Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Western govts. ignore what the Polls tell ... therein lies the tragedy

Someone please send the link below to the Honorable Jason Kenney, PLEASE.  I am so tired of writing to our CINO in the Canadian parliament.  My correspondence seems to fall like water on a duck's back.

If only our overlords removed their blinders, for even a second, they would pay more heed to the islamic threat.

I am not as yet ready to believe that those we have elected to high office are deliberately turning this country into a muslim-heavy hellhole. I would prefer to think that they have not done a good job of educating themselves on the gigantic problem of the Muslim culture  and not made themselves familiar with the deadly consequences of  what happens when the Muslim immigrant population reaches a certain percentage and beyond. 

Muslim migration to the West is for the sole purpose of a modern day "colonization" of the lands they migrate to.  

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