Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Muslim comic book heroes insipid as the Muslims themselves

Those tall tales from the islamic world just don't cut it with us anymore.

 I would prefer to read Frank Miller's "Holy Terror" instead of the slop from islamic propagandists and their tools here in the West. His "300" was great and I hope someone has the balls to make "Holy Terror" into a movie too.

Dr.Pipes on the muzzie comedians infiltrating with comics .... the paper kind.:
....Comic books as a method of missionizing for Islam (dawa)?
Yes. One year ago, Harvard University hosted a workshop to teach comic-book artists how to address Americans’ “unease with Islam and the Middle East.” And later this week, Georgetown University will air a PBS documentary, Wham! Bam! Islam!, celebrating a comic book called The 99.

The 99 sounds innocuous. Adweek describes its topic as “a team of multinational superheroes [who] band together to fight the forces of evil.” The American children’s network Hub more fully explains that, “created by noted Middle East scholar and clinical psychologist Dr. Naif al-Mutawa, [it consists of] superhero characters who must work together to maximize their powers. Each member of The 99 embodies one of 99 global values such as wisdom, mercy, strength or faithfulness, and they hail from 99 different countries on seven continents. The series’ superheroes portray characters designed to be positive role models, representing diverse cultures, who work together to promote peace and justice.”

Who can object to the promotion of “global values . . . representing diverse cultures”?

But a closer look reveals the Islamic nature of the comic book. The title refers to Islam’s concept that God has 99 names, each of which appears in the Koran and embodies some attribute of his character: the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Kind, the Most Holy, and the All-Peaceful — but also the Avenger, the Afflicter, and the Causer of Death........

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