Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some are tearing out their hair over delay in the Iran decision

Editor-in-Chief of the of Asharq Al-Awsat, a mouthpiece of the Saudi regime is all atwitter because their pawn the USA is not fully abiding by their wishes and desires regarding Iran. He is aware, being a taqiyyah master himself, that Iran is taqiyyah-ing to the infidels in the USA. The poor man wants to take both Obama and Clinton by their shoulders and shake them silly until some sense is driven into their thick skulls to make them see that Iran is lying about it's fatwa prohibiting  the use of nuclear power for evil purposes.

Dear Tariq AlHomayed, it's like looking into a mirror where you and Iran are concerned. Your Sunni nations and Iran are the same .... from our point of view anyway. All of you taqiyyah to the infidels and almost all the infidels believe you. Just as the Sunnis hoodwink the infidels so also do the Shiites. Should we be taqiyyah-ed only by you and not the Shiites? Equal opportunity for all is what we in West desire for everybody. So stuff it .... dear fellow.

... The problem with the Obama administration is that it wants to pursue policies that may be acceptable to the day-dreaming cultural elite, but not to regimes that are full of cunning and deceit, like the Iranian regime, whose primary objectives do not include development, openness, humanitarian values, the well-being of its citizens, or even religious tolerance; rather all that the Iranian regime — and the ideology behind it — cares about is expansion and infiltrating other countries, for sectarian motives. Since the world is ruled by international laws and conventions, as well as interests, it is absurd to talk about an Iranian fatwa when negotiating with Tehran, for countries — like individuals — have reputations and histories that cannot be ignored, therefore the reputation of a bad country, like the reputation of a bad individual, is not based on statements or fatwas, but rather past deeds! Therefore, when US Secretary of State Clinton talks about the Iranian fatwa, we can be certain that she has not heard about Iranian taqqiya )the practice of precautionary dissimulation emphasized in Shiite Islam whereby adherents may conceal their religion when under threat)! Tehran has a history of failing to comply by its pledges and agreements, and the best example here is the visit paid by the Iranian President (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) to the Emirati Abu Musa Island that is under occupation by Iran, for despite all the Iranian-Emirati agreements regarding a truce to precede negotiations and dialogue, Tehran failed to respect its pledge; therefore if the president of the country fails to abide by his word, how can we believe the country itself will abide by this fatwa?

In reality, the claim that we can rely on a fatwa that prohibits the possession of nuclear weapons, reminds us of the famous Arab proverb: “the thief was asked to swear (his innocence), and he swore (falsely) and said “yes, this is the way out [of the predicament]!” If this fatwa is one of the merits of dialogue with Iran, then by God we are truly facing a disaster in the region!

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