Thursday, April 26, 2012

Escape from Islam ... the dangerous journey worth taking

Remember the father and daughter from Egypt, both in fear of losing their lives because they converted to Christianity?   The journey out of the cult of islam is difficult as are the journeys from any kind of a cult .... but there are churches everywhere  who can help people get out of the murderous, primitive cult of islam.  Better to die free than be a slave to the devilish ideology of islam.  My own local church in Toronto was proud to announce during the Easter weekend that we have inducted new Christians within our fold.... and I suspect they were all former members of the cult of islam.

Here's the latest about  the Father/Daughter apostates. Read the entire thing. It's a tale of endurance, determination, faith, hope, fear and nightmares. And, the nightmares have not ended. Although they are out of Egypt, the threat on their lives from other muslims in Europe hang heavily over them.

...Q: Can you tell us what happened to you in passing months when you decided to left Egypt, and how your lives looks like now?

Maher: We have the bad memories since 3,5 years before we got away from Egypt. Somebody tried to killed me, somebody tried to throw acid on my daughter Diner. There are many fatwas on us, saying that anyone who would ever see Maher al-Gohary, must kill him. The Police follow us from place to place, because the Islamists want to kill us.

When the revolution begun we got out to Syria, because all the embassies in Egypt were closed after revolution. When we arrived to Syria, we went to the United Nations because we had to find a safe place. Where the revolution begun we went to the embassy of Vatican and we asked for visa to France. The meeting there went well. They knew me and my daughter. They know our case and gave us the French visa.

After some days being in France we found out that there are many Islamic people on the streets. Dina was scarred. Church could not help us because of the many Muslims living in France. We decided to take a train to Germany. We found out that there also many Turkish Muslims are living. We were looking for any place with not so many Muslims, we decided to the take train to Sweden. Now we don’t have any place to stay. My daughter needs go to school but she cannot do it here.

We need to live a normal and peaceful life. The government did not promise us to let us stay in Sweden, they said that they will talk with French and maybe we will come back to France again. Why these people don't remember what we had suffered in our country? All the World knows about us, they wrote about us in newspapers, BBC, Fox News. In Germany and Holland there was made a big movie about us. We are in danger. We are afraid of Islamists. We suffer because of discrimination. We hope that one day me and my daughter Dina will live in peace and safety.’

Q: How do you feel now?

Dina: I would like to have a normal live as any girl in my age. I would like go to school and to church. I would like to come back home without being afraid that somebody would kill me.

Q: Do you remember the last time when you could meet and play with your friends, other kids?

Dina: I haven’t had a normal live in Egypt. The Christian girls were afraid that Muslim girls can kill us.

Q: Did Swedish authorities promise to help you?

M: No, but now we want mercy. I believe in Christ. We were discriminated a lot, they want push us back. We know that Saudi Arabia gives a lot’s of money to make trouble for us. Jussuf Al-Badri said during the TV program: ‘anyone who meet Maher al-Gohary must kill him’.........

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