Monday, April 16, 2012

How the commie Toronto Star handles your comments to their articles

If your comments are full of common-sense, they are trashed. If your opinions are as loopy as the Toronto Star's  then you are published.  Two thumbs up to CIR for catching them at their slick tricks and exposing their slimy ways. This goes to prove further  how the Toronto Star, the CBC, the Globe & Mail, National Post and other leftish media manipulate the comment sections  to make the opinions look like they are the Voice of the People. Not so, folks.... not so.  Don't ever trust anything coming from a lefty source ... you are being hoodwinked by these charlatans. 

...We decided to post a comment to an article on the Gypsy problem in Parkdale:–fiorito-the-roma-of-parkdale-yin-and-yang

The author, Joe Fiorito, spent a week writing about the lamentable community support of Canada’s new-ish Roma (Gypsy) refugee population. An interesting report overall, as it gives us a glimpse into what kind of people are destined to replace Canadians.

Our original comment posted to the Toronto Star piece follows:...............

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