Monday, April 9, 2012

MSM: "Better to vilify the entire Asian race then to blame Islam"

The perpetrator looked like an "Asian" or an "Asian" was arrested, or an "Asian" assaulted the victim, or an "Asian" is suspected of rape and murder .... how many times have we read or heard those words ? The MSM is loathe to demonize the demonic religion of islam but are eager to vilify an entire race. To the MSM all "brown" perpetrators of any crime are "Asian"..... which made me think of the funny vid posted below .... however, there's nothing funny about the trickery of the press.

The MSM are killing themselves off with their half-truths and outright lies. With each passing day more and more people are switching their attention from the traditional news outlets to the new media like the blogosphere and truth stations like Canada's SUNTV network.   

The "Asian" thing is more prevalent in the UK as you can see from the link below :
....Even when it comes to Muslim violence within these areas, the media does all it can to not focus on them or to obfuscate the religious nature behind them. In the United Kingdom this has manifested itself through the media labeling of Muslims as "Asians".

A good example of this is the UK media handling of the 2001 "race riots" by "Asians" in Oldham, Bradford and Burnley. In reality, these outbreaks of violence had little to do with race. The government was warned by the head of the Commission for Racial Equality, Gurbux Singh, that more violence was to be expected from "Young Muslims who feel disenfranchised" living among the many "Muslim" hotspots in the UK

The same thing occurred amid the news of widespread grooming of young white girls by "Asian" men. It was eventually brought to light that these "Asians" were not only targeting white girls, but also young girls from Hindu and Sikh communities. Since these "Asians" of Pakistani heritage are targeting white, Hindu, and Sikh children, and Pakistan is 96 percent Muslim, wouldn't a more accurate description be "Pakistani Muslim men"?..........

via: TROP

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