Sunday, April 22, 2012

Donald Trump vs Scotland's dizziness for Wind Turbines

Ohh.... those Scots !!  How did they become so leftish and harebrained?  Most nations are dumping any plans they had for additional turbines, but the Scots are proving to be  late learners.

From the NewsScotsman:
...US tycoom Donald Trump will warn the Scottish Parliament this week that his plans to build a luxury hotel alongside his Aberdeenshire golf course will be axed if ministers back a series of “insane” wind turbines nearby.

The billionaire property developer will appear at Holyrood on Wednesday to attack the Scottish Government’s renewable energy proposals, accusing Alex Salmond of “destroying” the country’s natural heritage.

His championship golf course, ten miles north of Aberdeen, is scheduled to open as planned in July, but the entrepreneur’s senior representative said additional plans for a major hotel and housing development could not “co-exist” with an offshore wind farm planned for the coastal waters nearby.......

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