Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dumbass Toronto lefties ... driving themselves up the wall because they can't ...

no matter how fricking hard they try, tarnish mayor Rob Ford's reputation. Fuckers just cannot leave the mayor in peace and quiet so he can continue caning their butts a bit harder on our behalf.  Go get them Mayor Ford. We stand with you. 

The Lefties have ganged up on the mayor with help from  the moronic gay community .... know why? .... because this principled mayor of ours prefers to take his near and dear ones to the family cottage every year as he has been doing for countless years, even long before he became the mayor of this city and long before the gay community made themselves "too important to ignore".   Why would he break  his  yearly vacation routine because of these whining morons?  When did the gay community become such bullies and entitlement seekers?!!!!  Sheesh !!  Why are they seeking his presence at their pornographic display in our streets?  Are they that insecure that they want a strong family man like Rob Ford to put in an appearance to give them a feeling of normalcy ?  Idiots !! 

Sometimes, I tend to think that the Caliphate is not coming soon enough. I would have loved to see a gay parade in a full-blown shariah-ed Canada.  Imagine the fun!!!  Just imagine !!!

Joe Warmington writing at the TorontoSun:
....The speculation is Mayor Ford may like his extra crispy with some KFC fries and green coleslaw too. Wow. Maybe gravy is OK, after all — as long as it's on fries or mash potatoes!


"That's the best they got on him," his pal Don Cherry mused Wednesday.

Maybe next they'll catch him mowing the lawn and blame him for killing grass.
Or eat a hot dog and then call in the humane society.
Or how about film him washing his car and then bring in Dr. David Suzuki to say he's wasting water?

With the War on Ford, all that's needed is a kernel of the truth in the effort to deep fry his chance to repeat as mayor in 2014.

Anything goes — even recording him buying supper for his family.
"I don't blame him a bit for going there," teased Cherry. "Are you kidding!
"I love Kentucky Fried Chicken."

In Ford's case, some on the vicious left were laughing and making a mockery of what is a serious problem for anyone fighting the battle of the bulge.

But sometimes fat can be in the eye of the beholder.

For example, reports show the mayor's 2011 office budget was $44,995, with $4,000 spent of his own money. From the same statistical source, Mayor David Miller's final year in office was $203,430 of taxpayers' money spent and none of his own.....

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