Monday, April 30, 2012

In Life there are no coincidences

What Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador writes about below is about one coincidence. How about the recent news about a LA coroner meeting his end by arsenic poisoning?  Was the guy involved in the autopsy results of Andrew Breibart?  Was that another coincidence?   I for one,  am definitely not in the least bit hesitant to say that I am convinced that the Seals helicopter was a sitting duck for the Taliban because it's whereabouts were already leaked to them. What did the Seals know that is now most likely sealed with their deaths? 

....Bush handed over the power to Obama. Now, we can appreciate how they are not so different, they share a striking affinity: their love for the Muslim world. Bush’s love was in line with his family business interests, and Obama’s is in line with his religious-political inclinations.......

..........Sure enough, by some strage “coincidence,” last August 2011, a month before 9/11, we got information that in an helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Among the victims, there were 25 Navy SEALs from SEAL Team Six, the unit that carried out the raid in Pakistan in May that killed bin Laden. But, in life, there are no coincidences.

A month later, as the commemoration of 9/11 took place, instructions were given to remove any mention of “Muslim terrorism” and instead speak of “attacks” and ordered a “reevaluation” with the aim to remove any and all references to Islam as a source for Muslim terrorism, including Islamic Jihad. 19 Muslim terrorists massacred over 3,000 people and left countless orphans and mayhem in the country, but their allegiance to Islam had to be erased. ......

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