Monday, April 23, 2012

Saudi Arabia's lapdog Bahrain in deep doodoo

The trouble there is because a minority of Sunnis are weilding their power and might over the Shiite majority. Many of the Shiites in Bahrain have pally roots (the very "best" troublemakers are the pallies), still others have Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese origins. Then off course, there are the countless muddled muzzies from the mixed Sunni/Shiites marriages and those poor souls don't know who or what is pulling their strings ... but they march on as all useful idiots do.

I am thrilled that Bahrain is going through this hell, a hell caused mainly by the pallies.  No matter what the propaganda fed to us, don't forget that Saudi Arabia is the main culprit for keeping the Israel/Gaza/WestBank issue burning bright.  If not for their manipulation in keeping the surrounding countries from letting the pallies become full citizens of the countries they were in as "refugees" .... this point in time for Bahrain and other Arab nations would have never come about. The pallies would have been well settled and if given equal opportunities with the Arabs they would have been equally rich and content. But the Saudis didn't want the pallies to "invade" their pristine Arab lands  as full citizens.  

It's the Palestinian misfortune that they have been shafted from each and every Arab land although their pride will not let them acknowledge it even to themselves.... not that anybody is pitying them. One gets what one deserves. Their anti-semitic lifestyle might be endearing to other anti-semites around the world but it's a lost cause and totally out of fashion.  If the money trail is followed religiously, all donations and funds to the TV shows and education material that young Palestinian children are fed day in and day out, will prove to have come from Saudi Arabia and their lapdogs Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Oman. The Arabs have created the Palestinian problem because they do not want pallies in their own lands. What's happening in their lands now is what they always suspected the pallies would one day bring about if they were welcomed within their folds.... and in that they are proven correct.  What the Arabs refused to give the pallies, the pallies took by force ... by inter-marriages.

The problem in the Muslim world is not Israel. The problem is Saudi Arabia. One big nasty Dr.Evil with the pallies as the character Scott.  Only when we recognize the evil for what it is can we prepare ourselves to confront it. Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars on public relations firms to squash and dissipate anything written, spoken or implied about that hellhole and that is the main reason why most people have no inkling about their dangerous influence,  all thanks to their oil revenue.  If not for their endless money, we would see this nation for the evil it is and see it in it's ridiculously naked vomit-inducing state.

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