Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Many more joyous showers from the Religion of Peace

Further to this.

2012.04.10 (Guzara, Afghanistan) - A 4-year-old girl is among fourteen innocents blown up by a Fedayeen suicide bomber wearing a burqa.
2012.04.09 (Quetta, Pakistan) - Six minority Shiites are machine-gunned at close range as they are sitting outside a shop.
2012.04.09 (Baidoa, Somalia) - A dozen women and children are sent to Allah by al-Shabaab bombers at a marketplace.
2012.04.09 (Loder, Yemen) - An al-Qaeda assault leaves 11 dead, including five local soldiers.
2012.04.09 (Potiskum, Nigeria) - A 6-year-old girl is murdered by Islamic terrorists.
2012.04.08 (Kaduna, Nigeria) - A suicide car bomber detonates outside a church celebrating Easter. Nearly forty people lose their lives in the carnage.
2012.04.07 (Karrada, Iraq) - Two passengers on a minibus bleed to death following a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2012.04.06 (Karachi, Pakistan) - A 55-year-old seminary teacher is shot five times by sectarian rivals.
2012.04.06 (Kunar, Afghanistan) - A peace envoy and his son are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.04.05 (Badakhshan, Afghanistan) - A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a bazaar, killing two innocents.
2012.04.05 (Karachi, Pakistan) - A 22-year-old Shiite is shot to death by suspected Sunnis.

main source: TROP

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