Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UPDATE 2 : Reuters use of "conservative radicals" in their news items ... WTF is that ????? .....

and  how to roar like a banshee when you must to get results.

Lo and behold my comment has been posted and although it was not there late last evening, it has somehow miraculously appeared showing a posting time of somewhere at midday.

The comment below is what I have just posted ... let's see if it ever materializes.  I don't really care if it does or not.  It was my original comment that I wanted people to see so they could pinpoint that there was something wrong with the reporting and that we should always be on the look-out to catch those things that malign Christians and Conservatives ... and that happens all the time in every leftish rag.

quote: AH HA !!! I see that Reuters has published my comment which I had posted at 11.40 AM yesterday and although the time shown is about an hour after that, that comment was not anywhere to be seen even at 8 PM last night. It's only because I created an uproar by writing to some at their Corporate HQs and writing about the non-publishing of my comment at my own blog .. that they published my comment.
Shame on you Reuters ... don't keep a comments section if you cannot tolerate comments from Conservatives like myself. You are a publicly traded company and answerable to your shareholders not a private little blogger who has sway and reign over selection of comments to print or not.
I see that you publish with pleasure comments from people who criticize the Tea Party. Keep classy Reuters, keep classy. unquote

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