Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coffin makers are ever so grateful to the Religion of Peace

Makers of coffins must be rolling in the dough. Coffin-making must be a great business in muzzie lands. Suppliers of white sheets must be also making wads of cash. Both businesses will never see a recession.
The Winner of this round is Nigeria with 19 points, runner-up  Iraq got 15 points.   This was a 4-day match.  Some contestants preferred to play off-stage. 

2012.04.27 (Abu Garma, Iraq) - A Sunni mother and her four children are brutally shot to death in their own home by Shia gunmen.
2012.04.27 (Damascus, Syria) - A suicide bomber detonates across the street from a mosque, leaving a grisly scene and about ten bodies.
2012.04.26 (Garma, Iraq) - A Shahid suicide bomber murders ten Iraqis at a coffee shop.
2012.04.26 (Abuja, Nigeria) - A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four innocents at a second newspaper office.
2012.04.26 (Kaduna, Nigeria) - A Boko Haram car bombing at a newspaper office leaves four people dead.
2012.04.25 (Riyom, Nigeria) - Four women and a 4-year-old child are among members of a Christian village hacked to death by Fulani raiders.
2012.04.25 (Pattani, Thailand) - Two middle-aged men are machine-gunned in their pickup truck by Religion of Peace militants
2012.04.24 (Bara Qadeem, Pakistan) - A child dies from splinter injuries suffered from a Mujahideen grenade attack.
2012.04.24 (Gwa-Rim, Nigeria) - Suspected Boko Haram attack a village and massacre five residents.
2012.04.24 (Jos, Nigeria) - Fundamentalists bomb a bar where locals gather to watch a soccer match. One person is killed.
2012.04.24 (Lahore, Pakistan) - Islamic militants bomb a train station, killing three bystanders, including a 9-year-old child.


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