Friday, April 13, 2012

The Verdict is In

from Mike McIntyre's blog at the WinnipegfreePress

...There are very few things in this world that get the public whipped into a frenzy quite like the current state of the Canadian justice system.

Want proof? Just spend a few minutes browsing an online newspaper comment section, listening to news talk radio or viewing the vitriol that fills my daily voice mail and email inbox.

One of the common themes - aside from anger - is a feeling that the general public is powerless to bring about any real change.

Judges who are appointed for life, weak-kneed sentencing precedents and government bureaucracy are among the common reasons cited for maintaining the status quo.

With that in mind, allow me to introduce to you a bold new world, one where the justice system has been dramatically revamped and literally turned over to the people.

It's called VERDICT an interactive new web series which I'm extremely proud to have played a small role in.

My role in VERDICT, besides helping as a consultant with Frantic Films for the original series pitch, was to write 6 of the 15 episodes for Season 1.

The concept is simple and unique, if not a bit radical: courtrooms are now essentially broadcast centres in which trials are held in full public display and the public decides the fate of the accused.

No need to be unanimous. Majority rules.....

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