Saturday, April 14, 2012

Philly Mayor does it again .... tells the truth ....

you know "truth" don't you?  It's that fast disappearing commodity .... especially where politicians are concerned.  As with all rarities, it's highly prized, more so when we hear that a Democrat lawman in the American body politic knows how to utter it without giving a damn about those sensitive ears which might melt away because of the wax overload..... wax of the candle kind.

....( – Black-on-black violence is a “disease” that deserves a “national investigation,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told a Youth Violence Prevention forum in Washington on Monday.

“It is a disease,” Nutter said. “It’s a rash, and if there were a rash killing a hundred and some odd young people on a daily basis we’d be doing something about it.”

Nutter said tainted food gets more attention than young people killing each other: “If there were five bad bags of spinach on the shelf somewhere, someone would put out a national alert. Every bag would be snatched off the shelves until someone figured out where they came from, what was going on, and there would be a national investigation.”

But, Nutter added, “There is no national investigation about this issue--that black people are killing black people all across the United States of America.”............

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