Tuesday, April 10, 2012

York University .... a pervs paradise

Something is very wrong with the administration at York University.... which is not very surprising given that it's  in the Province of Ontario, the haunt of Premier Dalton "teach kids oral sex" McGuinty and the university being the numbero uno birthplace in Canada for the Israeli Apartheid week events.

You might wonder why that is. Wonder no more.

Besides the university's muslim president, the university is chock full of muslim professors and students. Need I say more?!!! Yup... this is our Canadistan ... courtesy the blasted Liberal governance of the past..

I wonder how much "funding" and  "gifts"  or whatever they call bribes in the newspeak these  days, has found it's way from Saudi Arabia or Iran to the coffers of the university or  to select  pockets walking the halls of  this now muslim-heavy university of Canada.   **Sigh** ... Canadistan ....  **sigh***

A large public university should be a place of learning, reflection and quiet refuge from so many of the ills that plague modern society.

The exact opposite is true for a number of female students at York University.

Some say they’re terrified about walking to classes at night due to at least six cases of voyeurism already reported this year in which Peeping Toms have been caught in the act.

Good detective work by Toronto Police has been helping defuse the incidents. At one time 28 officers were deployed - mostly undercover - trying to nab a handful of lurkers who have plagued students and staff at Canada’s third largest university.

The modus operandi of the perpetrators is as simple as it is bold. Officers say some of the suspects hide in the stalls of female washrooms or near student residences and wait for their victims.......

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