Monday, April 30, 2012

Muslim crime wave in Canada .... Part XVII

171) One of the city's most well-known jewellers was robbed at gunpoint and badly beaten over the weekend, police say. A gun-toting bandit walked into Harold the Jewellery Buyer on Bathurst St. Friday afternoon and demanded the owner hand over jewelry, police said. ....
.....Khan Facey is charged with robbery while armed with a firearm, aggravated assault and careless storage of a firearm.

172) Human trafficker arrested, was on the lam for 9 months. A convicted human trafficker who has been on the run from authorities for nine months was captured here Tuesday. Imani Nakpangi, 29, became Canada's first convicted human trafficker in 2008 for pimping out teenage girls from a motel room in Mississauga, Ont.

173) Yama Mokhtarzada, 22, of Toronto faces 57 robbery and firearm-related offences after a series of robberies on Friday and on April 13. (CBC)7 Toronto women robbed at gunpoint in an hour.

Police are investigating after seven women on their way to work in downtown Toronto were robbed at gunpoint in separate instances likely by the same man early Friday morning.

174) Suspected terrorist Mohamed Harkat made significant headway in his fight against deportation on Wednesday. The Federal Court of Appeal overturned electronic phone record evidence that Harkat’s lawyer said was pivotal in the case against him. The records were recorded by CSIS and were said to pin terrorist ties to Harkat, but they’ve since been destroyed.

A three-panel judge said the records could no longer be used against him because he must be able to know what evidence is arrayed against him. “My first response, my eyes started tearing down and my heart started pounding hard and I was shocked,” Hakart said. “One day, I’m going to clear my name. It gave me hope.”

But on Wednesday the Court of Appeal upheld the use of “special advocates,” who represent Harkat and are shown secret evidence denied to Harkat’s lawyers.  “While we are pleased to see that the court did find that there were some glaring problems with respect to Mr. Harkat’s case, we are also disappointed that the court did not find unconstitutional the secret trial process,” said Matthew Behrens, a member of the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials. .........

175) One more badass muzzie goes to hell. Whew !!! A man shot to death outside Montreal on Saturday night was an alleged cocaine dealer in the Ottawa area. Wasseem Gebara, 32, was shot to death in a parking lot attached to a condominium in Brossard just before 11 p.m. Saturday. Gebara, who was shot several times, was pronounced dead at the scene. No arrests have been made.

176) Salauddin Choudhury and his partner Ehsan Ali owners of Oh! Calcutta fined for trying to operate restaurant on Calcutta standards.  A judge has refused to reduce the fine for one of two owners of a Calgary company that operated a southwest restaurant, imposing $64,722 in penalties for 54 infractions under the Public Health Act on Thursday.
Provincial court Judge Heather Lamoureux declined the presentation by prosecutor Rob O’Neill to cut the proposed fine to Ehsan Ali in half, because he did not provide any documentation to support his alleged dire financial situation.
Ali, co-owner of Oh! Calcutta, which operated the now-defunct Wicked Chili restaurant at 507 17th Ave. S.W., was convicted on Wednesday after trial by Lamoureux for what she called “deplorable” living conditions in two suites above the restaurant and in the basement.
“Mr. Ali has not presented any income tax statements, receipts or any other means to substantiate his claim that he is in financial difficulty,” said the judge.

177) two men were arrested while in the commission of a break−and−enter in the City of Mississauga
− the two men are part of an organized group believed to be responsible for a number of break−ins throughout Toronto, Peel Region and York Region
− flyers were used as part of a ruse during the break−and−enters
Roustam Rafiev, 28, of Toronto, and Marius Voicu, 20, of Toronto are charged with:
1. Break−and−Enter Commit and other offences.

178) More home invasions by the people imported by our Immigration Dept. to do harm to Canadian citizens. Is this a new trend? One muzzie and one non-muzzie teaming up ?  Scumbags. It is alleged that:
− a man was forced onto his bed and beaten by the two men
− the victim fought back, managing to strike one intruder with a baseball bat and pulling off the second suspect's balaclava
− the men managed to subdue the victim
− they stole his jewellery, cash and a cell phone
− the men both fled the scene.
Abdi Dirie, 21, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with:
1) Robbery while armed with a firearm
2) Wear disguise with intent
3) Forcible Confinement
Shortly after, police issued an arrest warrant for Michael Chatterpaul 22, of no fixed address.
On Sunday, April 29, 2012, Michael Chatterpaul 22, surrendered to police. He has been charged with....

179) On Sunday, April 29, 2012 at approximately 1 a.m., police responded to a radio call for two men breaking into vehicles on Wilson Avenue, near Jane Street− police attended the address and located two men in the parking lot
− as the officers approached the men, they ran
− after a short foot pursuit, the two men were arrested and a loaded .40 calibre Glock
handgun was seized
Ahmed Noor Muse, 23, of Mississauga, and Hussein Ibrahim, 18, of Toronto, were each charged with...........
180) A 19-year-old man was sentenced Monday to 2 1/2 years behind bars for a street race that killed his friend.
Kareem Alli was convicted of dangerous driving causing death while street racing in the crash that killed Christian "Sisco" Williams, 18, in June 2010.........

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