Monday, April 9, 2012

Phyllis Chesler and Passover Miracles

Stay strong Israel. We have faith in you.

We are living at a time in history when the demonization of the Jews and of the Jewish state has become a fait accompli. The Big Lies have been internationalized and legalized; the poisonous propaganda has begun its real work as Jewish blood flows in the streets and the world's heart remains indifferent or worse--joyous.

But, we are also living in an era of unending miracles.

Remember when five Arab armies attacked the tiny Jewish state—and lost?

Remember when they tried it again in 1967—and lost?

Remember how they attacked us in 1973 and despite heavy casualties, Israel triumphed and our enemies lost?

Remember the siege of bombings, airplane hijackings, and terror attacks that Arafat planned and executed? He is dead but the security fence and the Jewish state are still standing.

Remember how Saddam Hussein rained SCUD missiles down on Israel but, except for one poor man who had a heart attack, there were no mass casualties? Saddam is dead, the Jewish state is standing still.

What about the rescue of little Moshe Hertzberg in the midst of the Mumbai massacre? How are we to understand how or why his Indian nurse seized courage with both hands and made a successful escape?

Recall the Mavi Marmara flotilla of assassins—they did damage but they did not get through.

Remember the human "surge" last year across Israel's borders—it failed........

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