Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remember Blago of the lotta hair?

Blago the arm-twister blackmailer serving time for doing what most Chicago politicians think is the "order of things"  but won't say so out  loud.  Here's the latest on the fall guy.

Ever since Rod Blagojevich reported to the Englewood Federal Correctional Center outside Denver five and a half weeks ago, it's as if he vanished from the face of the Earth. Nothing has been heard about his life behind bars.

But on Sunday, FOX Chicago News learned exclusively that Illinois' former governor is now washing pots and pans, and could soon be teaching Shakespeare and Greek mythology to other inmates.

That's what we heard Sunday from Sam Adam Jr. and his father, Sam Adam Sr., who spent 90 minutes with Blagojevich inside the prison Sunday morning. "All things considered, he looked good, he's still got a headful of hair, it's gone from black to brown, not gray, as everyone predicted," Sam Jr. told Fox Chicago News. "It's gone from black to brown but he looks good."

It was just after nine a.m. when the two attorneys arrived at Englewood. They entered through the same entrance used by Blagojevich 38 days ago.The father-and-son legal team rode the rails on AMTRAK to Denver. Sam Adam Jr.'s son, four-year-old Parker, came along for the ride, although he did not visit Blagojevich, whom Sam Sr. views as another son...........

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