Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snakes on planes ... on UAE's Airlines ..... you know the same UAE Airlines .....

that the opposition parties in Canada were wetting their panties to grant more extensive landing rights in Canada ... yeah them.   Goes to show how very efficient and par excellence their security measures happen to be and goes to show further the kind of dimwits and short-sighted individuals we have in the Leftish  parties. 

Remember the enlightened people in the government who thought Prime Minister Stephen Harper had committed a grave error in his dealings with UAE by ruffling the feathers (parrot feathers?) of the UAE moslems?

Al Etihad Airways, part of Emirates Airways .... the pearl of the UAE .... transporting snakes, parrots and squirrels in hand baggage today.  And what about tomorrow... bombs most likely.

passenger was arrested after security officials discovered he had carried snakes, birds and a squirrel in hand luggage on a long-haul flight.

In a thankfully less-dramatic version of the 2006 thriller film Snakes On A Plane, fellow passengers were blissfully unaware of the man's box full of pets.

However, police arrested the suspect at Abu Dhabi International Airport after the Etihad Airways flight from Jakarta, Indonesia, when the animals were found with him...............

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