Monday, April 9, 2012

A father's grief ... and shame on Israel ....

for freeing the murderer of his daughter.

Something has gone  very wrong with Israeli political decisions of late.   I can't put my finger on what's happening but my instincts tell me that in the era of a muslim anti-Israel prez of the USA, the Israelis have become insecure and erratic and are giving in to political blackmail.  Why is Israel freeing all these murderers?   It was the most stupidest of moves  freeing 1000 hardcore jihadists for one fucking Israeli soldier. Yes, I said "fucking Israeli soldier" so come on sue me all you over-sensitive Jews.  If I was in his shoes I would have somehow found a way to commit suicide thus saving my  country from releasing a 1000 murderers. They no longer make soldiers the way they used to.

Keep your cool Israel .... don't disappoint us.

....A Melbourne-born girl was killed by a suicide bomb more than a decade ago. Her death occupies her father's mind every day, compounded by the release of the orchestrator of the terrorism. ....

via: TROP

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