Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Useful Idiots ... even amongst those Christians who are supposedly victims of muzzie hate ...

and suffering untold harm under muzzie rule.  Must be something in the waters of the Nile.

Ashraf Ramelah writing at RightSideNews
....Days before the holy weekend hundreds of church members disregarded the longstanding prohibition issued by the late Pope forbidding all pilgrimages by Copts to Jerusalem’s holy sites. They were wrong to perhaps believe that, in the few weeks since their Pope’s death, their bishops and priests would overturn or overlook church policy set by the Pope. To the chagrin of many Copts, the church remains in the grip of the Pope’s unsettling anti-Semitic 1979 edict prohibiting Copts to visit Israeli “occupied” Jerusalem.

Their story was reported by the Egyptian newspaper, Al Youm el Sabeh, as well as Egypt which stated that the Saint Helena Chapel Priest Misael stood his ground against Copts attempting entry, indicating that the Pope’s order barring visiting Copts must be respected. The late Pope’s political and longstanding pro-Muslim bias remains intact with the current acting Pope, Bishop Pachomius, who is reported as planning to continue to “follow in the footsteps” of Pope Shenouda III with regard to “national and Arab causes” (see Ramadan Al Sherbini, Egypt, 4/8/12).

The late Pope Shenouda III was the out-spoken spiritual head of the Coptic Orthodox Church for the past forty years who curiously positioned the church against Christian teachings when he sided with the Egyptian Arab-Muslim point of view regarding the “liberation” of Jerusalem. His well-known quote “Copts will only enter Jerusalem hand-in-hand with their Muslim brothers” injected an unfortunate and inexcusable rationale which resulted in coldness toward Jews and has led to a deep divide between Copts and Jews....

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