Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to bilk infidels out of $83 Million

The funny part is that the investors thought they were investing in a winery.  Fools and their money is soon parted, much sooner if you trust muzzies with it.  With this story, down goes my somewhat mellow impression  about Ismali Muslims. 

....Notary public Rashida Samji   was suspended from practice in February and is set to go before a hearing of the B.C. Securities Commission on May 1.

The BCSC alleges that between 2003 and the beginning of this year, Samji took in cash from 218 investors, promising guaranteed returns of between 12 and 30 per cent annually. She allegedly told the targets the money would be kept safe in a notary trust account and would be used as collateral by the Mark Anthony Group and other wineries when they sought loans in foreign countries.

Instead, Samji allegedly stowed the cash in two personal accounts under the names of her two companies, and paid investors their returns with money from the new backers she brought in. The Mark Anthony Group, which owns the Mission Hill Winery, had no knowledge of the claims Samji was making, according to the BCSC.

The securities watchdog is also accusing Samji of falsifying documents and creating a false land title search to back up a fraudulent mortgage.

Samji was a notary public for 24 years before submitting her resignation in March.....

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