Monday, December 6, 2010

"Frankenbomber" ...the pure unadulterated evil emitting from the cavemen

These scumbags go to sleep every night dreaming about how many infidels they will have the opportunity to kill , maim or  poison on waking up.  It's news like the latest horror tactics they plan to employ that must be making the USA's TSA insist on checking every nook and corner of the travellers' bodies. And, you know something? I don't blame them. This is our new reality and it will not end until the governments in non-muslim countries stop moslem immigration and deport all moslems illegally in those countries. After that, no more new mosque buildings and imams to be on  a watch list.  The trouble starts with their demonic imams... make no mistake about that.  When there are less moslems,  hopefully, the better the security for the rest of us.

Al-Qaeda fanatics may be planning a horrific 'Frankenbomber' suicide attack by implanting explosives into a human body.

Defence analysts logged conversations between users of a online forum in which Muslim extremists debate terrorism methods which could beat new US aviation security checks.

The alarming posts included one by a user who claimed to be a surgeon, promising a 'new kind of terrorism'

It called on bomb makers and doctors to create the perfect solution to murder 'larger numbers of unbelievers and apostates.'

The post said: 'What is your opinion about surgeries through which I can implant the bomb... inside the operative's body?

'I am waiting for the interaction of the experienced brothers to connect the two sciences together and produce a new kind of terrorism, Allah willing.'

Monitoring of the site by the SITE Intelligence Group also revealed that stitching a bomb into the abdominal cavity made of plastic or liquid explosives - such as semtex or PETN - was judged the best method.

'It must be planted near the surface of the body, because the human body absorbs shocks,' advised one terrorist............

Read the entire article and weep for what your beloved government and the leftists have bestowed on you and your children and their children.

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