Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UPDATE 1 : Reuters use of "conservative radicals" in their news items ... WTF is that ?????

This morning I posted this on how Reuters, a publicly traded company on the NYSE and elsewhere, responsible to it's shareholders, reports the news in a very lopsided and purposely misleading fashion wherein they made it look like Muslims who are murderers are "Conservatives" and hence they can be termed "conservative radicals". 

As a Conservative woman, I found this term very offensive because the news being reported on by Reuters was an incident about an atrocity committed by the worst human beings in Afghanistan, the Taliban, and that being so they should have used the term "Muslim radicals" and not "conservative radicals".   If a Christian has committed a radical crime , then one can say that it was a  Christian radical who did so.  However, DO NOT USE the term "Conservative radical'.   Above all,  DO NOT use the term when describing a crime committed by Muslim murderers.

I very, very rarely ever go to media outlets to post comments, but in this instance I took the trouble of registering at Reuters and posted a comment at this article:


My main comment was as below .... which comment and subsequent ones have been shot into the black hole:

quote:    Why does the word "conservative" come into this article ? Is it because the writer of this news items is himself a muslim and does not want to say "Muslim radicals"? DO NOT TRY to group Western conservative minded with the Muslim radicals. The conservatism practiced by the West is the exact opposite of whatever kind of evil is considered by the leftish media to be "conservative" in the Muslim countries. Stop using the word "conservative" when talking about Muslim jihadis or radicals. You are doing a major disservice to the majority of your readers and insulting those of us who are Conservatives ourselves. I will return to ensure that my comment is published or I will continue this conversation at higher places in Reuters.    unquote

I waited a couple of hours, after which I posted subsequent comments, deleting the last sentence from the first comment. I even posted a comment directly addressing the Moderator, telling the moderator that I would take this issue up with their Corporate office if my comment was not published.... but to no avail.

Now, I am in the process of gathering the names and email addresses of all the Board of Directors and major shareholders of Reuters. I am also going to check if any of my mutual funds have even one iota of even a single share in Reuters. That would make me a shareholder too and I demand an answer as to why the term "Muslim Radicals" have been substituted by the term  "Conservative Radicals"  a term which I am willing to bet  is invented by the Left to group Western right-leaning folks with Muslim murderers.

Here are the names of some of the honchos in Reuters. Without naming and shaming those involved in feeding half-truths and outright lies, nothing can be accomplished.

Mr. James C. Smith , 52  ... Chief Exec. Officer, Pres and Director
Mr. W. Geoffrey Beattie , 51  .... Deputy Chairman, Director, Member of Corp. Governance Committee, Member of HR Committee and Pres of Woodbridge Company Limited
Mr. Stephen J. Adler , 57   ...  Editor-In-Chief of Reuters News and Exec. VP of News
Mr. James T. Powell , 50  ....  Chief Technology Officer and Exec. VP
Mr. Vance K. Opperman J.D., Esq., 69  .... Director, Chairman of Audit Committee, Chief Exec. Officer of Key Investment Inc and Pres of Key Investment Inc

If you are a Right-leaning person, you should rightly take up this issue too and let it be known that we have had it with these lefty media organizations.

Enough is enough.  We are through being stealth brainwashed by the leftish media with their own devilish agenda.

I for one am on the warpath. 

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