Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scumbag Muslims in Nigeria and Kenya make Church day a "kill Christians day"

The islamized UN's pants must be pleasurably dewy.  What's better than seeing Christians killed and at the same time milking the Judeo-Christian countries out of more moollah?  It's a cum, cum situation all the way. If the govts. of either country decide to come down hard on the murderers, the UN will scream so loud their cries will be heard way up there on the moon. "Don't kill our sweet little teddy bear muzzies, you dirty so-and-so" the almighty UN will decree.  In any conflict involving Christians and Muslims, the Saudi- owned United Nations is sure to side with the muzzies. That's a given.  We all see it happening every time, but our lords and masters in our Western govts. have super-thick blinders stuck to their faces.

Nigeria and Kenya are supposed to be Christian lands in a continent that is largely islamic. That makes these two countries prime targets for the scumbag muslim murderers.

KANO, Nigeria (AP) - Gunmen attacked church services on a university campus Sunday in northern Nigeria, using small explosives to draw out and gun down panicking worshippers in an assault that killed at least 16 people, officials said.

The attackers targeted an old section of Bayero University's campus where religious groups use a theater and other areas to hold worship services, Kano state police spokesman Ibrahim Idris said. The assault left many others seriously wounded, Idris said....

.....Boko Haram is waging a growing sectarian battle with Nigeria's weak central government, using suicide car bombs and assault rifles in attacks across the country's predominantly Muslim north and around its capital Abuja. Those killed have included Christians, Muslims and government officials. The sect has been blamed for killing more than 450 people this year alone, according to an Associated Press count.

Diplomats and military officials say Boko Haram has links with two other al-Qaida-aligned terrorist groups in Africa. Members of the sect also reportedly have been spotted in northern Mali which Tuareg rebels and hardline Islamists seized control of over the past month.....

NAIROBI – A grenade attack on a Nairobi church Sunday killed at least one person and injured more than a dozen, the latest in a series of such attacks since Kenya sent troops to fight an al-Qaeda-linked militia in neighboring Somalia.

The attack unfolded during Sunday service at God’s House of Miracles International Church in Nairobi’s Ngara enclave, police officials said. It came days after the U.S. Embassy here issued a warning of an impending attack in the Kenyan capital. “Timing of the attack is not known, however, the embassy has reason to believe that the potential attack is in the last stages of planning,” the embassy said in a statement......

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