Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's gonna happen to protestors in certain "designated" areas

It's now a felony to protest in certain areas that Obama and gang deem to be "protest free areas". Actually, I like this law. You know why?  Because, 99.9% percent of the time it's the lefties who scream and shout and get up to all kinds of mischief like unruly and dangerous kids. I have never, NEVER, seen a protest by the right in America or Canada where the protestors broke the law and commenced throwing things at police authorities and generally making asses of themselves like the Left wind up doing every single time.

So, my hat's off to Obama and his arm-twisters in this round of mafiaso tactics. I don't care that FoxNews is against this ... they are islamized anyway in many other areas ... so their opinion is worth zilch ...IMO.

I hope, the Harper government takes a cue from this new regulation imposed down south and bring it into our legislation too.  Righties should not get their panties in a twist over this ... you know a similar measure is needed over here.

h/t: Barry

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