Saturday, April 21, 2012

Obama's Pentagon bullies USA Today

Muzzling of the Press is a trait of socialism and yet most people hesitate to call Obama and his gang Communists with a capital "C".  And, please don't tell me that there's a difference between Socialism and Communism. Two sides of the same coin .... in my opinion.

....The timing of the online harassment coincided with stories by Pentagon correspondent Tom Vanden Brook, who has written about the military's "information operations" program that spent large sums on marketing campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The program has faced criticism in and outside the Defense Department as "ineffective and poorly monitored," the paper said.

The false online accounts, including a fake Wikipedia entry, started appearing only days after the reporter first contacted Pentagon contractors for the story, the newspaper wrote.....
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Here's the article that the Pentagon and their Contractor got mad about. Wartime is a great way to make wads of money, as long as you are well connected to the corrupt regime.  To be clear, the Contractor won the Pentagon's business before Obama came on the scene, but it's under Obama's highly unprofessional presidency that the tentacles of corruption and bullying as practiced by his devotees are now to be found  even at the Pentagon.

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