harper completed on this trip was awaiting a signature since 2005.... He must have worked hard to get that deal closed.


  4. Where's Waldo? the name itself is a good question. Waldo is living in his own little world where truth has no place and lies fly like bees disturbed in their love-making with the Leftist queen bee. Go back to the hive Waldo. The queen awaits.

  5. Maria,

    I suggest you read a lot more about geopolitics and international diplomacy before you start throwing around accusations about lieing or kudos for Harper about, what in your opinion, are stunning accomplishments. Harper was insulted by the Chinese for his actions as our current leader. Canadian's at large now get to suffer the consequences of his actions.


  6. What amuses me is the excitement of certain twats that the Chinese media would criticize Harper.

    Unfortunately for them, the Chinese media is a lot like the Chinese legal profession -- subject to strenuous government control.

  7. Where's Waldo? I must have taken one too many last evening, because I forgot to come back to slap you.

    You are a total idiot and I will tell you why.

    I don't need to learn about geopolitics and intl.diplomacy to tell you numbskulls here in the West, that the way things are said and done in Asia and other places is not what you expect them to be said and done in your Western ways.

    Are you so dumb that you cannot understand that the Chinese premier had to say a couple of sentences especially for the ears of his voters who are mad with Canada for having welcomed the Dalai Lama and for having to listen to our criticism of China's deplorable state of Human Rights? In fact, I am willing to bet the Premier had forewarned our PM that he would be obliged to say some stuff against him even before he took the podium. Tricks of the trade which a numbskull like you would not know or would prefer not to know.

    Stop being such a hater of Harper. You are making a fool of yourself.


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