Friday, April 13, 2012

From Tel Aviv to Tehran with love

If the Iranian regime is done away with and if after that the people of Israel and Iran decide to join hands .... can you imagine the kind of progress we will see in that part of the world.  Hope runs eternal.

....From a tiny studio in a rundown district of southern Tel Aviv, a group of Iranian-Israelis beam non-stop music and news in a bid to reach out to their former fellow countrymen.

As the war of words between the leaders of the Jewish state and the Islamic Republic heats up over Iran's contested nuclear programme, Farsi-language web broadcaster, Radio RadisIN, is trying to set a different agenda.

Based in a small shopping centre in Tel Aviv's outskirts, RadisIN was set up three years ago to encourage a sense of unity among the estimated 300,000 Israelis of Iranian descent.

But it also has another, perhaps more important raison d'etre: to send news and views from Israel directly to Iranians living in the Islamic Republic and around the world.

"Our goal is for Iranians to really know what is happening here in Israel, and also at home," broadcaster Kami Itzhakyan said. "The Tehran regime hides the truth from them."

Born in Iran, Itzhakyan immigrated to Israel 25 years ago and today is one of the station's 35 presenters and journalists, who provide a 24-hour diet of popular and classical Iranian music, cultural programmes, and political news and analysis.

"In Iran, all of the news which is broadcast is a lie. There is no truth in it," he says. "I want our listeners in Iran to know the real truth."...............

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