Monday, April 30, 2012

How the Persian nutcase has established Iranian influence in Latin America

It's simply amazing how leftist Christian countries ally themselves with murderers. How can one be a follower of Christ and yet support entities that are blood hungry for your Christian blood? Has Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil given up their Christian faith  or is it only greed and  corruption at the top that is playing into Iranian hands?  Whatever it is, this does not look good. Very informative report and worth your time to read in full.  Also worth your time is listening to the vid.

Since Ahmadinejad was elected president in August 2005, Iran has extended and solidified its relations with several Latin American countries, especially Venezuela and Bolivia, and increased its efforts to obtain a political foothold in the others. According to findings brought before the American Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Iran has significantly increased its diplomatic representation in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. It was also reported that since 2005 Iran has increased the number of its embassies in Latin America from five to 11, and set up 17 "cultural centers" as well.

The common factors in the increasingly close relations between Iran and some of the Latin American countries are their anti-American ideologies and policies, and their desire to present a revolutionary alternative to what they perceive as American imperialism. Iran exploits those relations to strengthen its foothold in Latin America (also employing Hezbollah), to establish a presence and gain political, economic, cultural and religious influence. As in other areas of the world, in Latin America Iran employs terrorism and subversion, and works to instill radical Shi'ite Islamic ideology into the local Muslim communities.....

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