Saturday, April 14, 2012

An example of how CBC reports the news

This incident happened in September of 2009.... but it's a prime example of how CBC brings the news into your homes.

A racist black sets a TTC bus on fire. Now watch carefully how CityTV reports the crime and then listen (towards the end of the vid) how our state-sponsored Canada Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) avoids telling us that he was uttering racial slurs and that he punched a woman (I am betting that the woman was non-black) ... this is the kind of doctored news from the CBC that the gullible citizens of Canada are fed kind courtesy our CINO govt.

Thank the good Lord for a the new truth cable network SUNTV .... at long last there is a voice akin to the thoughts of millions of Canadians ... even if their own tongues have been tied up in knots by the dreaded disease of political correctness.

via: CIReport

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