Saturday, April 14, 2012

Impeach Obama .... it's long overdue

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador, writing at RightSideNews, gives a myriad of excellent reasons for the impeachment of Obama.  IMO, if Obama was a white American, he would have been impeached and sitting in prison or forced to resign long ago. The fear of a civil war is the only reason this Trojan horse affirmative action president is still in power and continuing on his merry way to inflict one blow after another on this once great nation.
....America is taking time to wake up. But, the effervescence of the nation cannot be allowed to vanish when the enemy brings nothing that can contribute to make this a better world -nothing except aberrations such as beheading, stoning, mutilation, honor killing, terrorism against innocent civilians, and so much dreadfully more.

When such a low-life enemy wants to quietly enter our country, our cities, our towns and our homes, it means the time has come to make a choice. .................

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