Friday, April 27, 2012

Human Trafficking new bill C-310

Good news for Canadians who are concerned about human trafficking with the kingpin slavemasters maddeningly way out of our reach. Not any more. That's changing .... and all thanks to MP Joy Smith and the dedicated Senators and others, not only on the Hill, but in the various groups made up of mostly young activists who have taken up the cause and are running a campaign of awareness.

If you are a Canadian (Canadian of convenience, of course) and you have set up shop outside Canada and you are dealing in the lowest of trades known to men, you won't escape Canadian justice. Let's hope this Bill is passed into Law pronto.

MPs unanimously approved a Conservative private member's bill to combat international human trafficking, sending Bill C-310 off to the Senate on Friday.

Winnipeg MP Joy Smith said if her bill becomes law, it will "reach the long arm of the Canadian law into other countries" by allowing Canadian police to go abroad, slap handcuffs on a Canadian citizen or permanent resident suspected of trafficking people, and bring the suspect back to Canada for trial.

Smith said traffickers and pedophiles usually try to collect desperate boys and girls in poor countries with weak legal systems, often in Southeast Asia, and force them into prostitution there.

"Canadians are going abroad and they're setting up brothels," said Smith. "They do this with great abandon because they know the likelihood of being discovered is almost impossible."...........

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