Monday, April 9, 2012

David Cameron .... a fox in sheep's clothing

IMO, he is just a career politician. He will do and say anything based on the pulse of the people at any given time. With politicians like him, it's one step back when there is a push back from the citizens and then like a wolf in sheep's clothing, in the dead of night, raid the hen house and take four steps forward to trample on the citizens. It works every time.  David Cameron is another top honors graduate from the University of Taqiyyah. 

...David Cameron has issued a rallying call for a 'Christian fightback' against attempts to ban the wearing of crosses and town hall prayers.

The Prime Minister – who joked that he had felt like he 'needed someone to pray for me' during the recent rocky period for the Government – used a pre-Easter meeting with church leaders to say Britain needed the values of the Bible more than ever.

He issued a public plea for them not to 'fall out' with the Government over plans to allow gay marriage.....

h/t: Pam

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