Thursday, April 12, 2012

Muslim Sudan bombs the new country of South Sudan

Why is the UN silent about the numerous aerial bombings which are killing and maiming hundreds of South Sudanese ?  Are black lives,especially when they are Christian,  less important than the brown lives in Syria or is Saudi money to be spent only on dismantling Assad's regime and bribing the Left in Western countries, and not a penny to be spent on  bringing  Sudan's muslim butcher Omar al-Bashir to justice?

What a topsy-turvy world this is !!! 

Where is the loud mouthed Kofi Annan and the sly Ban Ki Moon ?  Are they tied up in the chains of gold around their necks that the Saudis have bestowed on them ?

Sudanese warplanes launched a major attack on a South Sudanese town on Thursday, with five bombs dropped on the capital of the oil-producing Unity border state, Southern officials said.

“They dropped bombs in Bentiu town ̶ apparently they were aiming for a bridge,” South Sudan’s deputy information minister Atem Yaak Atem told AFP.

Bombs were dropped at dawn targeting a strategic bridge on the edge of Bentiu, which lies some 60 kilometers (40 miles) from the frontier, on the third straight day of violence....

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