Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dhimmi judge in Germany goes shariah compliant

They don't make judges the way they used to.  This new breed of judges are the product of the deepest sewers of political correctness, appeasement and dhimmitude.
A court in Germany decided to resolve a dowry dispute between two Turkish families in accordance with the rules of Islam, Anatolia news agency reported.

The family of the groom, who had passed 12,000 euros worth of gold onto the bride, sued the bride's family to take the money back after the couple got a divorce two months after the wedding. The court ruled against the groom's family, stating that the money given to the bride was to provide financial security for life according to the laws of Islam.

via: The AHA Foundation


  1. Legal precedents take three times as much energy to reverse, sad to see that the West is so easily repealing its humanistic laws in dhimmitude.

  2. Yes, you said it. The harm done is irreversible now. In future, others will refer to this case to get similar rulings for their clients... and I doubt anyone will have the energy nor the inclination to reverse anything. The dhimmitude is settled and rooted deep.


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