Thursday, April 12, 2012

The full-blown madness in Britian is excruciating to watch ....

could someone please euthanize the Judeo-Christian England and put it out of it's misery. Let it go from Full Monty to Full Shariah and let's be done with it.  PLEASE !!!!

BBC refuses to screen play about Islamic threat to freedom of speech. Mark Thompson, the BBC's director-general, says it will not screen the controversial 'Can We Talk About This?'.........

I had first seen the vid above a couple of months ago at BlazingCatFur blog and strongly feel that every person fighting the madness of islam and muslims should push this vid in the faces of those who still think muslims will integrate into Western society if only they are given more time. It will never happen.

Here is the link to the vid:

Send it to all who are concerned about the islamization of our Judeo-Christian lands and even to the ones who think there's nothing to worry about. 

... Brutal punishments like whipping and stoning could become widespread in Britain if Islamic Sharia law is allowed to thrive, a member of the House of Lords has warned.

Baroness Cox said a growing number of British Muslims are shunning the official court system in favour of Sharia councils to settle legal disputes.

She told a House of Lords conference this could even lead to the destruction of democracy and fuel support for far-right groups like the British National Party, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday......

via: IslamistWatchOrg

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