Sunday, April 8, 2012

Muslims murder Christians on Easter Sunday ... but all is forgiven by our Western governments who ...

will send lots more aid and funds to the countries where the muslims main goal is to destroy Christians and Christianity.  I don't even have to hunt around on the internet to see if any news outlet has the guts to openly state that Christians were killed or that Christians were targeted ... it's a lost task ... because the hard and true facts will come out  only via  the blogosphere in a day or two.  In the meanwhile, I am betting my bottom dollar and all the dimes as well ... that Christians were targeted and  Christians were killed in Nigeria on Easter Sunday. 

(LAGOS, Nigeria) — A car bomb exploded along a busy roadway Sunday morning in a central Nigeria city, killing at least 38 people in the latest attack on a region beset by religious, ethnic and political violence, an official said.

The blast struck Kaduna, the capital of Kaduna state, leaving charred motorcycles and debris strewn across a major road in the city where many gather to eat at informal restaurants and buy black market gasoline. Nearby hotels had their windows blown out of by the force of the powerful explosion, which engulfed a group of motorcycle taximen.

At least 38 people were killed in the blast, said Abubakar Zakari Adamu, a spokesman for the Kaduna state Emergency Management Agency. Others suffered serious injuries and were receiving treatment at local hospitals, Adamu said.....

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